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21 Easy Apple And Honey Recipes: Savory, Sweet Ideas You’ll Love🍎🍯

21 Easy Apple And Honey Recipes: Savory, Sweet Ideas You’ll Love🍎🍯

Apples and honey recipes come in all shapes and sizes: savory, sweet, and everything in between. If you’re looking for a little taste of what’s out there to choose from, we have the list for you!

When used together, apples and honey can be sweet, or they can complement a savory dish. 

These flavors work well together because they are sweet, but they have some dimensions. 

The brightness of an apple goes well with the depth and complexity of honey. 

Apple and honey are still often used in the Jewish Rosh Hashanah holiday dishes. 

As a part of this tradition, apples and honey symbolize sweetness in the year to come. 

Apples come in several colors, flavors, and textures. 

Some work best for baking, while you should eat other varieties fresh. 

Honey also can vary depending on several factors. 

For example, honey can taste different depending on the flowers used to create it. 

You may choose one type of honey over another, depending on if you cook with it or sprinkle it on after. 

Raw honey can also have a very different texture than filtered honey

Apples and honey can be used to make cakes, pies, galettes, bread pudding, and other desserts. 

You can also use them to add flavor to traditional dishes like Apple And Honey Rugelach and Kuchen.

You can even use these flavors to create cocktails and mocktails. #17

Read on to learn more about the different apples and honey recipes you can make. 

Recipes made with honey are known for their sweetness. 

Give that sweetness a place to land with this amazing apple and honey galette. 

A galette is very similar to a pie. 

The main difference is that it is flatter and not fully enclosed. 

The ingredients and techniques needed for this recipe are pretty simple. 

Beyond the apples and honey, you only need brown sugar, butter, cinnamon, an egg, and pie dough. 

This galette makes the perfect dessert for any autumnal meal or as part of a tasty picnic.

Are you looking for a unique apple honey dessert?

Give this Apple And Honey Bread Pudding a shot for your next dessert.

Apple and honey are still the predominant flavors in this dish, but the challah and eggs play delicious supporting roles. 

Make this delectable bread pudding if you are looking for a recipe that can double as a brunch dish or dessert recipe. 

This recipe comes together very easily, and even the custard component is straightforward. 

Cookie sticks offer the great taste of a regular cookie, but they are a convenient shape and size. 

Apple and honey come together in these cookie sticks to create a sweet, soft treat.

Rather than using fresh apples, this recipe utilizes freeze-dried apples

This choice is because other types of apples will not yield good results in terms of texture. 

These cookie sticks are easy to make, and you can even make them ahead of time before freezing them.

Rugelach is a popular Jewish pastry that originated in Poland. 

These little crescents can contain a lot of fantastic flavor in each bite. 

Can easily make it via the use of premade pie crust. 

However, you could make your pie crust if you like.

Whatever pie crust you use, the rest of the process is simple and only takes about an hour.

You will not need many ingredients for this recipe. 

Apples and honey are complemented by brown sugar and cinnamon. 

Apple, honey, and gouda come together to create a perfect tart

This recipe is perfect if you want a slightly more savory edge to your apple and honey pairing. 

Gouda is the perfect cheese to pair with your apples.

However, feel free to experiment with other cheeses. 

Spice arrives with oregano and crushed red pepper flakes. 

Choose this recipe if you want a complex but easy-to-make weekday lunch or special brunch treat.

Apples with honey can be an excellent base for cocktails and desserts alike. 

Thanks to its strong apple and honey flavors, this cocktail is perfect for Autumn. 

Whisky forward, the drink is mellowed out thanks to the presence of apple butter, sugar, and honey. 

A bit of citrus brings everything together. 

Serve this drink alongside other autumnal foods and drinks or just on its own.

Recipes made with apples and honey do not always have to be entirely sweet. 

Both of those central ingredients pair well with cheeses.

This tendency is especially true if the cheese is strong, like camembert.

Make this dish if you want to bring all of these ingredients together. 

Thyme, rosemary, and garlic also add amazing, aromatic flavors.

This dish only takes about 15 minutes to prepare and bake.  

Not only does this dessert taste amazing, but it also looks gorgeous. 

Choose this dessert if you feel like showing off your design skills and want to provide a tasty treat.

This technique may look daunting, but a bit of practice can have you making lovely apple roses quickly.  

The honey and cinnamon in the glaze for this recipe come together to provide a depth of flavor.

You can even fill a tart with these apple roses to make a beautiful tart. 

Baked apples may be a classic dessert, but that does not mean it is boring. 

Elevate this traditional dish by packing your apples full of oat crumble and a cinnamon and honey sauce. 

The oat filling is simple but highly complementary to the flavors found in the sauce and the apple itself. 

Make this dish an everyday dessert or for an escalated Autumnal dinner party. 

It can pair with whipped cream or meringues.

Traditionally, candy apples are coated in caramel, but sometimes it is nice to try something new. 

