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11 Decadent Lime Cookie Recipes To Make On Repeat!

11 Decadent Lime Cookie Recipes To Make On Repeat!

A tasty, zesty, and bright lime cookie is an exceptional treat for everyone, and our list of 11 decadent lime cookie recipes here is no exception!

Bright and dashing–that’s exactly what you can expect from lime that’s exploding with a flawlessly zesty sour flavor. 

Lime is an extremely versatile citrus fruit because you can incorporate it into almost any kind of food or drink, and it works well with a wide array of flavors.

You see limes added to drinks always; however, pastries, especially cookies, are where it’s at!

These 11 lime cookie recipes will show you that a simple lime can astonishingly upgrade even the simplest kinds of cookies. 

Sure, the classic chocolate chip cookies are a great treat, but if you dabble even lightly into integrating this citrus fruit into your cookies, you will be surprised at how much you will love them.

These recipes seem plain at first sight, mostly because they are easy to make (even beginners can whip up a perfect batch). 

But the flavors will give your taste buds a festive party!

If you’re just starting out with the lime goodness in your pastries, then going for the Lime Sugar Cookies and Lemon Lime Cookies is a good idea.

However, if you’re looking for a unique burst of flavor that tastes remarkably delicious, then #10 will certainly blow you away!

Key lime doesn’t only work on pies; it’s also great when made into cookies.

Treat yourself to a key lime cookie that is one part tart, one part sweet, and all parts mouthwatering.

The main highlight of this cookie is the key lime glaze which is simply a mixture of lime juice and powdered sugar–no hassle in making it!

Although this is one of the simplest cookie recipes you can make from lime, it’s definitely not simple and plain regarding texture and taste.

Pro tip: For better-tasting cookies, opt for the zest of organic limes–it’s unmatched!

For melt-in-your-mouth goodness, there’s nothing like a lime cookie to blow you away. 

These lime meltaway cookies are buttery, soft, and definitely so tender that they will melt in your mouth. 

Although slightly sweet, there’s a citrus kick to this cookie that makes the whole thing more captivating.

This recipe is best served during holidays, but who says you need to wait for the holidays to eat some well-deserved melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness?

Pro tip: Chilling the cookie dough is a must if you want a cookie that holds its shape. 

Who says cookies are made for kids only?

These Margarita Cookies are a treat for the adults in the house!

Margaritas are enticing that they deserve to be turned into bite-sized delicacies.

At first glance, these cookies look normal and ordinary, but once you bite into them, you will want to get one after another.

It’s boozy and citrusy!

Although these are Margarita Cookies, the kids can enjoy them, too. 

Simply remove the tequila from the ingredient list, and you’re good to go.

If you’re someone who really enjoys the taste of lime and wants to consume it as much as you can, then these Lime Sugar Cookies are the best way to go. 

This recipe renders tender and delectable cookies that can be eaten independently.

There is no need for glazes and icings of any kind because the cookie packs so much flavor.

It also doesn’t hurt that the green food coloring gives this cookie an interesting hue that lets it stand out among other cookies.

Pro tip: The cookie dough is sticky (before you chill it), but do not be enticed to add more flour to the mix!

Adding more flour will only make your cookie drier and less flavorful.

Coconut is one of the best ingredients that you can pair with lime, so it’s no surprise that this recipe turns out exactly what anyone would want: heavenly.

This recipe isn’t just a simple coconut and lime fusion inside a cookie; instead, it’s a crinkle cookie. 

The powdered sugar gives that fascinating texture to the cookies, so although most cookies can go without it, it really adds charm to this sweet, zesty, and mildly tropical treat.

These cookies can be enjoyed anytime, but they’re the best when eaten during warmer months.

Soft inside and chewy on the outside?

Nothing says a superb cookie better than these qualities.

This cookie recipe is like a gift from paradise because of the unbelievable blend of sweet and tangy. 

Although it’s not surprising to enjoy a blend of these two flavors, this recipe allows each flavor to shine without being overpowering. 

