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23 BEST Shakeology Recipes: Time To Shake Things Up A Bit!🥤

23 BEST Shakeology Recipes: Time To Shake Things Up A Bit!🥤

When you’re looking for new Shakeology recipe ideas around, this epic list of 23 easy Shakeology Recipes will be sure to get you started in the right direction!
Are you thinking of upgrading your daily packet or scoop of Shakeology? 

Sure, Shakeology comes in a variety of flavors.

There’s chocolate, strawberry, cookies and cream, vanilla, and cafe latte, to name a few. 

But even Beachbody on Demand–the company behind this protein + superfoods + macro + micronutrient mix–tells us to add fruit, chocolate chips, and even coconut to their concoction. 

On its own, Shakeology packs about 140 calories–the same you would get with two eggs. 

There are around 7 grams of sugar in a single scoop of Shakeology–or over half the amount of sugar in a medium apple. 

So, Shakeology can act as a base for a variety of new and exciting flavors. 

When you’re craving dessert, you can whip up a version with Shakeology, too. 

Let’s take things up a notch with Shakeology recipes that will tickle your tastebuds–guilt-free. 

You’ll love these Shakeology delicacies you can bite into, like the Gluten-Free Donuts and Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Lava Cake.

Drink up with the refreshing Super Green and Apple Pie-inspired–enjoying Shakeology in a brand new way.

Here’s another take on Vanilla Shakeology–on the luscious, greener side. 

It’s a mix of veggies and fruits for an extra energizing drink. 

There’s spinach, kiwi, and banana with the added zing of finely grated orange peel.

Sweeten your mornings with this blend of applesauce, cinnamon, and your trusty Vanilla Shakeology. 

Remember to add lots of ice for a tasty smoothie.

Who says you have to ALWAYS drink your Shakeology? 

You can eat it too!

Here’s a two-way variation of the Chocolate Shakeology turned into Protein Balls. 

For texture, there are some rolled oats and pitted dates in here and additional rolling in flax meal towards the end. 

For a mocha twist, you can add espresso powder. 

This recipe will also work with the Vanilla variant and the espresso powder if you want to taste more of the coffee goodness.

On days when you’re tempted to dig into a box of glazed donuts, why not try this low-carb version instead? 

The recipe just made Vanilla Shakeology snazzier. 

Some of her choice ingredients include Greek yogurt, almond milk, and baking essentials like baking powder, eggs, and vanilla. 

There is also a quick guide on Xylitol and Pb2, which were among the ingredients as well. 

Whip up a dozen donuts with this recipe which is done in less than half an hour. 

Need a boost of energy when you’re out and about?

These on-the-go treats are packed with protein, sweetness, good fats, and crunch. 

It’s sure to be a party hit with other fitness enthusiasts, too. 

Make eight treats in 10 minutes with two scoops of Vanilla Shakeology, peanut butter, and honey. 

Put an exciting twist with unsweetened coconut flakes, hemp hearts, and chia seeds.

This dreamy recipe is actually easy to make. 

You’ll need to whip a few ingredients together, pop them into the microwave for a bit, and enjoy a mouthwatering mug cake. 

Opt for the Vegan Chocolate (the Chocolate variant will do, too) and add some baking powder, salt, and egg white. 

You’ll need honey, unsweetened cocoa powder, peanut butter, and unsweetened vanilla almond milk to sweeten up the mix. 

Here’s another mug cake to put together in a jiffy. 

The concoction needs the Vegan Vanilla (or simply Vanilla or even Caffe Latte for a twist) variant. 

Plus, you have the must-haves in a mug cake recipe: vanilla extract, baking powder, and egg. 

Finally, the recipe used stevia as a sweetener. 

A Shakeology dessert that looks just as good as it tastes good, it’s worth making in the kitchen. 

These candy bars are made with Vegan Chocolate Shakeology, honey, and a drizzle of melted peanut butter

You won’t have to worry about baking these sweets as it’s a freeze-to-set kind of goodie.

Did you want something more soft and melts-in-your-mouth type of dessert? 

You’ll want to dig into this mousse made of Chocolate Shakeology, unsweetened almond milk, almond butter, and tofu

A strawberry for garnish wraps up this fancy reward to cap a busy day.

Get your friends to try this guilt-free pie that’s quite scrumptious too. 

Mix Chocolate Shakeology, skim milk, and natural peanut butter. 

You’ll need silken or firm tofu for this recipe and premade pie crust. 

You can also use whole grain premade pie crust. 

To make: blend, pour into the crust, and refrigerate for at least an hour or until firm.

Do you miss snacking on cookie dough? 

For zero-guilt munching, make a couple of these treats. 

The recipe used Vanilla Shakeology and added unsalted chopped almonds, almond butter, honey, and dark chocolate chips. 

