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How To Make Easy And Boozy Pumpkin Spice Irish Coffee

How To Make Easy And Boozy Pumpkin Spice Irish Coffee

Halloween season is upon us! And you know what that means.

Going out for a fun night of trick-or-treating with your kids.

But after you come home, splurge on some candy, and tuck your kids into bed, you probably need a treat of your own, right?

This delicious pumpkin Irish coffee is the perfect hot drink for a cozy night in.

Can you imagine anything better than the warm and comforting scent of coffee, nutmeg, and cinnamon swirling up from a steaming cup?

Add in the gentle buzz of the luscious Irish cream, and you’ve got yourself a winner!

A steaming cup of hot pumpkin spice Irish coffee with whipped cream and two cinnamon sticks on a saucer.

What is in pumpkin spice?

Okay, let’s get something settled once and for all: pumpkin spice DOES NOT contain any actual pumpkin.

The spices in a pumpkin spice mix are generally cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cloves, and allspice.

Why is it called “pumpkin spice”, then?

Well, these spices are generally used for fall cooking, and the pumpkin is the quintessential icon for fall!

What’s more, these spices come in shades of brown, red, and orange, which are also colors that you associate with fall.

The flavors of these spices are also what you can call “warm” flavors, which are flavors you want in your cooking when you’re making a dish to ward off those cold fall nights!

What is in an Irish coffee?

If you want to make an authentic Irish coffee, you have to use the original recipe!

The classic recipe is simple and straightforward: it calls for sweetened black coffee, Irish whiskey, and whipped cream.

What alcohol goes into an Irish coffee?

For the real Irish coffee, you need to use authentic Irish whiskey.

Here at CookingChew, we love a shot of Jameson or Bushmills with our Irish coffee if we’re looking for something a little bit stronger. 

However, we do understand that straight Irish whiskey can be a bit strong for some people and the final product can become a little too boozy.

If you want the flavors of Irish whiskey without too much of the heat, you can use Irish crème instead.

How do you drink Irish coffee?

You can serve Irish coffee either hot or cold!

To serve Irish coffee hot, simply serve directly after adding whipped cream and additional toppings.

To serve it cold, you can shake the coffee in a cocktail shaker with ice before pouring it into a glass and adding your desired toppings.

You can also just pour the Irish coffee directly on the ice cubes, if you want the cocktail on ice.

Take note, make sure to combine the coffee and Irish whiskey/Irish crème well before you pour it over ice.

A cup of pumpkin spice Irish coffee with whipped cream on top.

Our Cooking Chew Tip for Making Pumpkin Spice Irish Coffee:

With simple recipes like this one where you have few ingredients, we firmly believe in investing in the quality of your ingredients in order to make the final product exemplary!

For a mind-blowing cup of pumpkin spice Irish coffee, you need to make sure that you have really, really good coffee to start with.

Skip all the instant stuff and go straight for brewed coffee.

If possible, get them as beans and have them freshly ground! Freshly-ground coffee beans have a deeper and richer flavor compared to the pre-ground stuff.

For this Irish coffee recipe, the best kind of coffee to use is either a medium or dark roast. Medium and dark roast have stronger, spicier flavors with notes of chocolate and caramel.

These flavors work so well with pumpkin spice!

If you love freshly-brewed coffee at home, you should definitely invest in a high-quality French press.

Pumpkin Spice Irish Coffee

If you love pumpkin spice coffee, you can go and spend $5 at your local coffee shop then go home and spike it yourself…


You can do the smart thing and make everything at home from scratch! Making your own pumpkin spice mix at home is quick and easy, and you’ve probably got most of the spices in your pantry. You can even make your own whipped cream at home too!

After making your own smooth, rich whipped cream at home, you’ll never get the store-bought stuff again.

This delicious recipe brings together your favorite coffee, Irish cream, and your homemade pumpkin spice mix and whipped cream to create your own adults-only Halloween treat.

No tricks here, we promise!

A festive cup filled with pumpkin spice Irish coffee, topped with whipped cream.

Can I Use Pumpkin Spice Cream Liqueur?

Yes, if you have pumpkin Irish cream liqueur, you can definitely use that in this recipe for convenience.

However, you might need to reduce the amount of pumpkin spice that you put into the coffee grounds because you might overuse the pumpkin spice flavor.

Add Some Garnish for Fun!

If you’re feeling a little bit creative, why not add a cinnamon stick into each cup before serving? They’re used as both a garnish and a stirrer!

This delicious coffee recipe will definitely become an instant favorite if you love fall flavors, and if you have homemade pumpkin spice, you’ll be able to create it anytime.

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Pumpkin Spice Irish Coffee Recipe

Pumpkin Spice Irish Coffee Recipe

Yield: 4 servings
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes

This delicious recipe brings together your favorite coffee, Irish cream, and your homemade pumpkin spice mix and whipped cream to create your own adults-only treat.


  • 2 T. Homemade Pumpkin Spice Mix
  • 2 T. Homemade Whipped Cream
  • 16 oz. freshly brewed hot coffee
  • 8 oz. Irish Crème
  • additional pumpkin pie spice, for garnish


  1. Before brewing your coffee, mix ½ T. of homemade pumpkin spice into coffee grounds. Shake well to evenly combine.
  2. Brew coffee grounds as usual.
  3. Pour 2. oz. Irish cream into each cup and top with 6 oz. freshly-brewed spiced coffee.
  4. Top each cup evenly with whipped cream and sprinkle with additional pumpkin spice on top.
  5. Serve hot and enjoy!

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