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Oishī! Check Out These 13 Japanese Ground Beef Recipes To Make ASAP! 🍲

Oishī! Check Out These 13 Japanese Ground Beef Recipes To Make ASAP! 🍲

Are you wondering what to make using ground beef? You’ve come to the right place! Bring the Asian flavor to your table with these ground beef Japanese recipes! 🍲🍲

No doubt—ground beef is a versatile staple, and it’s delicious as well. 

As long as you partner it with complementary ingredients and aromatic seasonings (washoku), it’s sure to become a tasty dish bound to impress a crowd.

While ground beef is always a default component in making nachos, meatloaf, taco pizza, calzone, and casserole, the humble ingredient isn’t just limited to these recipes.

If you’re here to venture out new recipes or you simply want to use your extra ground beef on hand, scroll through this list of Japanese ground beef recipes!

Japanese cuisine is known for savory recipes—ramen, sushi, miso soup—all of which are packed with umami goodness. 

And as per these ground beef recipes, they’re no exception!

We’ve also included scrumptious Japanese dinner ideas in this compilation, like hearty Okinawa Taco Rice and luscious Beef Soboro.

Some recipes in this compilation require effort to put together, but you can also find other delights that are as easy as ABC.  

#12 is perfect for those korroke and tonkatsu lovers!

American taco ground beef fuses with Japanese white rice to create a hearty dish perfect for your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and taco Tuesday. 

The recipe starts by cooking the ground beef in a skillet with onion, taco seasoning, soy sauce, and garlic. 

Add beef stock then cook on low heat.

Finish and enjoy this Okinawa taco rice with classic taco garnishes such as ground beef, lettuce, cheese, cilantro, red onion, poached egg, and a dash of furikake.

Revive your leftover rice with this curry-flavored fried rice dish. 
The recipe features ground beef, but feel free to add sausages for another layer of flavor.

Adding Worcestershire sauce and soy Sauce to this Japanese-inspired curry fried rice is phenomenal. 

Both ingredients deepen the flavor without adding more curry powder into the mix. 

You’ll love these beef mince on lettuce cups.

Simple yet gorgeous-looking, they’re laden with teriyaki indulgence and great for family meals or fancy occasions.

The savory beef mince is sauteed in a teriyaki-based sauce made from soy sauce, soy sauce, mirin, and Japanese sake and then served on lettuce leaves. 

Garnish with finely sliced mangetout for additional texture!

When it comes to Japanese recipes with ground beef, this gingery ground beef dish is known for its simplicity. 

A sure-fire family-pleaser! It’s meaty, savory, and warm enough to please a hungry crowd.

Plus, it takes five ingredients, a few minutes, and a hot skillet to put this delectable savory donburi (gingery ground beef) together. 

Pro tip: If you’re using a can of peas, drain them well and then add them right at the very end to avoid overcooking.

The savory filling in this curry bread is oh-so-lovable. 

It’s rich, flavorful, and surprisingly satisfying. But what I love is the crispy and chewy inside golden crust. 

So addicting!

The curry bread is delicious right after it’s made. But if you have leftovers (which is impossible), you can refrigerator and reheat it in a microwave. 

Try this list of Japanese Snacks on for size too!

Japanese meat and potato croquette (or popularly known as korette) is one of the best snacks or entrees in Japan and today, you’ll make a few of them using this amazing recipe.

This dish is made from a blend of mashed potatoes and ground beef, which is then covered with panko bread crumbs and deep-fried to golden brown perfection. 

Suitable for parties, dinner, or as a snack, this korette has an incredibly crispy outside with soft and warm inside—you’ll like it, for sure! 

Imagine devouring this ground beef saboro flavored with delicious Japanese sauce and served over hot rice and the perfect poached egg on top for your weeknight dinner. OMG!

The best part? 

It comes together in just 15 minutes!

Mirin and sake are essential ingredients in this recipe, so it’s highly recommended to invest in both.

