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30 EASY Curry Recipes That’ll Make Your Taste Buds Explode! 🤯

30 EASY Curry Recipes That’ll Make Your Taste Buds Explode! 🤯

If you’re in the mood to try something new and exciting, then this list of the Best Curry Recipes will let you venture into the wonderfully flavorful world of curries.

Ahhh, curry. What would life be without this beautiful spice?

Nothing—literally, nothing would taste good.

It’s just that delicious! 

While you all normally think of Indian curries, it turns out this is a spice that can be used in many, many dishes.

And with a flavor that can hold its own, it’s a great match for other bland foods. 

As a matter of fact, curry is a dish that has a long, rich history, and people will argue for days about what makes a curry authentic. 

But despite all the debate, one thing is certain: curries are delicious.

Whenever you want a bit more flavor and zing added to an otherwise plate, curry dishes will ALWAYS work wonders.

Some exciting recipes from this list worth giving a try; are the Spicy Shrimp Curry, the Japanese Chicken Curry Udon, and the Mango Pistachio Curry Ice Cream.

Take a look at #28 and experience for yourself how savory a curry dish recipe can be.

So, what are you waiting for?

Try these 30 curry recipes that’ll make your taste buds have a blast, or at least have you hurrying to the store to buy curry powder.

If you love Indian food, you’ll be excited to hear that this Cauliflower Curry recipe is as easy to make at home as it is to order at your favorite Indian restaurant. 

Best of all, this cauliflower curry is made with simple ingredients, including items you probably already have in your pantry.

You can also prepare this ahead and reheat it for later or keep it in the freezer for six months.

If you’re new to vindaloo, you might be wondering what it is exactly.

I mean, we all know what curry is—the umbrella term for a range of Indian dishes with a saucy base and tons of spices. 

But what’s so special about vindaloo? 

Well, vindaloo is renowned for being exceptionally spicy, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be customized to your liking.

One of the greatest things about dal is the mix of spices. 

Whether you’re making yellow lentil dal or masoor dal, it’s all about the flavor combinations. 

And there are also possible combinations that you can pretty much make in an infinite number of ways!

When we think of recipes for curry, we often assume that it’s complicated to make and that the ingredients list is going to be super long. 

But with this recipe, it’s actually the opposite!

The most fragrant, creamy tomato sauce envelops tender pieces of chicken in this super easy, stovetop butter chicken recipe.

If you’re into Thai food, there’s a good chance that Thai Green Curry is one of your favorites.

The reason is simple: it’s bright and fresh, with complex flavors that are balanced by just a little bit of heat. 

In fact, this dish is healthy, too!

So if you’re looking for unconventional curry meal ideas, this is it!

When you’re out of time but still want to cook something tasty, Fish Curry With Okra And Eggplant is the perfect dish. 

It’s quick, easy, and delicious.

The great thing here is that this recipe eliminates the need to make a spice paste or grind up spices—simply chop everything up and stir-fry in one pot.

Do you know what’s the best feeling?

When you’re craving something sweet, salty, spicy, and crunchy all at once.

That’s why this Coconut Curry Pepita brittle recipe is here—so you can have your cake and eat it too with just a touch of spice.

This recipe is so easy, but it makes a huge impact. 

Have you ever had a curry dish that just blew your mind?

I mean, one that is so full of flavor and texture and just makes you want to go in for a second bite immediately? 

This Spicy Shrimp Curry is like that.

It’s filled with juicy shrimp, an extra flavorful sauce, and all of the spices! 

And the best way to enjoy this dish is with rice and garlic naan.

Among the things, you will love most about Thai food is its balance of flavors.

There’s always a bit of something sweet, something salty, something sour, and something spicy. 

And yes—this Thai red curry noodle soup hits all those notes perfectly!

It’s warm and comforting, so it’s an excellent meal for cool days, but because it uses fresh lime juice, it’s also incredibly refreshing for hot days.

This easy Mango Chicken Curry is the quickest way to get a deliciously balanced curry on the table.

The mango and chicken combo will give you sweet and savory flavors in every bite.

