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21 Valentine’s Day Dessert Recipes For Someone Special (That’s You!)

21 Valentine’s Day Dessert Recipes For Someone Special (That’s You!)

Valentine’s Day dessert recipes are quite possibly the most decadent, extravagant, and delicious recipes of all the holidays combined! 

No matter what relationships you are celebrating from friendship love to family love to romantic love, desserts are always appropriate and welcome! 

Some Valentine’s Day dessert recipes are long and involved while others are quick and easy but look fabulous. 

Valentine’s Day baking could involve cake pans or cookie sheets. 

But one thing is sure, Valentine’s Day baking is appreciated and considered a labor of love. 

I have pulled together 21 Valentine’s dessert ideas here that run the gamut from elegant and fancy to cute and whimsical so that there would be Valentine’s Day treat ideas included no matter what your situation calls for. 

I know that there are often a lot of hidden expectations that swirl around this holiday, so I am working hard to choose things to do for others that fill me with love in the process. 

Remember that a small deed of kindness creates ripples that will reach much farther than we could ever know. 

A little Valentine’s Day dessert can go a long way in showing love, saying I’m sorry or brightening someone’s day! 

From the chocolate-lover’s delight in #21 to the kid-in-all-of-us-friendly Valentine’s Puppy Chow, to the easy but eye-popping Valentine’s Day Trifle to the little bites of heaven in the Mini Chocolate Cheesecakes, you’ll find one of these Valentine’s Day Dessert Recipes to suit your (cupid’s) fancy!

Onto the baking!

1. Flourless Chocolate Cake

This seems like the most obvious of Valentine’s Day desserts—a decadent, fudgy, flourless chocolate cake with a silky chocolate ganache glaze, dusting of powdered sugar and fruit on top!

If you like rich, dense and divine desserts, this is the ONE!

2. Swirl Valentine’s Day Cake

Festive, fun and colorful Valentine’s dessert ideas definitely describe this swirl cake! 

This recipe has some shortcuts that get you out of the kitchen quicker or allow your kiddos to help in the making both before and after the baking!

If it’s Bundt all day at your house, try this list out!

3. Chocolate Berry Cups

If romance is in the air for your Valentine’s Day baking, these chocolate souffles for two will indeed do nicely! 

The batter can be made ahead of time and the raspberry sauce goes perfectly with the rich chocolate! 

Pull those ramekins out, it’s time to bake!

4. Chocolate Soufflés for Two

Wanting something chocolatey but a little on the less cakey side of Valentine’s Day dessert recipes? 

No problem. 

These chocolate berry cups allow you to pick your favorite chocolate chips and favorite fruits.

Your mini-muffin tin is making dessert!

5. Valentine Puppy Chow

Fun is in with many Valentine’s Day treat ideas like this valentine puppy chow! 

Who can resist a handful of red, pink and white treats? 

The creative twist here is coating one set of chex with strawberry cake mix powder for a strawberry taste throughout. 


6. Easy Chocolate Covered Cherries

Maraschino cherries are popular toppings for Valentine’s Day desserts. 

Here they are nestled inside the dessert, inside a white sugar paste that is chilled and then dipped into melted chocolate. 

Beautiful and tasty!

7. Valentine’s Raspberry Chocolate Truffles

No bake Valentine’s Day dessert recipes are great options too, like these truffles! 

They use golden Oreo cookies, chocolate of several varieties and some raspberry syrup along with cream cheese and powdered sugar! 

Relatively simple but they look extravagant!

8. Valentine’s Marshmallow Pops

If you’ve got kids around, Valentine’s Day baking can look a little different. 

More specifically here, Valentine’s Day dunking with large marshmallows, sticks, melted chocolate and Valentine themed sprinkles! 

Cute and no utensils needed!

9. DLux Mini Dessert Cups Black Forest Cake

Single serving Valentine’s dessert ideas are super helpful if you are in the midst of getting Valentine’s dinner together as well. 

Here black forest cake is layered with whipped cream and cherries in individual cups.

Excellent tips for a decadent dessert!

10. Easy Valentine’s Day Bark

Bark has made its way onto many a Christmas table so since Valentine’s Day treat ideas borrow from other seasonal favorites, we now have Valentine’s Day bark.  

This recipe uses candy melts, strawberry wafers, cream cheese, M&Ms and sprinkles! 


11. Easy Valentine Trifle Dessert

Trifles are great Valentine’s Day desserts! 

This recipe includes raspberries, strawberries, pink pudding, whipping cream and cake! 

