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🍲 25 BEST Gnocchi Recipes: Must Try From Simple To Complex! 🍲

🍲 25 BEST Gnocchi Recipes: Must Try From Simple To Complex! 🍲

The best way to think about gnocchi might be that if you are making gnocchi recipes from scratch, gnocchi and all, it might take some practice, patience, and persistence. 

For those unfamiliar, gnocchi is Italian pasta. 

The final product should be light and delicate, but in order to get to that point, many things need a precise recipe following. 

They could be made with as little as starchy potatoes and flour. 

And while there seems to be a great debate over whether or not gnocchi should be made with eggs or not, salt or not, or ricotta cheese, or not, there are plenty of recipes to accommodate all opinions. 

Which may lead to a lot of experimentation in your kitchen. 

Easy gnocchi recipes will suggest using baked Russet potatoes, while others say boil without piercing.  

As you can surmise, there are a lot of variations to consider when making the actual gnocchi. 

A potato ricer will be your best friend on this excursion. 

That said, the focus of this post is not directly on the making of the gnocchi, but on the ways in which it can be used in recipes, mostly as entrees, but sometimes as an appetizer or side. 

Gnocchi soup recipes are top of mind as so many of us are familiar with soups that use gnocchi as the carbohydrate in a soup recipe. 

Think Olive Garden soups. 

However, as is true with most Italian pasta, gnocchi pairs extremely well with sauces, cheeses, and proteins. 

Gnocchi recipes with chicken or sausage abound and can take on many flavor profiles. 

Gnocchi is also a common ingredient in chicken and dumplings. 

From One Pot Gnocchi Chicken Pot Pie to Italian Sausage Gnocchi Soup to Loaded Chicken Alfredo Gnocchi Bake, these gnocchi recipes are going to make you the kitchen hero!

I hope that this list of 25 gnocchi dishes clarifies the various ways that it is used. 

And do not fret, you do not have to make your own gnocchi, as they are easily available for purchase with potatoes used as the base like the brand DeLallo and some with cauliflower as well.

Gnocchi recipe ideas range from the simple to the complex so choose your favorite level and be prepared for a wonderful dining experience!

One pan and thirty minutes and you can serve up this first of my gnocchi recipes with chicken, the family favorite of chicken pot pie! 

Saute the veggies with garlic and seasoning, flour, chicken stock, and milk coming next! 

Twelve ounces of gnocchi are added to cook until tender. 

Shredded chicken and frozen peas are added last for simmering! 


If easy gnocchi recipes that are comforting and creamy with a little kick sound good, this is the one for you! 

This recipe definitely leans on the spicy side with hot Italian sausage and Calabrian chili peppers. 

Of course, you can dial that back as needed. 

The gnocchi cooks right in the mix, so no precooking is needed.

Olive Garden is known for its soup recipes and many copycat gnocchi soup recipes are running around in the wild. 

I pinned this one down and I hope you will be pleased with this treasure! 

Pro tip included is to use mini gnocchi if you can make it or find it since it makes the soup much easier to spoon up. 

Excellent instructions! 

This next entry on my list of gnocchi dishes is vegetarian if you use the compliant cheese. 

It calls for spinach but kale or arugula could be used as this is very forgiving, with swaps easy to implement. 

The smooth and creamy texture and the seasonings take center stage.

This might be a match made in heaven of gnocchi recipes

What could be better than eight-hour marinated steak bites mixed with lightly browned gnocchi? 

A fabulous seasoning profile makes this combo so satisfying. 

Simple side salad and dinner is ready!

Gnocchi recipes with chicken are all about the sauce, the creamy garlic Asiago sauce in this case! 

This sauce is the real deal! 

The gnocchi and spinach are pre-cooked, the chicken seared on both sides, the cream sauce made, and then all are layered into a casserole dish for baking. 

Glorious deliciousness! 

Similar to the one above, this one of my easy gnocchi recipes has a great sauce, but vegan sausage instead of chicken. 

This all comes together in one skillet as quick as a wink! 

