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Wow! 35 Easy & Delicious Hungarian Recipes That Will Surprise You!

Wow! 35 Easy & Delicious Hungarian Recipes That Will Surprise You!

Did you grow up enjoying Hungarian recipes? I had what my mom called Hungarian Goulash, but it’s not quite the authentic dish she told us it was. 

I love elbow macaroni and meat sauce as much as the next gal, but that’s not Hungarian Goulash!

Hungarian cuisine culture can be easily identified by a couple of essential components that show up in every recipe. 

These ingredients include seasonal vegetables, bread, meats, fruits, and paprika

Hungary has several outstanding traditional dishes that are worth trying at home, ranging from flavorful savory dishes to sweet treats. 

To help you get started, here’s 35 Hungarian recipes that you can quickly whip up anytime. 

Check out #31 if you are a fan of donuts. 

If nothing else, the Hungarian Mushroom Soup is just so good and so easy to put together.

Hungarian Mushroom Soup is creamy, a touch tangy, and to mushroom lovers like me, very satisfying. 

By sautéing garlic, onions, and mushrooms in butter, you will release unique flavors into the soup. 

To give it a deeper stock, you’ll need to add soy sauce, milk, fresh dill, and paprika. 

You can serve this creamy soup as an appetizer or whenever you want something to warm you up.  

I’ve made a soup nearly identical to this recipe from the Moosewood Lodge Cookbook, and it’s outstanding!

Don’t skimp on the fresh dill, and use full fat milk and sour cream.

Hungarian Chicken Paprikash is a traditional Hungarian dish made from simple ingredients. 

The succulent chicken pieces are simmered in a flavorful sauce made with cream and paprika. 

Traditionally served with Nokedli noodles or parsley potatoes, Hungarian Chicken Paprikash is an incredible comfort food you will crave for all the time. 

Hungarian Goulash is the Hungarian national dish and a must-try for everyone who wants to try the country’s authentic cuisine.

The stew may look simple, but it is packed with spices, making a beautiful change to the same ol’ beef stew.

The ingredients are filling and frugal, as you’ll only need economical cuts of beef, a few onions, carrots, peppers, diced beef, and of course, Hungarian paprika.

Hungarian Paprika Cheese, or Korözött, is delicious and creamy paprika-spiced cheese dip made with goat’s cheese and cottage cheese

Perfect for cheese lovers, this highly addictive dish has a lot of versions, but traditionally, sour cream or butter is added to give it a spreadable consistency.

Lecso, or Hungarian Tomato-Pepper Stew, is a vegetable stew that combines peppers, tomatoes, and paprika. 

This tomato-pepper stew can be served as a side dish, appetizer, or the main meal itself. 

Some cooks preserve Lecso by processing it in a hot water bath to be used in the winter months.

Rakott Krumpli, also called the Hungarian layered potato dish, made with smoked sausage and boiled egg.

It is brought together with sour cream and is baked to perfection.

Often served as a hearty main, Rakott Krumpli can also be served as a side dish or part of a multi-course meal.

Hungarian cuisine is known for its creamy soup, and one of the favorites is Tejfölös Zöldbableves or Green Bean Soup.

Made with green beans, paprika, and sour cream, this soup is a lighter but warm addition to a meal, or you can serve it as the main meal itself.

Karfiolleves, or Hungarian Cauliflower Soup, is a frugal, pantry-friendly soup with dumplings. 

It is creamy and flavorful but complex in taste. 

The soup is made with loads of spices and is certainly unlike any other soup you’ve tried.

Hungarian Meatballs are made using a mixture of pork and beef, and it also incorporates onion, garlic, and peppers.

This dish is tasty and colorful, and the sauce is a mixture of canned tomatoes and sour cream.

Hungarian Meatballs make for a satisfying dinner.

Makos Guba, or Poppy Seed Bread Pudding, is one of Hungary’s most popular desserts.

This bread pudding is traditionally served during Christmas in the Central European region, but in the last decade or so, it has become an everyday food item you can find in many restaurants. 

