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18 Savory Ground Pork Pasta Recipes For Any Night Of The Week

18 Savory Ground Pork Pasta Recipes For Any Night Of The Week

If you’re not pairing ground pork with pasta, you’re missing out! Here’s an impressive list of savory ground pork pasta recipes to make for dinner. 

Want a hearty and meaty pasta meal?

Turn to ground pork and pasta dishes since you can load up on hearty pasta and the meaty goodness of ground pork in one meal.

Ground pork and pasta are two ingredients that often go hand-in-hand, not just because of their potential to fill your tummy but also because they taste so good!

Ground or minced pork is a versatile ingredient that can be used in soups, meatballs, burgers, tacos, sauces, and, most especially, pasta dishes.

Spaghetti bolognese and meaty lasagna are only some of the popular pasta dishes that make use of ground pork, and they are popular for a reason.

These two types of pasta are not the only varieties that work with ground pork, though.

There are a ton of pasta varieties that go really well with ground pork.

Add to that the different flavors and ways of cooking for these two stellar ingredients.

We have scoured far and wide for some of the best Ground pork pasta recipes for you to try and make for yourself.

#10 is an incredibly easy yet impressive ground pork pasta dish!

Let’s wait no further and dive right into this tantalizing list of meaty pasta dishes.

Once you taste this recipe, you won’t second-guess why it’s called a classic.

This lasagna dish is made up of layers of herb and tomato meat sauce, lasagna noodles, a ricotta mixture, and tons of cheese!

Ingredients include: Ground pork, lasagna noodles, ricotta cheese, crushed tomatoes, and fresh Basil.

Leftovers? Learn how to reheat lasagna here!

This creamy pasta dish is inspired by the town of Norcia, Umbria which is famous for their Norcian sausage.

White wine and garlic are some of the star flavors of this pasta dish.

Ingredients include: Ground pork, penne or rigatoni, pecorino romano, dry white wine, and heavy cream.

Ravioli dishes may require more work than most pasta recipes, but they are worth it.

This one with the flavors of pork, roasted garlic, and pear is no exception!

Ingredients include: Ground pork, all-purpose flour, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, and pear.

Gnocchi is one of the best pasta for sauce or cream-forward dishes since they are perfect for soaking up all the flavor-rich liquid.

The Pesto Pork meatballs have the right amount of meaty flavor to balance this creamy gnocchi dish.

Ingredients include: Ground pork, pesto, gnocchi, uncured bacon, and whole milk.

Rigatoni pasta is ideal for dishes like this because they allow the ground meat sauce into their tubular shapes, which creates the perfect bite! 

Ingredients include: Ground pork, rigatoni, ground beef, roasted diced tomates, and heavy cream.

Farfalle or bow pasta is such a stunning pasta to look at, and this pork and mushroom dish backs up its aesthetics with an equally beautiful flavor.

Ingredients include: Ground pork, pasta bows, chestnut mushrooms, white wine, and fresh Basil.

This dish has all the elements of a hearty meal–pasta, a meaty sauce, a whole lot of vegetables, and a ton of flavor!

Ingredients include: Ground pork, tagliatelle, ground beef, chicken stock, and pancetta.

This Filipino-style spaghetti has been gaining popularity because of its sweet approach to the typical spaghetti sauce.

You have to try it if you’re curious about the banana ketchup and red-colored hotdogs.

Ingredients include: Ground pork, spaghetti, tomato sauce, store-bought banana ketchup, and hotdogs.

At first glance, this may not look like a pasta dish, but this soup actually has tiny round pasta balls called Acini de pepe.

These tiny round pasta or orzo can be used for this soup.

Ingredients include: Ground pork, acini di pepe or orzo pasta, chicken broth, carrots, and spinach.

You read that right!

This soup is a creative new spin on the iconic lasagna.

The layers are gone, but the flavor is still very much present.

Ingredients include: Ground pork, Mafalda pasta, diced tomatoes, chicken broth, and mozzarella.

Campanelle pasta is a cone or trumpet-shaped pasta that is not only beautiful to look at but soaks and carries flavor really well!

Ingredients include: Ground pork, campanelle pasta, heavy cream, baby spinach, and parmesan cheese.

Roasted Brussels sprouts add a sweet and nutty flavor to this pork and pasta dish.

Ingredients include: Ground pork, orecchiette pasta, brussels sprouts, Olive oil, and fresh sage.

Mac and cheese on its own is already a winning dish, but the addition of the mini meatballs truly elevates it to champion status.

Ingredients include: Ground pork, elbow macaroni, shells or rotelle pasta, cheddar cheese, fontina cheese, and parmesan cheese.

Ravioli isn’t the only pasta you can stuff with amazing fillings.

This jumbo shell pasta works perfectly to keep the outstanding flavors of pork, tomato, cheese, and many more!

Ingredients include: Ground pork, conchiglioni (jumbo pasta shells), dry sherry, romano cheese, and fresh rosemary.

Don’t let this oil-based pork and kale pasta fool you.

It is packed with flavor especially because of the kind of pasta used.

Ingredients include: Ground pork, penne or fusilli pasta, kale, vegetable stock, and dried sage.

The pumpkin puree adds an interesting flavor, texture, and color to this pork pasta dish.

This creamy, brightly-colored dish is definitely a must-try!

Ingredients include: Ground pork, pappardelle pasta, canned pumpkin puree, chicken broth, and heavy cream.

This Asian-inspired noodle dish has the classic flavors of hoisin sauce, peanut oil, and dark soy sauce.

Green onions, cabbages, and mushrooms are staples in most Asian dishes.

Ingredients include: Ground pork, cabbage, mushrooms, green onion roots, and instant noodles.

While stroganoff is traditionally made with beef, you’ll find that this ground pork version is just as tasty.

Serve it with your favorite garlic bread for an awesome meal.

Ingredients include: Ground pork, egg noodles, white button mushrooms, apples, and sour cream.

The bottom line

That was the lowdown of some of the most stunning and scrumptious ground pork pasta recipes.

Ranging from the big and flat lasagna to the tiny round acini de Pepe, there is no shortage of flavor from the meaty dishes.

It is interesting to note that the flavors that are used for the recipes also vary and reflect the histories of their places of origin. 

Ground pork pasta dishes can take the forms of soup, stuffed pasta, and even layered ones too.

No matter what your favorite type of pasta is, you can find at least one recipe above to go with it perfectly.

It just proves the versatility of these two classic ingredients and their iconic combination will continue on and stand the test of time.

Cook up one of the amazing recipes for a special occasion or a “just because” meal, and you are sure to get some finger-licking approval!

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18 Savory Ground Pork Pasta Recipes

18 Savory Ground Pork Pasta Recipes

If you're not pairing ground pork with pasta, you're missing out! Here's an impressive list of savory ground pork pasta recipes to make for dinner.


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