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30 BEST!! Graham Cracker Crust Desserts That Are Super Easy To Make!

30 BEST!! Graham Cracker Crust Desserts That Are Super Easy To Make!

Does a sweet treat get any easier for a party or potluck (or even a weeknight) to throw together Graham Cracker Crust Desserts? 

You may have a premade graham cracker crust in your pantry right now, and if not, break open some graham crackers and make your own! 

These Graham Cracker Crust Dessert recipes are filled fast and easy!

This plain cracker has become the foundation for many desserts, especially for our beloved cheesecakes, tarts, and S’mores. 

Indeed, graham crackers have this crumbly yet stiff texture that holds up really well for a perfect crust for pies, cakes, tarts and many more.

On the other hand, the flavor of graham cracker is mildly sweet to pretty neutral, giving you an edge of customization, according to the snack or dessert you can make out of it. 

Since we have mentioned desserts, there are many possibilities for using graham crackers in these sweet concoctions. 

You can use it as a crust for layering in parfait, custard, pudding, and mousses. It gives such desserts a unique crunchy element that has a delicious and satisfying mouthfeel.

Nowadays, graham crackers are available as pre-made crusts for many desserts, and you can easily pulverize them and crush them to make them into the desired crust. 

With so many graham cracker crust dessert ideas available for just one thing, we have decided to give you a list of 30 Graham Cracker Crust Desserts that will satisfy your sweet cravings and are perfect for any dinner and occasion. 

From the mild and luscious Meyer Lemon Tart to the twist on a classic Apple Pie With Graham Cracker Crust to the No-Bake Blueberry Pie, you’ll find something you love!

We can’t wait for you to try these!

If you are a huge fan of desserts with a graham cracker crust, keep reading this article for the best recipes you can try anytime and honestly, they are so easy to make.

Creamy lemon filling settled into a buttery graham cracker crust and topped with whipped cream will become a guilty pleasure for you. 

It is an ideal pie recipe for summer due to the sweet, tangy freshness of lemon that comes through and is covered with sweet whipped cream. 

The only baking you will be doing is for the crust in the pie, and the rest of the process is no-bake.

Apple Pie With Graham Cracker Crust has a yummy apple filling with deep flavors of cinnamon crumb. 

This pie is different because it has a graham cracker crust with honey instead of the traditional pie. 

This crust gives an extra crunchy element that tastes perfect. It is a baked pie, and your family might eat it before cooling. 

Honestly, it is a perfect recipe for fall.

Rhubarb is a spring vegetable with unique sweetness and sourness. 

It might not be a traditional element for a pie, but once you have tried this Rhubarb Custard Pie, there is no turning back. 

It is sweet, sour, and creamy because of cream cheese and the additional yogurt layer. 

This cheesecake-style pie is perfect for many occasions and will become popular among families.

Chocolate Ganache Tart is a classic and one of the most luxurious tarts you will ever have. 

Indeed, this celebrates the luscious and rich chocolate with a crunchy and buttery graham cracker crust. 

This French Chocolate tart is a pure delicacy and perfect for date nights and formal dinners.

Cranberry is a popular ingredient around Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

If your family is a big fan of cranberries, then this creamy, fluffy, and delicious No-bake Cranberry Pie With Graham Cracker Crust is a must to try around the holiday season. 

Since it is a no-bake recipe, you don’t have to worry about setting it or baking time.

Again, Pumpkin is a favorite seasonal flavor; when made into a pie, it is bliss. 

The recipe calls for thick, creamy, and no-bake pumpkin and creamy filling with a baked graham cracker crust. 

The pie is then topped with chocolate chips and whipped cream for extra indulgence.

Meyer Lemon Pie is a delicious combination of coconut and lemon in a graham cracker pie crust. 

It has tropical freshness and a taste that is refreshing for the summer. 

The recipe is simple and uses few ingredients, including condensed milk, which is unusual yet delicious. 

The only hard time you will have is to wait for it to set in the fridge.

Chocolate Chess Pie has two nig and classic flavors, chocolate and peanut butter. 