These honey apples will sate your sweet craving with the presence of honey over other sugar sources. 

Choose this recipe if you want to evoke memories of childhood and fun. 

While this recipe is pretty easy, it can require some patience and practice. 

If you want to indulge in a more adult-friendly version of this childhood classic, this recipe also comes alongside a spiked version. 

If you want a simple but elegant apple and honey dessert, this may be the recipe you need.

Both apple and honey are central players when it comes to the flavor of the cake. 

The result is something kind of like an upside-down apple cake.

Choose this cake for a weekday dessert or a special brunch treat. 

For whatever occasion you make this cake, you will likely not need more than 45 minutes to make this cake.

Sometimes, simple things to make with apples and honey are the best. 

It is hard to go wrong with these simple ingredients and frying. 

The only ingredients needed in this recipe are apples, honey, butter, and cinnamon. 

These apples make a delicious accompaniment to a meal or a decadent snack. 

Make these for guests after a big meal if you are looking for a simple but fantastic dessert. 

Consider pairing them with ice cream or cinnamon sugar chips. 

Need a tasty apple and honey-centric appetizer?

Give this apple, goat cheese, and honey recipe a try. 

These are great if you need something simple but delicious that will not take long to whip up.

Rosemary is a delicious choice if you want an herb to pair with honey, apple, and goat cheese

Bring these along to a picnic or Autumnal dinner party. 

While cakes and pies are delicious choices for apple and honey, these bars offer similar flavors but a unique texture. 

Beyond being convenient due to taking less than an hour to make, this dish is portable. 

The portable nature of this dessert also lends itself well to traveling or small children. 

Make these bars for breakfast or as a lunch dessert.

You can also eat them alone or with ice cream or whipped cream. 

Any good apple and honey dish will be a celebration of sweetness and nature. 

This cake certainly lives up to that demand. 

The apples in this cake lend moisture, while the honey provides a delicate sweetness. 

Make this cake part of your Rosh Hashanah celebrations or just as a delightful tea-friendly dessert. 

Ensure that you have a bundt pan before making this recipe so you can make it into the ideal shape. 

Hand pies are a great dish if you want some sweetness over lunch or brunch. 

They provide the flavor of a pie with less mess. 

Apples and honey lend an Autumnal sweetness while walnuts provide bulk and texture. 

This recipe includes some vinegar to help keep the butter in the pastry cold. 

Cold butter is key when it comes to making sure that you get a flaky crust. 

You can easily make this recipe in less than an hour.

Whether you are avoiding alcohol or want a sweet drink that everyone can enjoy, this mocktail is perfect. 

Choose this drink for your holiday festivities since it is easily made in a large batch. 

You will need to mix sparkling apple cider, ginger ale, and apple before garnishing with apple slices and rosemary. 

Drink this refreshing beverage alongside other Autumn favorites.

While there are already several roasted apples on this list, consider trying this recipe due to its unique ingredients. 

Calvados and sesame add a complex layer of flavor that takes this dessert up a notch. 

The dish itself is very easy to make and easy to integrate into a larger menu. 

Make this dessert if you want to punctuate your meal with sweetness and complexity. 

These apples are best paired with something creamy such as creme fraiche or ice cream. 

This pairing provides balance and a variety of textures.

While honey and apples are a classic combination, a bit of heat can bring out a whole dimension of flavor. 

Rather than using regular honey varieties, this recipe uses hot and spicy honey. 

The spice from the cinnamon bodes well with the heat from the honey. 

Consider adding some nuts and dried fruit to add even more interest to this dish. 

Make this dish for a refreshing bite at brunch or a special weeknight dessert.

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20. Kuchen

This Kuchen is a classic german apple cake.

While a Kuchen is a German word for cake, it often contains fruit or custard

This dish has the former but not the latter. 

It is particularly good with tea or breakfast. 

While honey and apples still feature prominently, ginger also plays an important role in this cake. 

Both fresh and candied dinners are very important players in this cake. 

An apple cobbler offers some of the coziness of an apple pie with less fussiness. 

While a pie can take you a while, a cobbler likely will not take more than about an hour. 

The tartness of the apples is perfectly balanced by the sweetness of the honey and the fluffiness of the biscuits. 

If you want, you can also eat this cobbler with ice cream or whipped cream to mellow out the flavors even more.

The bottom line

No matter the meal you are cooking, apple and honey could be a great combo for your table. 

This iconic pairing can be made sweet in a cake or savory in a flatbread. 

There are countless varieties of apples and honey which means that you can find the right types for your needs. 

Whether you are making something for a specific holiday or just because you love this flavor combination, there are plenty of amazing recipes for you to try. 

It is easy to get delicious results from these ingredients, so give it a shot for yourself!

21 Easy Ways To Use  Apples And Honey

21 Easy Ways To Use Apples And Honey

21 varieties of Apples and Honey Recipes that could be a great combo for your table!


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