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Discover These 21 Delicious Costa Rican Desserts!

Discover These 21 Delicious Costa Rican Desserts!

If you love sweets now and then, drop into this rich list of delicious Costa Rican desserts!
From sweet and tangy fruit dishes to rich and creamy chocolate desserts, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.
Read on as we check out some of the most beloved Costa Rican desserts.
So, get ready to tantalize your taste buds with some of the best sweets that Central America has to offer!
What’s not to love about Costa Rican desserts? 

They’re delightful, they’re colorful, and they’re the perfect way to end a meal.
Costa Rican desserts are as varied as the country’s landscape.
While the Pacific coast is renowned for its fresh seafood, the inland mountains are home to traditional dairy farms.
As a result, many Costa Rican desserts feature fresh fruits, cream, and chocolate. 
Here are some of the most well-liked Costa Rican desserts you want to try on your next trip.
If a trip to Latin America is not in the cards right now, you can recreate these using the recipes below.
Check out #19 as it is vibrant as it is sweet!

Costa Rica is a gorgeous country with abundant fresh fruits and vegetables.
One of the most popular dishes in Costa Rica is an orange pudding made with simple ingredients.
This dish is called Orange Pudding and is served at most family gatherings.
The pudding is made with orange juice, milk, brown sugar, and butter.
It is very effortless to make and can be served with a dollop of whipped cream or a scoop of ice cream.

Costa Rican Miel De Coco is a flavorful milk-based dessert made from coconut flakes and sweetened condensed milk.
The coconut flakes are simmered in water until they are soft, then the milk is added, and the mixture is boiled until it is thick and sweet.
Miel De Coco is an exquisite treat for any occasion.
So, if you want something sugary and tropical, give Costa Rican Miel De Coco a try!

Budín is a traditional Costa Rican dessert that is quick to make and delectable.
The bread pudding is made with just a few ingredients: bread, milk, sugar, eggs, and spices.
While the recipe may vary from family to family, the result is always a comforting and divine dessert.
Budín can be enjoyed on its own or topped with fresh fruit or whipped cream.
And best of all, the whole family will enjoy it.

Chorreadas are a traditional Costa Rican dish found in the countryside or at fairs.
They are typically served as breakfast or an afternoon snack with coffee or agua dulce.
A chorreada is essentially a corn pancake!
The batter is made from cooked corn, salt, water, and oil.
Once mixed, it’s fried up in a shallow pan until it’s golden brown on both sides.

Costa Rican Banana Bread is an ambrosian and moist bread that is pairs well with coffee in the morning.
The bread is dense yet flavor-packed, making it a terrific option for those who want to enjoy a filling breakfast.
The best part about Costa Rican Banana Bread is that it pairs well with Costa Rican coffee.
The bold and rich flavors of the coffee help to bring out the sweetness of the bananas, making for a genuinely delightful morning treat.

Costa Rican Suspiros are a dessert that is popular in Latin America.
They are made from a base of whipped egg whites and sugar and are typically flavored with vanilla or cinnamon.
The dessert’s name comes from the Spanish word for “sigh,” which is suspiro.
This is because the dessert’s texture is light and airy, and it melts in your mouth like a sigh.
Costa Rican suspiros are often served with a drizzle of caramel or chocolate sauce, making an excellent dessert for any occasion.

Who doesn’t love a good empanada?
These little pies are bursting with flavor, and the best part is that they can be made with just about anything.
For those who want something unique, why not try a coconut empanada?
These sweet treats are made with shredded coconut, milk, and sugar and are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Rice pudding is a yummy dessert enjoyed for centuries.
And while there are many ways to make rice pudding, the Costa Rican version is one of the best.
Made with whole milk, white rice, sugar, nutmeg, and cinnamon, Costa Rican rice pudding is rich, creamy, and subtly sweet.
This dessert is sure to leave you feeling satisfied.

If you’re into rice pudding, our instant pot version of the dessert is sure to surprise you!

It’s no surprise that the Costa Rican Chocolate Bread Pudding known as Capirotada is a favorite dessert among locals.
This dish is truly an indulgence, featuring rich chocolate, almonds, and fluffy bread baked into one blissful treat.

Chocolate cake is a superb dessert that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.
Costa Rican Chocolate Cake, though, is a chocolate lover’s delight.
The cake is decadent, and the chocolate frosting is rich and creamy.
The best part about Costa Rican Chocolate Cake is that it is made with real chocolate.
This means that the cake has a deep, intense flavor that can’t be found in other types of cake.

It’s difficult to resist the aroma of freshly baked Banana Nut Muffins.
And once you take that first bite, you’ll be hooked!
The banana flavor takes the spotlight, with subtle hints of clove and vanilla.
The nuts give a nice crunch, and the muffins are moist and fluffy.
They’re sure to hit the spot whether you enjoy them for breakfast or as a snack.

