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17 Delicious Cakelets Recipes For Your Next Occasion!

Are you trying to find the best cakelets recipes? We’ve rounded up 17 cakelets recipe ideas that are sure to inspire you. The only question is which recipe will you want to make first? 

Sick of the hassle that comes with neatly slicing cakes

Instead of using your fist to take chunks out of the next layer cake you see, it may be time to give cakelets a try. 

These nifty little desserts have all the flavors of a full-sized cake but in a smaller and more convenient package. 

Cakelets come in various flavors and textures; some are sweet, others are salty, and some are a little bit tart. 

If that wasn’t enough, many cakelet pans allow you to make these desserts in fun shapes! 

If you’re having trouble finding the right cakelet recipe, you’ve come to the right place.

I have compiled 17 of the best cakelet pan recipes for you to try from Honey Lemon Cakelets to Mandarin Upside-Down Cakelets!  

Whether you like your desserts super-rich and sweet like #10 or are looking for something with a hint of booze like #14, there’s a cakelet recipe on this list for you. 

Ready to start baking? Let’s get started! 

Chocolate lovers won’t want to miss out on these cakelets! 

They’re jam-packed with cocoa powder and have an intense, dark chocolatey flavor. 

This cakelet recipe includes Greek yogurt, so you can expect these cakes to be super moist and melt in your mouth. 

No flavor pairing compares to honey and lemon. These flavorful cakelets make an excellent addition to a springtime picnic. 

For an even more relaxing experience, consider pairing these cakelets with a steaming cup of tea!

With its colorful rainbow sprinkles, this cakelet pan recipe is perfect for birthday parties and potlucks. 

Of course, you don’t need a special occasion to make them–craving something sweet is a good enough reason to bake some of these mini cookie cakes.

These tasty red velvet cakelets are rich and full of flavor. Be sure to top them with some cream cheese frosting for the complete experience! 

Their bright red color makes them perfect for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Halloween–any occasion involving red.

Sick of the standard cake flavors? These chestnut-shaped cakelets may be worth a try. 

They have a filling of sweet red bean paste, a common staple in Japanese desserts. 

Overall, this cakelet’s sweet yet earthy flavor is simply delicious! 

If you’re in the mood for a fruity dessert, then this cakelet pan recipe is the way to go. 

The rich and juicy cherry topping gives this cakelet its moist texture and decadent flavor!

Looking for something sweet, savory, and just a little bit tart? 

You’re looking for some apple cornbread cakelets. 

The result of this southern-style cakelet pan recipe is a flavorful, crumbly treat that goes well with a tall glass of milk. 

While most people would never think to put olive oil in a dessert, this cakelet recipe delivers a moist and flavorful result. 

Topped with almonds and a dusting of sugar, it’s the perfect mix of sweet and savory! 

Those who find other cake flavors a bit too much may want to give these olive oil cakelets a shot. 

You’ll want to pour yourself a glass of milk, because this chocolatey cakelet is as rich as it gets. 

It has the perfect balance of chocolate and vanilla. 

With a hearty dollop of frosting and a Hershey’s kiss on top, it’ll satisfy even the hungriest sweet tooth.

This lemon-lavender pound cakelets recipe not only tastes good, but it’ll make your house smell extravagant

While you can enjoy them year-round, these cakelets are an ideal summertime treat. 

They also pair well with a fresh glass of lemonade or a cup of aromatic tea.

Regardless of whether you celebrate Passover, you should give this cakelet pan recipe a try. 

The apricot, carrot, and other dried fruits give this dessert an earthy taste and a chewy texture! 

Are you looking for a fruity dessert? This citrusy cakelet is bursting with flavor. 

The tangerine topping gives it a moist and fluffy texture.

It also includes a little bit of the fruit peel, which adds some chewiness and a bit of zest!

Not sure what to make for your next autumn event? 

These pumpkin rum, red velvet, and chocolate cakelets have all the festive flavors of the season. 

Earthy spices and pumpkin combine with the chocolate and red velvet to create a truly decadent dessert!

With a rich, brown-butter base, the perfect combination of spices, and a sweet bourbon glaze, these cakelets taste just like autumn. 

You’ll want to cozy up by the fire with a cup of hot apple cider when you tear into these cakelets! 

With its orange blossom base and whipped cream topping, this cakelet is sweet yet light, making it perfect for days when you don’t want something too rich. 

The grilled apricot topping adds a little extra flavor to this cakelet–and it looks pretty, too.

Nothing says autumn more than maple-pecan desserts! This cakelet pan recipe will make you want to run outside and play in the fallen leaves. 

It has a fluffy base and a sprinkle of pecans on top, so those looking for a varied texture are sure to enjoy this one. 

The bottom line

Have these cakelets recipes got your mouth watering? That’s a sign that you should give them a try! 

Making cakelets isn’t all that difficult, especially with these step-by-step recipes. 

Just bear in mind that you’ll need a cakelet baking tin–fortunately, you can find them just about anywhere you buy other kitchen necessities. 

Whether you’re dealing with a sweet craving or looking for something to bring to your potluck, these cakelet pan recipes are the way to go!

17 Cakelets Recipes

17 Cakelets Recipes

Are you up for a treat? Try these 17 different ways to create cakelets recipes that will keep you smiling while eating.


  • Wintery Snowflake Cakelets
  • Midnight Chocolate Cakelets
  • Honey Lemon Cakelets
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Cakelets
  • Red Velvet Cakelets
  • Easy Asian Chestnut Cakelets
  • Cherry Upside Down Cakelets
  • Apple Cornbread Cakelets
  • Olive Oil Cakelets
  • Double Chocolate Hershey’s Kiss Cakelets
  • Lemon-Lavender Pound Cakelets
  • Passover Apricot Carrot Cakelets
  • Mandarin Upside-Down Cakelets
  • Pumpkin Rum, Red Velvet & Chocolate Cakelets
  • Brown Butter Bourbon Spice Cakelets
  • Apricot & Honey Cakelets
  • Maple Pecan Cakelets


  1. Choose one or more options from our list of cakelets recipes here!
  2. Create your new favorite cakelet!
  3. Pat yourself on the back for making food at home for you to enjoy!
  4. Share and comment! Did you make any tweaks so it’s all your own?

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