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13 Awesomely Good Ground Venison Recipes For Your Next Feast!

Are you trying to find the best ground venison recipes? We’ve rounded up 13 ground venison recipe ideas that are sure to inspire you. I wonder which recipe you will choose to make first.  

Venison typically refers to the meat of a horned and hoofed game animal, primarily elk and deer, and sometimes or in some places antelope or moose.   

The meat has lower fat, cholesterol, and calories than pork or beef. 

The flavor, however, can range from mild to strong, so it is good to get that information about the meat you are getting ahead of time to plan how to prepare it properly.   

Ground venison is very versatile, which means you can use it to make Ground Venison Meatloaf or the Best Venison Lasagna Recipe, making it an excellent addition to your protein rotation.  

It is commonly described as rich or earthy since the animal was wild and enjoyed things like acorns and herbs during its life.  

If you are someone who hunts or buys a whole processed deer, you have experience using venison in place of beef in recipes, and I am sure you know all about using venison for hamburgers, spaghetti, and tacos.  

So, here I have tried to find some different ground venison recipes (with #11 as my favorite) that will give your table some venison variety!

This dish is one of the outstanding meat, potatoes, and veggie ground venison recipes!  

Talk about filling and flavorful, just downright fantastic!  

Beautiful pictures take you through it step by step!  

Yes, there are a lot of seasonings, and each is important! 

You can easily turn some venison ground recipes into comfort food for the winter months like this meatloaf!  

Since venison is lean, it needs an agent to hold it together, and in this recipe, that is the egg.  

It also needs extra moisture, which you can fix by adding tomato juice.

This ground venison recipe is a low-carb take on a shepherd’s pie.  

Two parts to assemble, with the first being the cooked-up ground venison with onions and seasonings.  

Second, the cornbread topping with an almond flour base.  

It’s so good; others will not even suspect it is low-carb! 

Recipes with ground deer meat abound, and if you have access to a meat grinder and sausage stuffer, you most definitely could try your hand at making venison snack sticks.  

The step-by-step pictures are very explanatory.  

It is nice to know what exactly goes into your snacks, isn’t it?

This ground venison recipe is a twist on the traditional meatloaf.  

You can make it in layers, with each ingredient adding to the overall taste.  

There’s salty prosciutto, rich cheeses, baby spinach, and, of course, seasonings!  

Pressing the meat flat, the toppings are added and then folded together before placing in the baking pan.  

Fancy and seriously satisfying!

Did you ever have hash growing up?  I did.  

It came out of a can.  

Trust me. 

These fresh ground venison recipes beat anything that comes out of a can!  

Ground venison is combined with onion, cubed potatoes, and a Lipton dry soup mix to make fresh hash.  

Just think.  

A few eggs and cheese on top, and it becomes the perfect breakfast!

It is 100% possible to make your venison jerky with this next recipe.  

Venison ground recipes sometimes do not specify if pure venison or mixed meat is preferred, but in this case, it needs to be pure venison, so it is easier to dry.  

A good jerky gun is worth its weight in productivity!  

Specific times and temps are easy to follow.

A ground venison recipe that is as serving size-friendly as it is filling is a welcome addition to my toolkit!  

The steps for making these mini pot pies are easy to follow, and the crust can be as complicated or simple as you want it to be.  

The venison and veggies inside with a piece of crust in every bite are simply heavenly!

There are a lot of recipes with ground deer meat or venison, and here it is being used in cabbage roll preparation.  

It also includes bacon, long-grain white rice, onions, and tomatoes.  

You’ll see pictures to follow each step of seasoning the venison, boiling the cabbage leaves, filling, and baking them.

A thick ground venison chili for dinner tonight?  

Count me in!  

Most ingredients are the usual suspects, like onion, bell peppers, clove, chili powder, onion powder, salt, pepper, beans, and tomatoes!  

The best part?  

Simmering on low for six hours to fill your home with its delicious savory smells!   


Many ground venison recipes are typical menu items.  

Here we have a Mexican cultural entree of empanadas! 

It starts with making light pastry dough and rolling it out.  

Then the venison filling is added, and the dough is folded over and crimped.  

Bake these little meaty envelopes to a golden brown and serve with nothing less than the best salsa!

Venison ground recipes for something I am familiar with give me the confidence to try them out, like these venison enchiladas!  

A homemade red sauce recipe is also included!  

The steps include filling the tortilla with meat mixture, covering it in red sauce, topping it with cheese, and baking!  

Oh, so good!   

This ground venison recipe for lasagna is SO delicious. 

In six easy steps, the venison lasagna is ready and makes enough to feed twelve. 

If serving to meat lovers, feel free to add more venison or cheese! 

There can never be enough cheese!

The bottom line

Venison might be a bit daunting or intimidating to work with initially, but the more you get to know its flavors, and how it cooks up, you will be able to season ground venison recipes like a pro!  

It is lean meat and worth experimenting with when you want to serve something a little different!  

13 BEST Ways To Use Ground Venison

13 BEST Ways To Use Ground Venison

Searching for something truly delicious to complete your feast, look no further than these 13 ground venison recipes!


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  1. Choose one or more options from our list of ground venison recipes here!
  2. Create your new favorite dish.
  3. Pat yourself on the back for making food at home for you to enjoy!
  4. Share and comment! Did you make any tweaks so it’s all your own?

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