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33 Unique Baked Sweet Potato Toppings

33 Unique Baked Sweet Potato Toppings

If you’ve been looking for some pretty delectable baked sweet potato toppings, we’ve got just the ticket! Pull up this list of 33 easy ideas when you need recipe inspiration!

Sometimes people tend to feel fed up whenever they eat the same food over and over. 

I experience moments like this, especially with my baked sweet potatoes. 

These potatoes won’t be missing in action at our table every week. 

This caused me to lose interest in the recipe. 

But my insatiable appetite returned after I found these creative and savory toppings for sweet potatoes online. 

My favorite among this compilation is the baked sweet potatoes topped with BEC (Bacon, Egg, & Cheese). 

If you have leftover bolognese and some parmesan cheese, try making #20!

Who would expect that this recipe is so versatile? 

If you have the same fate as me, take this guide with you and step up your baked sweet potato game today! 

Baked Sweet Potato Toppings

1. Miso Butter & Chile Crisp

If you’re fond of spicy stuff, this combination of Miso Butter and Chile Crisp is your next big thing. 

If you’re new to chile crisp, it’s a type of condiment made of chili peppers, onion, garlic, and seasonings in oil. 

This blend offers the contrast of savory, umami, and spicy flavor profiles packed into one.

2. Feta Cheese & Hot Sauce

Top your baked sweet potatoes with some feta cheese, then drizzle them with some hot sauce and a splash of lemon. 

It’s positively mouth-watering!

The presence of feta cheese adds a creamy texture to the potatoes. 

At the same time, the hot sauce infuses a hint of spiciness and tanginess into the overall dish.

3. Bolognese Sauce & Sour Cream

Your leftover Bolognese sauce won’t go waste anymore if you turn them into a potato topping. 

Who said that this sauce only works for lasagna? 

Put your leftover sauce on top of freshly baked sweet potato to add savory flavors to your potatoes. 

Everything gets more fun and exciting if you add some sour cream at the last minute of the preparation. 

4. Bacon & Honey

Honey and bacon are the perfect combinations if you want to incorporate additional texture and sweetness into your baked sweet potatoes. 

The rich flavor of honey blends perfectly with the creamy texture of the potatoes, while the addition of bacon creates a nice smokey flavor variation to the overall dish. 

If you feel adventurous today, feel free to include a pinch of chili flakes or ricotta cheese.

5. BEC (Bacon, Egg, & Cheese)

BEC is one of my favorite baked sweet potato toppings. 

Well, nothing beats the combination of bacon, egg, and of course…cheese. 

Who’s with me? 

Adding these ingredients creates a nice burst of interesting flavors to the potato dish. 


Just keep in mind to cook your bacon until it’s crispy so you can achieve that nice smokey flavor. 

Choosing what cooking method for your eggs is up to you. 

You can opt for fried or poached–both blend well with bacon and gouda cheese.

6. Broccoli & Cheese

Putting broccoli and shredded cheese on top of baked sweet potatoes adds texture and extra creaminess to the recipe. 

You can either steam or branch your veggie. 

If you have leftover cooked broccoli from your last meal, then that’s big, good news!

7. Cinnamon & Pineapple

The perfect blend of sweet, earthy, and tangy flavors comes from ground cinnamon and pineapple. 

Chopped walnuts are included at the end, giving the entire recipe a more interesting textural nuance. 

8. Pulled Meat With BBQ Sauce

Spice up your baked sweet potatoes with this BBQ-style topping. 

Trust me, adding them to your potatoes will be your best decision ever!

This recipe calls for pulled pork and finishes it off with BBQ sauce.

9. Eggs, Bacon, Avocado, & Tomatoes

If you want to take the breakfast route for your baked sweet potatoes, this combination of eggs, bacon, avocado, and baby tomatoes is your best option!

This blend offers fresh, creamy, and umami-packed flavors that are so tempting! 

If you feel creative today, feel free to add sauteed spinach, crumbled sausage, grilled onions, and a dollop of salsa.

10. Chicken, Hot Sauce, & Ranch

Imagine tossing chicken with hot sauce to your freshly baked sweet potatoes, then drizzle it with some ranch and fresh chives. 


