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What does gouda cheese taste like?

What does gouda cheese taste like?

Cheese has always been on top of the list of my favorite foods. The unique taste and the range of flavors offer you something different in every bite. 

And after trying a couple of cheeses, I reached the conclusion that gouda definitely takes the lead. I used to wonder, ‘what does gouda cheese taste like’ and I knew I can get the answer only if I give it a try. So, I did just that and now I can help guide you on what to expect. 

Originating from the southern side of Netherlands, gouda cheese is a semi-hard cheese. It is made with cow’s milk and offers a long list of essential nutrients. What sets it apart is the unique texture. Gouda cheese is springy and dense, a trait that makes it even more appealing. 

What Does Gouda Cheese Taste Like?

Gouda cheese has a creamy and caramel-like flavor. You can also get a hint of nuts that takes your palette on a joy ride. Gouda cheese flavor can vary depending on age. The newer the cheese, the sweeter it tastes. 

As the cheese ages, salt crystals form inside that make the cheese the perfect addition to sandwiches and crackers. Aged Gouda cheese also gets dense and crumbly. 

Types of Gouda Cheese

• Graskaas
• Jong
• Jong belegen
• Belegen
• Extra belegen
• Oud
• Overjarig

What Is the White Stuff on Gouda Cheese?

Aged gouda cheese often gets small white spots all over it. It is the presence of the amino acid L tyrosine that causes these white spots. It is actually made up of tiny crystals that join together so it’s not an indication that the cheese is going bad. The older the cheese, the more likely it is for the spots to appear. 

How to Store Gouda Cheese?

• You can use a plastic bag to store the cheese but don’t seal it.
• gouda cheese in parchment paper as it allows the cheese to take in air.
• When storing gouda cheese in the fridge, make sure you place it in the warmest space. 
• Storing gouda cheese in the refrigerator can increase its life so that it lasts for 2-3 weeks.
• Freezing affects gouda cheese flavor and can also alter the texture so it’s better to avoid it.

How to Use Gouda Cheese?

I like to use gouda cheese for cheese trays but there are endless possibilities to using this great cheesy option. You can also use it as a seasoning in salads. I tried it in both the hot and cold ones and the results were phenomenal. 

When it comes to pairing cheese with fruits, I like to experiment a little and it helped me realize the perfect combinations. Cherries, peaches, apricots, and melons go well with the stringy texture of the gouda cheese. You can also use it for casseroles to bring the unique smoked gouda cheese flavor to the mix. 

Gouda cheese and wine also goes well. Just pair it with a fruity wine and it will help enhance the flavor of the cheese. If you are a fan of mac and cheese, gouda is a great substitute for cheddar cheese.  

How gouda cheese is made

Smoked Gouda Vs. Gouda

Gouda cheese already has a unique flavor but if you want to try something amazing, all you have to do is smoke it. Yes, just the addition of smoke makes the great cheese flavor even better. 

The smoky flavor and the smell bring out the sweet flavor even more. If you too want to get the woodsy cheese taste, just smoke it in a brick oven over hickory chips for a few minutes. If you are a fan of gouda cheese, it may take a while to get used to the new flavor. 

The Bottom Line

I only had to try it to become a fan of the gouda cheese flavor. And I really am now. I use it excessively in recipes but my favorite one is spicy tapas sticks. I also add it in cheese platters for a twist that everybody will enjoy. So, I hope this guide helps you get your facts straight about gouda cheese so you too can enjoy it!