These cookies are great for big parties because they look appealing, and it’s the kind of taste that many palates can adjust to.

The pistachios in this recipe are a great complementary flavor to the zestiness and tartness of the limes. 

Earthiness and sourness work beautifully together here. 

The festiveness of the flavors makes this cookie recipe a great one to whip up during holidays (especially Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day!). 

Appearance-wise, this shortbread cookie recipe is beautiful.

The white icing is a great way to give the pistachios much-needed attention. 

Pro tip: Don’t let the glaze dry up before sprinkling the pistachios.

As soon as you put the glaze on the cookies, sprinkle the pistachios right away to ensure that they stick right to the glaze.

Cookies are the best when they are soft and puffy.

These Basil Lime Sugar Cookies are exactly like that!

Lime and basil are two ingredients that are always put together because they’re like a match made in heaven, so there’s no doubt that this recipe will turn out finer than you expect.

If you want to bake cookies for your next party, then a batch of these cookies is the right choice.

These cookies have a flawless balance of minty, tart, and subtly sweet flavors that you and your friends will never get enough of. 

The best part is even a beginner can create a pleasing batch!

The fusion of lemon and lime may be something that is only welcomed by a few taste buds.

However, shockingly, these cookies are good for even those who are not used to the sourness of the two flavors.

The reason that the lemon and lime do not overpower the whole cookie is that this recipe uses vanilla as a base.

You won’t be overwhelmed by the flavors, but you will surely appreciate how each taste plays out in the cookie.

There are just little bursts of these flavors that make you want to try one cookie after another just to fully appreciate how well the ingredients blend together.

This recipe is extremely uncomplicated, so if you enjoy lemon or lime and want to start baking cookies, this is a good starting point.

These Strawberry Lime Sugar Cookie Tarts will probably highlight your baking journey so far. 

The sweetness and citrus play out wonderfully here!

Although looking at these heavenly strawberry and lime sugar cookies makes you feel like they’re a complex recipe to follow, do not be intimidated.

You will be stunned at how little effort you must put into this to whip up a beautiful batch.

Fresh strawberries are the best, so as much as possible, use fresh strawberries for this recipe.

Pro tip: Let the cookies cool before spreading the cream cheese; otherwise, the cream cheese will not stick properly, and your effort will all be for nothing.

Maybe you haven’t thought much about it, but mango, lime, and macadamia nuts are great complementary ingredients.

The sweetness of the mango, the sourness of the lime, and the rich and buttery taste of the nuts will unite wonderfully in this recipe.

The mixture of the flavors will taste like a beach holiday (if that is something that you can imagine!). 

Transport yourself to Hawaii or your favorite beach destination with every bite of this rich treat.

This recipe will require quite a bit of effort, but it will all be worth it when you see and taste one for yourself.

The bottom line

Lime is a fruit that is tremendously easy to incorporate into almost anything, so these lime cookie recipes will surely satisfy and cheer you up.

Although lime is best served during summer, these cookies surprisingly work well any time of the year, so don’t miss out on the amazingness that lime can bring to your cookies.

Whether you want to make a big batch for the holidays or a small batch for yourself, you will find yourself smiling with every bite. 

Your taste buds will be celebrating because of the richness of these cookies. 

They are all bursting with irresistible flavors.

11 Decadent Lime Cookie Recipe Collection

11 Decadent Lime Cookie Recipe Collection

A tasty, zesty, and bright lime cookie is an exceptional treat for everyone, and our list of 11 decadent lime cookie recipes here is no exception!


  • Key Lime Cookies
  • Lime Meltaway Cookies
  • Margarita Cookies
  • Lime Sugar Cookies
  • Coconut Key Lime Crinkle Cookies
  • White Chocolate Key Lime Cookies
  • Pistachio Key Lime Shortbread Cookies
  • Basil Lime Sugar Cookies
  • Lemon Lime Cookies
  • Strawberry Lime Sugar Cookie Tarts
  • Mango Lime Macadamia Cookies


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