The peanut butter filling is baked into the buttery graham cracker crust and then topped with chocolate whipped cream. 

It will become famous among children and even adults very quickly for sure.

You might have never heard of a watermelon fruit made into a pie. 

But this clever recipe has done it, and it is so delicious and refreshing that it is worth trying this summer. 

The recipe is easy; all it needs is a cream filling with chunks of watermelon in a graham cracker crust.

Good old peanut butter mixed with cream and poured into a graham cracker crust is wonderful and satisfying. 

Yes, this simple, no-bake pie recipe is one of the classic pies that is almost effortless to make. 

Delicious and irresistible!

A Medley of fruits in a cream filling is a burst of freshness on a hot day. 

This fresh fruit tart recipe celebrates the true sweetness of the fruits uniquely. 

And the Italian cream filling is to die for. 

Nevertheless, the recipe is simple and perfect for fruit lovers.

Cherry cheesecake delight was something new that we discovered and loved. 

We have had ones LIKE this but never quite this fast and easy before. 

The tart and sweet cherries mixed with smooth cream cheese are absolutely heavenly in taste, and do not forget the extra texture that graham cracker crust gives! 

It is a no-bake recipe and so easy to make too.

Cream pie is a cheat recipe made from dream whipped cream and chocolate pudding. 

Honestly is one of those recipes that are effortless and yet so delicious. 

The recipe calls for any pie crust. We have tried it with graham cracker crust, and it is so good.

Pumpkin Cheesecake has this indulgence of creamy texture and nutty pumpkin flavors. 

It is a perfect pie recipe to celebrate the fall flavors uniquely. 

Even though the recipe requires baking, it is totally worth the effort and time in the kitchen.

Key limes have this extra acidity that most people might not think of making a dessert pie. But we have tried this key lime pie recipe and love it. 

It is fresh and has so balanced sweet to tangy flavor that you will love it. Almost like lemon pie but creamier.

The Dark Chocolate Tart is a pure decadent indulgence that might make you fall into a food coma. 

It is perfect with the creamy chocolatey filling and the graham cracker crust. 

It is an ideal dessert for date night and valentine’s day.

Ice Cream Sundae Pie is so quick to make. 

All you need is graham cracker crust, ice cream and your favorite sundae topping, and your pie is ready to be eaten. 

This recipe is a quick fix for your sweet tooth.

As the name suggests, this pie is very different and tastes so expensive. 

The main flavors there are lemon, pineapple, and cream. 

We love this pie because you can make this pie with a few simple ingredients that will also stand out.

Chocolate and Almond are always delicious together, but honey’s added flavour is just divine. 

Chocolate Honey Almond Tart is chocolatey and has honey as a natural sweetener. 

This tart has an extra nutty flavor from the almond that makes it special, and it is a no-bake recipe.

Banoffee Pie is made with banana, cream, and dulce de leche. 

We love it because it needs minimum preparation and has some deep flavor. 

This British dessert recipe is the best choice for banana and extra sweet pie lovers.

Again, Blueberry pie is one of the famous fruit pies. 

But this No-bake Blueberry Pie is unique because of the crust we are using. 

This fruit pie with graham cracker crust is as good as the one made with pie crust with a sweet and tangy flavor. 

Indeed, it is perfect for any occasion and celebration.

Chocolate Cheesecake is a classic dessert. 

This easy, no-bake version is just the perfect cheat of the classic.

It is as smooth, creamy and decadent as the baked chocolate cheesecake. 

We have found this recipe foolproof and easy to make that you must try.

This mocha pie is for you if you are a coffee lover. 

This Frozen Mocha Pie is made with a chocolate graham cracker crust and filled with coffee cream and topped with chocolate swirled whipped cream. 

This recipe is very satisfying.

Pineapple Pie is a unique pie inspired by the piña colada. 

The freshness of the pineapple in a graham cracker pie crust is very refreshing and has nodes of pineapple and coconut. 

The creaminess is so divine that you will love to bring one (or two!) for BBQ parties or pool parties.

