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19 Fun Ideas For What To Serve With Your Breakfast Pancakes! ๐Ÿฅž

19 Fun Ideas For What To Serve With Your Breakfast Pancakes! 🥞

If you’re looking for some belly-filling ideas for what to serve with pancakes, I’ve got a great list of recipes that will complement your meal perfectly. 🥞
From savory dishes like bacon and eggs to sweet options like a fruit compote, there’s something here that you can make to suit any taste.
So fire up the griddle and get cooking!
I’m sure you’ve had pancakes before, but have you ever stopped to think about what they actually are?
At its most basic, an American breakfast pancake is simply a quick bread made from a batter of flour, milk, and eggs.
The batter is then cooked on a griddle or frying pan until golden brown.
There are endless variations on this simple formula.
Pancakes can be made from whole wheat flour or buckwheat flour for a heartier option.
They can be loaded with fruit or chocolate chips for a sweeter treat.
And they can be served with any number of toppings, from maple syrup to whipped cream to bacon.
And while pancakes are usually associated with breakfast, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy them at any time of day.
So, here is a list of 19 recipes that would be ideal for serving with pancakes.
Check out #17 on this list, as it is a surefire palate-pleaser.

A Cheesy Mushroom & Spinach Omelet is an ideal accompaniment to pancakes. 

The rich, creamy cheese pairs expertly with the fluffy pancakes, and the mushrooms add an earthy flavor. 

The spinach provides a welcome pop of color and a dose of nourishment. 

Plus, the combination of protein from the eggs and carbohydrates from the pancakes will help to keep you feeling full for hours. 

Whether you’re enjoying a relaxing weekend brunch or a hurried weekday breakfast, this classic pairing is sure to please.

Sure, you could just eat your pancakes with some bland old syrup. 

But where’s the fun in that?
If you want a way to spice up your morning routine, why not try fresh peach salsa?
The sweetness of the peaches pairs with the light texture of pancakes, and the zesty flavor of the salsa will wake you up better than any cup of coffee.
So, next time you’re feeling adventurous, ditch the syrup and give fresh peach salsa a try.
You might just be surprised at how superb it is.

Who says pancakes must be plain and boring?
Give your morning stack an upgrade with Pan-Fried Cinnamon Bananas.
This dish is an excellent way to turn a classic breakfast into something special.
Simply fry up some sliced bananas in a bit of butter, then sprinkle on some cinnamon and sugar.
Serve the bananas on top of your pancakes and enjoy the sweet flavor combination with every bite.

There’s nothing like the aroma of bacon frying in the morning.
The salty, smoky aroma instantly wakes the senses and whets the appetite. 

And when that bacon is paired with pancakes, it’s a match made in heaven.

The maple syrup compliments the rich flavor of the bacon, and the two ingredients come together to create a truly comforting dish.

The Denver Omelet is a classic breakfast dish that is beloved by many.
It comprises eggs, cheese, ham, and green peppers and is often served with a side of toast or pancakes.
While the Denver omelet is already delightful, the combination of pancakes and Denver omelet is genuinely spectacular.
The pancakes provide a superb base for the savory omelet. 
As a result, this breakfast combo is sure to please even the most discerning palate.

While there are many delicious side dishes to choose from, one classic combination that always hits the spot is these easy air fryer bananas. 

The sweetness of the banana compliments the pancake, and the simple brown sugar and cinnamon brings out its natural flavors. 

Plus, the banana provides a nice contrast to the fluffy texture of the pancake. 

When combined, these two ingredients create a breakfast that makes diners go bananas.

(See what I did there?)

For those who like something savory with their sweet, Chorizo is an exquisite topping. 

The spicy sausage pairs nicely with the sweetness of pancakes, creating a dish that is both flavorful and filling. 

Chorizo also adds a touch of spicy, savory flavor to pancakes, making them even more enjoyable to eat.

There’s something about the combination of fried apples and pancakes that just makes breakfast feel a little bit more special.
Maybe it’s how the apples get all soft and caramelly or how the pancakes soak up all that delicious sweetness.
Whatever the reason, this classic combo is always a hit.

The savory flavors of the ham and eggs are offset by the sweetness of the syrup, while the texture of the pancake provides a contrast to the creamy sauce. 

The result is a harmonious blend of flavors and textures that is sure to please any appetite. 

So next time you’re looking for a delightful way to start your day, be sure to try eggs Benedict with pancakes.

