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27 Outstanding Blueberry Desserts You Really Need To Try Right Now!

27 Outstanding Blueberry Desserts You Really Need To Try Right Now!

Are you trying to find the best blueberry desserts? We’ve rounded up 27 blueberry desserts that are sure to cure your sweet cravings. I wonder which dessert recipe you will make first. 

Blueberries are wonderful!  

They are considered a superfood having antioxidant properties with the added benefit of being high in nutrients and low in calories. 

Delicious by the handful or used in a recipe of any kind.  

You can add them into smoothies, toppers for pancakes or oatmeal, used in fruit salads, or baked into desserts. 

Fresh blueberries taste delightful, especially as a Blueberry Sorbet or Peach Blueberry Clafoutis

However, flash-frozen ones retain most of their nutritional value and can be used similarly in cooking to their fresh counterparts. 

Some may shy away from using blueberries as they tend to spread their color throughout a batter, but that typically does not alter the taste. 

Additionally, if coated ahead of time, that can be minimized, allowing them to turn more jam-like when baked.
I present today 27 blueberry desserts for your fruit-loving enjoyment. 

I bet you’ll enjoy them, especially the sweet and juicy taste of #27!

Several can double as snacks or even a lovely addition to breakfast!

Let’s dig in!  

Blueberry desserts can come in layers like this one which has four! 

We are starting with a graham cracker crust, a blueberry cream cheese filling, a blueberry mix, and a cool whip on top! 

It is stored and served frozen and can chase away those hot summer blues!

This version combines blueberries with cake-like biscuits on top to create a delicious dessert with blueberries that many folks can enjoy! 

Creative use of a splash of vinegar, lots of milk options, and great pictures to guide you!

Some blueberry dessert recipes use buttermilk like this one. 

Lots of time invested with freezing and thawing through a cheesecloth, but relatively easy to make the curd. 

Honey granules may not be something you have on hand. 

The fresh fruit served in clear cups or bowls is lovely on top of the white curds.

Easy blueberry desserts would absolutely include this lovely coffee cake which does a fantastic job balancing the cake level and crumble in every bite! 

Sour cream might be another little secret it uses too.

All you need to make this dessert with blueberries is sour cream, cream cheese, heavy cream, sugar, and blueberries. 

That’s a lot of cream! 

Blueberries in the mousse and more blueberries on top!
Delight in every bite!

Desserts with blueberries, sometimes masquerade as breakfast! 

Here is a hearty waffle recipe paired with a “syrup” made with blueberries. 

Huge family pleaser here! 

Note the batter is on the thick side, so adjust accordingly. 

When you have six cups of blueberries and an hour and a half on your hands (or more if you want to make a homemade crust), you could make a blueberry pie! 

Fresh blueberry desserts sometimes take a bit more time, but in the end, every minute is totally worth the investment. 

If you have worked with chia seeds, you know they have an amazing texture to work with. 

Also, using coconut milk, maple syrup, coconut, and blueberries, this dessert with blueberries has flavors and textures for miles! 

Once made, the pudding needs an hour in the fridge for the seeds to expand before serving.

Popsicles are most definitely delicious, and these are especially so! 

Rich in color from the blueberries and made with Greek yogurt! 

Blueberries are cooked, cooled, blended, and strained for incredible smoothness before mixed with the yogurt! 

A serious summer blueberry treat!

Easy blueberry desserts may or may not include ice cream. I think this one is. 

Blueberries, sugar, whole milk, heavy cream, vanilla, salt, and egg yolks are needed ingredients.  

It all starts on the stove, moves to the food processor, then to the ice cream maker for 20 minutes, and finally four hours in the freezer. 

So rich and satisfying! 

Soft and moist are MUST have words when describing blueberry desserts that come in the shape of a muffin! 

An outstanding crumble topping sets this recipe apart! 

Besides, muffins make everyone smile! 

Folding those blueberries into the batter gently and adding the topping generously bakes the magic right in!

A touch of healthiness has entered the easy blueberry desserts aisle in the form of zucchini. 

A quick to stir together batter that is not overly sweet but ever so satisfying! 
Delicious fresh blueberries in every bite? 

For the win! 

Cool tip to coat blueberries in flour to keep them from sinking during baking.

Sorbet is a fantastic summer respite from the heat and also one of my blueberry dessert recipes. 