Colorful, light and refreshing! 

Needs a couple hours to chill before serving!

12. 2-Ingredient Strawberry Fudge

Gifts using Valentine’s Day dessert recipes can sometimes be messy. 

But not so with this lovely fudge. 

Fantastically simple to make with melted white chocolate chips and strawberry frosting! 

Pour out into a dish, add sprinkles to your liking and chill.

13. Valentine’s Day Oreo Pops

Cute, cute, cute Valentine’s Day treat ideas are always portable and these casual but classy and kid friendly Oreos on a stick are whimsical as well! 

Anchor an Oreo on a long stick, dip into colored candy melts and add sprinkles or icing drizzle of another color for the wow factor!

14. Rice Krispie Valentine Hearts

Rice Krispie bars are a favorite treat of kids both young and old and lend themselves easily to Valentine’s dessert ideas! 

This recipe gives ideas of how to cut, dip in chocolate and decorate heart shaped Rice Krispie bars. 

Sweet and a bit lighter in the chocolate department!  

15. Mini Chocolate Cheesecakes

Mini-size any kind of Valentine’s Day dessert recipes and an instant winner is born!

Especially when it comes to cheesecake! 

These finger friendly cheesecake bites have an Oreo crust, chocolate cheesecake filling and a myriad of different topping options with lots of mix and match items!

16. Valentines Day Chocolate Strawberries

People spend an exorbitant amount of money on buying chocolate covered strawberries, a highlight of Valentine’s Day desserts! 

Now you can decorate these with ease at home! 

All that is needed are washed and dried strawberries, colored candy melts and valentine sprinkles. 

Let your imagination soar!

17. Chocolate Dipped Brownie Hearts

Brownies for Valentine’s Day baking that start with a box mix and include extra chocolate at several turns means I am all in! 

Luscious brownies that are then dipped in chocolate and embellished are almost too gorgeous and decadent to be picked up.  


18. Valentine Crinkle Cookies

Perhaps cookies are your jam for Valentine’s Day baking! 

If so, these crinkle cookies are soft, chewy and oh so addicting! 

They are cake mix cookies, in either strawberry, vanilla or chocolate, that are then rolled in powdered sugar and baked. 

Gel food coloring is the secret for vibrant color! 

19. Valentine’s Day Cheesecake Bars

I could not have a list of Valentine’s dessert ideas without at least one bar recipe! 

Oh, and this one is fantastic! 

Pink swirls on top of cheesecake filling and a graham cracker crust! 

Eye catching and charming!

20. Cupid’s Cloud – A Valentine’s Day Dessert

Valentine’s Day treat ideas sometimes need a spoon as in the case of this fluffy dessert sometimes referred to as raspberry fool. 

It is a combination of frozen raspberries, whipped cream, sugar and vanilla! 

Vintage cups or champagne coupes take the presentation to the next level!

21. Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies

I leave you with this last entry of two combined Valentine’s Day desserts, cheesecake and brownies. 

The end result is a fudgy brownie with a creamy cheesecake filling swirled together with a hint of red velvet! 

21 ROMANTIC Valentine’s Day Dessert

21 ROMANTIC Valentine’s Day Dessert

In our list of Valentine's recipes, you’ll find one of these Valentine’s Day Dessert Recipes to suit your (cupid’s) fancy!


  • Flourless Chocolate Cake
  • Swirl Valentine's Day Cake
  • Chocolate Berry Cups
  • Chocolate Soufflés for Two
  • Valentine Puppy Chow
  • Easy Chocolate Covered Cherries
  • Valentine's Raspberry Chocolate Truffles
  • Valentine’s Marshmallow Pops
  • DLux Mini Dessert Cups Black Forest Cake
  • Easy Valentine’s Day Bark
  • Easy Valentine Trifle Dessert
  • 2-Ingredient Strawberry Fudge
  • Valentine's Day Oreo Pops
  • Rice Krispie Valentine Hearts
  • Mini Chocolate Cheesecakes
  • Valentine’s Day Chocolate Strawberries
  • Chocolate Dipped Brownie Hearts
  • Valentine Crinkle Cookies
  • Valentine's Day Cheesecake Bars
  • Cupid’s Cloud - A Valentine’s Day Dessert
  • Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies


  1. ​​Choose one or more options from our list of Valentine’s Day Dessert Recipes here!
  2. Create your favorite romantic treats.
  3. Pat yourself on the back for making Valentine’s food at home for you to enjoy!
  4. Share and comment!

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