Since Makos Guba is very easy to prepare, you can also find it served in many Hungarian homes, either the main meal for dinner or as a dessert. 

You find ground poppy seed like what’s called for here. (aff)

Krumplileves, or Hungarian Potato Soup, is a simple soup that requires only a few ingredients, and it is the perfect comfort food for a chilly winter day. 

Small pieces of potatoes are simmered in a broth with bay leaves until tender and mixed with a bit of paprika.

Hungarian Potato Dumplings are crispy and buttery, and they are encased in a delicate breading with a tender and light center. 

The caramelized onions in the recipe add a bit of sweetness to them. 

These potato dumplings are a great appetizer, or you can serve them for brunch.

Hungarian Cucumber Salad is perfect for serving alongside the traditional schnitzel or sausage, but it is also a great side to any chicken or pork dish. 

You can jazz it up by adding different flavor profiles and seasonal vegetables.

Zöldbabfőzelék, or Hungarian Yellow Wax Bean Stew, is an incredible summer vegetarian meal made with yellow wax beans, sour cream, minced garlic, and paprika powder. 

The soup goes well as a side with fried eggs, or you can eat it by itself.

Hungarian Shortbread is made with tender layers of sandy shortbread surrounding a schmear of jam or preserves, making it an irresistible sweet and citrusy treat. 

You can serve this dessert recipe if you want to impress a crowd effortlessly.

Rakott Teszta, or Hungarian Baked Dessert Noodles, is a creamy combination of cottage cheese, eggs, sour cream, sugar, and raisins. 

The dish is baked with melted butter and cooked egg noodles until set. 

Although the recipe is described as a dessert, it can still be served for breakfast or lunch. 

You can make this dessert noodles ahead and reheat them with a change in quality, and it also holds up well in a steam-table pan.

Haluska, or Fried Cabbage & Noodles, is an incredible comfort food made with buttery fried cabbage and noodles tossed with crispy bacon for added flavor. 

Haluska is a dish you can make in just minutes and is perfect for cozy family dinners.

Hungarian Casserole With Potatoes & Sausages is similar to a potato bake.

Made with Csabai sausages, desiree potatoes, eggs, butter, and sour cream, you can serve it as a side dish to a roast. 

Töltött Paprika, or Hungarian Stuffed Peppers, is similar to stuffed cabbage rolls, but instead of using cabbages, it is made with paprika peppers. 

For the stuffing, you can use ground pork or beef and mix them with caramelized onions, garlic, rice, black peppers. 

You can eat the stuffed peppers on its own or serve it as an appetizer.

Almas Pite, or Hungarian Apple Cake, is a tasty dessert ideal for those who want something fruity to eat after finishing their meal. 

Made with shredded apple spiced with cinnamon and lemon, this is a tangy and decadent treat.

Jokai Bableves, or Hungarian Jokai Bean Soup, is made with ham hocks and vegetables. 

Mix the beans with carrots, onions, butter, and paprika.

Serve this soup with bread as an appetizer.

Paloc Soup is thick, meaty, and complex in flavor. 

This traditional Hungarian soup is served hot as a meal with bread and is ideally paired with Hungarian red wine. 

Hungarian Stuffed Cabbage is a savory and hearty comfort food made from rice and ground pork. 

The dish is encased in cabbage and cooked in tomato sauce and sauerkraut. 

Hungarian Stuffed Cabbage makes an incredible appetizer.

24. Langos

Langos, or Fried Hungarian Bread, is best enjoyed while it is warm.

This classic bread is brushed with garlic and then topped with sour cream and cheese. 

Langos is perfect for breakfast or as a snack, and you can pair it with a hot cup of tea or coffee.

Hungarian Paprika Salami comes in different levels of spiciness, and you can choose if you want to make ones that are mild in hotness or so hot that they will make you sweat. 

This salami dish is an incredible main dish, or you can eat it as is while drinking your favorite red wine.

