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19 BEST Pepperoni Appetizers

19 BEST Pepperoni Appetizers

If you’re looking for some pepperoni appetizer inspiration, look no further! We’ve prepared 19 different pepperoni appetizers that will be a hit at your next gathering. 
Who doesn’t love pepperoni appetizers
These small bites are filled with flavor and easy to make ahead of time, so you can spend more time exchanging pleasantries with guests rather than being stuck in the kitchen. 
Plus, they’re just so darn cute!
And there are few things more popular than pepperoni appetizers when it comes to party food.
Whether hosting a formal dinner party or a casual get-together, these bite-sized snacks are a surefire hit with diners and guests.
And best of all, they’re effortless to make.
Regardless of how you serve them, pepperoni appetizers will surely put smiles on your guests’ faces.

From traditional Pepperoni Pizza Bites to more unique takes like talian Pepperoni Rollups, there’s something for everyone on this list. 

Remember to check out #17 on this list, as it is one of my favorites!

There’s something about a Pepperoni Cheese Ball that just makes people happy.
Maybe it’s the bold flavor of the pepperoni or the creamy texture of the cheese.
Whatever the reason, this snack is always a hit at parties, game days, and other gatherings.
Combine softened cream cheese with shredded mozzarella and pepperoni, then shape into a ball.
Roll in some Parmesan cheese, and voila!
You’ve got an instant party pleaser.

Do you love devouring pizza but are trying hard to stick to your resolution?
These easy, five-ingredient pepperoni pizza bites are an ideal party snack to help you stick to your promise earlier in the year.
Made with just mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, and some Italian seasoning, they are so simple to make and utterly delectable.

Who doesn’t love pizza?
Whether young or old, something about that combination of cheesy, tangy goodness hits the spot.
They’re easy to make and are the right size for popping in your mouth.
Plus, they’re a lot less messy than traditional pizza.
So, if you’re looking for a tempting snack or starter, give these Pepperoni Pizza Tortilla Pinwheels a try.

There’s nothing quite like a warm, freshly baked pizza straight out of the oven.
But sometimes, you don’t have the time or energy to make an entire pie.
That’s where Pizza Rolls come in.
These bite-sized morsels are suitable for a quick snack or an easy appetizer.
All you need is some pizza dough, your favorite sauce, and some shredded cheese.
In no time, you’ll have a sumptuous tray of pizza rolls that will please any crowd.

It’s the end of a long weekday, and you’re looking for something effortless to make.
You open the fridge, see a package of pepperoni, and suddenly, you’re craving pizza.
But who has the time to make a whole pie?
That’s where these Pepperoni Pizza Puffs come in.
Made with just a few accessible ingredients, they’re ready in minutes and packed with big pizza flavor.

When it comes to dips, there are a few essential things: flavor, creaminess, and easy-to-eat dippers.
This Pepperoni Pizza Dip has all of those things in spades.
The combination of pepperoni, cheese, and tomato sauce is always a winner, and adding cream cheese makes it extra creamy and sublime.
Plus, the recipe is super simple to make, which is always a bonus.
Serve it with crackers or veggies; you’ve got a winning dish.

Looking for a super easy and crunchy keto snack? 

These Pepperoni Chips certainly fit the bill.
This recipe is terrific for those who are on the go and need a quick snack that will satisfy their cravings.
You need some pepperoni and a baking sheet, and you’re good to go!

Craving pizza but don’t want to order delivery?
This easy four-ingredient pizza pretzel recipe will satisfy your cravings in no time.
Made with just pepperoni, cheese, and pretzels, this snack comes together in a snap and is sure to be beloved by family and friends.
Simply preheat the oven, line a baking sheet with parchment paper, arrange the pretzels on the sheet, and top with cheese and pepperoni.
Bake for around 10-12 minutes until the cheese is bubbly.

Whether a warm loaf of sourdough or a batch of cookies, homemade snacks always taste better than store-bought ones.
However, not everyone has the time or patience to bake from scratch.
That’s where these Pepperoni Crescent Rolls come in.
Made with store-bought crescent roll dough, they’re ready in minutes and only require a few simple ingredients.
Simply unroll the dough, top with pepperoni and shredded cheese, and roll up into tight rolls.
Then, bake until golden brown, and dig in!

This Pepperoni Bread is a fantastic appetizer for your next party.
The easy homemade pizza dough comes together quickly and is packed with zest.
The pepperoni and provolone cheese give it a nice bite, and the marinara or Good Season’s Italian dressing makes it excellent for dunking.

