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29 Italian Cookie Recipes: Definite MUST-HAVES At The Dessert Table!

29 Italian Cookie Recipes: Definite MUST-HAVES At The Dessert Table!

Whether you’re putting in more cookie recipes to your menu or want to add an Italian twist to your dessert table, these Italian Cookie Recipes are here to impress your palate so you can enjoy these with your loved ones.

There are elegant desserts out there for sure. 

But only a few recognize and gape with wonder when a huge platter of Italian cookies is served. 

Italian cookies are not so common any more because many think that they are complex to make when in fact, it’s child’s play!

Whether it’s from the southern region of Sicily up to the northern part of Piemonte, you will certainly find a favorite version of this recipe!

There are many types of Italian cookies. 

The simple Pizzelle, Macaroons, and the delightful Chocolate Amaretti are three of the most popular.

Classic Italian cookies are part of their culture and traditions. 

It completes the essence of every gathering and occasion they celebrate. 

Most Italian families take time to preserve the recipes and pass them on to the next generations.

For anyone with an appetite for snacks, we’ve packed this amazing list to help you out with your source of sweet treats.

It’s worth checking out #13! It is simple to make and would surely surprise family and friends.

This recipe makes use of Italian pinch cookies. 

A delicious crunchy cookie recipe commonly filled with any jam of your choice or a luscious Nutella

Start by stirring all the mixtures in a bowl with egg and butter in the center.

Let it rest for at least 30 minutes.

Roll the dough on a floured flat surface until it’s thin as a pie crust or a little thicker if you like, cut with a small round cookie cutter, fill a jam in the center, and pinch the two ends together.

Bake for 15 minutes then dust with powdered sugar for the finishing touch.

These chewy buttery cookies are perfect for a snack.

We know you’ll be in love with this cookie recipe!

This soft cake-like no butter cookies are occasionally named Tarallucci.

These lemon knot cookies are lightly glazed and sweetened. 

Just a quick glance at these traditional Italian cookies and your taste buds will crave the burst of citrus that comes in every bite!

This no-mess classic Pizzelle recipe creates light and crispy vanilla Italian waffle cookies using a pizzelle iron!

Can’t wait to try this? 

You may also spoil yourself on almond or traditional anise pizzelle variations.

Whatever flavor you wish, when you’re making a recipe as easy as this, high-quality ingredients make all the difference, so better prefer the best you can afford!

Who wouldn’t say yes to chocolates!

Biscotti is an Italian cookie that means baked twice.

Mix your sugar, egg, and butter until light and fluffy then combine with the rest of your batter. 

Add some chocolate chips and bake the dough. 

Remove from the oven and mist with water and slice. 

Return the slices into the oven and bake until crunchy.

A lovely sweet especially for kids and young at heart too!

Pignoli is known as a classic Italian cookie.

It has a simple almond flavor, as they are mostly made from sugar, egg whites, and almond paste. 

These cookies are traditionally wrapped in pine nuts but are still quite moist and chewy inside.

Surprisingly, you can enjoy your own Italian pignoli cookies in no less than 30 minutes.

Haven’t tried any ricotta cookies? 

Make Orange Ricotta Cookies instead and indulge in a little taste of heaven!

You can use both freshly squeezed orange juice and zest from your oranges in this one.

This no-fuss recipe ensures warm and soft cookies in no time, just be sure not to over mix your dough to achieve light and tender cookies.

These are traditional Italian cookies with sprinkles flavored with anise extract and are considered to be an old-fashioned Italian cookie recipe. 

Making sprinkle cookies may take some time, but believe us when we say, it’s worth it!

They’re just lovely and a hit for a party cookie tray. 

These goodies are naturally made with almond flour, egg white, and sugar with a dash of almond extract to highlight the almond flavor.

The outside of this almond cookie is slightly crisp and the inside is mushy and chewy.

These crumbly cookies are wonderful for gift-giving or a coffee break treat.

No plans on making recipes for Italian cookies?
Here’s one for you!

Polenta, which is basically made from cornmeal, is common in northern Italy.

