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30 Best Condensed Milk Desserts: Creamy, Rich Goodness 🤩

30 Best Condensed Milk Desserts: Creamy, Rich Goodness 🤩

Are you wondering what to make with sweetened condensed milk sitting in your cupboard for the past few months? No matter the occasion, recipes using sweetened condensed milk always take a dessert to the next level!

Is your family craving some sweet treats to nibble on a rainy day?

Or, maybe you have a Friday night potluck, and you’ve offered to bring a dessert.

Notably, it is common for people mistakenly to use sweetened condensed milk and evaporated milk interchangeably, but they are not the same product.

Both kinds of milk are evaporated down to about half of their volume. 

The difference is that condensed milk has sugar added. 

You can’t substitute straight evaporated milk for condensed milk.

Still, if you are in a pinch, you can make sweetened condensed milk at home with evaporated milk or regular milk and sugar.

Try some of our favorite recipes below if you have your condensed milk ready to go and are looking for delicious condensed milk desserts!

We have all sorts of sweetness covered below, from homemade Lemon Blueberry Ice Cream and Hot Fudge Sauce to Raspberry Macarons and Chocolate Chip Cookies.

We even included a sweet, creamy Creamy Lemonade to finish your meal! #30

So read on for sweetness satisfaction!

Red Velvet Poke Cake is always a hit at potlucks, birthdays, and holiday dinners. 

Make it into a poke cake simply by using a box cake mix, poking holes into the cooked cake, and filling the holes with the mixture of cream cheese and sweetened condensed milk given in the recipe.

I think we can all appreciate a bit more decadence served up like this!

For a different flair of buttercream frosting, try this Russian version!

Just three ingredients – butter, sweetened condensed milk, and vanilla.

This frosting spreads smoothly and quickly when mixed properly, and creates a slightly different texture than standard buttercream frosting.

We love to spread it on our favorite cupcakes.

You can also add chocolate or coffee grounds for different flavoring!

This is an easy hot fudge sauce recipe that you can make in less than 5 minutes.

Using the sweetened condensed milk rather than boiling sugar removes the pressure of finding the perfect melting temperature for the sugar.

Use this to top ice cream, brownies, or add into a milkshake!

This delicious, thick caramel sauce is one of our favorite quick dessert recipes using sweetened condensed milk.

It is so much better than your typical store-bought caramel dip.

You do not have to limit yourself to apples with this dip.

Dribble over pie, ice cream, or cake, and savor the goodness!

With a crushed Oreo crust and cream cheese filling, this is one of the best sweetened condensed milk recipes we have come across!

Blending cream cheese, condensed milk, and melted chocolate will make a pie filling that satisfies everyone’s sweet tooth!

If Oreo crust is not your go-to, try a graham cracker crust as your base. 

Both will hold firm with refrigeration.

Pecan praline on top of cheesecake? 

Mmm hmmm…use condensed milk for a thick cheesecake and surround it with a pecan crust and praline top. 

The crunchiness of pecans combined with a creamy inside makes me wonder why I didn’t think of this before!

You will be the hit of the party for bringing this heavenly twist on cheesecake.

Keeping brownies moist and fudgy is the biggest draw to this recipe.

Any brownie is a good brownie, but this one, in particular, brings fudginess to a whole new level. 

Add any of your favorites: nuts, marshmallows, coconut, to add texture and flavors, and you will see how quickly these disappear!

Although pumpkin may say autumn to some people, we think these bars are suitable for any time of the year!

7-layer bars always offer an explosion of flavors. 

Still, this twist of pumpkin spice to the classic 7-layer bar brings all the ingredients together in a unique and sweetly spicy array of tastes.

One can’t go wrong with Rice Krispie bars, but this recipe proves that you surely can go even more right! 

Using condensed milk to create a creamy caramel middle layer is enough to make anyone’s mouth water!

Surprise your kids with this pumped-up version of a classic afterschool snack!

If you are a chocolate and peanut butter fan, this one is for you!

There isn’t much better than this combination of sweet and salty.

These rich, gooey bars will go fast at your neighborhood potluck with a honey graham cracker crust, peanut butter filling, and a brown sugar oat crumb topping. 

Don’t forget the chocolate drizzle on top!

Who says basic is boring? 

These easy-to-make cookies can be topped with anything you like chocolate chips, walnuts, or raisins to give them an extra taste sensation.

These are made with all the regular cookie ingredients, but the added condensed milk makes them melt in your mouth!

Is it possible to improve on the classic chocolate chip cookie?

We think so.

Add the condensed milk as this recipe calls for, and they will come out of the oven so soft and chewy you may keep them all for yourself!

This simple cookie only requires five ingredients and can be made quickly for surprise afternoon guests!

The recipe makes delicious milk snowballs as it is. 

Still, you can always include a little almond or peppermint extract for an added flavor to these sweet cookies.

A ladoo (or laddu) is a favorite no-bake Indian treat.

They are usually made with gram flour (chickpea flour), but gram flour can be hard to find in the United States.

We can find other substitutions for texture and flavor.

For this recipe, powdered pistachios are used.

Ladoos are akin to the popular balls now being made but with a signature Indian ingredient like cardamom used in this recipe.

Ladoos store well and are perfect gifts to leave with a host for an after-party pick-me-up. 

These can be made with different ingredients, but these pistachio ones fit our tastebuds to a T.

Not too sticky sweet!

White chocolate and raspberry ganache.

Can we really ask for anything more?

