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25 Game Day Desserts That Will Inspire Your Menu

25 Game Day Desserts That Will Inspire Your Menu

Thanks for stopping by to check out our game day desserts! Here’s an epic list of 25 different game day dessert recipes perfect for parties, tailgating, cookouts and get-togethers.

Desserts are such an integral part of a meal experience. 

Some are fancy, requiring plates and cutlery. 

Often dessert is part of a tradition like birthday cake at a party or cookies at Christmas.

When it comes to game day, desserts are typically casual, finger friendly and easy to serve. 

Game day dessert ideas can be fruit based or chocolate based or simply have a lovely sweetness to balance out all the savory snacks or appetizers that many have been consumed during the game.

Easy game day dessert ideas come in small portions so when served, folks can sample several different kinds. 

When going all out the hostess may serve theme desserts that match the game being played, which is super fun and memorable. 

Often these ideas can be modified to match the game your event is centered around. 

Here I have collected 25 game day dessert recipes to help in planning your next sports related gathering. 

From the trendy, no-bake Cake Batter Dip to the fast and easy Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies Made With A Cake Mix, and the highly popular Salted Caramel Apple Pie Cheesecake Bars to the adorable and kid-doable Chocolate Covered Strawberry Footballs. 

Most of the theme based ideas center around American football, so adjust as needed.  

Many can be made ahead and require minimal effort on the game day itself. 

I hope these party dessert ideas give you inspiration and excitement about your upcoming get together!

So many choices when it comes to game day dessert ideas! 

This offers a fun change to the traditional Rice Krispie bar. 

A pinwheel with layers of bar, marshmallow creme and chocolate made like a jelly roll.

When party desserts come to mind, chess bars are a classic! 

This variation has crushed pineapple and coconut in the top layer with a yellow cake mix as the bottom layer. 

These are literally to die for!

This is certainly a new easy game day dessert idea that uses a cake mix without actually cooking it. 


Other ingredients are added as well. 

This one calls for sprinkles which should be added right before serving so they do not discolor the sweet dip.

When it is a football game day theme dessert you are after, look no further than this “cheese ball,” which is actually Oreo cookies, cream cheese, butter, chocolate syrup and powdered sugar! 

Shape it into a football and add icing. 

This is what your chocoholics will want from this day forward!!

Here’s a five-ingredient recipe that you could even turn into a four-ingredient recipe if you don’t have any peanut butter chips on hand.

While our recipe calls for crunchy peanut butter, of course you can use creamy. 

So dig in your pantry for any chocolate cake mix and peanut butter and you are nearly there.

These are super soft cookies that are perfectly craveable and have that “you got your chocolate stuck in my peanut butter!” quality that will please practically everyone!

Sweet and salty party desserts are great and the kids can get in on this prep! 

Square pretzels, bite size Snickers and white chocolate chips are on the ingredient list. It’s fun. 

It’s delicious. 

It’s easy! 

And they look really cool!

Six ingredient easy game day dessert ideas are exactly what I need! 

Typically, Buckeyes are ball shaped but this recipe turned it into a bar. 

The peanut butter mixture is the base and a chocolate topping is added with pretzels pressed in. 

Cut only when chilled for good clean cuts. 

This game day theme dessert takes the cake, well, really the brownie! 

Bake your favorite brownie mix. 

Cut the brownies into squares and then cut two corners off to make a hexagon. 

The frosting design is fabulous! 

Thank goodness there’s a video to show us how to do it!

If lighter game day dessert ideas are what you are after, this sugar-free fudge recipe is a must. 

There are amazing alternative ingredients more widely available now like low carb sweeteners and sugar free chocolate chips. 

This fudge recipe is totally worth a try!

Party desserts do not need to be a chore or tons of work. 

But it is nice when they offer a surprise like these cookies do which are made with Andes Creme De Menthe Baking Chips. 

This is a solid recipe that makes fabulous mint chocolate chip cookies!

It is hard to believe some easy game day dessert ideas are as easy as they sound, but these are! 

They look amazing but are super simple to make. Dip it, dip it GOOD.

Simply spread the sugar and peanut butter mix between two Ritz crackers and cover in the melted chocolate of your choice! 

Sprinkles optional, but fun!

Another football game day theme dessert coming at you. 

This “dip” is peanut butter, cream cheese, butter, vanilla and powdered sugar with chocolate chips! 

Fun twist on a dip and so many options of what to eat it with from animal crackers to pretzels!

Beautiful and tasty game day dessert ideas are these mini fruit pizzas. 

The base is a chewy sugar cookie with a cream cheese topping.  

Then fresh fruit is placed on top. 

You could decorate them or you could let your friends and family build their own with a “fruit bar!” 

That’s something everyone will talk about later.

Lemon is such a welcome flavor when it comes to party desserts. 