This fun combination of ingredients gives both hints of spiciness and creaminess to the overall dish. 

If you haven’t tried the topping, then this might be a perfect time!

11. Yogurt & Fish

If you want to avoid beef, chicken, and pork from your topping, this yogurt-fish combo is for you!

Smear some plain Greek yogurt on top of your sweet potato before layering them with smoked mackerel, dill, and a pinch of paprika.

Add them to your baked sweet potatoes, and then expect a smoky, tangy, and spicy flavor in every bite!

12. Pizza Toppings

Potato pizza, everyone? 

Give that creamy sweet potato some exciting flavors by adding your favorite Pizza Toppings

You can’t go wrong with the perfect combo of the mushrooms, tomatoes, shredded mozzarella, and who can forget the classic pepperoni?

13. Pot Roast

Potatoes can be a crowd-pleaser, especially when crowned with a satisfying blend of tender beef pot roast, carrots, and sweet onions. 

I suggest topping fresh parsley, then drizzle with a splash of hot sauce for a spicy kick.

14. Yogurt Sauce & Legumes

A good yogurt sauce can absolutely make a sweet potato great, but combining it with crispy lentils or cooked black beans makes it extraordinary. 

This blend results in a fresh and tangy flavor with a textural nuance that’s very tempting. 

A pinch of green sauce or salsa is a good inclusion too.

15. Tahini Sauce & Mushrooms

Whether they’re roasted or fried in a pan, mushrooms are a popular topping that adds an earthy flavor profile to any dish. 

They’re an excellent layer alongside tahini sauce on a creamy baked sweet potato. 

For a creamier and tangier feel, add a small amount of yogurt or lemon juice.

16. Avocado & Pomegranate Seeds

This topping combo adds a fun twist to your baked sweet potato. 

The creaminess of avocado creates a beautiful harmony with sweet potatoes and the texture of pomegranate seeds. 

If you’ve never had this blend, now is easily the time.

17. Arugula With Feta

Peppery arugula is more than enough to enhance the creamy taste of your baked sweet potato. 

Arugula is sure palatable when paired with some feta cheese.

Include Greek yogurt and chopped pecans into the layer to add more flavor and texture.

18. Pepper & Greens

Pepper, sprig greens, sumac, cumin seeds, and lemon juice join forces for the ultimate baked sweet potato topping. 
This combo is bursting with flavors and texture! 

Try adding red onion in with the pepper or replace the greens for kale.

19. Date & Gorgonzola

This topping is the perfect balance of sweet and salty, with a little crunch from walnuts and a bit of bite and tang from crumbled gorgonzola. 

Then you add some parsley to give it some freshness. 

It’s like comfort food, but with a little something extra.

20. Bolognese & Parmesan Cheese

Give your baked sweet potato a fantastic twist with leftover bolognese and parmesan cheese. 

It’s a perfect topping to choose if you’re feeling Italian for a day or two. 

Try including fresh herbs and spices if you have some.

21. BBQ Tempeh With Guacamole

This is not your usual tempeh.

This is a slice of savory, crispy veggie meat drenched in a spicy and tangy BBQ sauce—the perfect complement to the creamy guacamole on top of it.

But it’s not just about the food here. 

It’s about the experience of eating it. 

Each bite is the perfect combination of tempeh, sweet potato, and a thick barbecue sauce so good you’ll want to eat it all!

Seriously, you’ll have a blast with this dish!

22. Spinach & Feta

This is one of my go-to baked sweet potato toppings, and it’s so easy to make!

You just need a few ingredients: sweet potatoes, spinach, feta cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, and cannellini beans.

The sweet potatoes are hollowed out and filled with spinach and feta with creamy sun-dried tomatoes and cannellini beans sauteed in garlic.

And once they’ve been stuffed with all that goodness, you top them off with more feta cheese and bake them again until everything is hot and melty.

You could totally serve this as a starter at a party or just as a quick lunch at home. 

It’s so versatile!

23. Hibiscus Tea Yogurt & Turmeric Granola

Do you know what the best part of waking up is?

The answer is everything.