Fried Plantains are a sumptuous treat.
Plantains are slightly sweet, with a firm texture that makes them great for frying.
They can be sliced thin and fried until golden brown or cut into thick slices and fried until crispy.
Serve them with a dipping sauce or simply garnish with salt and pepper.
You can also top them with shredded cheese or diced tomatoes.
In any way you enjoy them, fried plantains are one nourishing treat.

Guava Empanadas are a yummy treat that can be enjoyed anytime.
Guava paste and cream cheese make a finger-licking filling for these empanadas.
These empanadas are best served fresh but can also be reheated in the oven or microwave.

Do you love the taste of coconut but find yourself disappointed with most coconut-flavored desserts?
If so, these Vegan Coconut Balls (Bolitas De Coco) will hit the spot!
Made with only four ingredients, they are soft, sweet, and effortless to make.
They are a vegan take on a traditional Costa Rican dessert, so you can indulge in them without feeling guilty.

Dulce de leche pastry cake is a rich and decadent dessert with layers of flaky pastry filled with dulce de leche.
The cake is capped off with dulce de leche frosting, making it an irresistible treat for any caramel lover.
If you’re in the mood for a show stopping dessert that will impress, check out this dulce de leche pastry cake.

Costa Rican Coconut Fudge is a lovely treat that is ideal for any occasion.
Made with fresh, grated coconut, condensed milk, vanilla, and margarine, this fudge has a smooth, creamy texture that melts in your mouth.
Costa Rican coconuts are renowned for their sweetness and flavor, and this fudge captures those qualities nicely.

The mention of the word is enough to make mouths water.
This creamy, custard-like dessert is a staple of Latin American cuisine, and for a good reason.
Whether you like your flan plain or topped with fresh fruit, there’s no wrong way to enjoy this dessert.
And this coconut flan recipe is sure to become a favorite.
Adding coconut milk gives the flan a rich, decadent flavor that takes it over the top.

In the searing heat of summer, there’s nothing more welcome than a bowl of shaved ice.
For those who crave something more than plain old ice, mango and passion fruit make an exotic combination.
The mangoes pairs well with the tartness of the passion fruit, and the two fruits complement each other’s colors beautifully.

Mazamorra is one of those desserts that just hits the spot.
It’s thick, sweet, and satisfying – ideal for a cold winter’s night.
The pudding is made from ground pumpkin seeds, sugar, and water and has been a Spanish staple for centuries.
Today, Mazamorra is enjoyed all over Latin America, and each country has its own unique twist on the dish.
Whether served with dulce de leche or topped with whipped cream, this pudding is sure to please any sweet tooth.

If you’re looking for a pound cake that’s light, fluffy, and full of flavor, then you’ll want to try Queque Seco.
This Costa Rican specialty is made with eggs, butter, sugar, flour, and baking powder.
The resulting cake is lighter and drier than its North American counterpart, making it a stellar accompaniment to coffee or tea.
Queque seco is best enjoyed fresh out of the oven.
However, it can also be stored in an airtight container for up to a week.
So, if you find yourself in Costa Rica, be sure to give this cake a try.

Costa Ricans love their corn and enjoy it in many ways.
One of their favorite ways to eat corn is in the form of cornbread or pan de elote.
This simple yet filling treat combines fresh corn kernels with flour, milk, sugar, butter, and egg.
The result is a moist and fluffy bread that’s suitable for breakfast or snack time.

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The bottom line

There’s no doubt that Costa Ricans know how to make some desserts.
From rich and decadent cakes to light and fluffy breads, there’s something everyone can enjoy.
So, if you find yourself daydreaming about Costa Rica, indulge in some of these treats and make them in your own kitchen!
Your taste buds will indeed thank you for every bite.

21 BEST Costa Rican Dessert Recipe Collection

21 BEST Costa Rican Dessert Recipe Collection

If you love sweets now and then, drop into this rich list of delicious Costa Rican desserts!


  • Costa Rican Orange Pudding
  • Miel De Coco
  • Costa Rican Bread Pudding
  • Chorreadas
  • Costa Rican Banana Bread
  • Suspiros
  • Coconut Empanada
  • Costa Rican Rice Pudding
  • Capirotada (Costa Rican Chocolate Bread Pudding)
  • Costa Rican Chocolate Cake
  • Costa Rican Banana Nut Muffins
  • Fried Plantain
  • Guava Empanada
  • Bolitas De Coco
  • Torta Chilena
  • Cajeta De Coco (Coconut Fudge)
  • Coconut Flan
  • Granizado De Mango Y Maracuya (Mango & Passion Fruit Shaved Ice)
  • Mazamorra
  • Queque Seco
  • Pan De Elote


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