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27 BEST Swedish Recipes From Soup To Saffron Buns + More

27 BEST Swedish Recipes From Soup To Saffron Buns + More

This Travel Tuesday, let’s take a walk through Scandinavia and celebrate a few Swedish Recipes!
From its world-known Köttbullar, aka Swedish Meatballs, to soup and soft saffron buns plus sweet desserts like the Semlor, Hallongrotta, and more.

We’ve gathered 27 must-try Swedish recipe dishes that everyone is going to love. You don’t even have to travel to taste these traditional Nordic foods because, with the right ingredients, you can make them at home. 

Check out #21 for gorgeous and rich Lussekatter—a baking kit you can buy to make your own fragrant saffron buns!

You’ve probably tried these soft Swedish meatballs if you’ve been to IKEA. The meatballs are smothered in rich and creamy gravy. They are packed with delicious flavor, and each ball melts in your mouth. You can make this dish at home, and it is perfect for nights when you want to eat a light meal but still want to be left satisfied.

Traditionally served on Christmas Day, these fragrant, authentic Swedish cookies by Rulla Pulla are not too sweet, and they have a more complex flavor compared to other types of cookies. Grab this adorable baking kit for yourself—it comes wrapped gaily for holiday gifting or to treat yourself to a great recipe that helps you every step of the way with the ingredients and instructions you need to get started.

Kladdkaka is Sweden’s version of the traditional chocolate cake. The cake is crunchy on the outside and soft and moist inside, making every bite heavenly. 

This treat is denser than typical cakes, and it tastes even better when topped with powdered sugar, ice cream, or whipped cream. Pair with hot coffee.

What makes Swedish Apple Pie unique is it is crust-free. But it is just as tasty as the classic apple pie that we all know and love. Filled with thick layers cinnamon, this dessert is wonderfully sweet and perfectly spiced. 

The cinnamon filling forms a sweet and flaky crust on top as it bakes, which adds a lovely texture contrast to the pie.

Raggmunk, also called Swedish pancakes, are crispy, salty, and savory. The dish is one of the most well-known Swedish snacks or side dishes. They are usually paired with meatballs, chicken, or other meaty dishes. 

For a more authentic taste, you can eat these fantastic potato pancakes with bacon and lingonberry jam. 

Are you looking for luscious, fresh rye bread for your morning toast or your afternoon sandwich? Why not try this amazing Limpa baking kit? Get one for yourself or someone you love.

You can eat it plain or spread on your favorite jam or butter, or slice some off for a robust deli sandwich. The kit comes with everything you need to get started.

This unique dessert is often served during Vasaloppet, the world’s oldest and longest ski marathon, held every March in Sweden. Many skiers carry the soup in their vacuum flask. 

The soup is traditionally made with bilberries, but you can use blueberries instead since they are easier to find in the supermarket. Also, you can serve it hot if you want a dish to warm you up, or you can serve it cold if you want something refreshing. 

Lingonberry Sauce is a tarty sauce always served alongside the Swedish meatballs at Ikea. Similar to cranberry sauce, this Scandinavian condiment is made with Nordic berries that give off the natural sweetness. 

You can pair it up with meatballs, duck meat, pork tenderloin, and other savory dishes to balance flavors.

Hasselbackspotatis, or Hasselback potatoes in English, are potatoes that are chopped into small slices midway through the cooking process. Sprinkled with chives, parmesan, and bacon pieces, too, if you’d like. 

These delicious potatoes are best served with roasted pork, beef, or poultry. You can also serve this beautifully made dish at your next dinner party or barbeque to impress your guests. 

Swedish Pancakes are thin and sweet pancakes sprinkled with fun toppings such as syrup, honey, fruits, chocolates, or powdered sugar

This crepe-like dish can be eaten any time of the day, and since it has a similar texture to crepe, you can even add your favorite crepe filling.  

Risgrynsgröt is a Swedish rice porridge that tastes similar to cinnamon raisin oatmeal. You can easily prepare this incredible dish at home when you want something warm and filling for your meal.

12. Semlor

Semlor is Sweden’s answer to Scotland’s creme buns. This pastry is so beloved that it has its own day called “fettisdagen,” celebrated every year in February. 

Semla consists of wheat buns flavored with cardamom. It is filled with whipped cream and almond paste. Best served fresh out of the oven, this creamy and sweet bun can be paired with tea, juice, or coffee. 

These easy-to-make and mouth-watering Almond Tartlets have just the right amount of almond flavor and are exceptionally versatile. Best eaten as a snack or dessert after lunch or dinner, these tartlets can be served plain…

… or you can fill them with a myriad of sweet things such as fruit compote, jam, lemon curd, fresh fruit, and pastry cream or whipped cream.

14. Knack

Knack is a candy-like dessert filled with almonds. The texture of this treat depends on how you bake it. You can make it gooey and chewy, or you can make it as hard as a typical candy. 