It starts with vegan sausage being sauteed, then other ingredients added in like garlic, coconut milk, sun-dried tomatoes, and along with gnocchi. 

The spinach is added last for quick wilting and served with vegan parmesan and fresh basil.

Gnocchi adds a very interesting texture and heartiness to gnocchi soup recipes! 

Just another reason to love this favorite of all soups, broccoli, and cheese! 

This recipe is rich and delicious including, broccoli, gnocchi, onion, carrots, chicken broth, half and half, seasonings, and of course cheddar cheese! 

Serve fresh bread on the side for ultimate enjoyment!

Gnocchi dishes tend to have either a white cream or a red cream for the sauce. 

This one is red and loaded with tomatoes with some fresh cherry tomatoes and some sun-dried tomatoes that are oil-packed and chopped.  

Just amazing!

When you have some ground beef on hand, this is one of several gnocchi recipes that could be prepared. 

It is a super quick and super tasty meal you can pull out of the hat in a time crunch! 

Just imagine the smell of browned gnocchi, seasoned beef, spicy tomatoes, and melted cheese on the stovetop with a quick broil in the oven until bubbly!

This one instructs to fry the gnocchi in a skillet with olive oil until golden and crisp. 

Then butter, garlic, and thyme are combined and the gnocchi is added back in for tossing. 

Top with parmesan cheese for the finishing touch and dinner is done with just a side salad or veggie!

Sometimes a good casserole is the best bet for an evening meal and I found this gem among the gnocchi recipes for just that, a Cheesy Gnocchi Casserole! 

Mix together boiled gnocchi, spaghetti sauce, parmesan cheese, Italian seasoning, and mozzarella, and let the oven do the work! 

Soup is the perfect comfort food and there are many great gnocchi soup recipes floating around! 

We already looked at a couple and this one is a bit lighter with a brothy base. 

It starts by cooking Italian sauce up and adding onion, red bell pepper, garlic, seasonings, broth, and gnocchi. 

The last ingredients added in are spinach and cream for a light and delicious meal!

A rich velvety sauce highlights this next recipe of gnocchi dishes! 

If you enjoy mushrooms this recipe is for you! 

Mushrooms just have a way of making a sauce or meal more luxurious.  

The gnocchi is cooked, the mushrooms are fried with onion and garlic, and then the broth, cream, and thyme are added for simmering.

Lastly, add parmesan cheese and gnocchi and gently incorporate all the ingredients together!

I know some of you were just waiting for the bacon to arrive and here we are! 

Of course, if bacon is your jam, there are plenty of places in gnocchi recipes where bacon could indeed be added. 

Major bonus because the gnocchi is actually sauteed in the bacon drippings until toasted. 

Then the sauce, broccoli, bacon, and gnocchi are all added together, tossed with cheese, and baked until bubbly! 

This one is epic!

This recipe creator claims we will “feel like a million bucks” while enjoying this recipe of gnocchi dishes! 

Several new ingredients in this one lead me to believe that statement could be accurate! 

First of all, herbed ricotta is made and as well as “little crunches” which are toasted up breadcrumbs

Explanations are easy to follow and the sauce, herbed ricotta, golden crispies, and gnocchi combine to make one very amazing meal!

I am a fan of sheet pan meals and this one showed up on my gnocchi recipes search so I knew it just had to be included. 

Gnocchi, cherry tomatoes, and smashed garlic cloves with oil covering them all are the basic plan for the pan! 

The marinated mozzarella balls are added after baking and before serving. 

A drizzle of balsamic vinegar is the finishing touch!

A new flavor profile is making an appearance on this easy gnocchi recipes list! 

Instead of the Italian seasonings that most recipes are, this one has a Tex-Mex flavor profile. 

Taco seasonings, ground beef, Rotel tomatoes, corn, Monterey Jack, and sharp cheddar cheese come together for a one-pot dish that is very different and very good!

Here is another delightful selection from my gnocchi recipes with chicken in the form of a casserole. 