But if I had to choose one thing, it’d be this bright red Hibiscus Tea Yogurt with a crunchy layer of Turmeric Granola on top of baked sweet potatoes.

It’s the perfect way to start your day off right.

You’ll love how the Turmeric Granola’s crunchy sweetness combines with the tartness of the Hibiscus Tea Yogurt.

And your taste buds will never be able to get enough of the warm, earthy flavor of baked sweet potato.

24. Marshmallow

This stuff is SO GOOD that you might want to keep it in your fridge at all times just so you can have it on hand whenever you need it.

The secret? 

Those toasted pecans!

They give the marshmallows a rich flavor and crunchy texture that goes great with anything from ice cream to chocolate cake.

Then there’s the brown sugar

It makes the dish taste even more delicious by bringing out the nutty flavors and making them even better than before. It’s like magic!

25. Mediterranean Chickpeas

Ever had that feeling when you’re eating something so good that you just can’t believe it?

That’s the feeling I want to give you with this recipe.

I’m talking about these Mediterranean toppings.

It’s like a warm, satisfying hug from the inside out.

The taste is hard to describe, but it’s a crunchy, satisfying sensation.

The garlic-herb sauce ties it all together with a hint of lemon and herbs.

And the parsley-tomato salad adds just enough acidity to balance out the sweetness of the sweet potatoes so that everything comes together in perfect harmony.

This is a meal that’ll leave you saying “wow” for hours!

26. Mexican-Style Vegetarian Toppings

I’m redefining your idea of a baked sweet potato.

Take this Mexican-inspired loaded sweet potato, for example.

It’s got zesty black beans and melted cheese.

And I’m not talking about one or two layers of each. 

I’m talking about a whole lot more than that.

Then there’s the salsa and the cream, which you can use to add extra moisture to the whole thing if you want to go lighter on the cheese (or if you just like fresh toppings).

Oh, and remember to add in the scallions! 

If you’ve never tried those before, they’ll give your mouth a new lease on life.

27. Berries, Cinnamon, & Hemp Seeds

Looking to amp up your lunch or breakfast? 

This baked sweet potato topping can do the trick!

You’ll even get the satisfaction of hearty food with the bonus of a sweet treat!

This topping is made with organic blackberries and blueberries, which provide a delicious sweetness that will make you want more.

Then cinnamon and hemp seeds give it that extra kick, so you won’t be able to stop eating it!

The best part is that this is super easy to make. 

You don’t need any special equipment or ingredients—just some sweet potatoes and berries.

You can even throw them together before work if you want!

28. Shrimp Ceasar Salad

This is the Ceasar salad you love, with a bit of a twist.

Shrimp Ceasar Salad topping is a simple way to add a little extra flavor to your everyday favorite.

All you have to do is top a baked sweet potato with chickpeas and shrimp, then sprinkle on some Caesar salad for extra zest!

Plus, this recipe is not only great but also easy to make and tastes amazing.

The spicy, cooked shrimp will give you just enough heat and savoriness to keep you interested and craving more, while the Ceasar dressing will cool things down with its creamy goodness.

Oh, and let’s not forget chickpeas

They’re crunchy and have that perfect combination of sweet and savory flavors that makes them irresistible!

29. Vegetable Curry

Vegetable Curry may sound like a lot of work, but guess what? 

It isn’t!

You just need to chop up some veggies, season them, and let them cook until they’re tender. 

Easy as pie!

But this isn’t just any Vegetable Curry—it’s the best Vegetable Curry you’ve ever had.

And I promise it’ll be worth every minute of prep time. 


Because it hits all the right notes.

The flavor profile is absolutely amazing. 

It’s naturally sweet and savory and has just the right amount of spice.

It even has coconut milk for a little extra richness.

This is a vegetarian-friendly topping that everyone will surely love!

30. French Onion Toppings

French onion on top of fluffy baked sweet potato is an easy way to get your French onion soup fix without the soup.

It’s cheesy, comforting, and full of rich flavors that will fill you up without weighing you down.

The topping is made with gruyere cheese and caramelized onions for a taste that’s out of this world.

Then garlic butter bread crumbs are sprinkled on top for the finishing touch!