Buy them at your local Asian market.

This hamburger steak isn’t your typical hamburger steak. 

The recipe may be low on ingredients, but it’s big on flavor. 

It’s bursting with umami mouthfeel coming from tonkatsu-based sauce. 

And you better serve the hamburger steak with a bed of grilled veggies. 

But if you plan to serve it to your Japanese-themed party, partner the dish with steamed rice, miso soup, and a bottle of red wine. 

You may want to add on a Japanese Salad too!

Have you ever cooked sesame seeds? 

They add a nice nutty flavor to this Japanese ground beef recipe, and the ingredient gives the dish a tempting touch.

Meanwhile, the tender broccoli goes perfectly with the udon noodles and ground beef. 

A must-try recipe indeed!

Toast more sesame seeds for garnishing and splash a bit of Sriracha sauce if you prefer the food to be spicy.

This dry version of the  Hayashi rice bowl features an array of seasoned veggies, fruity tomato-based sauce, ground beef, poached egg, and crispy fried onions.

It’s quite simple to put together but doesn’t mean it skimps on flavor. 

The blend of tonkatsu sauce and sake offers this rice bowl umami goodness.

The comfort is often eaten for busy nights, but I know you would happily devour it at any time of the day.

Give this beef yaki udon a try. 

The sauce made with dark soy sauce, rice vinegar, and oyster sauce complements wonderfully the tender Udon noodles. Don’t forget the mushrooms and bok choy!

Pro tip: If you’re intimidated by preparing the noodles. 

Feel free to use pre-cooked ones as they take a few minutes to heat up and can be tossed easily in the skillet.

This ground beef dish is a hybrid of korokke (Japanese potato and ground meat croquette) and tonkatsu (Japanese pork schnitzel). 

It’s super tasty and crunchy, thanks to panko bread crumbs!

To create the patty, you need to gather at least 11 ingredients: oil, onion, ground beef, ground pork, milk, bread crumbs, egg, tomato sauce, Worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper, and nutmeg.

This ground meat cutlet is best served hot along with cabbage, tomatoes, parsley, and of course—the rich tomato-based sauce.

When ground beef and tofu are cooked together with Japanese leek, soy sauce, sake, mirin, and eggs, you get this sukiyaki-style ground meat and tofu recipe!

Making this Japanese beef recipe is surprisingly easy. 

Start with adding all the seasonings and the ground meat to a frying pan. 

Once the ground beef is cooked and crumbly, add the sliced leek and tofu then simmer. 

Toss some beaten eggs and then garnish with some chopped green onion.

The bottom line

There are many stunning and yummy Japanese ground beef recipes available on the internet—all are waiting to be unlocked by you!

The entrees we’ve featured in this list post prove to be one of the best. 

So be sure to have enough of this affordable protein as this is the key to getting a plethora of truly succulent dishes.

Want more ground beef dishes? Read on our list of What To Make With Ground Beef and Ground Beef Crockpot Recipes.

Looking for more Japanese-style recipes? Here’s a variety of Japanese Breakfast Ideas, flavorful Japanese Soups, unique Japanese Appetizers, and especially our epic list of 29 Japanese Desserts!! 

13 BEST Japanese Ground Beef Recipe

13 BEST Japanese Ground Beef Recipe

Bring the Asian flavor to your family table with these 13 delicious Japanese ground beef recipes.


  • Okinawa Taco Rice
  • Curry Fried Rice
  • Teriyaki Beef Mince In Lettuce Cups
  • Gingery Ground Beef
  • Curry Bread
  • Japanese Meat & Potato Croquette
  • Beef Soboro
  • Hamburger Steak
  • Udon Noodles With Ground Beef
  • Dry Hayashi Beef Rice Bowl
  • Beef Yaki Udon
  • Menchi Katsu (Ground Meat Cutlet)
  • Sukiyaki-style Ground Meat & Tofu


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