Yes, it is similar to the one mentioned above but this one has several cups of chicken included and several luscious kinds of cheese. 

And bacon! 

Did I mention the bacon? 

The savory crispy bacon adds an amazing texture to the casserole. 

Oh yes, it is there along with the gnocchi, chicken, butter, stock, milk, mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese, and seasonings! 

Another lighter selection of gnocchi recipes here with this Skillet-Toasted Gnocchi With Peas. 

It starts by browning the gnocchi in butter, seasonings, and broth and has a decidedly lemon overtone with lemon juice being added with the fresh or frozen peas.

Parmesan on top and it’s complete, light, and luscious!

Many gnocchi recipes with chicken have multiple steps. 

But this one is seriously easy! 

First, cook the gnocchi. 

Second, stir together gnocchi, broccoli, chicken, bacon, garlic, and alfredo sauce.

Third, pour into a greased baking dish for baking after sprinkling cheese on top.

Easy peasy and delicioso!

The next dish up on this list of easy gnocchi recipes has another entirely different flavor profile of Indian flavors!

The sauce can be made a day or two ahead to make preparation quicker on the day it is being served. 

It comes together quickly with the traditional Indian seasonings of cayenne pepper, garam masala, and tandoori masala. 

A side of fresh Naan bread completes the meal. 

Everyone loves a fully loaded baked potato, so how about a fully Loaded Potato Gnocchi Soup recipe? 

I thought you might be interested! 
All the flavors and textures of bacon, onion, garlic, broth, gnocchi, heavy cream, and cheddar cheese come together for an amazing bowl of deliciousness. 

Garnish with chopped scallions or sour cream.

When fall arrives and squashes of all kinds are readily available, veggie-filled gnocchi dishes like this one are at their prime! 

Here butternut squash is used paired with spicy Italian sausage, sage, and thyme. 

The butternut puree probably should be made in advance so there is less time till dinner is on the table. 

Beautiful pictures walk you through the process as this one may be the highlight of the season!

The bottom line

Maybe you have never tried gnocchi recipes or maybe you are obsessed. 

Either way, these easy gnocchi recipes have a way of working their way into your meal rotation in no time flat! 

What to serve with gnocchi? Here are our 19 simple yet flavor-packed sides!

Top 25 BEST Ways To Cook Gnocchi 🍲

Top 25 BEST Ways To Cook Gnocchi 🍲

These 25 easy Gnocchi recipes range from simple to complex, choose your favorite level and be prepared for a wonderful dining experience!


  • Homemade Gnocchi
  • One Pot Gnocchi Chicken Pot Pie
  • Spicy Italian Sausage Gnocchi
  • Olive Garden Chicken Gnocchi Soup
  • Parmesan Spinach Gnocchi
  • Steak Bites & Gnocchi
  • Baked Chicken Gnocchi With Garlic Asiago Cream Sauce
  • Tuscan Vegan Gnocchi
  • Broccoli & Cheese Soup With Gnocchi
  • Creamy Sun Dried Tomato & Spinach Gnocchi
  • Cheeseburger Gnocchi
  • Fried Gnocchi In A Brown Butter Garlic Sauce
  • Cheesy Gnocchi Casserole
  • Italian Sausage Gnocchi Soup
  • Creamy Mushroom Gnocchi
  • Baked Gnocchi Casserole With Bacon
  • Millionaire Gnocchi With Red Sauce, Herbed Ricotta, & Golden Crispies
  • Sheet Pan Gnocchi With Cherry Tomatoes & Mozzarella
  • Taco Gnocchi
  • Cheese Chicken Gnocchi Bake
  • Skillet-Toasted Gnocchi With Peas
  • Loaded Chicken Alfredo Gnocchi Bake
  • Gnocchi Recipe Indian-Style
  • Loaded Potato Gnocchi Soup
  • Creamy Butternut Squash Gnocchi With Sausage


  1. Find your favorite recipe from our Gnocchi Recipes list.
  2. Gather all the ingredients needed.
  3. Start cooking and make us proud!

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