Making macarons can take a little more time and effort, but the end result is always worthwhile!

You will need almond flour to make these cookies light and crispy.

Take your time and follow the recipe precisely for a successful batch of these french classics.

 And Voila! You will be the dessert king or queen of the party!

These no-bake treats combine coconut and chocolate in one delicious pop-in-your-mouth bite!

With the unique ingredient of coconut flour, these are easy to carry as on-the-go snacks and can be stored for up to a week in the refrigerator.

Yearning for a cold bowl of ice cream on a hot summer day but don’t have an ice cream maker?

This no-churn ice cream with heavy whipping cream and sweetened condensed milk brings light and tangy goodness to any day.

Putting this together quickly before bed results in walking up to a delicious, ready-to-eat, cold dessert!

Of all our entries, this is the family favorite enjoyed by young and old!

With cocoa powder and tapioca flour, you get a solid base to add the chocolate and the condensed milk to it.

And oh, what a pop you get! 

Don’t just take my word for it; try one of the best desserts with sweetened condensed milk!

This Mexican jello treat is nothing like your basic jello in a bowl!

To create this tres leches parfait, you will need sweet condensed milk, evaporated milk, and whole milk!

You can make it in individual portions or one big bowl so everyone can help themselves!

Another classic dessert with universally loved Nilla wafers and pudding!

The addition of cream cheese and condensed milk makes it extra delightful for the tastebuds!

Your little ones will remember this treat for years.

The first of our instant pot recipes makes a great dessert that can be prepared ahead of time, so you don’t need to rush.

Flan contains all the goodness of pie without the crust!

With delicious fall flavors of pumpkin, cinnamon, and nutmeg, we can imagine sitting in front of a fireplace eating this sweet dessert and talking with a friend over a cuppa.

Everyone knows condensed milk makes delicious fudge.

There are hundreds of recipes that include it.

This recipe veers off the beaten path and offers a lemony white chocolate adventure with the thickness and creaminess of what you expect from fudge.

Store this in the refrigerator to retain its shape and keep it tasty for up to three months!

Although traditional halwa originates in the middle east, our second instant pot recipe is a favorite Indian dessert often served in the winter with afternoon tea. 

Gajar halwa (carrot pudding) comes from Punjab, India.

A carrot pudding might not sound so sweet at first, but the flavors from slowly stewed carrots, cashews, and raisins, along with condensed milk and cardamom, bring a uniquely fudgy taste and scent to the table.

Turn this on early in the day and let the aroma fill your kitchen!

Colorful treats are an added bonus to any table!

These Rainbow Jello Squares will surprise and delight all those who lay their eyes on them. 

Unlike the tres leches jello above, these squares are meant to be finger food and are much simpler to make than they might look!

Regular jello and a condensed milk mixture create this layered look that you can color customize for any holiday.

Want to add some extra fun to your outdoor adventure?

Prepare this on a grill or over a campfire with a Dutch oven.

A pot of s’mores is just about anyone’s dream while camping!

No campsite should miss out on this 20-minute sure-to-make-everyone-happy dessert.

If you want indulgence, look no further!

Way beyond kettle corn lies this delectable little slice of heaven.

Sweet and salty, make this a Saturday night surprise worth waiting for!

Our last three recipes are for those looking to finish dinner with a sweet drink for dessert, rather than the typical cake or cookie. 

Vietnamese Egg Coffee is an offshoot of the Vietnamese coffee you can find on your travels to the east.

Egg in your coffee might sound odd, but trust us on this!

Eggy foam mixed with condensed milk makes this a perfect end to your evening!

Let this pot full of goodness sit for a couple of hours and melt the flavors into one sweet drinkable concoction!

You could experiment with different flavors of chips: mint, butterscotch, or white chocolate to see what best suits your warm winter night.

For those summer days when you want something light and creamy rather than just ordinary lemonade!

Add condensed milk to lemon juice and water, and simple as that – you’ve got a satisfying summer drink to offer your guests!

The bottom line

Recipes with sweetened condensed milk make for rich, creamy goodness for anytime sweets!

You are bound to find at least two or three possibilities from the above recipes to satisfy your taste for the creamy, rich goodness that sweetened condensed milk can bring to desserts!

30 Best Condensed Milk Dessert Recipe Assortment

30 Best Condensed Milk Dessert Recipe Assortment

The Best 30 Condensed Milk Desserts to satisfy your taste for the creamy, rich goodness that sweetened condensed milk can bring to desserts!


  • Poundcake
  • Red Velvet Poke Cake
  • Russian Buttercream
  • Hot Fudge Sauce
  • Caramel Apple Dip
  • Chocolate Pie
  • Pecan Praline Topped Cheesecake
  • Brownies
  • 7-Layer Pumpkin Spice Layer Bars
  • Caramel Rice Krispie Bars
  • Peanut Butter Crumb Bars
  • Sweetened Condensed Milk Cookies
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Milk Snowballs
  • Pistachio Coconut Ladoo
  • Raspberry Macarons
  • Chocolate Coconut Balls
  • Lemon Blueberry Ice Cream
  • Fudge Ice Pops
  • Tres Leches Jello
  • Banana Pudding
  • Flan With Pumpkin
  • Lemon Fudge
  • Instant Pot Gajar Halwa
  • Rainbow Jello Squares
  • Pot of S'mores
  • Buttered Popcorn Caramel Slice
  • Vietnamese Egg Coffee
  • Crockpot Hot Chocolate
  • Creamy Lemonade


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