This is a light, refreshing and sweet lemon square with just the right amount of tart and powdered sugar on top. 

It has two luscious layers with a buttery crust and gooey filling!  

Gotta love easy game day dessert ideas!

These sugar cookie cups are unassuming but seriously delicious. 

Baked cookie dough on bottom, cheesecake filling and icing on top! 

A solid choice for game day!

Blondies as a game day theme dessert?
Yes, please! 

This recipe is so easy starting with a yellow cake mix and adding in egg, oil, milk, peanut butter chips, and chocolate chips. 

After baking and cooling they can be cut with a cookie cutter (Amazon’s got your back) and icing added! 

Nothing says yummy like caramel in game day dessert ideas! 

But this recipe does not stop there! 

It also rolls in apple pie taste with apples, cookie texture and cheesecake richness all in one bar! 

Tall order, but it delivers! 

Excellent instructions so everyone can do this!

We are huge fans of peanut butter here at The Chew, so of CoUrSe we put together this sweet finger food that is perfect for parties, tailgates, after school or anytime, really. 

While these are super delish chilled, you don’t HAVE to. 

Soft, packed with peanut flavor with a peanut glaze, you’ll be dreaming of these bars long after you’ve eaten the last one. 

Can anyone really get enough peanut butter? Nope.

Frozen easy game day dessert ideas may not be the first to come to mind, but since they will not be sitting out the whole game, totally doable. 

Love the simplicity and natural taste of these blueberries dipped in yogurt and frozen. 

Freeze them on a tray so they are not touching that way they will not stick together when put in a container. 

When you need more fruity desserts, check out this list.

When you want a game day theme dessert that can sit out the whole time and not need any attention from you, this is your recipe! 

A cake! 

A football shaped cake! 

Use a box mix or make one from scratch. 

Instructions given on how to cut the cake and ice it to perfection! 


Fruity game day dessert ideas add a wholesome end to the game day gathering. 

These bars only need regular ingredients like flour, salt, butter, sugar, raspberries and pecans! 

The result is eye-catching and scrumptious!

Here is another one of my tasty game day dessert ideas. 

Millionaire bars do taste like a million bucks because of three luscious layers! 

Shortbread crust with caramel style layer and finally chocolate sprinkled with sea salt on top! 

What can be better than salty, sweet and chocolate in every bite? 

If fresh strawberries are available when your game day event occurs, I highly recommend these easy game day dessert ideas! 

Dark chocolate covered strawberries! 

Genius tip to coat them using a mug. 

Instructions included on how to use white icing to decorate. 

Best made the day of. 

Cupcakes are easy to make a game day theme dessert. 

They are unassuming, serving table ready and portion controlled. 

Not that anyone truly cares about that at a game day event. 

Buy hey, you can take credit! 

This recipe is top notch right up to the piping on top. 

Chocolaty rich party desserts tend to be very popular! 

The twist on this recipe is the creative combination of German chocolate cake, caramel, chocolate chips and nuts. 

With the addition of some evaporated milk and butter, you can have these bars ready to serve in 45 minutes. 

No promises on how long they will last though!

The bottom line

Can’t get enough? Try our insane list of easy-peasy party sweet treats here, too.

I do hope your game day goes exactly as you hoped with a little planning ahead! 

Let me know which easy game day dessert off this list won your heart!

Mix it up even more with our list of grad party sweet treats here.

25 FUN Game Day Dessert Recipe Assortment

25 FUN Game Day Dessert Recipe Assortment

Here’s an epic list of 25 different game day dessert recipes perfect for parties, tailgating, cookouts and get-togethers.


  • S'mores Rice Krispies Treats Pinwheels
  • Pineapple Coconut Chess Bars
  • Cake Batter Dip Recipe
  • Cookies And Cream Football Cheese Ball
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies (With A Cake Mix!)
  • Easy Snickers Chocolate Pretzels
  • Buckeye Crunch Bars
  • Frosted Football Brownies
  • Sugar-free Fantasy Fudge
  • Andes Mint Chip Cookies
  • Easy Chocolate Covered Ritz Crackers
  • BEST Peanut Butter Football Dip
  • Mini Fruit Pizzas
  • Lemon Squares
  • Cheesecake Sugar Cookie Football Cups
  • Easy Football Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Blondies
  • Salted Caramel Apple Pie Cheesecake Bars
  • Practically Perfect Peanut Butter Bars
  • Frozen Yogurt Covered Blueberries
  • Easy Football Cake
  • Raspberry Crumble Bars
  • Millionaire Bars - Chocolate & Caramel Shortbread
  • Chocolate Covered Strawberry Footballs
  • Double Chocolate Football Cupcakes
  • Chocolate Caramel Nut Bars


  1. Choose your favorite recipe from our list of Game Day Desserts!
  2. Make an impression at your next tailgate party!
  3. Leave a comment on our Facebook page and share your new dish.

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