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29 Unforgettable Peach Desserts Your Sweet Tooth Will Thank You For

29 Unforgettable Peach Desserts Your Sweet Tooth Will Thank You For

Are you trying to find the best peach desserts? We’ve rounded up 29 of our favorite peach dessert recipes that are sure to inspire you. Which peach dessert will you make first? 

Peaches, the incredible stone fruit when in season!  

Soft, juicy, sweet.    

I am always on the hunt for the cling-free variety, which is a kind of peach that isn’t difficult to separate its flesh from the seed (stone) inside, making your dessert preparation time quicker than using clingstone peaches.  

Some love to eat the slightly fuzzy skin, while others peel it off instantly, or go to great lengths to do so.  

Some will drive quite a ways to buy them from a local farmer or country road because fresh and local is, quite frankly, the better tasting peach. 

There are festivals and pie contests and all sorts of celebrations when the peaches are ready to be harvested, and desserts with peaches abound, such as the delightful Peach Bundt Cake With Brown Butter Icing and scrumptious Moist Peach Kuchen Recipe

Georgia is “The Peach State,” but South Carolina and California produce a great many too, and then they are shipped great distances and have to be harvested early. 

It is a dicey situation to get them to ripen or mature properly into the flavorful ones left on the tree until the last possible second.

In some family-friendly orchards, you can even go pick them by the bushel yourself. 

Do you have some peaches on hand that you want to prepare, or maybe you are dreaming of next summer’s crop? 

I bet the custardy bliss of #27 will keep you making these desserts at home. 

Either way, here are 29 peach desserts for you to enjoy!

Desserts to make with peaches certainly include this peach delight— peaches and cream dessert bars with four layers.  

You read right, four layers! Crust, cream cheese layer, peach layer, and can’t forget the topping! 

Only the first layer has to cook. 

The rest are added in and then refrigerated for two hours before serving. 

Baking peaches into bread is an easy peach dessert to make! 

Here we have a great recipe that uses two ripe peaches, and the topping is sliced almonds! 

Very straightforward ingredients and instructions.

Each slice is unbelievably tasty!

When looking for desserts with peaches, this proper peach bundt cake will certainly do the trick!  

Denser than cobbler-style dessert but very moist! 

The layers of peaches and batter bake together so well. 

It does take a good while to bake, so just plan ahead for that extra time— up to 70 minutes. 

The brown butter icing is drizzled over the top for that little extra surprise!

Here’s a tutorial for how to brown butter from Sally’s Baking Addiction.

Sometimes peach desserts do not need a utensil like these creamy, dreamy peach and honey popsicles. 

Roasted peaches with honey mixed with yogurt, lemon juice, and vanilla will freeze into the most delightful treats around! 

These beauties are made in three-ounce popsicle molds. 

Nothing says comfort and classic like peach cobbler. 

Desserts with peaches abound, and when the peaches are fresh, cobblers are the best. 

The bottom layer of peaches does not “set,” so you serve it with a spoon, while the top layer is kinda like a cross between a biscuit and a cake. 

Together they give the cobbler its unique, delicious taste. 

Ice cream on top would be the pièce de résistance!

Ice cream might not be on your easy peach dessert list, but this one is about to be.

Puree the peeled peaches, add whipping cream, half and half, and sugar, then refrigerate for eight hours. 

Finally, give it some time in your ice cream maker and then freeze for a few hours well covered. 

The taste is simple and amazing.

Searching for dessert ideas with peaches led me to this beauty of a recipe that is a cross between a parfait and a cheesecake. 

Served in a wide-mouth glass, the layers look and taste equally satisfying, alternating between peaches and cheesecake filling with almond pieces sprinkled on top. 

It needs an hour in the fridge to set. 

It was only a matter of time before collecting a list of desserts to make with peaches would lead us to the proverbial peach muffin! 

And here we are! 

This one has a vanilla-based batter with oat almond streusel topping, which might be the star of the show! 

A whole mini-lesson on scoop sizes is included! 

Oh, yea, these are marvelous!

The peach crisp is a close sister to the cobbler; the peach crisp has no oats and sets a bit firmer for easier serving, nothing particularly fancy or unusual in this easy peach dessert. All easy and peasy!

Eight to ten peaches peeled, sliced thin, arranged in a baking dish, sprinkled with deliciousness, topping made, and added. 

This one may be as close to heaven as it gets! 

The exciting part of finding dessert ideas with peaches is that I came across some very familiar and some new. 

Peach applesauce is definitely new to me. 

It is a light dessert, or you could use it as a topper for any other type of dessert. 

They boil the apples and peaches together and put them through the blender.

You completely control the sweetness.   

Desserts with peaches in the form of cookies with oatmeal are a definite winner in my book! 

These come out chewy, bursting with peach flavor, cinnamon, and, surprisingly, almond extract. 

Various peach types all work in this recipe and any “sugar” of choice for sweetening. 

Gonna have to hide these from the midnight snacker in your home! 

Peach desserts do not get any more charming than this! 

The creative cookie cutter shapes used for the top pie crust covered in cinnamon sugar are fabulous! 

The filling has four cups of peaches, sugar, cornstarch, and a bit of lemon juice. 

Also note, there is a temperature change halfway through the baking. 

This pie is bound to garner lots of compliments!

This peach blueberry trifle is an excellent choice for desserts to make with peaches that will serve a crowd! 

Brush slices of angel food cake with sugar mixture, cut into cubes, dice up to three peaches, wash three cups of blueberries, make cream cheese and heavy cream, and let the layering begin! 

