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25 BEST Potato Soups: Filling & Heartwarming πŸ’•

25 BEST Potato Soups: Filling & Heartwarming 💕

Don’t know what to do with that huge bag of potatoes before they turn green? Why not turn them into any of these 25 yummy and satisfying potato soups!

Before we get into these recipes, let’s find out a little bit more about this tuber.

Potatoes come in many different sizes, colors, and shapes.

In the US alone, there are approximately 200 different kinds of potatoes and each one of these belongs to one of 7 main potato categories.

The main categories that potatoes have to include red, white, russet, fingerling, blue, yellow, and petite.

Aside from these categories, potatoes can also be classified according to their main characteristic.

These are waxy, starchy, and all-purpose, with the latter having both the characteristics of starchy and waxy spuds.

Now, you may be wondering, are sweet potatoes and potatoes in the same family?

These two are distantly related (they’re both tubers and are called potatoes, after all), but they belong to different families.

Still, since they’re both called potatoes, this list of 25 potato soups will have a few sweet potato options for you to try.

Examples of these soups include the Sweet Potato & Pumpkin Soup, which gives you a sweet-savory bowl, and the Sweet Potato & Black Bean Soup, which gives you salty bites with each spoonful.

Other potato soup recipes on this list that are worth trying, and are great for when you need a warm bowl of comfort food, include the classic Leek & Potato Soup as well as the thick and creamy Corn & Potato Chowder.

Can’t wait to dig into a hearty bowl of potato soup?

Here are the recipes!

This is more than just a Sausage & Potato Soup!

It also has pancetta, beans, parmesan cheese, and fresh greens.

To give this soup a spicy kick, some red pepper flakes are added.

If you want the soup to remain mild, you can choose to omit the addition of pepper flakes in this dish.

If you love your soups on the spicy side, this recipe is perfect for you!

The combination of chili powder and cayenne gives this soup a distinct bite.

Don’t like beef?

You can always swap it out with ground chicken or turkey.

This northern Mexican soup is a spicy, cheesy, and slightly watery dish.

Literally translated as cheese broth, the potatoes in this dish make it chunky and give it some substance.

The spiciness of the soup comes from the fresh-roasted poblanos, but if you can’t find fresh, you can look for a canned version of these peppers.

Thick, savory, and oh so aromatic, this curry soup is a vegetarian delight!

While the soup doesn’t have any coconut milk in it, if you want it creamier, you can always add some in.

The quinoa in the recipe is served on the side and can be replaced by lentils if you want something heartier.

You can call this potato soup a hug in a bowl!

Comforting, slightly sweet, and somewhat smoky, this soup is perfect for those cold winter nights.

For added crunch, top with toasted pumpkin seeds and some croutons before serving.

Roasted garlic, Yukon gold potatoes, and grated parmesan cheese are what make this soup extra special.

You also get more than just pureed potatoes in the soup.

Chunky roasted potato quarters are added to each bowl before serving, giving you two different textures from one vegetable!

For all you busybodies out there, here’s a potato soup just for you!

This recipe, which is cheesy and super creamy, cooks in your slow cooker for 8 hours.

Once ready to serve, stir, add the bacon bits and grated cheddar on top, and you’re good to go!

Some may call this a stew while others say it’s a soup.

Whatever it’s called, it’s still a bowl full of goodness with vegetable chunks and lots of great flavors.

If you want to make this vegetarian, vegetable stock can be used instead of chicken stock when making it.

This recipe is added to this list because…well, gnocchi is made from potatoes!

While you can buy ready-made gnocchi, making your own from scratch is just as easy and more satisfying!

You can make this soup with leftover roasted chicken.

Or you can substitute the chicken with your favorite sausage or with smoky ham.

For a meal in a bowl, this is the soup you should make!

The recipe calls for frozen meatballs, but if you’re making fresh meatballs for this soup, freeze these for a couple of hours before adding them to the broth.

Oh, and did we forget to mention that this is a slow cooker recipe?

This means you can dump everything in the pot and walk away while the potato soup cooks for 8 hours.

Unsure what to bring with you to your next potluck?

Here’s a potato and corn chowder that’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser!

Serve this with slices of French bread or some crostini on the side.

A classic French soup, this dish has been around since the early 1910s.

Also called Vichyssoise, this is one of those potato soups that you have to try at least once in your lifetime!

It consists of only a few ingredients, namely leeks, potatoes, onions, garlic, white wine, broth, cream, and a few herbs.

For a hearty bowl of potato soup in under an hour, choose this recipe.

