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13 Mini Pie Recipes That Are Sure To Delight Your Guests

13 Mini Pie Recipes That Are Sure To Delight Your Guests

Are you trying to find the most delicious mini pie recipes? 

We’ve rounded up 13 individual pie recipes that you are gonna love.

The only real question is, which one will you make first?

Pies are one of the best dishes that can be sweet or savory but always has a tasty crust. 

While pies are delicious and fun, cutting and serving them can get quite messy. 

The solution is this list of 13 mini pie recipes, so everyone gets their own pie!

Mini pies are adorable and taste just as fantastic as full-sized pies. 

You’re sure to find a knock-out mini pie recipe on our list that will become one of your favorite dishes to bake. 

For inspiration and ideas for small pies, read our list and find the perfect individual pie recipe for you. 

Be sure to keep an eye out for #8: Mini Chicken Pot Pies. 

That is the one that I am most excited to share with you today.

But then there is #13: Fig And Honey pie. 

That combo of ingredients is so intriguing and I can’t wait for you to see it.

Starting with a classic, this mini fruit pie recipe is delectable and adorable. 

These pies are super easy, and you bake them right in a muffin tin to get the right shape and size.

Using pre-made pie crust and canned cherry filling means this recipe comes together with little effort but has a beautiful presentation.

Friends, family, and party guests will be in awe of the precious mini pies they can hold in their hands!

These tiny pecan tarts are a warm, comforting flavor ideal for an autumn dessert. 

The filling is a crunchy mixture of chopped pecans and rich caramel, offering the perfect midpoint between sweet and earthy. 

Pies with nuts are extra yummy because they deliver that extra texture on top of the buttery crust. 

These stunning Dutch Apple Tartlets are a fun break away from traditional American apple pies.

The tartlets have a surprise lemon curd at the bottom for a refreshing and zesty flavor that uplifts the sweetness of the apples.

This mini fruit pie recipe uses flaky phyllo dough that makes the tartlet delicate and crumbly in the best way.

Make these tartlets for your next dessert buffet or party snack, and get ready for loads of compliments and desperate requests for the recipe.

This mini fruit pie recipe results in colorful latticework pies that look like you shrunk down a whole rhubarb and strawberry pie. 

Use these pies to add some color to your dessert table, or keep them at home for a fun dessert every night with your kids. 

Taking a page from the UK’s book, we love this mini pie recipe because it combines savory sage and fennel sausage stuffing with a soft crust that wraps all around the filling.

Kids will love this as a special breakfast because they are flavorful, and you can pop a whole one in your mouth!

Lemon meringue pie is relatively easy to make, and you can add some cuteness to the classic pie by making them miniature. 

If you want a tart and refreshing dessert in a tiny, handheld package, these tarts are vibrant and full of flavor, perfect for any gathering.

This individual pie recipe uses flavorful graham cracker crusts and results in a smooth, creamy filling with the perfect amount of lime. 

This is the best dessert to bring to a summer party or picnic that will wow your friends and family with your baking skills.

A mini chicken pot pie is excellent for a party or a fun way to convince your kids this is a different meal!

Chicken pot pie is one of the most comforting meals to enjoy on a cold winter night, and now you can eat them with your hands.

The recipe is easy and can be done quickly on a weeknight, especially if you use crescent dough from a can to speed up the preparation.

Instead of bringing a whole sweet potato pie to your next Thanksgiving, opt for these precious mini pies instead. 

Sweet potato pies are a beloved dessert that you can pick up and eat with two fingers.

Whether you want a yummy fall dessert or a sweet breakfast treat on busy mornings, these pies will envelop your taste buds in a subtly sweet tiny pie.

For these delectable almond tarts, you’ll need almond flour and almond extract to accomplish the nutty flavor.

The tarts are so cute and perfect for a summer luncheon or a sunny day picnic treat. 

Top this tiny pie with juicy raspberries, sliced peaches, or almost any fresh fruit to add color and sweet flavor to the tart.

We would never compile this list without including something perfect for breakfast.

This mini quiche recipe totally qualifies as a pie because it has a crust and a filling!

While this individual pie recipe uses bacon, ham, spinach, mushrooms, and swiss cheese for the egg filling, you can be creative and toss in almost any meat or vegetable.

What is cuter than baby blueberry pies?

These blueberry Hand Pies can travel around a barbecue or picnic party with you and deliver a bold blueberry flavor and a buttery crust sprinkled with sugar.

If you want to add some zest to perk up the mini pies, add some lemon or orange juice and rind to the filling for bright notes of citrus.

If you want to use upscale ingredients for a unique and tasty pie, check out this individual pie recipe that uses honey and figs.

Figs are an unusual fruit with a sweet taste that pairs perfectly with savory ingredients. 

So although this pie features two sugary ingredients, it actually delivers a well-balanced flavor.

So for those that love a pie for dessert but despise the over-sugary fruity flavors, give this abnormal handheld pie a chance!

The author notes that goat cheese is optional but I highly recommend using it.

The bottom line

Whether you want a mini fruit pie recipe or a savory mini pie recipe, our list features a mini pie for everyone!

You can spice up breakfast with handheld pies, or you can make an adorable treat to enjoy after dinner. 

Next time you want to bake a whole pie, consider making a collection of charming small pies instead.

Can’t help but need more pie? Try this. Or this no-bake one, with peanut butter.

13 Ways To Cook Mini Pies

13 Ways To Cook Mini Pies

We’ve rounded up 13 mini pie recipes that you are gonna love.


  • Mini Cherry Pie
  • Pecan Tart
  • Dutch Apple Tartlets
  • Mini Rhubarb And Strawberry Pie
  • Mini Sausage Pie
  • Lemon Meringue Tarts
  • Mini Key Lime Pie
  • Mini Chicken Pot Pie
  • Mini Sweet Potato Pies
  • Almond Tarts
  • Mini Swiss Quiches
  • Blueberry Hand Pies
  • Fig And Honey Hand Pies


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