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Beyond the Bag: 6 Ingenious Ways to Sprinkle Funyuns Magic in Your Kitchen

Beyond the Bag: 6 Ingenious Ways to Sprinkle Funyuns Magic in Your Kitchen

Have you ever considered cooking with Funyuns or adding Funyuns to a recipe? Well, I hadn’t either until recently.

When I was a kid, Funyuns were actually my favorite chip. Are they actually chips? I dunno but you get me. Every time that I was lucky enough as a kid to get to pick out a snack at the gas station, Funyuns were my first choice.

But as I got older, I kind of forgot about them. Suddenly, new rad flavors like Cool Ranch Doritios started getting my attention.

Recently we ordered one of those variety pack of chips. It is a box that has a variety of chips and one of the varieties was Funyuns. I got a bit excited and then it got me to thinking of ways to use them in cooking.

A close-up photo of crispy chicken breast strips coated in flavorful funyuns.

8 Ways To Use Funyuns In Cooking

Casserole Crispiness

Ever thought about giving your casseroles a snazzy makeover? Crush a bunch of Funyuns, scatter them over your casserole, and watch the magic happen in the oven. Voilà – a scrumptious, crispy crust that’s a game-changer! 

So if you are like me and like using those crispy fried onions on top of casseroles, just use Funyuns next time. It will be a fun change in the recipe that will make everyone smile.

Funyun-Crusted Chicken Tenders

Who doesn’t love crispy chicken tenders? Take your tenders to the next level by coating them in crushed Funyuns for a crunchy, flavorful crust. 

Simply crush the Funyuns in a food processor or with your hands, dip the chicken tenders in beaten egg, and then coat them in the crushed Funyuns. Bake in the oven or fry in a pan until golden brown and crispy.

Use this recipe as a guide but instead of Ritz crackers, use Funyuns.

Funyuns as a Topping

Looking for a fun twist on classic toppings? Sprinkle crushed Funyuns on top of your favorite dishes for added crunch and flavor. Try them on top of mac and cheese, chili, or even pizza! The possibilities are endless.

Personally, I am crushing on Funyuns as a topping for chili but maybe that is just the time of year. But now you know, what I am doing with my bags of Funyuns right now.

Funyuns in Baking

Did you know that Funyuns can be used in baking? Try adding crushed Funyuns to your favorite bread or muffin recipes for a unique twist. 

Next time you are making some cornbread, crush up some Funyuns and add them in.

Funyun-Stuffed Burgers

Take your burgers to the next level by stuffing them with crushed Funyuns! Simply mix the Funyuns into the ground beef before forming the patties. Grill or cook as usual and enjoy the added crunch and flavor.

Funyuns Dips

Funyuns can be a great addition to any dip. You can crush them up and mix them in with your favorite homemade dip for added texture and flavor. 

For example, you can mix crushed Funyuns with sour cream and onion dip for an extra oniony kick. 

By the way, you could also mix them into a pre-made dip from the grocery store. I am a big fan of fancying store bought food up a bit. That way I can add my own twist without too much work.

Another option is to mix crushed Funyuns with cream cheese and bacon bits for a savory dip that is sure to please. Be sure to soften that cream cheese before you do this.

that is sure to please. Be sure to soften that cream cheese before you do this. 

that is sure to please. Be sure to soften that cream cheese before you do this.

A close-up photo of a double cheeseburger, its tantalizing aroma and inviting appearance promising a symphony of flavors.

The bottom line

While Funyuns are just fun to eat all on their own, there are also many creative ways to use them in cooking. My favorite is as a topping on Chili but I also love using them inside of burgers too. 

Remember, you can have fun with your cooking!