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13 Bisquick recipes for quick-fix food cravings

13 Bisquick recipes for quick-fix food cravings

When I first found out that there are so many things to make with a biscuit mix, I was shocked! Who knows that a simple kitchen ingredient can be this powerful? 

Bisquick is a staple for many. If you’re new to this, it is just a pre-made baking mix consisting of flour, fat, leavening, and salt. For a foodie like me who is sometimes short on time, a box of this handy kitchen helper is my life-saver!  

Traditionally, it is a classic ingredient you can count on for fast and tasty sweets. However, this Bisquick mix could be used to make more than your pancakes. More cooks have become more creative and started using this gem in all kinds of dishes including sausage balls, pizza, and quiches. 

Okay, that’s enough of me talking. I know you’re on a quest for finding some good Bisquick recipes that can satisfy your cravings even when you’re on the go. 

Now, take this CookingChew guide with you and I hope this list of easy Bisquick recipes will find that dish you’re looking for.

There are several creative recipes you can make out of a box of Bisquick. And one of them is our very own sausage balls. 

Packed with few ingredients such as Bisquick mix, sausage, cheddar cheese, and some seasonings, this recipe will give that delicious little munchy texture. Want a spicy kick? then add some crushed red pepper or cayenne pepper on it!

Get the recipe here.

2. Bisquick chicken tenders

If you thought that your regular biscuit mix won’t go well with chicken, think again! Its magic will turn your simple chicken into a crisp and juicy one!

These Bisquick chicken tenders are perfect finger-food to prepare if you are in a hurry or simply want to spend more time with your family rather than in the kitchen.

Check out this gem here.

3. Cheesy chicken pot pie

Bisquick in a pie? Why not! Cheesy chicken pot pie is a tasty comfort food filled with chicken and veggie filling basking in a savory and cheesy sauce and topped with a soft and buttery crust. 

Add this delicious dish to your lunch table and you’ll be surprised to see everyone eating on cloud nine. 

Here’s the recipe

4. Bisquick corn fritters

Hungry? No idea on what you can make with your Bisquick? How about making one of these corn fritters?

You’ll love this amazing recipe for its sweet, savory, and creamy taste with tender-crisp texture. Plus, these treats don’t take an hour to make, thanks to the Bisquick mix! 

To make your dish into something extraordinary, top your corn fritters with sour cream and salsa or enhance its sweetness by adding some cilantro sauce. 

Check the recipe here

5. Oven-fried chicken – Bisquick

If you’ve never had an oven-fried chicken with Bisquick, well, you are missing out dude, but no worries! This recipe will help you experience that crispy, tender, and juicy chicken you’ll love for a lifetime. 

What I love about this recipe is every bite tastes like real deep-fried chicken. It’s insanely good for an oven-based dish! For an ultimate meal experience, add some potato salad along with coleslaw on the side. Yummy!

Check out the recipe here

6. Bisquick impossible quiche

If you are a bacon and cheese lover, you will want to make these Bisquick impossible quiches. They are pretty darn good and easy to make! A perfect dish, indeed, for busy moms and dads who still want to treat their little ones with delicious food!

If you haven’t tried one, this amazing dish has a rich, savory, and creamy flavor that won’t let anyone down at the breakfast or dinner table. 

Check out the recipe here

7. Nutty apple streusel dessert

Every bite of this nutty apple streusel dessert is packed with some of my favorites – from apples and nutmeg to almonds. This flavor-packed recipe is a great substitute for your dull apple pie during a family holiday or get-together. 

Try adding a little kick to your dessert by putting some vanilla ice cream on top. 

Check out the recipe here

8. Easy chicken and Bisquick dumplings

Looking for comfort food that is perfect for cold weather? You’re going to love this chicken and Bisquick dumplings recipe! 

Packed with the savory flavor of tender chicken and fluffy Bisquick-based dumplings, this hearty comfort dish is sure to keep you warm, cozy, and of course, full!

Here’s the recipe

9. Chocolate peanut butter pie

Peanut butter and chocolate in one dessert? Absolute heaven!

This amazing recipe has rich and decadent flavor every time the creamy peanut butter and sweet chocolate melt in your mouth. So yummy and easy, thanks to the magic of Bisquick!

You can add some whipped cream or vanilla ice cream on top for an extra WOW effect in every bite.
Check out the recipe here

10. Bisquick peach cobbler

What I hate about being an adult is forgetting how satisfying certain desserts can be, like  peach cobbler from childhood. I feel you. But don’t worry, my friend, this amazing recipe will take you right back to your childhood. 

End your meal with something sweet and refreshing with this peach cobbler recipe. Each bite of this flavor-packed dish will take you back to the good old days. Don’t forget that vanilla ice cream topping!

Check the recipe here

11. Magic chicken pie

You’ll feel the magic in the air when you bring this savory chicken pie to your dinner table. 

Packed with fresh vegetables, tasty skinless chicken, creamy gravy, and a biscuit top, this gem is your next family pleaser!

Here’s the recipe

12. Bisquick Pizza crust

It’s hard to believe you can make a tasty dish with just two ingredients but you can. This pizza crust is insanely easy and only requires olive oil and Bisquick to make! 

If you want to add more kick to your pizza, top it with pizza sauce, cheese, and some pepperoni toppings! 

You can check this amazing recipe here

13. 7-up Biscuits

The magic of Bisquick doesn’t stop with the pizza crust. You can make something delicious, soft, and fluffy too! Behold, the 7-up biscuits!

The secret of this recipe is the lemon-lime soda. If you have some leftovers of 7-up or Sprite sodas and wanted to repurpose them, this recipe is your solution!

Check out the recipe here

The conclusion

I know you’re surprised how versatile this mix is. From sausage balls down to 7-up biscuits, there are tons of things to do with Bisquick. You just need to think outside of the (Bisquick) box and be creative!

CookingChew hopes that these scrumptious and quick recipes give you a little push to create your own at home. 

The 13 Best Ways To Cook With Bisquick

The 13 Best Ways To Cook With Bisquick

13 Bisquick recipes that can satisfy your cravings even when you're on the go


  • 1. Sausage balls (classic with cheese)
  • 2. Bisquick chicken tenders
  • 3. Cheesy chicken pot pie
  • 4. Bisquick corn fritters
  • 5. Oven-fried chicken - Bisquick
  • 6. Bisquick impossible quiche
  • 7. Nutty apple streusel dessert
  • 8. Easy chicken and Bisquick dumplings
  • 9. Chocolate peanut butter pie
  • 10. Bisquick peach cobbler
  • 11. Magic chicken pie
  • 12. Bisquick Pizza crust
  • 13. 7-up Biscuits


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