Knack can be eaten as is, or you can tweak the flavor and add vanilla or cocoa to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Kanelbullar is a traditional Swedish cinnamon bun made with soft and chewy cardamom dough, buttery cinnamon-sugar filling, and twisted into little knots. This pastry is smaller, less gooey, and less sweet than the traditional American cinnamon bun. 

Topped with sliced almonds and pearl sugar, this cinnamon bun can be served at brunch or on your afternoon coffee break.

Hallongrotta, which means “Raspberry Cave,” is the Swedish version of thumbprint cookies. These traditional butter cookies have holes on top filled with raspberry jam. 

You can eat these soft thumbprint cookies on your own or pair them with your favorite beverage.

When it comes to breakfast waffles, you probably think about the fluffy and thick American ones. But did you know that the Swedes made their own version of the staple breakfast food? Våfflor is a must-try for all waffle lovers.

They are thin and crispy, and each waffle is heart-shaped. How cute are these?? 

Ärtsoppa is a traditional pea soup that is usually served with pancakes. This soup is eaten by Swedes on Thursdays to prepare for the Friday fast. But you don’t have to follow the Catholic tradition to enjoy a bowl at home. 

Made from thick pork broth and dried yellow peas, this dish is often paired with a warm punch drink. 

19. Rodkal

Rodkal is an excellent accompaniment to many dishes, especially duck, pork, or goose. There are several ways of preparing Rodkal, so don’t hesitate to adapt the recipe to what you have available and what you like. 

The aim is to slowly braise the red cabbage until it is tender and the flavors are balanced. 

Västerbottenostpaj is a classic Swedish cheese pie that is creamy, nutty, and simply delicious. Perfect for cheese lovers, this dish is not too salty and has a bit of bitterness at the end. 

Each slice is so good that you’ll be reaching for seconds. 

Lussekatter is a fluffy and light saffron bun traditionally made for St. Lucia’s Day but can be eaten all year round. These rolls have a beautiful pale color and are accented by golden raisins. The rolls are a bit sweet, and they are just rich enough, thanks to the addition of eggs and butter. 

And now anyone can create the love and care of these tempting traditional buns, regardless of baking expertise! This simple-to-use, fun baking kit from Rulla Pulla helps ensure success.

Janssons Frestelse, also known as Jansson’s Temptation, is a creamy potato casserole that is simple but flavorful. Similar to a potato gratin dish, this tasty casserole is best served on special occasions or as comfort food. Pair it with meat and warm sides for a complete meal.

Spenatsoppa, or Swedish Spinach Soup, is easy to make and has a beautiful texture, almost like velvet on the tongue. You can also add other ingredients, like shrimp, veal, meatballs, or hard-boiled eggs. 

You can use vegetable stock instead of chicken stock for a vegetarian version. 

Knackebrods are thin and crispy Swedish crispbreads often served with cheese, butter, or any savory spread. Similar to crackers, Knackebrod is mixed with seeds, giving it a satisfying crunch. 

Add these crispbreads to your next smorgasbord.

Korv Stroganoff is made with Swedish sausage and is one of the most popular dishes in the country, alongside Swedish meatballs. This delicious and creamy dish is a must-try, especially if you are looking for a dish that will substitute the usual beef stroganoff. 

If you can’t find Swedish sausages at your local supermarket, you can use bologna instead.

Falukorv, also called Falu Sausage, is made with beef, pork, or veal. The mixture consists of onion, salt, and potato flour, and it can be enjoyed alongside a hearty serving of rice or macaroni. 

You can prepare this Swedish sausage in different ways; you can fry it, bake it, or make a stew.

27. Kalops

Kalops is a remarkably delicious dish with melt-in-your-mouth vegetables and meat so tender that it falls apart at the slightest nudge. 

This Swedish beef stew is a perfect recipe for your next family dinner, especially if you want to serve something new to your guests.

The bottom line

Although Swedish dishes are not as popular as other cuisines, they are still worth trying. They are often composed of mild and delectable flavors and easy-to-find ingredients. 

From soft and fluffy bread and buns; to savory and filling soup and sauces, the Swedish cuisine has a lot to offer.

Top 27 BEST Swedish Foods🍴

Top 27 BEST Swedish Foods🍴

We've gathered 27 easy must-try delicious Swedish Recipes that everyone will love!


  • Köttbullar
  • Pepparkakor
  • Kladdkaka
  • Swedish Apple Pie
  • Raggmunk
  • Limpa
  • Blåbärssoppa
  • Lingonberry Sauce
  • Hasselbackspotatis
  • Swedish Pancakes
  • Risgrynsgröt
  • Semlor
  • Almond Tartlets
  • Knack
  • Kanelbullar
  • Hallongrotta
  • Våfflor
  • Ärtsoppa
  • Rodkal
  • Västerbottenostpaj
  • Lussekatter
  • Janssons Frestelse
  • Spenatsoppa
  • Knackebrod
  • Korv Stroganoff
  • Falukorv
  • Kalops


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