Palacsinta is Hungary’s version of crepes. 

What makes this type of crepe different is that it is finished with a sour cream coating. 

However, you can switch it to cream if you are not a fan of sour cream.

Somlói Galuska, or Hungarian Trifle, is a sweet and delicious dessert prepared according to the country’s traditional recipe. 

Although making it is time-consuming, it is definitely worth it. 

Somlói Galuska can also be served as an afternoon snack.

Dobos Torte is a sweet and creamy cake with thin layers of light sponge filled with rich chocolate buttercream. 

A showy caramel garnish makes it an eye-catching centerpiece you can serve on birthdays and holidays. 

Hungarian Plum Dumplings, also called Szilvas Gomboc, are made with tasty mashed potato dough and breadcrumb crust. 

This recipe is perfect for those who are not into overly sweet desserts.

Kürtőskalács is a deliciously soft and fluffy chimney cake with a crunchy sugar-cinnamon exterior. 

Suitable for home baking, this sweet bread is shaped like a hollow cylinder wrapped around a wooden spit.

31. Fank

If you love donuts, you will certainly be a fan of Fank or Hungarian donuts. 

They are light, with soft centers that are scrumptious. 

These donuts are best paired with coffee or tea and can be eaten as a dessert or snack.

Almas Retes, or Hungarian Apple Strudel, is a fruity, tangy, sweet dessert. 

Perfect for any occasion, this dish has nuts, apples, raisins, and breadcrumbs for that extra crunch.

If you want something light yet filling, you can try the Hungarian Rice Pudding recipe.

Rice puddings are often served as a dessert, but they can also be a delicious breakfast. 

You can increase the egg portion of the recipe if you want a thicker pudding and reduce the honey for a less dessert-like sweetness.

Hideg Meggyleves, or Hungarian Chilled Sour Cherry Soup, is a traditional cold soup that is light, sour, sweet, and creamy. 

This cold soup is usually served on hot summer days, but it is a perfect appetizer all year long.

You can also prepare this cold soup as a smoothie or as a dessert.

Bácskai Rizses Hús is a rich rice pilaf studded with bits of stewed pork. 

This dish is not complete without a side of pickles and a drizzle of grated cheese on top. 

Bácskai Rizses Hús is a great meal to prepare for brunch or dinner.

The bottom line

With thousands of years of development, Hungary is influenced by the heritage of several countries to create a dynamic and copious cuisine that deserves more attention. 

There is more to the Hungarian cuisine than Goulash, as it has a lot to offer, from creamy soups to savory courses. 

So take a culinary trip through the most amazing Hungarian recipes and find the best ingredients for them so that you can impress even the pickiest eaters.

Easy Hungarian Recipe Assortment

Easy Hungarian Recipe Assortment

Did you grow up enjoying Hungarian recipes? Try one of these delicious and authentic dishes from Hungary (the Hungarian Mushroom Soup is to die for).


  • Hungarian Mushroom Soup
  • Hungarian Chicken Paprikash
  • Hungarian Goulash
  • Hungarian Paprika Cheese
  • Lecso
  • Rakott Krumpli
  • Hungarian Green Bean Soup
  • Karfiolleves
  • Hungarian Meatballs
  • Makos Guba
  • Krumplileves
  • Hungarian Potato Dumplings
  • Hungarian Cucumber Salad
  • Zöldbabfőzelék
  • Hungarian Shortbread
  • Rakott Teszta
  • Haluska
  • Hungarian Casserole With Potatoes & Sausages
  • Töltött Paprika
  • Almas Pite
  • Jokai Bableves
  • Paloc Soup
  • Hungarian Stuffed Cabbage
  • Langos
  • Hungarian Paprika Salami
  • Palacsinta
  • Somlói Galuska
  • Hungarian Dobos Torte
  • Hungarian Plum Dumplings
  • Kürtőskalács
  • Fank
  • Almas Retes
  • Hungarian Rice Pudding
  • Hideg Meggyleves
  • Bácskai Rizses Hús


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