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35 Delicious Ways To Use Flatbread

35 Delicious Ways To Use Flatbread

If you want to switch up your go-to comfort food, these delicious ways to use flatbread will prove that pizza and wraps come in many shapes and flavors!

Flatbreads are pizza-like foods that are usually smaller and a bit more sophisticated than your standard round pizza.

Yes, their similarities are undeniable.

But of course, you might be curious as to what, exactly, sets them apart.

Unlike pizza, which has a thick, chewy crust, flatbread has a thin, flat texture because it is often baked without yeast.

Flatbreads are available in various shapes and sizes.

Pita bread, naan, roti, and focaccia are some of the most popular and widely consumed flatbreads.

They all have a rich flavor that complements many different sauces, spices, and garnishes.

From traditional toppings like tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese to gourmet options like olive tapenade and goat cheese, flatbreads offer a blank slate for your culinary creativity.

I just burned the crap out of a goat cheese flatbread that I was baking in my toaster oven. Oh, well. At least it wasn’t homemade. 

These flatbread recipes shine as lively gourmet starters, leisurely midday meals, or simple dinner options.

Have a piece of Lebanese Falafel Wrap With Tahini Dressing if you’re craving some out-of-the-ordinary flavor profile.

And if you’re just into classic flavors, BLT Flatbread is a perfect choice!

Yet, my top pick is #33; meaty, spicy, saucy goodness all in a single slice of this flatbread—how awesome is that?

So, let’s start!

This flatbread dish is sweetened by roasted grapes and balanced by the nuttiness of Gouda cheese.

Pure maple syrup, herbs, and shallots hold everything together.

Exceptional flavor and creativity in a flatbread like this ate why I love trying new recipes.

So, instead of just sautéing the cremini mushrooms here, you will first sear them until they are deep golden brown on one side.

With this method, the flatbreads’ delicious, umami-rich mushroom taste is brought out.

Flatbread with smoked salmon is a gorgeous appetizer, ready in just a few minutes.

Cheese’s smooth, buttery flavor against salmon’s smokiness; dill is bright and fresh along with capers’ brine and the pleasant onion crunch—oh-la-la!

This meal concept takes the salty-cured pastrami from rye bread and places it on a thin, flaky flatbread.

Swiss cheese, zesty pickles, and a tangy dressing are standard toppings.

The result is a unique spin on flatbread that would delight any pastrami fan.

If you have the time and energy, making herbed butter is an excellent way to keep ingredients fresh and avoid wasting fresh herbs.

Whether you create it yourself or reach for your trusted brand, herbed butter is an easy way to give your next flatbread dish a buttery, herby layer of flavor.

You can’t have spicy curry without some warm, garlicky naan.

This Indian flatbread always pleases a crowd because of its aromatic warmth and supple texture.

Nothing beats this tasty bread for scooping up a pot of savory stew.

It’s everything I love about a chicken caesar salad, but I can even eat it with my hands!

The arugula’s crispness plays well off the tender strips of charred juicy chunks of chicken and croutons that are coated in a spicy garlic dressing.

The key to juicy, aromatic gyros is the yogurt marinade.

Marinating the chicken in a mixture of yogurt, minced garlic, oregano, and black pepper makes it succulent and flavorful.

White wine vinegar and freshly squeezed lemon juice add a nice tang, and a drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil is the perfect way to round out the dish.

All the flavor of classic Jalapeno poppers is packed into these flatbreads, but they’re way heartier and don’t require deep-frying at all.

With just the right amount of heat, a delectable, cheesy center, and a satisfying crunch from bacon pieces can make these the best snack ever!

You’ll be in for a pleasant surprise after caramelizing the pears and onions!

It’s irresistible after baking with the melty cheeses, and the final touch of brie cheese brings welcome earthy and nutty notes to the otherwise sweet flavors.

Who says scampi are just for pasta?

One taste of this meal is like devouring a slice of garlic bread and shrimp scampi all at once.

All the yummy garlicky creaminess of shrimp scampi, with the bonus of the ease and pleasure of a flatbread, is right here—incredible!

This flatbread needs no fancy toppings; it tastes terrific all by itself.

It appears golden and crisp on the outside, but it’s actually quite fluffy and light on the inside.

The herbaceous flavor of rosemary combined with the saltiness of sea salt is all that’s needed to keep you coming back for more.

Bruschetta can be used for more than just topping toast.

This Italian delicacy is a wonderful match for mild, creamy cheeses like burrata because of its brightness, tanginess, and herbaceousness.

And the warm, milky Naan flatbread is the perfect backdrop for showcasing both!

A perfectly cooked egg is delicious on its own, but it also makes a terrific cheese substitute when combined with the tart balsamic and crisp flavors of tomatoes and avocado.

If you want to load up your flatbread with protein and yummy yolks, feel free to crack as many eggs as you can put on them.

Here, the hummus brings a light nuttiness and some moisture to the dish without taking center stage.

Instead, it brings harmony to the delightful brine of the feta and the robust sweetness of the sun-dried tomatoes.

Also, it adds a visual and flavorful punch to the pesto.

Change things up with your usual buffalo wings and serve it on flatbread instead!

The Greek yogurt drizzles, and the avocado in this entree mellow out the spiciness making it enjoyable for every bite.

Depending on how hot you prefer things, adjust the proportion of yogurt to buffalo sauce.

There is the usual grilled-cheese sandwich, and then there is the EXCELLENT grilled-cheese flatbread sandwich!

This recipe calls for ghee to impart this sandwich with a distinctly rich, buttery, and nutty taste.

Pesto’s superb brightness and liveliness come from the fresh herbs used to make it.

