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11 Unique Flaming Cocktails 🍸πŸ”₯

11 Unique Flaming Cocktails 🍸🔥

Some cocktail lovers are obsessed with flaming cocktails as they taste good! These 11 drinks offer a delightful effect and have functional reasons as well. 

For one, some high-proof spirits that are put on fire can caramelize the sugars and also burn some of the alcohol. 

This results in delightful smoky tones with nuanced vanilla flavors.

But most of the reason mixologists set cocktails on fire is their coolness and the experience it offers consumers. 

Flaming these cocktails is also merely for entertainment.

But if you want to try these cocktails for yourself, it’s essential to handle them with care, as this can be dangerous. 

There are some guidelines you need to follow when flaming drinks.

For one, make sure that all the ingredients are within reach, as this is the most common mistake people make because they’re not fully prepared to execute the flaming drink.

Secondly, you must practice the intended cocktails without the fire first.

That way, when it’s time to flame them, you’ll be more confident, and you can quickly make the moves without the risks involved. 

Also, tie your hair up and keep pieces of paper or clothing away to ensure that the surrounding is flame-free.

Finally, you must prepare for any worst-case scenario by keeping a fire extinguisher nearby and a bucket of water at bay. 

On top of the dramatic flair that flaming cocktails offer, you’ll notice these drinks’ flavors are enhanced. 

If you want to try it out, start with these 11 flaming drinks!

Try #10, the Flaming Mai Tai, if you want a tarty-flavored cocktail.

This drink gives a different character to its flavor profiles, especially when set on fire. 

A Flaming B-52 drink tastes like caramel because of the combination of whiskey flavors, cream, coffee, and orange. 

All these ingredients blend well so that no single flavor stands out, making the outcome flavorful.

Try a coffee liqueur like Tia Maria coffee, Baileys Irish cream, Grand Marnier orange, and drops of dark overproof rum. 

It’s important to pour the cream slowly over a cold spoon’s back, ensuring that the second layer is undisturbed before pouring in the last layer of alcohol. 

Then you can set this cocktail on fire and serve it with heatproof straw.

This Flaming Lamborghini isn’t for the light-hearted because it’s quite the punchy drink that will undeniably wake you up and ignite your senses. 

Make sure to pour equal parts of the liquors into a cocktail shaker.

You must layer the Sambuca on top to give it that nice licorice flavor. 

The distinct ingredients like star anise in Sambuca give this flaming cocktail character. 

Once you light the cocktail on fire and sip it with a straw, you can add the Blue Curacao and Irish Cream the moment you hit the bottom of the glass. 

These two liquids should be enough to put out the fire.

Keep drinking until everything is consumed.

If you’re into Scotch whiskey, then this blue blazer recipe is a must-try!

This drink offers an acquired taste of bourbon, which has a distinct unforgettable flavor with buttery, malty, and spicy profiles. 

This simple recipe has only a handful of basic ingredients like sweetener and lemon garnish. 

This recipe uses raw sugar or Demerara, cask-strength scotch whiskey, boiling water, and lemon twists. 

It’s important to preheat your glass mugs by adding boiling water and letting them sit for a few minutes. 

Throw out the boiling water and add to the cocktail mixture with the scotch, sugar, and boiling water. 

Ignite with a match and extinguish the flame by covering the mug with another mug. 

Garnish with lemon twists and surprise your guests with a simple flaming cocktail.

This Flaming Wildfire Cocktail is inspired by The Game of Thrones movie. 

You might be wondering why it’s inspired by The Game of Thrones TV series, and that’s because this green cocktail was seen in two significant events in the series. 

One was during the Battle of the Blackwater when Tyrion won, and the second appearance was when Cersei used it for the burning of the Great Sept of Baelor. 

By grabbing a Bacardi 151 rum and mixing it with watermelon vodka and Midori mixture to make it sweeter, this drink is the refreshing melon martini you want during your weeknight get-togethers with friends.

Also known as the Blanchard Old Fashioned, this drink is sweeter than your average Manhattan drink, and this is because of the sweet element and spirit ratio. 

If you love a drink that offers a more citrusy flavor, you should try this flaming orange peel cocktail. 

The orange peel is set on fire to give smoky notes to the bourbon and incorporate some citrus aromas into this concoction. 

