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15 Best Ways To Cook Scallops! Yes, Try This At Home!

15 Best Ways To Cook Scallops! Yes, Try This At Home!

Are you looking for some unique and appetizing ways to add delicious scallop recipes to your meals? Of course, you are! And we’re here to help.

Wondering what to do with scallops?

People often find it difficult to try new and unique recipes with seafood like scallop recipes or shrimp recipes, afraid that it will ruin what’s often kind of pricey ingredients.

Today, we will share some ideas and foolproof recipes for you to play around with your scallops in the kitchen.

Scallops are one of the most widely spread and edible molluscs found on planet earth, and they make a very prominent place when it comes to seafood.

Wondering what scallops taste like?

You will really like unique ideas like; Scallop, Orange and Cucumber Kebabs, and Honey Sriracha Scallops.

Looking for something sweet and savory yet quick and simple too?

Then try out Scallops With Cucumber & Mango Salsa or Thai Sweet Chili & Orange Scallops.

Lemon Butter Scallops and Spicy Coconut Curry Scallops will inspire you because they are easy scallop recipes.

Today’s post will make sure that you are never short of recipes for scallops.

Let’s delve into the list of deliciousness with sea scallop recipes.

Create a fantastic dinner with scallops by serving them with yummy cucumber, mango, ginger, cilantro, and lemon salsa.

This sweet and sour salsa adds to the flavors of your sweet scallops and makes a perfect combination together.

The scallops are seasoned and simply sauteed on a skillet to get the juicy and tasteful texture we are always looking for.

You can also make simple white rice with these scallops and salsa to create a complete plate for your next meal.

Have you ever thought of eating your scallops raw?

Well, that is definitely possible, and they taste the yummiest when they are thinly sliced and seasoned with a special hand-cut ginger and chive pesto like you will find in this recipe.

You can also add some fresh vegetables like radishes or carrots to add more flavors and goodness to your platter.

With refreshing lemon juice and a dash of pepper and salt, make these raw scallops everyone’s favorite on the dinner table in no time.

Looking for something simple yet unique, then try out these Lemon Butter Scallops, and you will be amazed by the flavors of this cuisine.

All you need is five ingredients which are butter, scallops, lemon, parsley, and garlic; combine and enjoy the succulent flavors.

This 10-minute recipe will become your go-to recipe for scallops, especially when you are short on time and want to have a quick and delicious sea meal.

Lemon butter sauce will give the inherent sweetness of your scallops a very fresh and unique twist.

Prepare an enjoyable and fun meal with your family and friends by grilling your kebabs on skewers and tasting the juicy and tender meal.

The unique blend of flavors that these kebabs offer is amazing and finger-licking.

This colorful cuisine offers a wide range of flavors, from sweet and savory to sour and refreshing.

You can add any combination of vegetables with your scallops and make different variations of kebabs.

The scallops in this recipe will melt inside your mouth because they are so juicy, creamy, crispy, and yummy.

Enjoy the richness of garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, parmesan cheese, and spinach, all combined together in a creamy sauce that you will always crave.

You can serve this creamy goodness of scallops with pasta or white rice and make it a complete meal.

This recipe promises to provide you with the restaurant-style taste and serving at home.

This is a keeper recipe for scallops, and you don’t want to miss this one at all.

The mouth-watering combination of fresh vegetables like onion, garlic, bell pepper, corn, and a creamy broth, along with your scallops, is something you will never forget.

Complete the meal with cheesy grits and give a special treat to your taste buds.

It will take you a little longer to prepare it, almost around half an hour, but the end results will be totally worth the time and the effort you will put in.

If you plan to add some spice to the table with your scallops, then try out these Spicy Coconut Curry Scallops.

This recipe includes a dry coconut curry paste that has different flavors in different regions and can be used for making a delicious coconut curry with any meal.

Scallops complement the curry spices very well and add a mild and delicious flavor to your meal.

This can be used as an appetizer or a main course if you add rice.

This will make a perfect appetizer and will steal the show at your dinner table.

Soft and juicy scallops covered in garlic butter sauce are wrapped with smoky and salty bacon.

