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The Best Mediterranean Cocktails

The Best Mediterranean Cocktails

To prepare for a luxury experience in Santorini, whether real or imagined, prime yourself with these Mediterranean cocktails!

The Mediterranean region boasts incredible ingredients that highlight natural flavors such as vanilla, berries, citrus, and fresh herbs, providing refreshing layers that are great for sipping on a warm summer day. 

Much like its food, these drinks feature bright colors and flavors, representing the region’s scene and culture. 

Many seasonal ingredients here lead to versatile options for many unique and different recipes. 

So get hyped up and enjoy these diverse and delicious drinks from the Mediterranean!

Check out the #10 St. Tropez, a classy cocktail that can elevate your mood and status with this drink in hand!

Hailing from the seaside city of Valencia, right smack in the middle of Spain’s coastline, is this traditional cocktail similar to the mimosa. 

Made with freshly squeezed Valencian orange juice, semi-sweet cava, gin, and vodka, this drink can be pretty intense, especially when the cava, gin, and vodka are mixed in equal parts. 

Valencia is a place known for its fresh oranges, with orange groves to be found everywhere outside the city center. 

Agua De Valencia highlights this feature, with the sweet orange taking center stage for this drink.

This refreshing cocktail is a seasonal taste that offers so much deliciousness. 

Who would’ve thought that basil goes extremely well with mojitos instead of the usual mint? 

It’s an irresistible Italian cocktail recipe that serves natural flavors with just the right kick.

An invigorating party drink that’s perfectly served cold, this White Peach Sangria made with peaches will make you want to walk along the coast and enjoy the sunset! 

This white wine variation to the traditional sangria is light and sweet, infused with fruity flavors from the peaches, with some tartness from added raspberries for serving. 

Originating from Menorca, one of Spain’s Balearic islands in the Mediterranean sea, the Pomada is an energizing drink that highlights fresh and local ingredients. 

This traditional Mediterranean cocktail features local Xoriguer gin, famous throughout the Balearics, with fresh lemonade instead of lemon juice or soda. 

It can be served chilled or over ice cubes but is recommended to be enjoyed as a frozen slushy. 

This classic twist on the gin and tonic places refreshing cucumber, mint, and a pinch of sea salt to provide a complexity of flavors. 

Gin is mixed with high-quality tonic water, making it an enlivened take on the traditional cocktail that would be ideal for sipping on a warm beach day.

Spiked Limonana is an ice-blended lemonade drink made with fresh mint and a splash of vodka. 

This drink is a frosty summer cocktail made to be one epic refresher. 

The Spiked Limonana can quench your thirst and is a great way to perk yourself up for a lovely evening.

A recipe highlighting the sweet tang of blood orange infused with aromatic rosemary, this perfect cocktail made with gin is a saccharine remedy for a cold evening. 

An ideal drink for date night or cozying it up on the couch, this Blood Orange Rosemary cocktail looks and tastes so pleasing, with attractive color and a unique flavor profile that’s so delicious. 

This classic lemon drop recipe is given a Meyer lemon twist, providing a sweet and tangy combination made with real fruit juice when Meyer lemons are in season. 

This drink has many variations, but this vodka mix provides a refreshing and light iteration to the traditional version.

A perfect drink for the summer, this cocktail features watermelon-infused vodka alongside the actual fruit to create a lovely concoction that works for any occasion. 

Watermelon and rosemary combine, with the flavors and aroma offering a splash of herby refreshment. 

This spiked punch can be made for more prominent hangouts in the backyard or at a special event by the beach, making it a suitable drink for more laid-back get-togethers.

Much like the French coastal town, it is named after; the St. Tropez cocktail is classy, refined, and worthy of international socialites.

Considered summer in a glass, this concoction made with vodka, elderflower liqueur, lemon juice, and soda water is sweet, citrusy, and flavorful.

This sangria is made with fresh berries, Moscato, and liqueur, to create a smooth and cheerful drink, much like a joyful summer day! 

Using a mix of raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries, to provide a variety of sweet and tangy flavors, this berry sangria is a must-drink for the summer or as a celebratory drink for when you get out on that dream vacation.

A variation to the Moscow Mule, this Mediterranean iteration is made with gin, vodka, and limoncello, garnished with a slice of lemon and a sprig of rosemary.
The zest from the limoncello and the combination of the gin and vodka provides a refreshing take that can get anyone who drinks it hooked.

