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13 Quick & Refreshing Mead Cocktails ๐Ÿธ

13 Quick & Refreshing Mead Cocktails 🍸

Are you craving a refreshing, fruity, and delicious beverage? If so, read on and get ready to prepare these 13 quick and delicious mead cocktails!

Mead makes cocktails more fun! 

In case you are new to the mead family, mead is an alcoholic beverage created by fermenting honey.

Even if you mix it with hard liquor, its sweetness still stands out. 

It’s thought to be one of the oldest alcoholic beverages, with evidence of consumption dating way back to the 7th millennium BCE (Before Common Erra) in China.

Mead comes from the Old English word medu, which means “fermented honey drink.”

While honey is one of the ingredients included in mead, the drink doesn’t always taste sugary; in fact, some mead varieties are made with honey, fruits, grains, and even spices. 

Whatever variety you’re using, there’s no doubt that this alcoholic drink can take your cocktails up an extra notch,  like the Bourbon Blackberry Mead, which is laden with a sweet and tangy taste of the berries. 

For drinkers who love classic Cosmopolitan, The Nice List recipe is sure to impress them!

To get acquainted with the taste, we’ve listed 13 mead cocktails you can prepare for yourself or your guests. 

Check out #13 if you love coffee cocktails.

Bourbon Blackberry Mead Cocktail combines the sweet and tangy taste of blackberries with the classic strong flavor of Bourbon.

This cocktail recipe is absolutely delightful and refreshing. 

It is a perfect drink for sipping while hanging out with your friends. 

To prepare Bourbon Blackberry Mead, mix the honey and water together in a separate bowl to make the honey syrup. 

Add the blackberries, bitters, orange peel, and syrup to a glass and muddle for a couple of seconds. 

Next, add the mead, bourbon, and water to a cocktail shaker with ice and shake for 5 seconds. 

Then add a large ice cube to the glass and pour the mixture over the cube. 

Garnish with a lemon twist, and enjoy every sip. 

The drink only takes a minute to make, but it is worth the wait, especially if you are a fan of Bourbon. 

Attention “Game of Thrones” fans!

This is the perfect mead cocktail to sip on as you watch the spin-off “House of the Dragon.”

This iconic mead cocktail is made with Irish whiskey, honey mead, orange juice, simple syrup, egg white, and dry red wine. 

Pour the mixture into a glass, hold a metal spoon over the cocktail and pour the red wine over the back of the spoon for a red wine float effect. 

This drink gives a sharp, oaky, and fruity flavor.

It pays homage to the lore and legend of Westeros, and you can serve this drink in chalices for full effect. 

Pennsylvania Honey Wine Spritz is a light and refreshing mead cocktail. 

With only a couple of ingredients, you can make this sweet and tasty drink for your next weekend’s party.

What makes this cocktail unique is that it does not require a cocktail shaker. 

To prepare this drink, mix club soda, Angostura bitters, mead, and an orange peel to taste. 

Fill the cocktail glass with ice, add the ingredients, stir, and garnish with orange peel.

Mead is a tasty, unique, and versatile beverage that can turn any cocktail into something one-of-a-kind. 

One example is The Nice List, a cocktail similar to Cosmopolitan that employs vodka, lemon, spiced cranberry syrup, and Cointreau. 

The cocktail is balanced out by peach mead which adds notes and lets the fruitiness of the raw honey shine. 

To make the spiced cranberry syrup, just add cranberry juice, orange peel, whole cloves, and cardamom into a pot and simmer over low heat. 

Combine all of the ingredients into a shaker, add ice, and shake well. 

Pour the cocktail mixture into a coupe glass and finish it off with an orange wheel. 

The Moonlight Sour gives a great twist to the classic New York Sour. 

It is a collaboration between bartenders Adam Stull and Ryan Koontz from Postbellum. 

The cocktail highlights frothed egg while and sweet blueberry mead. 

The egg white naturally forms a layer on top of the mead, so you can drink the frothy top layer until you get to the blueberry mead. 

You can also stir the drink to balance the sour and sweet notes. 

The Moonlight Sour is relatively simple to execute yet looks impressive and tastes complex. 

It has all the hallmarks that you want when shaking cocktails, whether you are flying solo or serving a crowd at a party. 

Honeyed Moonlight-Moonshine Manhattan is a spirit that was largely a rye distillate, and there are molasses included in the mash bill. 

It is the beautiful combination of those two things that makes this recipe sippable. 

Just add a touch of Old Forester’s Hummingbird bitters to increase the floral notes, and tie everything together with one sprig of lavender for the garnish. 

The cocktail is smooth, similar to a Manhattan, and the main flavor component is whiskey

Ransom Note is a delicious and refreshing cocktail drink that uses a dry style of mead to give it an earthy flavor. 

