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🍴 30 BEST Guatemalan Foods That Exhibit Guatemala’s Taste!🍴

🍴 30 BEST Guatemalan Foods That Exhibit Guatemala’s Taste!🍴

Are you looking for Guatemala Foods? We’ve rounded up 30 of our favorite meals from Guatemala that you can make at home. 

Guatemala is a small country located south of Mexico. 

And even though Guatemala is a relatively small nation, it has plenty of delectable dishes worth trying. 

The majority of traditional Guatemalan cuisine is based on Mayan culture, with a notable influence from Spanish cuisine.

Check out these 30 Guatemalan foods that will take your food experience to another world of Latin cuisine. 

Guatemalans love their chicken, beans, and avocado paste!

But that is just the tip of the iceberg!

Guatemala has vegetable stews and lots of distinctive dishes that you will enjoy. 

From Guatemalan Chancletas to Braised Pork With Sesame & Pumpkin Seed Sauce (Choc’a) to Nuégados Guatemaltecos, these Guatemala dishes are going to make your tastebuds excited!

Amaze yourself with #26 and see how surprisingly delightful this dish is. 

¡Por supuesto, cocinemos! (By all means, let’s cook!)

Chiles Rellenos is a traditional Guatemalan dish and a mixture of meat, veggies, and spices that you will surely make over and over again!

And its secret ingredient is the chili peppers which bring its flavor to a whole new level. 

Garnish it with sliced onion, parsley, and oregano, then top it with Relleno sauce for a mouth-watering experience!

Are you looking for a side and topping with a fiery kick?

Look no further because Guatemalan Chile will give you that extreme spice that you are looking for. 

So, what makes this side dish special?

It’s a blend of spices and everything nice that your taste buds will approve of.

Guatemalan green chicken stew is also called “Pollo en Jocon.”

This delicious dish is a blend of shredded chicken and tomatillo-cilantro sauce that gives out that tangy flavor worth craving. 

And topping it with chopped scallions, corn tortillas, and sliced avocado makes it more delectable!

Here’s a plate of rice with veggie mix-ins that will fill your stomach and make your heart sing.

Arroz Guatamalteco is a rice dish flavored with chicken stock, spices, and vegetables.

Toss whatever vegetables you have in the fridge, mix them, and serve!

Without these scrumptious and mouth-watering Chancletas, your snacking experience under the beach umbrella with a refreshing glass of juice won’t be complete.

The mild taste of pureed chayote goes well with the strong taste of apples and cucumber.

And when topped with bread crumbs, it makes a delicious snack.

But if you don’t have any bread crumbs on hand, you can substitute crushed graham crackers instead!

Have a taste of Guatemala with this delish meal called Pepian. 

The thick sauce made of sesame seeds and pepitas has a peculiar toasted flavor that is difficult to explain.

And who would have thought that its toasted, grilled ingredients would result in a flavorful dish?

Well, we can see that you seem intrigued by this one, so try to give it a go.

A dessert ala Guatemalan style!

You are most likely considering Buñuelos right now. Aren’t you?

Buñuelos are fried dough wrapped with cinnamon sugar that offers a mouthful of flavors and textures in one bite.

While chewing on its delicate crumb and crispy crust, Buñuelos will also undoubtedly take you back to your childhood.

So, before you start missing your Abuela (grandmother), let’s get started cooking these little bites of delights.

Who’s up for some pumpkin pie for dessert?

This snack has just the right sweetness, and the subtle kick will keep you coming back for more.

Make this dish even more special by serving it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a drizzle of sugar syrup.

Your mouth will water when you hear Pollo En Leche De Coco or Guatemalan Chicken in coconut milk

This dish is a little bit spicy and a little bit creamy: truly the best of both worlds!

Imagine a juicier, more tender chicken combined with a spicy kick that is just enough to match the dish’s creaminess. 

Sounds irresistible! Isn’t it?

Even though making Fiambre salad might be time-consuming, most Guatemalans consider it a privilege to share this traditional food with their families.

That’s because it takes several days to gather all of the ingredients, but let the fun begin as soon as you do!

It is also no joke that its components require fifty to one hundred different kinds of prepared meats and vegetables marinated, cooled, and served in a cold-cut style.

12. Tapado

A flavourful fish seafood stew with coconut broth is the ideal dish for a chilly evening. 

Guatemala’s Tapado is a treat for your senses.

It is a savory fish seafood stew with coconut broth that is the ideal dish for a chilly evening meal with the family.

And it’s packed with various flavors, thanks to the spices that give it its characteristic flavors, such as pepper, salt, and bouillon.

Are you looking for a new recipe snack for kids?

Guatemalan Coconut Bread is one great idea! 

Also called Pan de Coco, this bread is crafted in an artisan manner using just a handful of ingredients and a one-of-a-kind technique, contributing to the bread’s distinctive flavor.

And it’s a kind of bread that you can find in every bakery in Guatemala!

Guatemalan radish salad or Chojin is a must-try if you are into salads!

You’ll appreciate the blend of crisp from fried pork rinds and the radish itself. 

But if you want to make it into a full salad, add diced avocado and cucumber, and enjoy!

Guatemalan-Style Refried Black Beans may seem like a sticky log that will get stuck in your teeth, but this one is heavenly sweet. 

It has a paste-like consistency and is the perfect pair for warm corn tortillas and eggs. 

And its flavorful taste comes from its various spices and onions. Yum!

Did you know that you could create a seafood soup in five minutes?

Yes, you can!

So, have a taste of this enticing and umami bowl of seafood soup prepared in the Guatemalan way with any of your favorite vegetables.

