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Our 35 Best Pineapple Desserts Of All Time ๐Ÿ

Our 35 Best Pineapple Desserts Of All Time 🍍

Go beyond pineapple pie with our 35 decadent pineapple desserts, including pineapple sorbet, pineapple slushie, and more. 

This sweet and famous tropical plant, the pineapple, is one fruit in our kitchen that could make our dishes a little more uniquely flavored and juicy. 

It could give any dessert recipe a distinctly bright and vibrant tropical fruit taste that is sweet and tart.

As an avid pineapple lover, I’d like to pass along a few of the most delicious pineapple dessert recipes proven to make your guests feel refreshed and satiated after a heavy dish. 

Don’t miss recipe #25, Pina Colada Cheesecake Mousse, as this may be just the ideal summertime dessert to impress the person you admire most.

If you are a fan of ice cream, you might also want to try this frozen treat, Pineapple Coconut Ice Cream, that has summer all over it.

Or can’t you get enough of coffee? 

Watch out for Pineapple Coffee Cake With Streusel Topping to make your senses refreshed and active! 

But if you’ve got not much time to prepare, Brown Sugar Pineapple Sundae is the best go-to recipe to brighten up the mood swings a hot day could bring!

If you love carrot cake, adding crushed pineapple will take it to another level; this tropical fruit enhances the cake’s flavor.

This recipe is delicious and topped with zesty cream cheese icing.

It is so simple that a beginner baker could make it.

You only need a few minutes of your baker-active spirit. 

This treat only needs three ingredients.

With crushed pineapple, vanilla instant pudding, and thawed whipped topping, you’re party-ready, dear! 

Combined with vanilla instant pudding mix and whipped topping, canned pineapple juices make a delightful and gratifying dessert such as this recipe. 

The recipe appears easy, but it packs a tasty and refreshing punch you’ll appreciate.

Sprinkle some cherries on top for more flare.

This one’s definitely for  Piña Colada fanatics! 

Reenact Piña Colada flavors in these graham cracker crusts created with toasted coconut, pineapple-rum curd, and coconut-rum cream.

Covered in a cloud of rum-flavored whipped cream and sprinkled with toasted coconut.

In this recipe, rum’s harsher flavor burns off, leaving a kick.

And if alcohol is not your thing, you can create a “virgin” version by doing away with the rum.

Pineapple slices and sugar syrup are the two main ingredients in the treat. 

Blanch your pineapple before slowly submerging it in syrup for 14 days.

Add granulated sugar, a pinch of salt, a splash of water, and your enthusiastic kitchen queen self.

This dessert can also be a pleasant, tasty, and cheap homemade present.

This Pineapple Casserole will impress even the pickiest of visitors.

Canned pineapple, sharp cheddar cheese, and buttery Ritz cracker crumbs come together in this recipe. 

Whether you’re serving it with a festive ham, a roast turkey, or a roast chicken on a lazy Sunday, it’s just the perfect accompaniment.

Not only does this cookie recipe have a dreamy appearance, but it also has a taste that you’ll remember even in your dreams.

This cookie recipe is made with pineapple and combined with the aromatic vanilla flavoring and punchy lemon zest. 

Indulge in these delicious cookies that shout tropical island flavors, and you’re sure to have a relaxing summer!

In just 15 minutes, you can have a fabulous dessert of grilled pineapple slices drizzled with sweet butter rum glaze and served with ice cream.

It’s as easy as soaking the fruit in sweetened rum, grilling it, then serving it with ice cream and a handmade butter rum glaze.

Furthermore, the alcohol is cooked out during the cooking process, making this a treat for the whole family.

A must-have for your next backyard barbecue!

Let’s haul our baking skills with this recipe! 

Banana bread with pineapple is an exciting new take on the classic banana bread that everyone loves. 

After you’ve given this one a try, you won’t be able to look at another recipe in the same way again.

This dessert proves that baking a cake doesn’t have to be complicated. 

This recipe is quick and easy as only a few ingredients are required.