Anytime sweet and tart combine, my taste buds can’t get enough!
Two cups of blueberries, sugar, water, and vanilla blended into a smoothie texture and simply poured into a dish and froze for a few hours.

Utter joy!

Blueberry and lemon with cream cheese center sound like the exact kind of desserts with blueberries I love! 

The only unique ingredient that might not be in the pantry is cake flour. 

A piece of cream cheese is literally wrapped inside each individual cookie! 

Talk about baking in the love!

Six ingredients and you are on your way to making a true blueberry treats recipe! 

This blueberry crisp is refreshingly easy! 

Wash blueberries, mix ingredients, bake, cool, and enjoy! 

This IS my kind of recipe! 

With lots of options for personalizing!

Be prepared for cuteness overload with this dessert with blueberries!

Time to put that mini muffin tin to good use, making these mini blueberry tarts! 

Sugar cookie crust sturdy enough to hold the blueberry filling! 

What could be sweeter? 

These will not last long!


Easy blueberry desserts do not often come in cute mason jars for simple serving! But this one does! 

It also uses blueberry pie filling, crushed pineapple, and nuts mixed with the jello. 

The topping is sour cream, sugar, cream cheese, and vanilla added to the top of the jello once it sets. 

Toss a few fresh blueberries on top and they are ready to serve!


There are desserts with blueberries that are finger foods, and we are not talking muffins or bread form? 

Sign me up! 

I love all these ingredients in almond lemon blueberry pie bars! 

The tricky part is the waiting three-plus hours for it to cool completely and be ready to serve!

So here we are witnessing the magic that is created when blueberries and lemon come together in a cornbread batter.
Interesting, very interesting!
Obviously a sweet cornbread with blueberry treats! 

Sweet and utterly addicting! 

Uses frozen blueberries and needs an hour to bake.
Serve as is or whip up some heavy cream to your liking!

Desserts with blueberries can include other fruits as well. 

Nice cream typically refers to making a banana ice cream by freezing a banana and then running it through a food processor until it has a soft-serve consistency. 

This recipe has you use frozen blueberries along with that frozen banana. 

Great topping options include granola, chocolate chips, or coconut.

Soft carrot bars with blueberries sound like the perfect blueberry desserts that make the crossover to breakfast! 

This batter is super easy to combine once all the ingredients are collected. 

A touch of healthy and a touch of sweet with various topping options from a decadent frosting to greek yogurt. 


Chocolate added to blueberry dessert recipes sounds absolutely indulgent! 

A rich fudgy brownie with blueberry surprises throughout makes these a winner for sure! 

Toss those blueberries in a little sugar and cornstarch before you press them on top so they’ll turn jam-like when baking. 

This will be a winner at any get-together! 

This dessert with blueberries is the casual cousin of the perfect pie.  It impresses with its laid back presentation. 

Make the crust or buy one. Either way, it works fine! 

If you make the crust with the recipe provided, it will need one hour to chill before rolling. 

Those peaches and blueberries and brown sugar…oo, la-la!

The French style dessert called a clafoutis is usually filled with cherries, but blueberries and peaches appear in this blueberry treat. 

It bakes up custard-like in the middle and pancake-like on the edges. 

The cast-iron skillet is the pan of choice for perfectly delicious results!

I absolutely adore ice cream sandwiches but rarely think of making them myself. 

Easy blueberry desserts with ice cream are spectacularly tasty and refreshing. 

Here Anzac biscuits are used, which can be ordered online, or there are many recipes available if you want to try your hand at them. 

Making the fresh blueberry syrup is a snap, and all that is left is to assemble! 

Lastly, I offer you another galette in the form of a crostata, which is of Italian origin. 

Tangy and sweet with the blueberries and apricots with a delightful crunch from the almonds. 

The crust is a frangipane style as other tarts of blueberry desserts may use. Excellent instructions. 

Fabulous taste!

The bottom line

Blueberries are easy to prepare, combine with other ingredients well, and can be used fresh or frozen in many different kinds of blueberry desserts! 

Sometimes you can still recognize their shape. Other times, they have been pureed, and the taste or color gives them away. 

No matter the process or recipe, blueberries pack a powerhouse of taste!

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  1. Choose one or more options from our list of 27 blueberry desserts here!
  2. Create your new favorite dish.
  3. Pat yourself on the back for making food at home for you to enjoy!
  4. Share and comment! Did you make any tweaks so it’s all your own?

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