Remember to use imported polenta, to achieve authentic texture. 

It’s readily available in most Italian markets and specialty-good stores.

Perfect to enjoy with your pals while having a sip of espresso.

Some may recall these classic butter cookies from their local American-Italian bakery, while others recognize the swirly patterns from cookie tins set served on a holiday table.

Whether scooped in chocolate or spread with jam, good butter cookies are soft and not too sweet. 

Even if you aren’t a fan of cookies you’ll definitely become one after you try one of these Italian cookies.

This versatile cookie treat will certainly make your taste buds soothed and satisfied!

Chocolates are just so good in any dessert. 

Chewy, fluffy, and chocolatey, these Chocolate Amaretti cookies are sure to become a fast favorite on your list!

A generous dash of cocoa powder transforms these little almond cookies into rich, brownie flavored bites of joy.

Better paired on any beverage of your choice!

This sweet surprise is a lightly sweet cookie with crisp sugar icing and has a citrusy flavor.

Taralli is stiff rather than crunchy, with a light sweet vanilla dough covered in crisp citrus icing. 

Perfectly matched to fill your cookie jar at home with a cup of coffee or a glass of milk alongside.

Want some a twist on your limoncello drink

We’re excited to share with you this wonderful trick!

These rich lemon-flavored cookies are irresistibly delicious! 

The icing on top makes them excellent! 

Also, you can add some ricotta cheese to make it moist.

Limoncello cookies are great to have on any occasion, shared with your friends and family.

Here’s another one for authentic Italian cookie recipes that will turn your baking habits into an extraordinary bite.

Mix all your dry ingredients and bake this cookie until it’s slightly turned golden, then cool completely for coating.

Remember, you have to cool it completely because crumbles will get into the frosting.

These fun-filled Italian Christmas cookies, inspired by Italian cannoli will make a great part of your Christmas cookie baskets and gifts every year!

Cannoli Cookies are an easy recipe with chocolate chips, pistachios, and ricotta! Great recipe, great taste indeed.

Compared to Italian pastry, these cakey cookies are enriched with whole-milk ricotta and sometimes added with grated orange or lemon zest.

Movie nights, parties, or even formal occasions fit perfectly! Can’t wait to try this? Go for it!

These cookies taste so much better than the store-bought ones!

These cookies are actually thinly baked dense layers of sponge cakes from sugar, egg, flour, and almond paste that give a distinct flavor. 

Served in bite-sized rectangles with a very thin spread of apricot or raspberry jam.

Most beautiful addition you can have to your Christmas cookie tray.

Crumbly and chewy, flourless almond cookies can be stocked for weeks in a sealed container, which makes them perfect for baking ahead.

There will be almond bits clinging out here and there, you might end up with some uneven sizes. 

Some might have a double layer of almonds, while others want their fair share of dried cherries in them. 

And it’s totally fine! 

This goody’s meant for an imperfect look sometimes but flawlessly perfect to eat!

One of the best Italian cookies ever is this simple, yet delightful recipe.

Canestrelli is a little bit like shortbread with more of a crunch and a delectable flavor that is traditional in Italy’s Liguria Region.

Typically given as a gift during festive moments such as Christmas, religious feasts, and weddings.

This commonly flower-shaped treat has a buttery taste, dusted with plentiful powdered sugar, with a luscious lemon aroma in every bite! 

Still, have those parmesan cheese leftovers? Here’s a good idea just for you.

These savory cookies are easy to prepare with just 3 ingredients.

Baking with your all-purpose flour, salted butter, and grated parmesan cheese, you will have an Italian cookie in no time.

Delicious with a glass of wine, or as part of an appetizer spread.

Definitely everyone’s most wonderful time of the year—Christmas.

These colorful crisps with soft center cookies are so easy to prepare. Remember to dip the tops of your cookies into glaze and put sprinkles or icing as toppings.

They’re a famous part of Italian festive cooking.

Try them and see for yourself how delicious they are!

The name of these cookies pertains to their visible appearance since it resembles the mouth of a lady’s kiss or two mouths kissing.