Also, this recipe uses fresh mango, coconut milk, and lean chicken breast for a rich but not overly sweet curry that you can throw together in just 30 minutes.

Curry Puffs are the ultimate snack!

They’re stuffed with a mildly spicy ground pork mixture and baked in flaky pastry.

Mild curry and coriander/cilantro flavors dominate the dish. 

It’s not overly hot, nor is it overly spicy-but the flavors match perfectly.

If you love curry recipes or Indian food in general, then you’ll also love these curry puffs!

So, what is Japanese Curry?

Japanese Curry is a style of making curry that’s slightly on the sweet side and very warm and aromatic. 

This recipe highlights roux, a mixture of butter, flour, and curry powder that you cook until the butter and flour are golden browns, and the spices are toasted. 

This Curried Hummus Flatbread with roasted cauliflower and olive date relish is a serious flavor bomb!

The flatbread features tahini, curry powder, and lemon juice—some of the all-time favorite hummus ingredients.

The result is a crispy, savory flatbread that packs a major zing.

There’s nothing like a big bowl of udon noodle soup when it comes to comforting food.

It’s perfect for cold days, and you can load it up with all of your favorite toppings to make it even more delicious.

And what you’ll love in this recipe is that it is so warm and soothing.

It’s packed full of flavor too!

If you’ve been to any Indian restaurant or any Indian home, you’ve probably tried some version of this dish.

Chicken Masala is a tasty and satisfying dish that you can make at home—and it’s surprisingly easy!

It is a dish that is basic in its use of whole spices and ingredients to bring out the complex flavors of curry. 

You can also intensify the flavors of the spices, onions, garlic, tomatoes, and ginger in this dish by cooking them down until they form a paste.

Beef Korma is a dish that just won’t quit.


Because it’s delicious, and it’s so easy to make.

Beef Korma is a glorious, glistening dish that will impress your friends and maybe even win you your crush’s heart.

This recipe is super simple and flexible, so it’s perfect for cooking on a weeknight.

If you’re looking for something delicious and sophisticated that’s different from your usual curry meal ideas, try this Paneer Tomato Curry. 

Unlike other curries, it’s less creamy.

It is a bright, tangy side dish that goes well with other Indian food or even on its own. 

The flavor is delicate and full of nuance, and the texture is crisp and fresh. 

If you’re looking for a delicious, easy-to-make side dish that will blow your mind, look no further than this Egg Curry!

Making this curry is a piece of cake—you’ll just need some boiled eggs, some onions and tomatoes, and a few spices. 


You’ve got yourself an egg tomato masala that is simultaneously mouthwatering and satiating.

If you’re a vegetarian, you’ve probably heard of Dal Makhani.

It’s basically the gold standard of lentil-based Indian food—and not just any lentil-based Indian food, but the kind that’s reserved for special occasions.

Dal makhani is a rich, spiced stew that almost always includes tomatoes and cream.

You can enjoy this dish with rice or naan bread.

Ever wondered what exactly makes Sri Lankan food so popular?

This chicken curry recipe is beloved nationwide in Sri Lanka, where it is the star of all the national parties and gatherings. 

The base of many other dishes, this authentic Sri Lankan chicken curry recipe is spicy, slightly tangy, aromatic, and so good.

So, if you think you like spicy dishes, wait till you try Sri Lankan food! 

If you haven’t yet had a Beef Keema, you’re in for an exciting culinary experience!

This incredibly flavorful ground beef curry with peas and potatoes is the definition of comfort food and is easy to make.

This curry recipe dish pairs well with so many things: roti or naan bread, basmati rice, or some plain yogurt on the side.

While curry powder may not be the first spice that comes to mind when you think of holiday desserts, it should be!

The warm and spicy flavors of the curry powder contrast perfectly with the cool air and snow outside.

These shortbread cookies are super easy to make—and they are so delicious that you’ll just want to keep eating them until they’re all gone!

With its rich, savory flavors, curry is one of the most delicious things in the world, but it’s not exactly what you’d consider a dessert.

This recipe is out to change that!

Curry ice cream might sound a little odd, but the mango preserves give it a firm place in the world of sweets.