Banana split dessert is a classic diner dessert that you can enjoy with your family. 

We love this dessert because of the love and happiness we share with the family over dessert. 

Therefore, this recipe for homemade Frozen Banana Split Dessert will help you bond with the family over it. 

It has a graham cracker crust, ice cream, bananas, and an amazing topping that you love.

We love frozen pies, too. Here’s a two-fer.

We just found your new comfort food—behold, the Extra Rich And Creamy Cheesecake!

The recipe mixes crunchy graham cracker crust and lusciously smooth cream cheese filling. 

The result? A dessert filled with bliss and pure guilty pressure!

What’s more, the sweet treat is freezer-friendly and can last long for up to two months—but I know it will disappear for a few seconds. 

Here are some awesome cheesecake topping ideas, too.

S’mores are the ultimate campfire treat that uses graham crackers. 

But you really do not have to wait for a campfire night out to enjoy this combination. 

You can make a homemade pie inspired by this delicious treat and enjoy it equally. 

This S’more Pie recipe has graham cracker crust, chocolate filling and marshmallow fluff topping that is toasted just like S’mores. 

So, yummy!

Try our S’mores in the microwave too if you want just enough for one person!

The root beer float is made into a pie, and we love it. 

This recipe is one of those delicious desserts that are so unique and made with no more than 5 ingredients, and it is a no-bake dessert. 

The bittersweet root beer is mixed with vanilla pudding and poured into the crunchy graham cracker pie crust is unique and perfect for people who are not a big fan of extra sweet dessert or fruit pie with a graham cracker crust.

Mini Strawberry Pies are more like hand pies, perfect for tea parties and picnics in the summer. 

This strawberry dessert with graham cracker crust is easy to make and requires less setting time due to small portions. 

It is undoubtedly sweet, tangy, and creamy and topped with cream just the way you like it.

Want more strawberry recipes

The bottom line

These delicious and decadent Graham Cracker Crust Desserts are perfect for your sweet tooth. 

These recipes have a beautiful crust of graham crackers, and our list has a wide variety of cakes and pies with a graham cracker crust. 

We have also tried to add unique recipes other than common chocolate and strawberry dessert with graham cracker crust so you can have a handful of choices to choose from for this family dinner, feast or even for holidays. 

Desserts are such a joy, and we are so proud that we have shared this joy of sweetness with you through the list of recipes. 

Let us know which one you have tried and loved!

30 BEST Graham Cracker Crust Dessert Inspiration

30 BEST Graham Cracker Crust Dessert Inspiration

Gotta love easy and fast graham cracker crust desserts!


  • Chocolate Cream Pudding Pie With Graham Cracker Crust
  • Lemon Cream Pie With Graham Cracker Crust
  • Apple Pie With Graham Cracker Crust
  • Rhubarb Custard Pie
  • Chocolate Ganache Tart
  • No-Bake Fluffy Cranberry Pie With Graham Cracker Crust
  • Pumpkin Cream Pie
  • Meyer Lemon Pie
  • Chocolate Chess Pie With Graham Cracker Crust
  • Watermelon Pie
  • Peanut Butter Graham Cracker Pie
  • Fresh Fruit Tart With Italian Cream Filling
  • Cherry Delight
  • Dream Pie
  • Pumpkin Cheesecake
  • Key Lime Pie
  • Dark Chocolate Tart
  • Ice Cream Sundae Pie
  • Millionaire Pie
  • Chocolate Honey Almond Tart
  • Banoffee Pie
  • No-Bake Blueberry Pie
  • No-Bake Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe
  • Frozen Mocha Pie
  • Pineapple Pie With Graham Cracker Crust
  • Frozen Banana Split Dessert
  • Extra Rich And Creamy Cheesecake
  • S’mores Pie
  • Root Beer Float Pie
  • Mini Strawberry Pies


  1. Take a look at the variety of ingredients from each recipe in our Graham Cracker Crust Desserts list.
  2. Choose the ingredients you like the most.
  3. Create a new favorite recipe!
  4. Have fun and tell us what you think on our Facebook page.

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