The thick, syrupy consistency of the berry compote pairs marvelously with the lightness of the pancakes. 

And because it’s not too sweet, it doesn’t overwhelm the flavor of the berries. 

Plus, the lively color of the compote makes for a beautiful presentation. 

Whether you’re serving pancakes for breakfast, brunch, or dessert, berry compote is an elegant dish to partner with a stack of pancakes.

A Frittata is a dish somewhat similar to an omelette, but it is cooked slowly and has a lot more ingredients.

When paired with pancakes, the dish provides a delicious balance of flavors. 

The contrasting textures also complement each other really well. 

The crispy edges of the frittata contrast nicely with the soft, fluffy pancakes. 

And, of course, both dishes are heavenly when topped with a dollop of sour cream or yogurt.

The sticky, sweet treat is a breakfast staple for a reason. 

Its rich flavor pairs flawlessly with the pancakes, making each bite a rich and comforting experience. 

And when it comes to maple syrup, there’s no need to skimp. 

The more, the better! 

So go ahead and pour on the syrup. 

Hungarian Sausage, or kolbász, is a type of smoked sausage that is typically made from pork and beef. 

It has a rich, hearty flavor that pairs wonderfully with pancakes. 

The smokey taste of the sausage complements the sweetness of the pancakes, and the fatty texture of the sausage helps to balance out the lightness of the pancakes.

At first glance, smoked salmon and pancakes may not seem like they would go well together. 

However, they actually make an odd yet sublime combination. 

The smoky flavor of the salmon pairs with the light, fluffy pancakes, and the contrast of textures is also very pleasing. 

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even try adding a dollop of crème Fraiche or sour cream to really bring out the flavor of the salmon.

I think there’s no better compliment to pancakes than a tantalizing helping of Scrambled Eggs.
The rich flavor of the eggs pairs with the light pancakes, and the combination of textures is simply unbeatable.
Plus, Scrambled Eggs are quick and easy to make, so you can have breakfast on the table in no time.

There’s nothing quite like a plate of pancakes smothered in syrup.
But what if you want something a little heartier for breakfast?
That’s where sausages come in.
Whether you prefer them grilled, smoked, or fried, sausages are a fantastic complement to pancakes.
The savory flavors of the sausage contrast nicely with the sweetness of the pancakes, and the two foods help to balance each other out.
Plus, the sausage’s fatty goodness helps round out the meal and keeps you satisfied until lunchtime.

One of the great things about Hash Browns is that they can be enjoyed in many different ways.
Whether fried, baked, or shredded, hash browns make a lip-smacking and versatile addition to any meal.
They also happen to go particularly well with pancakes.
The savory flavors of the hash browns contrast the sweetness of the pancakes, and the crispy texture is a suitable complement to the pancakes.

One of the best things to pair with pancakes is Egg Muffins.
Egg muffins are like mini quiches—they’re marvelous for a quick breakfast or snack and go wonderfully with pancakes.
Add a little cheese and some diced veggies, bake them up, and enjoy.

The Fluffy Pancakes are an impeccable canvas for the crispy chicken, and the combination of flavors is simply peerless.
Plus, there’s something about eating fried chicken for breakfast that feels naughty and wildly indulgent.

The bottom line

There are scores of choices when pairing pancakes with other dishes.
So whether you’re looking for something sweet, savory, or just a little bit different, there’s sure to be a pancake combo for you.
So go ahead and experiment—I’m sure you’ll find some new favorite breakfast combinations.
And who knows, maybe you’ll even discover the next big thing in pancakes.

What To Serve With Pancakes 🥞

What To Serve With Pancakes 🥞

If you're looking for some belly-filling ideas for what to serve with pancakes, I've got a great list of recipes that will complement your meal perfectly.


  • Cheesy Mushroom & Spinach Omelet
  • Fresh Peach Salsa
  • Pan-Fried Cinnamon Bananas
  • Maple Bacon
  • Denver Omelet
  • Easy Air Fryer Bananas
  • Chorizo
  • Fried Apples
  • Eggs Benedict
  • Berry Compote
  • Frittata
  • Cheater Pancake Syrup
  • Hungarian Sausage
  • Smoked Salmon
  • Scrambled Eggs
  • Sausage Links
  • Hashbrowns
  • Egg Muffins
  • Fried Chicken


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  2. Gather all the ingredients needed.
  3. Start cooking and make us proud!

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