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8 jello shot recipes that should get your party started

While handcrafted cocktails or a curious bowl of punch are still the ones to beat during special occasions, there’s nothing quite like a jello shot that screams, “it’s time to party!”

Gone are the days when jello shots were synonymous with cheap booze or “that drink” from tawdry frat parties. Their reputation has recently taken a turn, one that is now embraced by adults with actual taste buds.

Jello shots are also now served not only as a means to get drunk but ultimately, as a leisurely and novel way to enjoy cocktails, right in their most delightful, edible form.

Though you can still make do with the basic, tried and tested, flavored gelatin and vodka in a dixie cup formula, jello shots have now come a long way when it comes to their taste and presentation.

Behold the evolution of jello shots in these flavorsome recipes we’ve gathered just for you!

1. Strawberry daiquiri jello shots

Nowadays, there’s just no graceful way of finishing a jello shot right in a cup.

One of the surest ways to add more fun in jello shots is making use of strawberries. 

The strawberry daiquiri version is made with a hollowed out strawberry, filled with a rum and lime mixture. 

Right after you eat the entire jello shot, you’ll be talking about it for days!

Get recipe.

2. Espresso martini jello shots

Are you trying to get your much-needed caffeine kick in the midst of a cheering crowd? With the espresso martini jello shots, you’d be awake for the long haul. The espresso martini jello shots have coffee-flavored jello, espresso vodka, and coffee liqueur. These can also be served plain or with cream and sugar. Either way, you’d still be ending up as the man who endured the next day! Here’s how to prepare them.

3. French martini jello shots

There’s nothing quite like glamor and a little intrigue mixed in a fancy miniature glass. The French martini jello shots won’t only please the minimalists or glamorous at your party. They should also alert the media that someone (yes, you!) is taking the French that seriously! These very European, martini-inspired jello shots are full of raspberry flavor. And to inject some more luxury in it, try topping them off with strawberries! Here’s how they’re done.

4. Cosmopolitan jello shots

Looking for something festive to serve for a girls’ night in? The Cosmopolitan is easily one of the most sought-after vodka martinis. Luckily, it’s also one of the easiest recipes that can be transformed into jello shots. The cranberry gelatin is the only BFF that you’d like to perfect in this version. Otherwise, the recipe we’ve unwrapped for you will be exactly like making the cocktail. So, why don’t we all chop-chop and mix up a real cosmo now, while we wait for the gelatin to set? Remember, any citrus vodka is a good choice, but there are some budget-friendly options as well if that’s your thing! Here’s the recipe.

5. Creamsicle cocktail jello shots

Another version of jello shots that pays an homage to popular cocktails is the creamsicle. The creamsicle cocktail jello shots, like its host cocktail, are a pure delight. To mimic the cream of the drink, choose a vodka that has a cream-like taste. Isn’t this just about the right time to pick up one of those tasty-whipped cream vodkas? Now, here’s a tip: If you’d like to inject more orange in them, replace 1 ounce of a triple sec with orange juice. This should ramp up the citrus just enough without overcompensating the vodka. Never miss a good Friday night with this recipe.

6. Eggnog jello shots

It’s not the holidays until the eggnog jello shots are served. But this year, let’s spice things up a little and add more fun in them like we richly deserved. For a terrifically fantastic evening, you’ll never go wrong when you add rumchata and brandy in these shots. When ready to serve, top them with whipped topping and a sprinkle of nutmeg! Here are the ingredients.

7. Spike hot cocoa jello shots

These potent, delicious, and fabulous hot cocoa jello shots are sure to elevate a new level of revelry, whether you’re aiming them for Halloween or during New Year’s eve. Also perfect for your autumn gatherings, the spike hot cocoa jello shots are half-sweet, half-light, but all fun. Before serving, pipe a little swirl of whipped cream onto each shot and embellish them with a chocolate grating. The darker one, if you must! “Spike” up your life with these hot cocoa jello shots recipe.

8. Moscato jello shots

The adults-only sweets you simply can’t ignore are also easy to make! They’re also just what you need to get your party going. And if you have all the girls coming, the pink version of the Moscato jello shots is something that pairs so well with those subtle giggles. Finally, who needs to pop bottles when you have Moscato jello shots? Now we’re talking! Get the recipe.

The bottom line

Welcome those Saturdays without any bleak memories as you try these jello shots recipes we’ve especially sourced from resident jello experts in the neighborhood!

Now, say goodbye to those dixie cups. And remember, half the fun of these jello shots is presentation. If you have a flair for it, then you’ve just gotten started.

Jello shot recipes

Jello shot recipes

8 the thrill-inducing jello shot recipes that should get your party started. Follow this recipe guide and make one of them now.


  • 1. Strawberry daiquiri jello shots
  • 2. Espresso martini jello shots
  • 3. French martini jello shots
  • 4. Cosmopolitan jello shots
  • 5. Creamsicle cocktail jello shots
  • 6. Eggnog jello shots
  • 7. Spike hot cocoa jello shots
  • 8. Moscato jello shots


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