The bacon adds a great taste to the delicious scallops, and together, they make a perfect combination that will be loved by everyone at the table.

Just 15 to 17 minutes, and you are done with a ridiculously easy, yummy appetizer and a good scallop recipe.

This is a quick scallop recipe, simple and delicious for when you are short on time and hungry for dinner.

The scallops are pan-seared with lemon, butter, and garlic, making them soft and juicy.

The zesty and loaded with herbs feta dressing adds all-new flavor and richness to this simple recipe and makes it comfort food and a great mouth-watering treat for you.

Some fresh vegetables like jalapeno peppers and cabbage, fresh scallops, and some juicy pineapples, and your delicious and different meal is ready to savor.

The pineapple salsa will make your dish sweet, savory, and finger-licking.

Place it on top of corn tortillas to make a complete meal. 

You can also serve cabbage slaw as a side dish with your scallops.

To create a unique variation, you can also replace scallops in this recipe with other kinds of seafood.

Scallops with these green pesto pasta will be one of the best food combinations you will ever find in the cooking world.

A green pesto pasta containing the goodness of all the herbs is prepared for this recipe and then topped with perfectly seared scallops, which are combined with fried red peppers and roasted pine nuts.

The look, aroma, and taste of this dish are mouth-watering.

You can also add cherry tomatoes and other vegetables to make a variation of this recipe.

Coquilles St Jacques is a French dish that is prepared in a specific way.

The dish is named to honor St. Jacques, one of the 12 apostles who saved the life of a knight, who came out all covered in scallop shells.

This traditional cuisine is made by baking scallop shells filled with mashed potatoes and a juicy scallop filling drenched in a delicious bechamel sauce.

This is an all-time family favorite, this recipe has specific steps, but the end results are worth all the effort.

This is one of the best scallop recipes you will ever find because of the perfect combination of flavors that it has.

Looking for a soup recipe using scallops?

Scallops, corn, and bacon combine together to form this creamiest chowder which will serve as the best comfort food.

This cuisine is simple, quick, and comforting, especially for winter nights.

You can also add different vegetables as per your taste and choice to enhance the flavors of this chunky soup.

This unique recipe will make a great side dish for your meals, especially when you are planning to eat seafood.

The sour citrus flavors are combined with the Thai sweet chili sauce and cilantro.

The scallions in the recipe complement well with the sweet flavor of scallops.

You can also serve steamed white rice with these scallops to make a complete meal and enjoy the best that it has to offer.

Life is too short to eat bland food so try out this yummy and exciting recipe to satisfy your sweet tooth.

This sweet and sour scallop recipe contains spicy honey sriracha sauce, which, together with the scallops’ sweetness, makes a perfect combination for you to enjoy.

This can be used as a side dish or combined with other options to make a perfect complete meal.

The bottom line

So now you never have to worry about what to cook with scallops.

All these scallop recipes are sure to inspire you with their goodness.

Next time when you buy scallops, remember to try these recipes and enjoy the delicious seafood cuisines that scallops can give you.

Now, pair the entrees with these complementary sides for a complete scallop eating experience!

Top 15 BEST Ways To Cook Scallops🍴

Top 15 BEST Ways To Cook Scallops🍴

Are you looking for some easy, unique, and appetizing ways to add delicious scallop recipes to your meal rotation? We’re here to help!


  • Scallop With Cucumber & Mango Salsa
  • Scallop Carpaccio With Ginger Pesto
  • Lemon Butter Scallops
  • Scallop, Orange & Cucumber Kebabs
  • Creamy Tuscan Scallops
  • Cajun Scallops & Cheesy Grits
  • Spicy Coconut Curry Scallops
  • Bacon-Wrapped Scallops
  • Herbed Garlic Butter Scallops With Lemon Feta Dressing
  • Scallop Tacos With Pineapple Salsa
  • Scallop Pesto Pasta
  • Coquilles St Jacques
  • Scallop Chowder
  • Thai Sweet Chili & Orange Scallops
  • Honey Sriracha Scallops


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