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Asian Pear Recipes: 21 Versatile Delish Ideas

Asian Pear Recipes: 21 Versatile Delish Ideas

Asian pear recipes tend to be an easy way to get a crisp and sweet addition to your meals.

You may be wondering the difference between what we consider traditional pears with Asian pears.

Asian pears tend to have a round shape like apples rather than the traditional pear shape (Martha Stewart).

They are usually crisper than the smoother European pears (Daily Delish).

Despite these differences in appearance and texture, Asian pears are still delicious fruit that deserves to make their way into your meals.

Even though this is a sweet fruit, there are worlds of options incorporating Asian pears into every meal, aside from just dessert.

Start your day with some Steel Cut Oatmeal Breakfast Bites With Asian pears included.

Make yourself a sweet drink by making a Sparkling Asian Pear & Mint Iced Tea.

Use the juices to make some Korean Beef Bulgogi.

Finish your meals off with a tasty dessert of Ginger Cardamom Asian Pear Hand Pies.

There is a place in almost every meal for the addition of Asian pears.

This list of 21 Asian pear recipes will give you a great place to start getting a little more fruit into your meals but a lot more flavor!

We all love banana bread, but how about turning some Asian pears into a moist autumn-flavored loaf of bread?

This makes an excellent gift for the holidays, and they freeze well.

So if you want to take care of some holiday treats a little early, bake a few batches of this bread, and you have a few gifts taken care of already.

Your loaf batter may be very thick, but remember that the juice will help thin it out a bit when the pears are added.

Would you believe that cooking with Asian pears could give you a simple yet flavorful appetizer?

Goat cheese is a fantastic partner to any sweet fruit, and Asian pears are included.

Wrap the mixture up into a puff pastry and bake it until it is golden for a mouthwatering appetizer that will disappear off the table pretty quickly!

Since Asian pears are already a sweet and delicious treat, not much needs to be added to make it into a tasty snack.

Add a dash of cinnamon to thin slices of Asian pears and bake it in the oven for a few hours for a simple snack without any processed ingredients.

If you have another sweet spice you like better than cinnamon, feel free to use it to make this a snack you will enjoy and always reach for.

Perfect for pairing with Thai meals, this Asian Pear Slaw is sweet, spicy, and has a unique crunchy texture.

It includes some ginger and lime juice and a dash of chili pepper for an extra kick.

It may seem like a simple and basic recipe, but the flavors and textures in this side dish are far from basic.

Just like how Hasselback potatoes are delicious and always satisfy our tastes, Hasselback pears are also a great sweet treat that everyone will love.

Since Asian pears tend to be in season from October to March, this can be a great holiday or wintertime dessert.

They tend to be more firm than European pears, so they can hold well for the many slits placed throughout their body.

With the rosemary syrup adding a minty touch to these pears, this will become a new go-to for your Asian pear desserts.

Brie is another excellent cheese to couple with fruit with its creamy texture and mild flavors.

Turkey, brie, and Asian pears all have unique flavors, but they can make an incredibly flavorful sandwich when put together.

This sandwich is like a fancier version of grilled cheese, perfect for adults to enjoy!

Despite your current take on whether or not pineapple belongs on pizza (by the way, it does), after trying this savory Asian pear recipe, you will be a fan of mixing sweet fruit with salty meats and gooey cheese.

Fontina cheese melts perfectly on this pizza, but Havarti and Gruyere are good choices.

As for meats, any type of pork will be excellent for this pizza, such as ham, prosciutto, pepperoni, or salami.

Harvest salads are typically a bed of greens with fresh fruits and nuts on top.

We get to take advantage of juicy Asian pears, slightly tart pomegranate seeds, and crunchy pecans with this recipe.

The honey dijon vinaigrette also adds crispness and freshness to this delicious salad.

This refresher juice is simple yet will taste incredible when cooling off after a hot day.

The juice from the Asian pear is refreshing, and the ginger root adds a bit of a spicy kick.

This is precisely what you need to quench your thirst, and you want a natural and fruity drink rather than a sugary sports drink or processed juice.

If you begin to wonder what to do with Asian pears, these tacos should come to mind.

Between the fruit-marinated beef bulgogi, the fresh Asian Pear Mango Slaw, and the creamy Gochujang crema, these tacos will be so full of Korean flavors and memorable textures in every bite!

If you prepare your crema and slaw while your beef marinates, you can save some time when dinner time comes around, but regardless, these will hit your dinner table in so little time!

This fruit-filled Pear applesauce has a bit of a kick from the dash of cayenne pepper and some ground ginger added in, but it still makes a creamy and delicious snack or side dish!