SO big and often messy, and no one cares at all! Get out the heavy duty napkins!

Desserts with peaches that include a shortcut like premade biscuit dough are definitely my kind of baking! 

Don’t get me wrong, I can get fully invested in a complicated recipe, but a simple one is fun because I can whip it up on a weeknight with little effort. 

You can totally bake these peach quarters wrapped in half a biscuit and coated in a cutter, vanilla, and cinnamon sugar while I finish dinner on the stovetop!

An easy peach dessert that looks difficult is what this crostata is! 

Thank the Italians for this marvelous creation! 

Prep three to four cups of fruit and mix with sugar and vanilla to marinate for thirty minutes. 

Roll out a pie crust on parchment paper on a baking sheet. 

Add the fruit mix and fold the dough up by overlapping. 

After baking, this is SO amazing with or without ice cream or whipped cream!

Compared to a cobbler or crisp, this crumble is very similar and yet a bit different. 

Remember, my goal is to give you all the peach dessert options! 

Dessert ideas with peaches typically gravitate to some type of crumbly, sweet dough type topping. 

Each has its texture and a different ratio of fruit to topping! 

Lots of substitutions and options included. 

The topping here is sprinkled and butter drizzled on. 


Ready for peach desserts that may surprise guests? 

Pretty sure this brown sugar cake with peach filling and dreamy mascarpone frosting will delight all who have the opportunity to partake! 

This recipe is time and labor-intensive, but the result is stunning when served.

Dessert ideas with peaches simply must include a delectable cookie! 

Cookies with fresh fruit are few and far between, so this one deserves some love. 

Sweet and light and heavenly are words that come to mind! 

It combines peach preserves with fresh peaches along with the usual cookie ingredients. 

These can only be stored for two to three days, but that is not a problem as they will not ever last that long!

Pies often come up among the desserts to make with peaches, but this particular pie recipe is extraordinary! 

Blueberries and peaches in a custard filling placed inside a homemade crust with a butter-based streusel topping are phenomenal! 

Now, it is a bit involved as far as the step-by-step procedure goes, but the pictures help tremendously, and you will be beyond pleased with the final product!

These desserts with peaches certainly run the gamut from complicated to amazingly simple. 

The turnovers in this recipe are super simple. 

Three ingredients bring this lovely light turnover to life. 

Puff pastry sheet, canned peach pie filling, one egg—that’s it. 

Roll out the sheet, put some peach pie filling in the center, fold over and bake. 

There is a bit more, but you get the gist.  


If you need to steer away from cream or dairy, sorbet is one dessert to make with peaches that might appeal to you. 

Ten fresh peaches pureed in a blender with sugar, corn syrup, and lemon or lime juice. 

Chill for an hour before placing it in your ice cream maker till it is just like soft-serve. 

Excellent strategy shared on easy peach peeling, too.

The word that comes to mind when thinking of peach desserts, especially this one, is divine! 

Bake or grill a halved peach with butter, maple syrup (or honey), vanilla, and lime juice. 

Serve alongside mascarpone and chopped pecans and maybe even a bit more honey. 

Presented as on a full sized plate for dessert absolutely makes a statement! 

Another interesting combination recipe. 

Here we have a mashup between a peach cobbler and a pound cake for our dessert ideas with peaches. 

Rich and buttery, sweet and delightful, all rolled together in one. 

It needs an hour to cool before slicing.

When you are not in the mood for a cake, cobbler, muffin, or pie, perhaps a cupcake will hit the sweet spot when looking for a dessert to make with peaches! 

These have peaches in the batter, a buttercream frosting with more peaches on top! 

All said, these take about two hours, but oh, they are worth it.

Many dessert ideas with peaches are exactly what they are named, but I might classify this peach jelly as fancy peach jello with fresh fruit.  

It calls for peaches, water, sugar, lemon juice, peach brandy, and gelatin. 

The majority of the instructions and the 30 minutes are cooking up the peaches.

No matter what you call it, it is a fantastic and sweet peach dessert!

This French-style dessert is baked in an iron skillet with the consistency of a custardy pancake. 

It really is an easy peach dessert and so simple. 

Place fruit in a skillet, blend the batter, add to skillet, and bake. 

Very beautiful and very different.

You may be asking yourself, what is kuchen? 

Great question! 

Kuchen is the German word for cake, specifically coffee cakes made from sweet yeast dough. 

Here is another recipe to add to our peach desserts list! 

This one has the dough layer on the bottom with the peach slices lined up on it with the streusel topping added last. 

Very different look with the dough rising around the peaches.

Last but not least, the “best among peach desserts”, per the title anyway. 

What sets this recipe apart is that it has a top layer that is a glaze instead of a crumble, so it has a very different look. 

And the crust is a combo of golden Oreo cookies and vanilla wafer cookies! 

🍑🍑 Here Are Tips For Freezing Peaches 🍑🍑

The bottom line

Peaches have an amazing taste and texture and can be counted on to deliver a consistent taste no matter the recipe!

While you may not want to wait around for peak peach season, you can usually get a few in stores off-season, just make sure they are ripe before cooking with them.

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29 Unforgettable Peach Dessert Recipe Assortment 🍑

29 Unforgettable Peach Dessert Recipe Assortment 🍑

Want to try the best peach dessert recipes? Check these 29 peach desserts and you will thank us later!


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  1. Choose one or more options from our list of peach desserts here!
  2. Create your new favorites!
  3. Pat yourself on the back for making food at home for you to enjoy!
  4. Share and comment! Did you make any tweaks so it’s all your own?

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