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More Cheese, Please! Try These 17 Cheesy Pasta Recipes Today

More Cheese, Please! Try These 17 Cheesy Pasta Recipes Today

Few things are better than these cheesy pasta recipes when you need something comforting and delicious to eat.

Pasta never fails to improve our moods after a long day but throw a bunch of cheese into the mix, and you have a delicious dish that will make you feel amazing.

Those days where you don’t know what to make for dinner and don’t want to bother with a complicated dish call for pasta!

It is quick to throw together for a meal, easy to prepare, and will always satisfy your hunger.

And seriously, is there anything that isn’t made better with tons of melty cheese added in?

These 17 cheesy pasta recipes will make planning dinnertime meals a breeze and will leave everyone happy and satisfied!

There is nothing wrong with classics like Chicken Spaghetti and Macaroni and Cheese but Asiago Pasta Salad and Cacio e Pepe are also great options.

Even if you’re not in the mood for an Italian pasta dish, you can try some South of the border inspired dishes like Cheesy Taco Pasta.

Remember that whatever type of pasta you like, it can always be made better with cheese on top.

Give some of these cheese pasta dishes a try for dinner this week and you’ll be so glad you did!

Inspired by the Olive Garden dish, this baked casserole is all about the cheese pasta sauce!

The marinara sauce has milk and five different cheeses mixed in making it a creamy and velvety addition to your ziti.

You can use whichever five cheeses you like but mozzarella, parmesan, cream cheese, fontina, and cheddar are amazing choices to start off with.

This recipe is vegetarian but if you want to add some meat, feel free to add some ground meat, sliced ham, or sliced wiener sausages.

Here are some tips so you know when your pasta is done!

Baked rigatoni mixed with cherry tomatoes, fresh spinach, and Italian sausage is a winning combination.

Mix in lots of parmesan and mozzarella cheese and you have a new addition to your easy cheesy pasta recipes lineup.

Gather the highest quality ingredients you can find and you will fall in love with this cheesy goodness.

And some good tips on how to best reheat pasta here.

This childhood recipe is so full of flavor and cheese that you’ll never turn back to the boxed stuff, again.

Making this at home is just as easy as using a package but lets you have more control over what you put in!

This is a top choice for budget friendly and simple cheesy pasta recipes.

If you need to have something tasty on the kitchen table in 15 minutes, this is one of the cheese pasta dishes you want to keep in your back pocket!

This is full of fresh spring vegetables, a creamy cheese melted in, and has room for adaptations based on what you like.

Cream cheese is the name of the game for the sauce but you can always mix in extra shredded cheese to make it thicker and gooier.

A little bit of lemon in my life…a little bit of pasta by my side…

No one ever really outgrows these childhood cheesy pasta recipes, and for good reason.

Despite your age, mac and cheese is always a comforting dish.

Try to freshly grate your cheese so you can get the right texture and consistently for your sauce.

Take it up a notch and add in sour cream, bacon, and green onions for a delicious meal!

Get to know these great sides for mac and cheese!

If you need cheesy pasta recipes with chicken to win everyone over, you need a quick alfredo bake.

This dish is so satisfying and so easy to bake.

Simply prepare your pasta, chicken, and cheesy alfredo sauce separately, then combine them all together in the oven.

If you want to make this even simpler, you can use rotisserie chicken so you don’t have to cook your own chicken.

This cheese pasta recipe is unlike any you’ve tried before!

It takes traditional chicken spaghetti and adds in salsa, sour cream, Mexican cheese, and taco seasoning for extra flavor in every bite.

Bake this in the oven for a bit and your spaghetti will be golden and bubbly from the melted cheese on top.

If you’re watching your carb count, don’t worry, there are absolutely easy cheesy pasta recipes for you to check out.

With three basic ingredients and an air fryer you can have an amazing tasting low carb dinner in about 15 minutes!

If you’re not normally a fan of zucchini, the mayonnaise and cheese mixed in add a lot of flavor so it’s worth giving these cheesy “zoodles” a try!