Everyone’s favorite brunch concoction is given a Greek twist, including tsipouro and Greek rosé sparkling wine. 

The Greek Mimosa is fragrant and robust, with the grape-distilled tsipouro providing the added kick that can get your summer frolic going. 

The added touch of the chilled cinnamon-flavored simple syrup also provides a bit more spice to make this drink more flavorful.

An inventive recipe that elevates the classic margarita cocktail, this Mediterranean Margarita is fruity, spicy, and refreshing, with various zest from its ingredients. 

Made with Patron Reposado, orange liqueur, Amontillado Sherry, lime juice, Agave nectar, and orange marmalade, this margarita version can transport you to the beaches of the Mediterranean.

This blue-colored drink is bright, refreshing, and appealing, much like the region it is named after. 

The Blue Mediterranean is made with gin London dry, blue curacao, and lemonade and served ice cold. 

An exotic drink that can raise the party even more, it’s a great cocktail to enjoy at beach parties.

This third-quenching white sangria is a crowd-pleasing treat that can add more joy to your summer. 

Providing more layers of freshness and fruitiness to the sangria recipe, this White Cucumber Sangria is made with honeydew lemon, cucumber, lime, and fresh mint. 

The melon mixture is sweet and energizing and perfectly complements the semi-dry white wine. 

The Mediterranean Cosmo is a red-colored cocktail made with vodka, cranberry juice, blood orange liqueur, and lime juice, served up cold. 

This well-flavored drink is sweet and robust, the exact kind of drink you would expect from vacation escapade central. 

Loved across the Italian Alps, this is a winter cocktail that will surely give you comfort after a stressful day!

It is from Vecchia Romagna brandy, egg liqueur, whipped cream, and cinnamon.

This iteration of the classic Last Word cocktail serves the drink with Italian ingredients such as amaro, aperitivo, and a good whiskey. 

This recipe takes advantage of Nonino, an incredible amaro that provides allspice hints and bittersweet notes. 

Shaken with ice and strained into a chilled glass, the Paper Plane is an elegant drink that aims to satisfy.

Limoncello is a classic Italian liqueur that is mainly mixed into many different drinks to elevate its flavors but is also a preferred drink to be enjoyed on its own. 

Organic lemons provide a real citrus kick to the drink and more depth of flavor, which works very well with your chosen clear alcohol or vodka. 

It may take some patience to infuse the fruity flavors from the lemons, but the result is a desirable drink that can spark your day! 

21. Bellini

Bellini is a favorite drink when Italian peaches are in season, with peach puree and Prosecco being its two main ingredients. 

This Italian staple is a fancy alternative to the mimosa and is perfect to be sipped on while lounging at the beach and soaking up the sun. 

Using peach puree elevates this drink and removes the need to add sugar for sweetness, with the puree process allowing the natural sugars of the peaches to seep right on through.

The bottom line

Whether you’re looking forward to your vacation of walking along the beach in Santorini or lounging on a yacht overlooking the sea, your dream Mediterranean experience can be within your grasp. 

When you’re feeling fancy and are in the mood to frolic at the beach, making the most with a good glass of these Mediterranean cocktails is never a bad idea. 

These specially made drinks are colorful, fruity, and full of flavor, providing the experience you can only expect once you set foot on this exquisite coastline. 

So get your ingredients ready and prepare yourself for a tasteful trip through one of the best destinations on the planet with these drinks you can make at home!

21 Best Mediterranean Cocktails

21 Best Mediterranean Cocktails

To prepare for a luxury experience in Santorini, whether real or imagined, prime yourself with these Mediterranean cocktails!


  • Agua De Valencia
  • Italian Basil & Strawberry Mojitos
  • White Peach Sangria
  • Pomada
  • Spanish Gin Tonics
  • Spiked Limonana
  • Blood Orange Rosemary Cocktail
  • Meyer Lemon Drop
  • Rosemary Watermelon Cocktail
  • St. Tropez
  • Summer Berry Sangria
  • Mediterranean Mule
  • Greek Mimosa
  • Mediterranean Margarita
  • Blue Mediterranean
  • White Cucumber Sangria
  • Mediterranean Cosmo
  • Italian Bombardino
  • Paper Plane
  • Limoncello
  • Bellini


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