If you’re feeling more playful in the kitchen, add a dollop of peanut butter as well and swap the recipe with Chocolate Shakeology to enjoy a Reese’s-like energy ball. 

When you want to whip up a delicacy with what you have in your pantry, try this brownie recipe using Chocolate Shakeology, cocoa powder, cashew butter, and vanilla extract. 

You will also need a cup of either applesauce or mashed banana–whatever you have at home. 

You will need to bake this dessert in the oven for around 20 minutes.

In a pinch to make a party favor for your fitness enthusiast buddies? 

Make 10 Shakeology cookies in 10 minutes with this recipe. 

It’s a no-bake snack you can make with Chocolate Shakeology, old-fashioned oats, creamy peanut butter, ground cinnamon, honey, and vanilla extract. 

Best served when the treats are chilled.

This delightful rainy day meal calls for all-natural instant oatmeal and Chocolate Shakeology.

The simple recipe can be spruced with honey and cinnamon-flavored oats. 

You may also top with your choice of nuts and fruits for a filling meal. 

Warm Banana Bread made the Shakeology way; here it goes.

You’ll need a packet of Vegan Vanilla Shakeology, one mashed banana, one egg, cinnamon, and vanilla.

Microwave for 2 minutes and a half and sprinkle with some vegan chocolate chips. 

This home cook shared her recipe of no-guilt snacking with this pudding recipe. 

It’s a great recipe for when you have about a half scoop of Chocolate Shakeology left. 

You’ll need some unsweetened almond milk and PB2 as well and half an English muffin. 

As the recipe is not too sweet for pudding, you may add sweetened frozen yogurt or sweeten nonfat plain Greek yogurt with stevia.

Here’s a yummy cool-down goodie on a hot day. 

Mix one scoop of Chocolate Shakeology with cubes of frozen almond milk, more ice cubes, frozen banana, and peanut butter. 

Opt for a good workhorse of a blender or Vitamix to make this instant ice cream.

The Shakeo Ice Cream itself is easy to make with a packet of Cafe Latte or Chocolate Shakeology, ice, and unsweetened vanilla almond milk.

You may use Vanilla Shakeology if you want a simple vanilla ice cream variation. 

The thrill is in the toppings!

You can sprinkle some unsweetened coconut flakes, add a dollop of almond butter, or some walnuts.

It’s surprising to know that this recipe was concocted by accident. 

The recipe is a so-called accidental version of Greenberry Shakeology that even the kids reportedly loved. 

You’ll need frozen fruits like bananas and berries to add to your concoction of Shakeology and almond milk.

Have you tried using your Shakeology to make a sweet dip for fruits?

It’ll take about 5 minutes to mix the recipe, which needs Chocolate Vegan Shakeology, all-natural peanut butter (smooth), and unsweetened almond milk. 

It’s all about portions when turning what would have been a smoothie into a clever creamy mixture.

Though not an actual carrot cake recipe, this smoothie helps satisfy your cravings for the dessert. 

You’ll need baby carrots, frozen banana, cinnamon, nutmeg, and chopped walnuts with your usual scoop of Vanilla Shakeology and almond milk.

We love how this mommy let her kids make this super-easy Shakeology recipe. 

It starts with about a teaspoon of Chocolate Shakeology, some peanut butter, and skimmed milk. 

Pour the blended mixture into some fun popsicle molds, freeze and enjoy!

The bottom line

You may have desired to add a twist to your daily Shakeology drink. 

You may have wanted to craft a few desserts you can eat over the weekend or take to a party. 

We hope you found a recipe here you can use. 

No more boring days with your packets of Shakeology. 

Things just got better with your choice of protein + superfood + nutrient-packed shake.

Top 23 BEST Shakeology Recipe🥤

Top 23 BEST Shakeology Recipe🥤

Let’s take things up a notch with these 23 easy Shakeology Recipes that will tickle your tastebuds!


  • Creamy Chocolate Peppermint
  • Super Green
  • Apple Pie Shakeology
  • Chocolate (Or Choco Mocha) Protein Balls
  • Gluten-Free Protein Donuts
  • Coconut Vanilla Protein Balls
  • Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Lava Cake
  • Shakeology Mug Cake With Melted Peanut Butter
  • Peanut Butter Fudge Candies
  • Chocolate Mocha Mousse
  • Chocolate Shakeology Pie
  • Cookie Dough Energy Balls
  • 5-Ingredient Brownies
  • No-Bake Cookies
  • Hot Chocolate Oatmeal
  • Quick Microwave Banana Bread
  • Bread Pudding
  • Chocolate Shakeology Ice Cream
  • Shakeo Ice Cream (Protein Bowl)
  • Frozen Fruit Blast
  • Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Fruit Dip
  • Carrot Cake Shakeology
  • Fudge Pops


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