It’s a creamy and filling potato soup that isn’t tedious to put together.

Customize this soup to your liking!

If you want it meatier, you can add chunks of ham or bacon to it before adding the broccoli.

Another one-pot soup to try is this dish that traces its roots all the way to the Mediterranean.

Each spoonful of this dish gives you a myriad of flavors due to the many different herbs and spices added to it.

Serve this with your favorite flatbread or as is.

Who would think that green-colored soup like Caldo Verde is actually a potato soup?!

Ah, but it is, with the potatoes giving the soup its rich and thick texture.

The green color comes from the collard greens that are added to the soup after the potatoes are pureed.

Finish this soup off with some bacon and sausage to balance the flavor.

One word that can easily describe this soup is earthy.

The combination of potatoes, mushrooms, pancetta, and paprika gives you a soup that is bold yet somewhat rustic.

To make the dish even more interesting, you should consider adding some crème Fraiche to each bowl before serving.

Here’s another potato soup recipe that uses sausage and greens with the spuds to give the dish a well-rounded flavor.

While most potato soups call for Russet or Yukon Gold potatoes to be used, this dish asks for red potatoes instead.

The cream is added to the soup at the end, but if you don’t want it creamy, you can omit this step.

For a really creamy soup, try this recipe with pureed cauliflower and potatoes!

To get a perfect consistency, all the vegetables in this dish have to be perfectly soft before pureeing.

This soup has a pretty mild flavor, so you might want to add a pinch or two of cayenne on top for a subtle kick.

This soup gets its name from the fact that it has been served in the US Senate dining room since 1904.

The traditional recipe is still followed to this day, with mashed potatoes, ham hock, and dried navy beans being used in this dish.

This shortcut version, however, uses mashed potato flakes and canned navy beans, shortening prep time since soaking the beans overnight is eliminated.

Considered the most popular potato soup in Germany, the Kartoffelsuppe makes it to our list!

This soup has both pureed and chunky potatoes in it, giving you a smooth soup and bits to chew as well.

The recipe calls for an immersion blender to be used to puree some of the potatoes, but if you don’t have one, you can do it the old-fashioned way and mash the potatoes instead.

From Germany, we now move to Italy with this Tuscan palate pleaser!

Much like its German counterpart, this soup also has chunky and mashed potatoes added to it.

This soup also has some kale and pepper flakes mixed in, giving you a slightly bitter and spicy aftertaste.

This soup is one of the simpler recipes to make but is one of the tastiest!

All the ingredients are cut in virtually the same size, so they all cook evenly.

This is to also give you a little bit of everything in every bite!

It’s probably time for us to tackle potato soups that have seafood in them.

Aside from mussels, this soup also has haddock and pancetta in it!

To intensify the seafood flavor of this soup, the broth used here is the liquid used to cook the mussels!

To finish off this list, here’s another seafood and potato combo that you’re sure to love!

The potato used in this recipe is the small red potato, which can be cooked whole (since they are rather small) or cut in half.

You can also cut the potatoes into 1-inch pieces so they match the size of the salmon used in this soup!

The bottom line

This list of 25 potato soups shows you that the spud is truly a versatile vegetable!

From hearty stews to creamy chowders to traditional soups, you’ll find that potatoes are in there somewhere.

It also shows you that it’s a vegetable that’s used in soups all around the world.

So if you want to savor something from the Mediterranean or enjoy classic French flavors, there’s a potato soup that can do that for you!

We love soups and curated many lists that you might enjoy:

25 BEST Potato Soups: Filling & Heartwarming 💕

25 BEST Potato Soups: Filling & Heartwarming 💕

Don’t know what to do with that huge bag of potatoes before they turn green? Why not turn them into any of these 25 yummy and satisfying potato soups!


  • Potato & Bacon Soup
  • Sausage & Potato Soup
  • Spicy Potato & Beef Soup
  • Caldo De Queso
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  • Sweet Potato & Black Bean Soup
  • Potato Gnocchi Soup
  • Potato & Meatball Soup
  • Corn & Potato Chowder
  • Leek & Potato Soup
  • Potato & Broccoli Soup
  • Lentil & Sweet Potato Soup
  • Caldo Verde
  • Mushroom & Potato Soup With Smoked Paprika
  • Potato, Sausage, & Kale Soup
  • Cauliflower & Potato Soup
  • Senate Bean Soup
  • German Potato Soup
  • Tuscan Potato Soup
  • Potato & Ham Soup
  • Potato & Mussel Chowder
  • Salmon & Potato Chowder


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