With a super-moist texture that comes from a combination of pineapple flavoring added to the batter and a butter-pineapple glaze that’s soaked into the cake, absolutely, everyone who gives it a go would love it!

This dessert is stuffed with pieces of pineapple, coated with melted butter, dusted with cinnamon, then baked until golden brown. 

Try this crisp in your kitchen and serve it warm with vanilla ice cream. 

You will undoubtedly have the most fantastic crisp your family will love!

This one is irresistible! 

The texture is chewy and moist, almost identical to cake, but the bars are cut into squares and consumed like brownies.

This one is a delicious summer treat, perfect for bringing to barbecues or picnics, and in the winter, you can eat them while daydreaming about warmer weather.

This dessert is subtly sweet with a golden, chewy crust and a tender, melt-in-your-mouth middle. 

I can assure you that you have never tasted anything like this before!

This sweet-and-savory recipe is perfect for Easter, and it requires only six ingredients and a few minutes of your time, reducing the burden of your holiday feast.

Pineapple Fluff is an easy-to-make, refreshing dessert.

Pineapple and pudding provide the base, while marshmallow bits, shredded coconut, and whipped topping add texture and lightness. 

Add some pecans for a touch of the south. 

Perfect for warm-weather parties!

This one is for you if you want a quick and simple tropical-themed dessert.

This cinnamon-fried pineapple tastes like the grilled pineapple we all love. 

Prepared in less than 15 minutes, this golden-brown perfection of juicy pineapple cooked in aromatic cinnamon, butter, and honey is hard to disagree with. 

Best served with vanilla ice cream.

No need to go to Disneyland to enjoy a Dole Whip when you can whip one in your kitchen. 

Although this deliciously creamy dessert is traditionally for summer months, thanks to frozen pineapple, you can enjoy this whenever the craving strikes!

Serve this recipe as is, or make it more festive with a maraschino cherry and some whipped topping.

This dessert will transport you to the flavors of the ’70s!

All you need are some graham crackers, crushed pineapple, cream cheese, and cool whip to have a summer straight out of the ’70s.

This pineapple sorbet is a year-round treat. 

Plus, it’s cheaper than buying sorbet from the store. 

This simple sorbet recipe requires only fresh pineapple, sugar, and pineapple juice.

This can help you beat the summer heat without going overboard. 

Use this to win over anyone, from adults to children!

This 5-ingredient Pineapple Pie could become your summertime staple.

You’ll feel like you are on a sunny Hawaiian beach with just one bite of this classic pie’s filling and buttery, flaky crust.

There will always be no leftovers when you serve this pie.

You’ll love this twist on the traditional strawberry pretzel salad. 

This salad is the ideal holiday dessert because of the delightful contrast between the sweet pineapple and salty pretzels.

Pretzel crust is topped with tangy pineapple and a creamy, delicious mixture of cream cheese and whipped topping. 

Precisely what one imagines when one thinks about a fruity, tropical vacation.

The dulcet pineapple preserves and flaky homemade pastry dough in these Pineapple Empanadas make for a delicious baked treat. 

This empanada recipe is a great baking project for any time of year, requiring only flour, butter, whipping cream, and pineapple jam.

The dough for this recipe is based on the classic Costa Rican 3-2-1 empanada recipe; once filled with pineapple preserves, empanadas are baked until golden brown.

This cake recipe won’t make you sweat! 

Gather a package of biscuits and float them in a mixture of sweetened condensed milk and crushed pineapple. 

The result is a fluffy, sugary, and delectable treat you can cheat on.

This recipe is best for desserts after a meal or your simple breakfast. 

It is perfectly sized for one person, so you can indulge without going overboard. 

One can of crushed pineapple is all you need for this recipe, which is full of sweet fruit and a creamy texture. 

Pineapple adds a new, bold taste to the muffins; you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a tropical island.

You can enjoy this pineapple-based dessert year-round, but it especially fits for summer.

Crunchy batter encases delicious, tender pineapple in these fritters.

Coating fritters with cinnamon sugar and toasted coconut work well. 