If you’re craving French onion soup but don’t have time to make it at home, or if you love the stuff but don’t want to eat too much of it, this is the right baked sweet potato topping for you.

31. Jambalaya Toppings

It is time to get a taste of the exotic flavors of Cajun cuisine with this Jambalaya Topping!

It’s zesty and flavorful, with a hint of spice that will bring you back for more.

With chicken, shrimp, and sausage, this hearty topping will satisfy your cravings. 

And it’s perfect for when you’re looking for something different—a new take on an old favorite.

But just because this recipe has changed things up doesn’t mean you aren’t sticking with what you know works: quality ingredients and delicious flavorings. 

This is still the same Jambalaya you know and love—just with a little extra pizzazz!

32. Steak Fajita

Do you like baked sweet potatoes? 

Do you like fajitas?

If the answer is both yes, I’ve got good news!

Now you can have two of your favorite things: crunchy baked sweet potato and juicy, tender meat in every bite.

And it’s not just for lunch or dinner; I mean, it can be your go-to snack too! 

Just slice up some bell peppers and onions and add them to your baked sweet potato.

It’s like a fajita taco but in a baked sweet potato, with the savory meatiness of flank steak and the smoky flavors of bell peppers and onions.

And yes. 

It’s tender, juicy, and so flavorful that it’ll blow your mind. 

So what are you waiting for? 

Get some steaks on the grill and prepare to devour this tasty topping!

33. Tuna Melt

When you’re craving something sweet and salty for your baked sweet potato, reach for this cheesy tuna melt.

And you know what else? 

It’s easy to make too!

Just mix tuna, mayo, Dijon mustard, and other seasonings. 

Spread it on your soft and fluffy sweet potato and top it with shredded mozzarella cheese.

The result is a topping with such a great texture. 

You’ll get to experience how soft and gooey it is from all of that melted cheese!

And you’ll love how the taste of Dijon mustard shocks your palate but in a good way. 

That’s because it gives just enough zing to make you want to eat another bite right away.

The bottom line

So the next time you wonder what to put on a sweet potato, then taking a glance at this collection again is your answer!

From cucumber and chile crisp topping combo to yogurt and fish, this compilation of savory sweet potato toppings is sure to be a big hit and satisfy the hungry crowd!

How about you? 

How do you prepare your baked sweet potato? 

Feel free to share it in the comments!

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33 EASY Baked Sweet Potato Toppings 🍠🍴

33 EASY Baked Sweet Potato Toppings 🍠🍴

The next time you wonder what to put on a sweet potato, this easy compilation of savory sweet potato toppings will surely be a big hit and satisfy the hungry crowd!


  • Miso Butter & Chile Crisp
  • Feta Cheese & Hot Sauce
  • Bolognese Sauce & Sour Cream
  • Bacon & Honey
  • BEC (Bacon, Egg, & Cheese)
  • Broccoli & Cheese
  • Cinnamon & Pineapple
  • Pulled Meat With BBQ Sauce
  • Eggs, Bacon, Avocado, & Tomatoes
  • Chicken, Hot Sauce, & Ranch
  • Yogurt & Fish
  • Pizza Toppings
  • Pot Roast
  • Yogurt Sauce & Legumes
  • Tahini Sauce & Mushrooms
  • Avocado & Pomegranate Seeds
  • Arugula With Feta
  • Pepper & Greens
  • Date & Gorgonzola
  • Bolognese & Parmesan Cheese
  • BBQ Tempeh With Guacamole
  • Spinach & Feta
  • Hibiscus Tea Yogurt & Turmeric Granola
  • Marshmallow
  • Mediterranean Chickpeas
  • Mexican-Style Vegetarian Toppings
  • Berries, Cinnamon, & Hemp Seeds
  • Shrimp Ceasar Salad
  • Vegetable Curry
  • French Onion Toppings
  • Jambalaya Toppings
  • Steak Fajita
  • Tuna Melt


  1. Pick one or more options from our list of Baked Sweet Potato Toppings here!
  2. Start creating your new favorite dish.
  3. Share and comment! Did you make any changes to make it even better?

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