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21 Amazing Banana Cocktails You Can Mix Yourself!

21 Amazing Banana Cocktails You Can Mix Yourself!

This yummy list of 21 banana cocktails is sure to incorporate one of your favorite fruits into the most luscious tropical drink ever!

Have you met anyone who didn’t like bananas? Me neither.

It’s a tropical fruit available all year round; no wonder there are many ways to serve this on your plate anytime.

Whether you eat it as it is or make a special dish out of it, it sure is a hit to anyone who will have a taste of it.

But on this list we prepare especially for you, we have collated 21 amazing banana cocktails you can do yourself!

Bananas as part of cocktails will give more life and fruity touch to your party drinks, bringing that tropical vibe into your wine glass.

You may find most of the cocktails on the list as dessert drinks converted into an adult drinks, but we would like you to try #9 because of that familiar gummy taste you once loved as a kid.

Or if you want to get that alcoholic punch, you should go for #15.

So if you’re ready, let’s go bananas!

Let’s taste banana cream pie in a glass!

This adult dessert drink will fulfill your sweet tooth as the flavors of your favorite banana dessert are still present here, except it has added liqueur to give it some kick.

Topped with some banana slices and a crushed vanilla wafer on the glass rim, you’ll get a stunning drink at hand.

If you love the tropical goodness of Piña Colada, then you will love this banana version, too!

On this drink, it may not be as creamy as the original Piña Colada because it uses half and half, but the taste will still be delicious.

If you want it ice cold, just put all the ingredients in a blender with a generous amount of ice and get a brain freeze after a sip.

You can also make a party punch for your Hula party!

There are many ways to enjoy this fantastic drink, whether you’re solo or hosting a huge crowd!

Are you thinking of an exquisite cocktail to serve your guest, but you have limited time?

We got you a solution!

Give this cocktail a shot, and your guest will feel special being at your party.

With just six ingredients, you can make this flavorful cocktail in minutes!

It’s ideal for mixing everything in a blender to get that smoothie texture, then garnish with lime twists or cherries.

This cocktail is certainly a drink you would like to chill by the side of a pool, at barbeque parties, or under the sun at the beach!

It’s effortless to make. 

Blend banana liqueur and white Crème de Cacao, and you’ll get a refreshing drink to cool you down on a summer day.

Another famous dessert made to soothe your mouth with a cocktail twist!

The fuse of banana liqueur, creme de cacao, and vanilla vodka, topped with whipped cream, some chocolate syrup, and slices of strawberry and banana, and you’ll savor that banana split vibe in every drop.

Best to use a martini glass to bring out the elegance of this adult drink.

Tasting an invigorating cocktail doesn’t require it to be too complicated to make.

The fruity flavors of banana, pineapple, orange, grenadine, and lemon give that delicious summer feel once you take a nip.

Now you can be on vacation mode even at home!

Make yourself a treat after a day’s work by grabbing a glass of this milkshake cocktail drink.

This creamy and delectable drink will surely relax you while sipping it, matched with a tasty dessert or snack.

It’s an absolute adult drink you deserve to indulge in!

This unique cocktail will remind you of that bubble gum you enjoyed chewing as a kid!

The mixture of banana, orange, and whiskey brings you that nostalgic taste of the gum with an alcohol punch as an adult drink.

Now you have a way to travel back in time with every glass of this cocktail!

This drink might be old but never lose its fashion!

The combination of banana syrup and bitters elevates the taste of bourbon in this drink.

Just add some ice, garnish with orange peel, and you’ve got this aromatic shot you can’t resist!

If you are craving banana pudding but want to add some spice to it, this recipe is for you!

It’s straightforward to prepare; mix vodka, cream, banana pudding, and ice in a shaker, and you’ll get an instant dessert cocktail ready to satisfy your thirst.

It’s not just lovely to look at; it’s also a delicious tasting drink.

You can always substitute this drink’s strawberry and banana flavors, but nothing beats the refreshing taste of natural fruits added to this traditional margarita you’ve always loved.