It is a traditional hazelnut butter sandwich cookie with a touch of chocolate-hazelnut spread.

Ideal for your espresso or tea, this baked goodie will surely brighten up your mood.

Macaroons are popular small cookies that are originally from Italy.

They’re mostly made from egg whites, sliced almonds or almond paste, granulated sugar shredded with coconut. 

Condiments such as honey, vanilla, and spices are sometimes added to the mix.

Once you’ve tried this, you’ll be hooked!

Tozzetti is double-baked Italian cookies made with hazelnuts.

It can also incorporate pistachios, chocolate, or candied fruits, which makes them go well with hot beverages and fits perfectly with vanilla ice cream too! 

The simplicity of this cookie allows you to enjoy the ease of baking delicious delight.

A soft puff pastry with sweet nutty filling. 

Rolled into a horn shape and wrapped in powdered sugar.

In a large bowl combine sugar, milk, walnuts, and melted butter. 

Roll each piece of cut dough, shaped it into a crescent, and bake for 25 minutes. 

And there you have it! 

A well-deserved treat indeed.

We’re not done listing our Italian cookie recipes yet, here’s another one!

This holiday classic goodie will certainly fill in your sweet tooth. 

You can have them plain or in any shape you want. 

Some preferred them with chocolate drizzle or with chopped cherries or hazelnuts.

Florentines are outstanding to look at, but they’re simpler to make than they seem. 

Surely, great recipe, great taste.

Do you like a thick, almond-based, nutty, dark chocolate coated with a honey cookie? 

If yes, these traditional Italian Mostaccioli Cookies are the best choice for your Christmas holiday cookie platter.

Try this for your family and you’ll definitely get a charge out of this classic holiday sweet together.

Italian Cornmeal Cookies are originally from the Piedmont region of northern Italy. 

They’re not too sweet, and the glazed cherries are just the right whiff.

Best for your mornings, dunked in cappuccino or tea.

Sounds interesting? 

It means “Ugly but Good” if you’re curious. 

They are famous throughout Italy.

If you love any dessert made with egg whites, whether it’s macarons, amaretto, or any authentic Italian meringue-type cookies, this one’s perfect to try on!

Golden cookies, crunchy on the outside, and soft & chewy on the inside best describe this recipe.

These ugly but good cookies will surely hit a spot on your list!

Bottom in our list, but absolutely will be one of your top choices!

These almond biscotti are crispy crumble that’s not too sweet, with orange flavor filling, and decorated with roasted almonds. 

Cantucci, best known for Italian cookies, are perfect for holiday gift-giving in cookie trays. You can also have these as an after-dinner dessert.

The bottom line

The great thing about assorted Italian cookies is that it’s enriched in flavors that go perfect for any occasion. 

Italian or not, these irresistible delights are a must-try.

Enjoy your time reviewing what we’ve covered for you and choose what you want to try the most.

Have you tried any of these? 

Let us know how it turned out for you! 

Waiting to read those comments from you soon.

The BEST 29 Italian Cookie Recipe

The BEST 29 Italian Cookie Recipe

29 Italian Cookie Recipes so enriched with various flavors that they will go perfect with any occasion!


  • Pizzicati
  • Italian Lemon Knot Cookies
  • Pizzelle
  • Double Chocolate Biscotti
  • Italian Pignoli Cookies
  • Orange Ricotta Cookies
  • Italian Sprinkle Cookies
  • Soft Amarreti Cookies
  • Polenta Cookies
  • Italian Butter Cookies
  • Chocolate Amaretti
  • Taralli Dolci Di Pasqua
  • Limoncello Cookies
  • Italian Ginette Cookies
  • Cannoli Cookies
  • Italian Rainbow Cookies
  • Ricciarelli
  • Canestrelli
  • 3-Ingredient Parmesan Cookies
  • Italian Christmas Cookies
  • Baci Di Dama
  • Macaroons
  • Tozetti
  • Italian Horn Cookies
  • Italian Florentine Almond Lace Cookie
  • Mostaccioli Cookies
  • Italian Cornmeal Cookies
  • Brutti Ma Buoni
  • Cantucci


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