The combination of spicy pepperoni, gooey cheese, and rich tomato sauce is irresistible.
Now, imagine that deliciousness in cupcake form.
These Pepperoni Pizza Cupcakes consist of pepperoni, cheese, and pizza sauce baked inside crunchy wonton wrappers.
They’re an exquisite bite-sized snack for your next party or get-together.

Planning a party can be stressful.
There’s much to consider, from the guest list to the menu.
But one thing you don’t have to worry about is what to serve for appetizers.
These crispy, pizza-flavored cheese chips are sure to wow your guests.
Made with just four ingredients, they’re fuss-free to prepare and can be ready in minutes.
They’re sure to satisfy everyone’s cravings for something savory and cheesy.
So, the next time you’re throwing a party, skip the pizza delivery and make these superb cheese chips instead.

If you’re searching for a unique brunch recipe, these Pepperoni Basil Tomato Puffs are precisely what you need.
They feature all the best flavors of a classic Margherita pizza in bite-sized form and come together with almost no effort.
Simply top pre-made puff pastry squares with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, and basil, then bake until puffed and golden brown.
Pair with a mixed green salad for a wholesome meal.

These Pepperoni Pizza Sliders are the quintessential game-day snack or easy weeknight dinner.
They’re loaded with all your favorite pizza toppings—pizza sauce, fresh mozzarella, and pepperoni —then brushed with mouthwatering Parmesan butter.
So, these pepperoni pizza sliders are sure to hit the spot, whether you’re entertaining guests or just looking for an easy weeknight meal.

If you’re craving a savory snack that will please a crowd, these Pepperoni & Cream Cheese Pizza Rolls are the solution.
Made with just a few ingredients that most likely are already in your cupboard, they’re not difficult to whip up and are high in flavor.
So, whether you’re taking them along to a party or serving them to your family on game day, these pizza rolls are your claim to fame.

There’s something about a ball of soft, warm dough stuffed with pepperoni and oodles of cheese that is simply irresistible.
And when it comes to Pepperoni Pizza Balls, easy is an understatement.
Ready in just 15 minutes, these bite-sized appetizers are great for parties or any time you’re in the mood for pizza.
Simply form the dough into small balls, stuff with pepperoni and cheese, and bake until golden brown.
The result is lip-smacking finger food that will have everyone coming back for more.

This hot baked pepperoni pizza dip is everything you love about pizza, packed into a delicious, shareable appetizer.
Made with ricotta cheese, cream cheese, and mozzarella cheese, this easy layered dip fits all kinds of events such as for game day, or family get-togethers.
Simply preheat the oven and bake until bubbly and golden brown.
Serve with crusty bread or crackers and watch as your guests devour this irresistible dish.

Few things are as pleasurable as a warm, cheesy slice of pizza.
But sometimes, life is too busy for a sit-down meal.
That’s where mini pepperoni pizza appetizers come in!
These bite-sized treats are perfect for busy days or casual get-togethers.
And best of all, they’re just as divine as their larger counterparts.

What if you could relish all of your favorite pizza toppings rolled up in a tasty tortilla?
That’s exactly what these Italian Pepperoni Roll-ups are.
Packed with all of the flavors of a classic pepperoni pizza, these easy-to-make snacks are suitable for lunch, appetizers, or anytime you’re craving something cheesy and yummy.

The bottom line

Whether you’re having a guest or 20 over or just looking for an appetizing snack, these pepperoni appetizers are as good a bet as any.
Savory, tasty, and easy to make, they’re sure to resonate with guests and diners and will set the vibe just right for a fun and enjoyable soiree.

BEST Pepperoni Appetizers

BEST Pepperoni Appetizers

If you're looking for some pepperoni appetizer inspiration, look no further! We've gathered 19 best pepperoni appetizers that will be a hit at your next gathering.


  • Pepperoni Cheese Ball
  • Pepperoni Pizza Bites
  • Pepperoni Pizza Tortilla Pinwheels
  • Pizza Rolls
  • Pepperoni Pizza Puffs
  • Pepperoni Pizza Dip
  • Pepperoni Chips
  • Pizza Pretzel Snack
  • Pepperoni Crescent Rolls
  • Pepperoni Bread
  • Pepperoni Pizza Cupcakes
  • Pepperoni Pizza Cheese Drip Chips
  • Pepperoni Basil Tomato Puffs
  • Pepperoni Pizza Sliders
  • Pepperoni & Cream Cheese Pizza Rolls
  • Pepperoni Pizza Bombs
  • Baked Pepperoni Pizza Dip
  • Mini Pepperoni Pizza Appetizers
  • Italian Pepperoni Rollups


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