Have you got cravings for veggies and spices lately?

Here’s a suggestion for you: Guatemalan Curtido. 

But what makes Curtido a unique dish?

It is a mixture of pickled vegetables and spices with a slight hint of sweetness and tangy flavor. 

Do you want more? 

No worries!

It is also easy to prepare, so you’ll get to serve your cravings right away!

Choc’a is a traditional stew from the town of Almolonga in Guatemala. 

You’ll love the combination of meat, spices, and its thick creamy sauce that you can pair with any vegetable. 

Serve it with corn tamales or rice on the side.

19. Shucos

Try some Shucos or Guatemalan hotdogs if you seek a more contemporary flavor of Guatemalan cuisine. 

A word of caution: it isn’t your ordinary hotdogs because they are made with toasted bread and guacamole, which gives this meal a cultural twist.

The nutty and creamy guacamole flavor is also this dish’s “secret ingredient,” contributing to its success and appeal.

If you’re curious about the flavor of Guatemalan Turkey Soup, you might compare it to spaghetti sauce, goulash, or chili.

There, you get the idea. 

You can even make this dish tastier by including a generous amount of tomatoes, which primarily adds tartness. 

Plus, the addition of herbs and spices brings out the flavor!

Guacamole is revered as the embodiment of Guatemalan heritage and tradition.

It’s an avocado paste that goes well with nachos, shucos, and many other foods.

Also, its complex flavor originates from the tomatoes and onions, which mingle with mashed avocado’s earthy, almost buttery, and creamy taste.

Tostada De Frijoles is an exquisite lunch option or snack to serve your children after a ball game. 

This delicacy is made remarkable with the addition of chile, tomato, and slices of avocado.

We also like mine with some sour cream

It’s just so good!

Bring this street food called Chuchitos from Guatemala to your home! 

Chuchitos recipe calls for cheese, pork, chicken meat, and aza sauce wrapped in corn husks. 

Besides, soaking the sauce and its spices is one great way to release its spicy kick and blend well with the mixture.

You won’t become drunk from eating drunken Guatemalan Cake because of its alcohol content; instead, you’ll get drunk from its incredible level of sweetness.

Its secret lies in the manjar, a sweet milk sauce, and a tiny amount of rum or brandy that is not enough to get you intoxicated.

Undoubtedly, your guests will ask for a take-out, so get your Tupperware ready and make an extra!

A cup of coffee is the perfect pair to a serving of Nuégados as it helps balance the flavor.

These rich and creamy bite-sized sweets are elevated to a whole new level of delectable flavor thanks to the addition of vanilla and orange extract.  

And yes, the most thrilling part of making these light orange-scented fried dough is dipping them into the glaze.

Hello, seafood enthusiast! 

The shrimp and bay scallops diablo will have you drooling.

Enjoy the pineapple’s mildly sweet flavor, combined with plenty of onions and spices, and the tenderness of the shrimp and bay scallops.

But if you like to give this seafood recipe an extra spicy kick, feel free to adjust the spice level of the sauce to your liking.

After a long and exhausting week, you deserve an easy-to-make weekend dinner with a bit of Latin culture.

Garnachas are ideal because they only require a few ingredients and tasty garnishes!

Let us reveal a little secret to you!

The key to some appetizing Garnachas is not just in the meat but also in the tortillas.

So, to get just a hint of crunch, give them a light fry.

Bring your usual fried chicken to another level with Pulique. 

It is delectable chicken meat and vegetable stew brimming with flavor thanks to its herbs and vegetables. 

Serve it with pork, beef, chicken, shrimp, or any other meat.

This refreshing fruit punch will put a smile on your guests’ faces.

It is a recipe loaded with fruits, and if you want to customize it for adults, you may add some rum.

Serving it in a clay mug also adds to its charm, giving you the feeling of a “walking through the streets of Guatemala” vibe.

Hilachas is a Guatemalan stew made with shredded beef.

This beef stew gets its excellent flavor and satisfyingly grainy texture from the addition of potatoes, contributing to the dish’s overall depth.

The bottom line

And there you have it! 

We hope that you get to choose from our list for your next Latin-inspired cuisine. 

We have them from breakfast to afternoon snacks and dinner. 

Buen Provecho!

Top 30 BEST Guatemalan Foods🍴

Top 30 BEST Guatemalan Foods🍴

Choose from our list of 30 easy Guatemala foods for your next Latin-inspired cuisine.


  • Guatemalan Black Bean Soup
  • Chiles Rellenos
  • Guatemalan Chile
  • Guatemalan Green Chicken Stew
  • Arroz Guatamalteco
  • Guatemalan Chancletas
  • Pepian
  • Guatemalan Buñuelos
  • Guatemalan Sweet Pumpkin
  • Pollo En Leche De Coco
  • Guatemalan Fiambre Salad
  • Tapado
  • Guatemalan Coconut Bread
  • Chojín
  • Guatemalan-Style Refried Black Beans
  • Guatemalan-Style Seafood Soup
  • Guatemalan Curtido
  • Braised Pork With Sesame & Pumpkin Seed Sauce (Choc'a)
  • Shucos
  • Kak Ik (Guatemalan Turkey Soup)
  • Guatemalan Guacamole
  • Tostada De Frijoles
  • Guatemalan Chuchitos
  • Borracho Cake
  • Nuégados Guatemaltecos
  • Shrimp & Bay Scallops Diablo
  • Guatemalan Garnachas
  • Pulique
  • Ponche De Navidad
  • Hilachas


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