You’ll only need an uncomplicated vanilla syrup to add a bit of sweetness to the drink.

Garnish with orange peel and serve flaming so you can WOW your guests during your big or intimate parties.

You won’t get enough of this flaming Ferrari drink that will give you that right buzz when you least expect it. 

It’s a flaming drink that you can whip up in minutes with only three ingredients: white rum, dark rum, and Blue Curacao. 

You’ll undoubtedly enjoy this drink’s bracing bitterness. 

Use an old-fashioned glass and pour the rum into the glass, then pour Blue Curacao into the double-shot glass.

Ignite the rum concoction and sip with a straw quickly. 

Add Blue Curacao into the glass and finish everything.

If you’re into wizardry and anything magical, then this Floo Powder Cocktail will make it worth your while. 

This Harry Potter-inspired drink was because of a scene in the movie when Harry takes the powder and is entirely engulfed in green flames. 

This Harry Potter cocktail lets you light up your rum and put it out quickly by layering it with another liquid like ginger beer. 

The process is simple and only entails putting the 151 rum and absinthe into the cocktail glass.

Flame it up with a lighter and add the “floo powder,” which is the cinnamon, to ignite the fire and impart some notes of cinnamon into the drink. 

Instead of gathering outside the campfire for sweet and chocolatey s’mores, why not liven up your spirits with this flaming s’mores cocktail?

It’s just like the original s’mores recipe but with a good, alcoholic kick that will make your colder nights more memorable and fun. 

You can start by crushing graham crackers finely, mixing with hot chocolate mix, and rimming the cold martini glass first. 

Combine cream, chocolate liqueur, vodka, and ice in a shaker and shake vigorously so all ingredients are well-incorporated. 

Float the high-proof alcohol, skewer three marshmallows, and let them rest on the side of the glass—flame!

This fun and bubbly cocktail drink is another fiery addition to your late-night parties with friends and family.

You’ll undeniably enjoy the spiced rum in this drink mixed with bitters, honey, smashed blackberries, and spices. 

And did you know that this is another Harry Potter-inspired drink?

So if you’re a fan of the movie, you’ll want to whip up this drink while binging on Harry Potter movies or books.

Smash the blackberries, put all ingredients in one glass, and add rosemary if you prefer.

Shake vigorously, strain, and serve in a wine or goblet-style glass.

The classic mai tai cocktail offers intense, tarty flavors from the mix of rum, lime, and orange. 

However, it’s not an overly sweet cocktail because you can constantly adjust the taste to your liking. 

Overall, it’s a beautifully layered tipple that will make you sip it all night long over great conversations. 

You need a prominent rum to make this recipe.

And for this, use Appleton eight-year-old rum, Plantation three-star white rum, dry curacao, orgeat, simple syrup, and fresh lime juice. 

The taste is robust because of the prominent rum, but with some citrus and tarty profiles in the backend.

Did you know that the original Dr. Pepper is a mixture of 23 various flavors?

This is why this drink’s flavor is hard to describe!

But one thing’s for sure, though, it has a hint of licorice and cherry, and when set on fire, it tastes even better as the flavors are enhanced. 

Plus, you only need three ingredients for this cocktail: amaretto, 151 proof rum, and a glass beer. 

You only need to pour the amaretto into the glass while slowly pouring the 151 proof rum next for the second layer.

Then put the shot glass into the wide beer mug, pour the amaretto into the mug, surround the shot glass, and fill it. 

Light it up and drink after blowing the fire off.

The bottom line

If you’re bored of traditional cocktail drinks, try setting your drinks on fire for that exciting and unique flair.

Remember to practice safety measures first before trying out these flaming cocktail drinks.

Unique Flaming Cocktails

Unique Flaming Cocktails

Some cocktail lovers are obsessed with flaming cocktails as they taste good! These 11 drinks offer a delightful effect and have functional reasons as well.


  • Flaming B-52
  • Flaming Lamborghini
  • Blue Blazer
  • Flaming Wildfire Cocktail
  • Flaming Orange Peel
  • Flaming Ferrari
  • Floo Powder Cocktail
  • Flaming S’mores Cocktail
  • The Goblet Of Fire
  • Flaming Mai Tai
  • Flaming Dr. Pepper


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