Lasagna makes for delicious cheese pasta dishes but sometimes they can be time consuming to make.

However, this recipe utilizes no boil noodles which saves so much time!

Feel free to begin your sauce and assembly ahead of time so when it’s time to dig into this dinner, you just need to warm it up a bit before baking it in the oven.

Even if you’re looking for simple cheesy pasta recipes to serve as a side dish, you’ll want it to be satisfying and hearty.

Perfect for summer picnics, this asiago pasta salad uses lots of common household ingredients and can feed an army in little time.

Don’t forget your pimentos and black olives to add bursts of freshness to every bite you take.

Let this stay chilled until your burgers and ribs are done and taken off the grill and you’re set up for a tasty summer meal.

If you feel like you have graduated from traditional mac and cheese, try this cheese pasta recipe for a grown up twist on the classic.

This foolproof recipe uses only four ingredients: pasta noodles, cheese, black pepper, and butter.

The butter used in this recipe is completely optional but it adds some flavor and thickens the noodles a little bit.

If this tasty pasta isn’t enough, you can add in some type of protein, veggies, nuts, or extra seasonings like garlic or red pepper flakes.

Some cheese pasta dishes are made to accompany your main dish, but when they taste as good as these cheesy garlic butter noodles, you’ll want it for your entire meal.

This will be your new savior for when you’re strapped for tasty side dishes.

Or you’re just craving a big bowl of butter noodles for dinner.

You can add in meat or veggies to make this more fitting as your main dish but even if you stick to the basic ingredients, you’ll fall in love with this recipe!

When you see gnocchi included in cheesy pasta recipes, you know you’re about to have a quick and easy meal that tastes way heartier and tastier than you’d expect from the effort put in.

This cheesy pasta sauce uses marinara, light cream, parmesan cheese, and white wine so you know it will be full of flavor.

After mixing your gnocchi and sauce, bake in the oven with some mozzarella on top and let it broil until your extra cheese has melted.

This is best served hot and fresh so once it has cooled down enough to eat, you can dig in!

You probably haven’t had a fusion dish like this before, but once you try it you will be obsessed!

There’s a nice balance of spice and flavorful cheese in this dish and with a splash of lime juice at the end, you balance out the richness of the ingredients.

Make sure you marinate your chicken for as long as you can—overnight is best!

Don’t forget your diced peppers and you’ll have a new favorite addition to your cheesy pasta recipes with chicken.

For even more hearty pasta options, try these with shrimp!

When you know you’ll be preparing this cheese pasta recipe, you’ll be looking forward to eating it all day.

You’ll want to make a big batch, so you can enjoy it for lunch and dinner for days to come.

Diced green peppers are a great way to get some extra vegetables in your dinner and picky kids won’t even mind!

Red pepper flakes can also be mixed in for some extra spice!

Give this easy dinner of goat cheese and pasta a try, too!

You may have seen some variations of easy cheesy pasta recipes on TikTok but this one deserves special recognition!

The sauce that makes this dish taste amazing is full of cherry tomatoes and feta cheese.

Make sure to add in spinach generously since it will wilt down as it is stirred into the pasta.

This quick and colorful pasta will become a new family favorite meal!

Everyone loves pasta and everyone loves tacos.

When you mix the two together you will get one of your new favorite simple cheesy pasta recipes that is so full of flavor.

With five ingredients and thirty minutes you’ll have a pasta dish that everyone will enjoy!

The bottom line

These 17 cheesy pasta recipes are here to save the day when your usual dinner time meal lineup starts to grow old.

Easy to make, budget friendly, and so delicious, these pastas will remind you how cheese and pasta are a match made in heaven!

Bonus pasta recipe: Our tried-and-true authentic Greek Baked Ziti (Pastitsio) is thick with bechamel, feta, and panko!

Not sure what to serve on the side of your cheesy pasta? We’ve got you covered!

17 BEST Ways To Make A Cheesy Pasta Recipe

17 BEST Ways To Make A Cheesy Pasta Recipe

Few things are better than these cheesy pasta recipes when you need something comforting and delicious to eat.


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