Use a slow cooker for this recipe to make it even easier to cook and to fill your kitchen with sweet and fruity scents as a nice little reward for your not-so-hard time spent cooking this up!

Whether you are preparing a small snack for yourself or want to include some applesauce with your cooking, this new take on the recipe will have you falling in love!

These hand pies are perfect for breakfast or dessert.

The use of Asian pears combines the best of both worlds for apples and pears!

Throw in some cardamom for added warmth in the flavor and some ginger for a slight kick!

If you are not familiar with creating your own pie crust, follow this recipe for a step-by-step guide on preparing it yourself!

If you are not familiar with Snow Fungus Soup, the name may be a little questionable, but this is a unique Chinese dessert soup saved for special occasions!

Soups aren’t always a hot, savory addition to your dinners, like this recipe will prove.

In addition to the natural sweetness of the Asian pears used in this recipe, some extra sweetness is added from the rock sugar, goji berries, and Chinese red dates.

If you want to make adjustments based on your sugar preference is, go right ahead!

This vegetarian dish puts a new twist on fried rice!

It is simple to make with only five ingredients and will give you a sweet side dish full of fall fruit.

This is a nice choice for Thanksgiving dinner when you want a slight change from making cranberry sauce every year!

Even though this is a simple salad recipe, this can easily be made to fill you up as your entire lunchtime meal!

The thinly sliced Asian pears will add a fresh and fruity element to this salad!

The lemon soy dressing goes so well with the soba noodles and the salmon but can also be made to enjoy alongside other salads or fish-based meals.

When you know you will have some busy mornings coming up, plan to make some of these breakfast bites to make your morning time routine a little easier.

This will leave you full and satisfied without sacrificing taste.

Add a side of a fresh Asian pear to enjoy alongside your fruity breakfast bites!

The marinade used for your beef bulgogi is what can take it up a notch to a more flavorful choice of meat.

With the use of Asian pear, you get a little bit of sweetness in every bite of beef!

Perfect for enjoying with some rice, kimchi, or even wrapped in a tortilla, this Korean meat dish will let you enjoy Korean BBQ in the comfort of your own home!

Yes, we love our classic strawberry jams and marmalades but what about making a special Asian pear butter for sandwiches or as a homemade gift for the holidays?

Using a slow cooker makes this process extremely easy, letting you set it and walk away!

This is a great way to use up any cranberries sitting in your fridge and tastes amazing with Thanksgiving leftovers!

These handheld turnovers feature savory and sweet flavors that complement each other so well!

The slightly nutty taste of the Jarlsberg cheese is a great choice to include with the juicy and sweet Asian pears.

You can use canned crescent roll dough to make this recipe that much quicker!

This is sure to win over both children and adults alike!

This iced tea recipe makes for a great drink for your summertime parties or for lounging around outside.

The Asian pears used in this recipe add just the right touch of sweetness and fruitiness.

But the tea and mint are what really makes this drink special!

The bottom line

Hopefully, these versatile Asian pear recipes will ensure you no longer wonder what to make with Asian pears!

The sweet fruit makes a great addition to any of your meals and can add just the right amount of sweetness and freshness to whatever you decide to add it to!

21 Ways To Use Asian Pears

21 Ways To Use Asian Pears

These 21 versatile Asian Pear Recipes will ensure you no longer wonder what to make with Asian pears!


  • Pork Chops With Asian Pear & Caramelized Onion
  • Pear Bread
  • Asian Pear & Goat Cheese Tartlets
  • Baked Asian Pear Chips
  • Asian Pear Slaw With Ginger & Lime
  • Rosemary Roasted Hasselback Asian Pears+
  • Grilled Brie, Turkey & Asian Pear Sandwiches
  • Asian Pear & Smoked Sausage Flatbread Pizza
  • Harvest Salad With Asian Pears & Dijon Vinaigrette
  • Asian Pear Sparkler
  • Steak Korean Tacos With Asian Pear Mango Slaw
  • Spicy Asian Pear Applesauce
  • Ginger-Cardamom Asian Pear Hand Pies
  • Snow Fungus Soup With Asian Pears
  • Cranberry Pear Fried Rice
  • Asian Pear Salad With Soba & Hot Smoked Salmon
  • Steel Cut Oatmeal Breakfast Bites With Asian Pear
  • Korean Beef Bulgogi
  • Ginger Spiced Cranberry-Asian Pear Butter
  • Jarlsberg Cheese & Asian Pear Turnovers
  • Sparkling Asian Pear & Mint Iced Tea


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