As a bonus, this recipe has pistachios and candied mango for crunch and sweetness, perfect for people who prefer to have a little texture in their desserts.

Curried Chicken Kebabs are a great way to add some spice (in the curry and turmeric sense) to your usual weekend routine.

Made with low-fat natural yogurt, freshly squeezed lemon juice, and a hint of ginger and garlic, they’re hearty and delicious.

These kebabs are also perfect for any occasion. 

So, the next time you’re looking for new curry ideas, make some of these curried chicken kebabs!

This Curried Apple Walnut Chutney recipe is perfect when you’re in the mood for something a little spicy.

It’s a sweet and savory combination of apples, onions, fresh ginger, dried cranberries, raisins, and walnuts that is spiced with curry powder and turmeric.

For those who are looking for a flavorful addition to complement meat or fish, this chutney will be a welcome ingredient.

Mac and cheese is a dish that just always hits the spot.

But sometimes, you just want a little something more. 

Like, for example, the rich depth of flavor you get from a good masala curry!

Vegan masala curry mac and cheese perfectly combines two fantastic cuisines: Indian and Western. 

In this recipe, you’ll get the rich, creamy, velvety sauce you love with some extra spice and sass from the masala curry.

Do you want a change from the same old beef and chicken dishes?

Then dust off your slow-cooker and get ready to discover a whole new world of the hearty, savory cold day bliss.

This slow-cooker dish has everything you need to make it through the gloomy months: Lamb and sweet potatoes.

Loaded with juicy, tender bites of lamb shoulder and paired with chunks of sweet potato for a savory-sweet combo, this curry will have you scraping every last bit from your bowl!

Looking to impress your date, your friends, or maybe yourself with a delicious and beautiful meal?

These Vegan Red Curry Braided Dumplings will do the trick.

They’re packed with fragrant curry flavor and are super easy to make.

The filling is a simple mix of veggies, tofu, and some spices that you can easily find at your local grocery store. 

Creamy, rich, and hearty, Kofta Curry is a perfect dinner recipe! 

Sure, it may not be the easiest recipe to make, but this recipe is worth the effort.

Slow-cooked with yogurt and cream, along with a sauce that is rich and decadent, this dish is perfect over rice or even served with a side of naan!

You can also make this kofta curry on the weekend to have leftovers to enjoy during the week.

The bottom line

With that said, you might want to think about changing your thoughts about curry.

If you only eat it at restaurants, you’re missing out on a whole slew of delicious dishes.

And once you realize how versatile curry can be, you’ll wonder why you haven’t been using it more often. 

After all, there’s no reason not to start cooking with curry today.

Try one of these recipes the next time you’re in the mood for something new, and we guarantee that you’ll never view curry the same way again.

So, if ever you reach for a jar of curry powder, think back on this list.

It’s worth it and will make your food taste better.

30 Easy Curry Recipe

30 Easy Curry Recipe

30 Curry Recipes so easy to make that you will realize how versatile curry can be; you'll wonder why you haven't been using it more often!


  • Chicken Curry
  • Creamy Cauliflower Coconut Curry
  • Pork Vindaloo
  • Coconut Red Lentil Dal
  • Stovetop Butter Chicken
  • Thai Green Curry
  • Fish Curry With Okra And Eggplant
  • Coconut Curry Pepita (Pumpkin Seeds) Brittle
  • Spicy Shrimp Curry
  • Thai Red Curry Noodle Soup
  • Mango Chicken Curry
  • Curry Puffs
  • Japanese Curry (Kare)
  • Hummus Curry Flatbread
  • Japanese Chicken Curry Udon
  • Chicken Masala
  • Beef Korma
  • Paneer Tomato Curry
  • Egg Curry
  • Quick Dal Makhani
  • Sri Lankan Curry
  • Beef Keema
  • Curry Shortbread Cookies
  • Mango Pistachio Curry Ice Cream
  • Curried Chicken Kebabs
  • Curried Apple Walnut Curried Chutney
  • Vegan Masala Curry Mac And Cheese
  • Slow Cooker Lamb And Sweet Potato Curry
  • Vegan Red Curry Braided Dumplings
  • Kofta Curry (Beef Meatball Curry)


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