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11 Best Fromage Blanc Recipes

11 Best Fromage Blanc Recipes

From crowd-pleasing entrées to decadent desserts, find and try some of the best Fromage Blanc recipes around the internet here!

Looking for a versatile ingredient to add to your basic recipes?

Here is one you would be crazy to pass up–Fromage Blanc!

Literally translated to white cheese, Fromage Blanc is a soft and spreadable cheese that is made with whole or skimmed milk and cream. 

This cheese variety originated from the north of France and southern Belgium but is now well-loved by many people around the world. 

In fact, people, not just French, love to use it in entrees, dips, and desserts as well.

As per its flavor profile, Fromage Blanc is like a cross between cream cheese and yogurt with a milky and tangy taste, perfect for mixing it up in both savory and sweet dishes. 

From breakfast to dinner, you can use Fromage Blanc in a wide variety of recipes, including the delicious Savory Filo Cheese Cups and the underrated Herbed Fromage Blanc on this list!

Every mealtime will surely be a hit among your family and guests.

Tired of your same old Pasta Bolognese?

Add a generous amount of Fromage Blanc!

There are even two kinds of cake I included on this list!

Indulge your sweet tooth, yes?

Remember to save room for dessert because #11 on this list is definitely a sweet but guilt-free treat.

You know you’re in for a great meal when your starter is this appetizing.

This tangy combination of pepper and cheese is quite irresistible.

Ingredients include: Olive oil, gypsy peppers, egg, parsley, tarragon, chives

The crunch of the pastry cup, coupled with the creamy filling, is seriously a solid 10 in my book.

Color me amazed; this is like a party in my mouth.

It also looks so cute; it will be gorgeous on a table or a pass-around appetizer at parties.

Ingredients include: Phyllo pastry sheets, heavy whipping cream, eggs, hazelnut oil, rosemary

French cheese? 

In my Italian pasta?

Why not, right?

Scrumptious is quite an understatement for this dish.

As one of the more popular pasta dishes, it has been tried in many ways in different parts of the world, adding various ingredients to make it their own version.

Add Fromage Blanc; it will make you wonder why you’ve never tried it before!

Ingredients include: Italian sausage, ground beef, red wine, cherry tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil

Are you a fish fan?

Well, say no more!

This is one that will definitely make your day.

The smokey flavor of the salmon and the tangy cheese are a match made in heaven.

Cooked with white vinegar with some sugar, it will tickle your taste buds and keep you coming back for more.

Ingredients include: White wine vinegar, celery, chives, pepper, salt

In just ten minutes, you can prepare this chicken curry dish with a twist.

The milky white cheese softens the spice of the curry.

The spicy-creamy blend will trigger your craving for an exotic flavor. 

Try topping it on rice and feel yourself transcend to curry heaven.

Ingredients include: Olive oil, parsley, curry, salt, pepper

Spread it on sourdough bread or baked potatoes.

It is quite versatile; you can even pair it with fresh radishes.

It has an invigorating taste due to the myriad of herbs combined in it.

Ingredients include: White wine vinegar, creme fraiche, shallot, chervil, chives

It would not take genius to follow this uncomplicated recipe.

It may sound quite simple, but it certainly packs a punch.

Bring it to your game night or movie marathon, and dish it up in a dipping bowl.

Serve with chips, crackers, or crudites.

It will surely steal the show.

Ingredients include: Dill, chives, parsley, garlic, lemon zest

You don’t need to slave away in your kitchen to prepare an awesome dessert.

It is akin to a pound cake but without the fussy way of baking it.

You can add any berry of your choice; there’s no stopping you.

Make it as you please.

It’s the beauty of this recipe; you can modify it to your liking.

Ingredients include: All-purpose flour, almond flour, baking powder, egg, lemon

A delicate cake you can have with your coffee or tea.

Deviating from the more decadent cake previously mentioned, this one is more on the quaint side.

If you like a no-frills kind, this one could be more up your alley.

It’s a far cry from the cheesecakes we have been used to, and you won’t even have to feel guilty about a sugary dessert.

This is not too heavy for an after-dinner cake.

Ingredients include: Butter, sugar, cream, cornstarch, eggs

As luxurious as it sounds, it’s a lovely way to end your meal with a light yet indulgent fruit dessert.

It won’t even take you more than ten minutes to make.

It’s quick and easy to prepare.

So effortlessly good, your tummy will absolutely thank you for it.

Ingredients include: Peaches, nectarine, apricot, cinnamon, ginger

This is a creamy type of dessert that has more citrusy notes.

The acidity of the orange will perk up the creaminess of the white cheese.

Also good enough as a stand-alone dessert, it’s pleasantly zesty and refreshing.

Ingredients include: Oranges, heavy cream, cornstarch, vanilla bean, lemon

The bottom line

From simply using it as a bread spread to adding it to more sophisticated dishes and dessert, you’ll get more adventurous in trying it out.

It is advisable, however, to consume it within five to ten days from opening as it has a short shelf life.

It is recommended to refrigerate it after opening it to avoid spoilage.

Feel free to experiment with the different applications of Fromage Blanc.

With its tangy kick, you will surely find more ways to add it to your dishes.

11 Best Fromage Blanc Recipes

11 Best Fromage Blanc Recipes

From crowd-pleasing entrées to decadent desserts, find and try some of the best Fromage Blanc recipes around the internet here!


  • Gypsy Peppers Stuffed With Fromage Blanc
  • Savory Filo Cheese Cups
  • Pasta Bolognese
  • Smoked Salmon With Fromage Blanc
  • Chicken Cutlets With Fromage Blanc & Curry Sauce
  • Cervelle De Canut
  • Herbed Fromage Blanc
  • Fromage Blanc Cake With Berry Compote
  • Fromage Blanc Cake
  • Spiced Honey With Fresh Fruit & Fromage Blanc
  • Fromage Blanc Mousse


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