It’s simple to whip up, and pairs nicely with many other foods, but those soft flatbreads are absolutely divine with it.

Sprinkling some red pepper flakes on peppery arugula can send your taste buds into tingling heat.

Golden, chewy flatbread is slathered in garlicky, herbaceous oil and provides a scrumptious base for flavorful artichoke hearts, fruity tomato slices, and spinach.

This flatbread pairs wonderfully with a crunchy Kale Salad, giving you a balanced, light meal.

This warm and sticky chocolate and banana wrap is both breakfast and dessert in one irresistible piece!

Wrapped on warm, toasty flatbread, the decadent combination of chocolate spread and ripe banana slices is a delightful indulgence.

Toasted bread, juicy tomato slices, and crisp lettuce contrast the meaty, greasy bacon.

Oh, and BLTs aren’t limited to buns.

Much simpler, and perhaps much tastier, when transformed into a BLT Flatbread— hmm!

You might think falafels are challenging to make because of how vital the texture is if you’ve never cooked them before.

The ideal result is a gorgeous crispy exterior and a beautiful, juicy interior.

Okay, well, I think this recipe will get you there!

Pupusas are flatbreads made of masa harina that can be filled with anything from meat to beans and cheese.

While the dough used in pupusas has a mild flavor, the filling is where the dish really shows its best side in terms of taste.

The term “fattoush” is derived from the Arabic word “fatteh,” which means “crumbs.”

This one, on the other hand, incorporates crunchy flatbread ribbons for textural layering.

Toasted flatbread and sumac, a tangy Middle Eastern spice, set this salad apart.

This salad has so much flavor that you can create a dinner out of it by adding a simple grilled protein like fish drizzled with lemon juice.

Making tuna melts on flatbread are a step above the ordinary.

What do you think of when you see the word “melt” in a recipe?


Cheese galore and flavorful tuna salad; enjoy every bite!

Taco Flatbread is a fun twist on your regular pizza or taco night.

You’ll have the best of both worlds with just one recipe!

Enjoy it with a side of guacamole and your preferred taco fixings; dig in!

Meaty steak, sweet bell peppers, caramelized onions, and melty cheese nestled on soft bread—how could anyone say no?

You can’t get any cozier than a snacky meal of steak and cheese.

It never ceases to amaze me that a fruit as mild as a pear can successfully balance out the robust flavor of Gorgonzola.

Not to mention the unbeatable scrumptiousness of prosciutto, with its buttery, salty flavor.

I enjoy savory and sweet flavors, and if there’s cheese involved, I’m even happier!

Shawarma literally translates to “turning” in Arabic.

You can compare shawarma to a burrito or taco but with a Middle Eastern flair.

Traditionally, the meat is seasoned and then grilled on a vertical rotisserie that rotates while it cooks.

Thin slices are cut from the slab of beef after the exterior has been grilled nicely.

This flatbread dish is a feast for the eyes and a welcome addition to any flatbread recipe book.

Everything you’re getting here is good stuff for you, and there’s a lot of it!

Tasty and smoky artichoke hearts, kalamata olives, and juicy cherry tomatoes with bell peppers are the best!

Black olives, sun-dried tomatoes, and feta cheese are the first things that come to me when I think of Mediterranean flavors.

It’s mild in flavor and usually has elements of briney richness.

So that’s why it complements this flatbread so well!

This flatbread has all the hallmarks of a gourmet pizza in a posh restaurant.

Salty prosciutto, sugary figs, and spicy arugula are nestled within a crispy crust studded with shreds of parmesan cheese for a savory bite and a tangy finish.

It’s the peanut sauce that’s both salty and rich, umami-packed, that makes this flatbread spectacular!

Combining silky peanut butter with savory soy sauce, sweet honey, and fiery Sriracha yields a lusciously smooth, spicy-sweet taste.

You may adjust the heat to your comfort and add honey if you’d like it sweeter.

The flavors in this dish are tried and true, and you can count on them every time!

Baking the egg on top of the ham and cheese on the bread brings out the best in all of the ingredients.

Grilling season or not, this grilled sausage, apple, and goat cheese pizza is phenomenal!

Although grilling flatbreads isn’t exactly a popular practice, it’s well worth it because it enriches the bread’s savory flavors while the sausage and apples are also lending their flavors to the bread.

The bottom line

Wow, there are so many delicious ways to use flatbread you can choose from!

Want to know even more about flat bread? Here are some fun facts: 

Flatbreads are an incredibly versatile and delicious food enjoyed in many cultures around the world. Here are some fun facts about flatbread recipes:

  1. Flatbreads have been around for thousands of years and were likely one of the earliest forms of bread. They were originally made by mixing water and grain and cooking the mixture on a hot stone.
  2. There are many different types of flatbreads, including naan, pita, lavash, tortillas, and roti.
  3. And according to ScienceDirect, a few unlikely candidates for the flatbread category? English muffins, crumpets, and pretzels!
  4. Flatbreads can be made with a wide variety of flours, including wheat, corn, rice, and chickpea flour. This makes them a great option for people with dietary restrictions or preferences.
  5. Flatbreads can be eaten on their own, used as a wrap or sandwich bread, or used as a base for toppings like cheese, vegetables, and meats.
  6. Many cultures have unique and delicious flatbread recipes, such as Indian paratha, Ethiopian injera, and Turkish gözleme.

Overall, flatbreads are a delicious and versatile food that can be enjoyed in many different ways!

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35 Delicious Ways To Use Flatbread

35 Delicious Ways To Use Flatbread

If you want to switch up your go-to comfort food, these delicious ways to use flatbread will prove that pizza and wraps come in many forms!


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