Use powdered sugar to coat or dust them as well.

Try your favorite sweet or savory sauce for dippings, such as chocolate, caramel, Nutella, melted peanut butter, or fruit sauce.

Since it calls for very little baking time and the resulting dessert is chilled and creamy, this Pina Colada Cheesecake Mousse is ideal for the summer.

This light and airy dessert will take you away to a tropical paradise with every bite.

It’s not wrong to spike the whipped cream with a bit of rum.

So invite someone special as this will make your dinner night extra special!

Do you also crave a slushie the moment the weather warms up? 

I’m glad I stumbled into this recipe because it’s the best solution I’ve found to help you curb my hunger pangs for slushies as well! 

This tropical treat is ready in under 5 minutes and has no refined sweeteners if you use a fully ripened pineapple.

This smooth and refreshing dessert is made with coconut milk, fresh pineapple, and a touch of lime.

It tastes like a Pina Colada, but it doesn’t have any rum.

Use half coconut milk and half cream if you want a creamier result.

Your loved ones will quickly consider this tropical ice cream indispensable!

If you’re feeling particularly thirsty, you can put those feelings to rest with this dessert.

This refreshing Iced Pineapple Lemonade is prepared by blending fresh pineapple, lemon juice, and ice cubes in a high-powered blender.

This unique take on our classic lemonade will surely be a hit in your kitchen!

This recipe’s pineapple is basted in butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon and grilled to create a uniquely flavorful dessert. 

Brush or baste with the leftover mixture when grilling as much as possible, especially right before serving to seal in flavor to your pineapple. 

This roasted pineapple is like a little slice of heaven.

You’ll adore this dessert if you’re a coffee fanatic.

This coffee cake recipe is a lovely variation of the classic with the addition of pineapple. 

Topped with a tasty streusel, this is the perfect dessert to enjoy for late-night talks.

This Pineapple Sunshine Cake is for you if you need a sweet, moist, incredible burst of fruit to perk up your day.

Yellow cake mix, crushed pineapple, and a light and airy whipped pineapple frosting are all you to get that sweet Pineapple Sunshine Cake, a crowd-pleaser at any potluck.

Perfect addition to your go-to recipes!

This sweet treat is a beautiful twist on the traditional pineapple fritters.

It tastes like a cross between a donut shop apple fritter and an onion ring.

Outside is a coating of crunchy cinnamon and nutmeg, and inside is a ring of pineapple that’s juicy and sweet.

Take a bite, and you’re sure to experience that irresistible flavor that will leave you craving more.

Your loved ones are in for a genuine treat with this Pineapple Sundae.

Pineapple, coconut, and macadamia nuts top skillets of caramelized pineapple cooked in a cinnamon caramel sauce—think about how delicious that would be! 

Caramelizing pineapple in a delicious brown sugar and cinnamon sauce gives it a grilled-like flavor and makes you want to cry tears of love at first tasting.

This sundae is similar to bananas foster due to the fantastic caramelized pineapple taste from brown sugar and butter. 

After cooking, you can add a little lime juice to the caramel to balance the sweetness. 

Making this Brown Sugar Pineapple Sundae recipe might become a regular thing in your kitchen.

This dessert is a sweet pineapple jam filling rolled in a chewy buttery milky cookie.

These little treasures are worth every ounce of work that goes into making them.

Use slightly underripe pineapples for the filling; you don’t want them to be so ripe that they leak juice when baking.

Do give it a shot. 

I can guarantee you won’t be sorry!

The bottom line

If you’re on the hunt for dessert recipes that will make your heart flattered, these pineapple desserts will do the work!

From sundaes, sorbets, cookies, and candies to cakes, you’ll get various dessert recipes you’ll be glad to share with your loved ones. 

Dear, don’t waste time! 

Get your sweet-toothed spirit craving for more with these 35 pineapple savors!

Pineapple Dessert Collection

Pineapple Dessert Collection

Go beyond pineapple pie with our 35 decadent pineapple desserts, including pineapple sorbet, pineapple slushie, and more.


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