You can use either Schraml or Lurgashall for the drink and add honey, water, lemon juice, and Ransom Old Tom Gin. 

Add ice cubes into a shaker and add all of the ingredients together and shake them well. 

Pour the cocktail mixture into a chilled martini glass and serve to your friends and family at your next get-together. 

Mar Cocktail is named after a bartender from Washington DC, Robert R. Bowie. 

He was one of the top barmen who founded the exclusive Mixologist Club in 1889. 

Bowie believed that the art of mixing liquors was a highly respectable and profitable calling, and the club was meant to protect the bartenders from the shiftless and unreliable market.  

The club created Mar Cocktail as a tribute to its founder and to remember his contributions to the world of bartending. 

To create this iconic cocktail, all you need is a couple of ingredients. 

Mix champagne, gin, mead, lime, honey simple syrup, berbere seasoning, thyme, mint leaves, water, and sugar in a shaker and put in ice cubes. 

Serve the cocktail over ice with two mint leaves in each glass for garnish. 

This smooth and sweet drink is perfect while partying with your friends or if you want something simple yet satisfying to order while you’re at a bar.

Floralia Gimlet was created by Arley Marks and Torrey Bell-Edwards. 

The two men took the opportunity to mix things that had never been mixed in cocktails before and pick unique garnishes and ingredients from their garden. 

Floralia mead is produced in Brooklyn and used in this Floralia Gimlet cocktail. 

It is infused with marjoram, lavender, and juniper. 

The cocktail is a crisp and refreshing garden-to-glass cocktail, and it is something that you’ve definitely never tried before. 

For this recipe, mix vodka, Floralia mead, lemon juice, yuzu juice, raw sugar simple syrup, and lemon mint. 

Once you’re done mixing all of the ingredients in a cocktail shaker and fill it with ice. 

Shake it until chilled, strain over fresh ice in a rocks glass, and garnish with lemon mint.

Maple Harry Palmer is a sweet southern classic that is perfect for sipping while on a night out or while you’re at home relaxing. 

To create this amazing drink, you’ll need citrus vodka, maple syrup, sweet tea mead, and lemonade. 

For the lemonade, it is best to go for less sugar because you are adding sweetness to the maple. 

You can even bust your skills and make lemonade from scratch using maple instead of simple syrup. 

Mix all of the Maple Harry Palmer ingredients in a shaker and pour them into a glass with ice. 

Use a sliced lemon for garnish. 

If you love coffee, the Thor’s Coffee cocktail is perfect for you. 

This drink pays homage to one of Marvel’s most famous characters, Thor. 

Add mead, Kahlua, cream, and chocolate bitters into a shaker with ice. 

For a full Marvel feel, you can make Mjolnir-type ice cubes to match the cocktail, and you’ll feel like the God of thunder. 

You can serve this cocktail at your next Viking party or while watching Marvel movies with your friends and family. 

The Heimdall Cocktail drew its inspiration from Heimdall, a beloved character in Marvel’s action movie “Thor Ragnarok.” 

Just like the character, this drink is sophisticated and classy, and it is multifaceted and deep. 

To make this drink, add bourbon whisky as the base and mix it with lemon drop syrup and ginger mead. 

To give the cocktail a bit of complexity, add a dash of aromatic bitters and shake them all up in an ice-filled cocktail tin.

Another coffee cocktail on our list, the Lithuanian Beekeeper, combines the traditional Lithuanian mead honey liqueur with coffee liqueur. 

The drink has the perfect balance of sweetness and rich coffee, which will keep you going until the early hours.

To make this coffee cocktail, pour the mead and coffee liqueur into a rocks glass with ice and add the double cream. 

Stir the ingredients and add a sprig of fresh mint or honeycomb.

The bottom line

Mead is a versatile beverage that adds complexity to cocktails. 

It can be a great addition to sour, refreshing-style cocktails or, alternatively, add structure to spirit-forward drinks. 

Mixing with mead is easy, and when you’re working with it, you are not just adding sweetness, but you’re also adding a very distinctive flavor to your drinks.

Quick Mead Cocktails

Quick Mead Cocktails

Are you craving a refreshing, fruity, and delicious beverage? If so, read on and get ready to prepare these 13 quick mead cocktails!


  • Bourbon Blackberry Mead
  • Heart Of The Dragon
  • Pennsylvania Honey Wine Spritz
  • The Nice List
  • Moonlight Sour
  • Honeyed Moonlight–Moonshine Manhattan
  • Ransom Note
  • Mar Cocktail
  • Floralia Gimlet
  • Maple Harry Palmer
  • Thor's Coffee
  • The Heimdall Cocktail
  • Lithuanian Beekeeper


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  2. Pick out the ingredients needed for the dish.
  3. Mix then enjoy immediately!

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