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🍷13 BEST Red Wine Cocktails: Mix Up Your Cocktails With Wine!🍷

🍷13 BEST Red Wine Cocktails: Mix Up Your Cocktails With Wine!🍷

If you enjoy a nice glass of red wine, you will love these 13 red wine cocktails!

Your favorite bottle of red is made better by mixing it into a delicious cocktail.

As these will reveal, hard liquor is not always necessary for a great cocktail.

Red wine is great for parties or winding down after a long day, but with a few extra steps, you can make it a much more enjoyable experience for guests or yourself!

These are also great to enjoy with the many different types of meals that you would typically enjoy a glass of red wine with.

Even though red wine is usually not added to cocktails, a Harvest Moon Manhattan or a New York Sour would not be the same without it.

It adds just the right touch to your drinks, whether used as the main ingredient or as a tasty and beautiful float on top of your cocktails.

Hopefully, the Red Wine Mule Cocktail and Vodka, Red Wine, & Spiced Pear Liqueur Cocktail will convince anyone who doubts using red wine in cocktails that red wine has a place in your mixed drinks.

Next time you are at the store, buy a bottle or two of red wine and give some of these unique drinks a taste!

Would you believe that only one extra ingredient added to your red wine is all it takes to make it a refreshing and tastier drink?

That one ingredient is Sprite!

It adds bubbles and sweetness without overwhelming your tastebuds with too much sugar.

If you want to prepare this for a crowd, you can easily do so, as long as you keep the ratio of red wine to Sprite 3:1.

You can still enjoy your favorite red on a hot summer day when you turn it into an easy and tasty slushie!

The good news is you can also use a cheap bottle for this, so if you are experimenting with cocktails, this is a great one to start with.

Simple syrup, Grand Marnier, and red wine blend with fresh fruits for a smooth consistency, then optionally poured through a strainer to get any seeds out.

The combination of an almond-flavored liquor with a dash of red wine may sound unusual, but it comes together perfectly for a delicious cocktail.

Bourbon adds strong yet smooth flavors to your drink, while simple syrup and amaretto balance it with some sweetness.

The red wine that is gently poured on top adds a unique twist to this cocktail.

A Manhattan cocktail is a classic, but whether it has gotten old or you just love red wine so much you want to incorporate it in more drinks, this harvest moon version does the trick!

Rather than including sweet vermouth in your cocktail, you switch it out for any type of red wine that you like.

The result of shaking together your red wine, whiskey, and cherry juice is a slightly sweet drink best served cold, yet it will be sure to warm you up from the inside.

The best cocktails are the ones that taste amazing while still keeping the bartending process simple, such as this red wine cocktail.

One part of red wine is mixed with two parts of sparkling water with a couple of sliced strawberries thrown in the mix and used as a beautiful garnish.

This is a very easy-to-make cocktail, yet it satisfies just right!

Fruity red wines, such as pinot noir, are best for this fizz cocktail.

A splash of your favorite orange liqueur and some ginger beer is mixed in for a fun and quick cocktail that will become your new favorite way to enjoy red wine!

If fall weather is hitting and you want this to have more autumn flavors in it, add a garnish of a sprig of rosemary to your glass!

Red wine and margaritas are two of the best adult drinks, but when you combine them into one, you get an even tastier cocktail that will impress everyone!

No one has to know how easy it is to prepare this twist on margaritas.

All you need is some red wine, tequila, and triple sec for a quick and fun new drink that will become a party favorite!

A New York Sour cocktail is a great way to switch up a classic whiskey sour.

You get to keep your classic whiskey sour and all of its sour, sweet, and tart goodness.

On top, you float a layer of red wine to add some fruitiness and a beautiful layered appearance to your drink.

Layering the red wine is actually very simple, and a great tip is lined out here for how to get a nice separated-out layer in your cocktail.

We can thank northern Spain for this delicious red wine cocktail that is now enjoyed all over Europe and South America!

Those who are unfamiliar with this cocktail may be intrigued or confused about the combination of red wine and Coca-Cola, but these two ingredients blend together perfectly for a sweet spritzer that is different from others you may have tried.

Feel free to play around with the ratio of red wine to coke, but a 1:1 ratio is a good place to start.

Perfect for the holiday season, this cocktail has tons of seasonal flavors throughout, including spiced pear, nutmeg, and maple syrup.

When all the ingredients are shaken together, the result is a holiday cocktail with a nice balance of sweetness and spice.

Try to use a dry red wine for this cocktail for the best mix of flavors!

During the cold winter months, nothing compares to sitting with your loved ones with a hot and tasty drink in hand.

This mixed drink will warm you up both inside and out!

The name of this cocktail may be new to you, but it is common throughout Germany, where spiced wine is sold at Christmas markets.

A bit of brandy is also mixed in to add an extra kick and warmth to your glass, too.

A pre-packaged mule mix makes this drink so easy yet so delicious to sip on!

A shot of the mix is added to a highball glass over ice, and it is topped with red wine poured on top.

If you care about the presentation of your drink, make sure to pour your red wine slowly so that you get two distinct layers in your glass.

After the insta-worthy photos are taken, make sure to stir your drink well to get all of the flavors mixed in together.

Between the red wine, orange juice, and lemon juice in this cocktail, there are tons of fruity flavors present in this drink.

Cuban rum is added in for an extra boost to your drink, while simple syrup adds a touch of sweetness that helps it go down even easier.

Strain and pour your shaken cocktail into a chilled glass, and it is ready to serve!

The bottom line

Red wine cocktails may be new to some, but they are a great and delicious way to shake up your traditional cocktails while still getting to enjoy your favorite bottle of red wine!

These are easy to make and even easier to sip on!

Red Wine Cocktail Assortment 🍷

Red Wine Cocktail Assortment 🍷

If you enjoy a nice glass of red wine, you will love these 13 easy red wine cocktails!


  • Red Wine Spritzer
  • Red Wine Slushie
  • Amaretto Bourbon Cocktail With Red Wine Float
  • Harvest Moon Manhattan
  • Strawberry Red Wine Cocktail
  • Ginger+Red Wine Fizz
  • Red Wine Margarita
  • New York Sour
  • Kalimotxo
  • Vodka, Red Wine, & Spiced Pear Liqueur Cocktail
  • Gluhwein (Hot Spiced Red Wine)
  • Red Wine Mule Cocktail
  • The Bishop


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