You can squeeze some lime to balance the sweetness of banana and strawberry to make this a yummy drink in a glass.

This eye-catching Martini mix will surely make you fall in love every time you have a chance to taste it.

The fuse of banana and chocolate added to your martini will satisfy your chocolate cravings and can use this as a substitute for your dessert with a kick.

An excellent way to reward yourself because you deserve it!

It is an encounter you will want to happen all the time!

This creamy frozen cocktail is the ultimate tropical drink you want to savor on a hot summer day or night.

You can always make your weekend feel like a mini-vacation by having your family and friends at weekend parties at home.

And to make it even more memorable, having the best-tasting drink at hand is the best way to enjoy the rest of the night.

This creamy banana cocktail looks plain but never underestimate its impact once you’ve got a glass or two.

So a piece of advice, drink but don’t get drunk!

Quite similar to Chocolate Banana Creme Martini, but this one has chocolate ice cream, and milk added.

You know how delicious it is by just looking at its ingredients!

It’s another frozen dessert cocktail you can serve your guest after dinner to get the party rolling!

Let’s transform your favorite banoffee pie into a cocktail mix you can always enjoy!

It’s an ideal dessert cocktail drink you can serve at home parties that are not complicated to make, yet you can taste the goodness of banoffee pie in every shot.

Another unique way to recreate this dessert and present it differently is by making it a cocktail you can add to your cocktail list.

Make a banana foster sauce, cool it, blend with rum, banana, and ice, then mix them all.

The bananas you’ve put into the sauce can be used as a garnish to get an incredible taste of this drink.

This fruity, tropical cocktail has different variations, but since we’re talking about bananas, this drink features this yellow fruit.

It’s a go-to cocktail you should have on your cocktail list.

With coconut and dark rum added, this fruity drink makes this a fun frozen cocktail you would like to have on a summer brunch to ease the heat.

You will want to drink a creamy, delicious rum-based cocktail while daydreaming of being on a cruise!

But it doesn’t mean you can’t have a taste of this creamy goodness while at home because you don’t need to be an expert to get this done.

Just blend Irish cream, banana rum, coconut cream, dark rum, and fresh banana with ice into the blender and let it fuse into a smoothie texture.

Drizzle some chocolate syrup on the martini glass to give an appealing look to this delicious drink.

This drink will instantly sway your mood into beach mode once you’ve tasted this sweet and citrusy cocktail.

Mango, banana, and pineapple juice combined with dark rum create this creamy yellowish cocktail.

All the fruity flavors merged in this drink will dance inside your mouth as soon as you’ve tasted it.

The bottom line

Cocktails bring life to any party, and enjoying a drink with a banana twist makes every drink memorable.

We hope this list will give you more ideas to make your backyard parties or even barbeque cookouts extra special because of these banana cocktails you can enjoy with your family and friends.

Let us know which cocktails have that lasting impression on your guests by leaving us a comment below!

21 Yummy Banana Cocktails You Mix Yourself! 🍌

21 Yummy Banana Cocktails You Mix Yourself! 🍌

My yummy list of 21 banana cocktails is sure to incorporate one of your favorite fruits into the most luscious tropical drink ever!


  • Dirty Banana Cocktail
  • Banana Cream Pie Cocktail
  • Banana Colada Cocktail
  • Banana Daiquiri
  • Banana Hammock Cocktail
  • Banana Split Cocktail
  • Banana Rum Punch
  • Kahlua Rumba
  • Bazooka Joe Shot
  • Banana Old-Fashioned Cocktail
  • Banana Puddintini Cocktail
  • Strawberry-Banana Margarita
  • Chocolate Banana Creme Martini
  • Irish Encounter
  • Banshee Cocktail
  • Chunky Monkey Cocktail
  • Banoffee Pie Cocktail
  • Blended Bananas Foster Daiquiri
  • Rock Lobster
  • Bailey's Banana Colada
  • Banana Mango Tango


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