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25 Of The Best Nutella Recipes That You Will Find Anywhere

25 Of The Best Nutella Recipes That You Will Find Anywhere

Are you looking for some truly delicious Nutella recipes? 

You’re in luck because we’ve compiled 25 Nutella desserts that’ll satisfy any sweet tooth! 

First invented in Italy in 1964, Nutella has become a staple of pantries worldwide. 

If you love Ferrero Rocher truffles, you’ll probably be a massive fan of this chocolate spread as well, as they both combine two key components—chocolate and hazelnut. 

When you’re craving this iconic chocolate spread, you don’t necessarily have to go for the Nutella name brand—there are plenty of chocolate hazelnut spreads under other brand names, too. 

While it’s most common to eat Nutella on top of a slice of toast, it has many other uses as well—some people use it in desserts, slather it on top of graham crackers, or even dip fruit in it! 

It’s so rich and delicious, in fact, that many people will even eat this chocolate spread straight from the jar. 

Overall, it’s safe to say that Nutella is a rather versatile ingredient. 

So finding recipes with Nutella online is pretty easy. 

Finding the best recipes, however, is a different story altogether. 

So next time you find yourself craving Nutella, remember that you don’t have to settle for something simple—instead, you can give one of these fantastic recipes a try! 

If you’re a newbie baker, some Five-Minute Nutella No-Bake Bites are a dessert worthy of a shot. 

And if you or someone in your life is living a plant-based lifestyle, we’ve also included a recipe for a homemade Vegan Nutella Spread

Or, if you’re looking for a lunch that’ll satisfy your sugar cravings, you might want to make the Easy Nutella Dessert Panini

Some of these are also great for potlucks, particularly #2 and #18

Feeling hungry yet? We won’t stall any longer—let’s move on to the recipes!

With a fudgy brownie base and a swirl of Nutella, this recipe creates a nutty twist on a classic American dessert. 

If you’d like, you can drizzle some sea salt on top to help bring out the flavor of these brownies. 

These brownies are super rich, so you’ll want to pair them with a fresh glass of milk!

Sometimes you crave brownies, but you don’t have enough ingredients to make an entire batch. 

In these situations, you may want to give these mug brownies a try! 

They only have three ingredients, and you can make them in a microwave, so they’re as simple as a brownie gets. 

This is honestly one of the best Nutella recipes for college students living in dorms! 

Fudge is one of the easiest desserts out there, so this no-bake Nutella fudge should be a breeze even for the most inexperienced chefs. 

It only has four ingredients, so there’s a good chance you have everything you need for this fudge in your pantry already. 

This fudge would also taste great with a handful of your favorite nuts sprinkled on top. 

Not only is it easy to prepare, but this Nutella fudge can be ready to eat in under thirty minutes!

Has your waffle maker been gathering dust lately? Here’s a great way to put it to use. 

These waffles can make a pretty amazing weekend brunch or breakfast. 

With Nutella swirled into the waffle batter, you won’t have any need for maple syrup. 

They taste best topped with a pat of butter and some fresh strawberries! 

You only need two ingredients for these ‘dillas: tortillas and Nutella. 

They make a great dessert or a midday snack for kids on a Nutella kick—or adults who are kids at heart. 

If you want a little more variety, you can also add some sliced fruit or even nuts.

If you’re craving cake on a scorching summer day, this Nutella eclair cake is the way to go. 

It’s so sweet and refreshing—and the best part is, you won’t have to heat up your oven. 

With only three ingredients, it’s a pretty simple dessert. 

Consider bringing this eclair cake to your next potluck—it’s a great crowd-pleaser! 

A lot of the recipes we’ve featured so far have been pretty simple, so here’s something for the bakers looking for a challenge. 

This dessert has three layers of rich, Nutella-filled cake. 

It also has a coat of decadent Swiss meringue frosting. 

Overall, this Nutella cake is great for birthday parties, family gatherings, or even just a regular day where you’re craving something sweet. 

These are a bit similar to the Nutella quesadillas featured earlier, but they’re a little more complex and a lot crunchier. 

These tacos have cinnamon-dusted shells and a filling of creamy Nutella and fresh berries! 

Consider making these tacos in the summertime since that’s when berries tend to be at their freshest.

Those striving for an eco-friendly lifestyle may want to give this vegan Nutella a try. 

You’ll only need six ingredients, and none of them are super fancy. 

You can also easily tweak this recipe to suit other diets, including gluten-free or keto. 

This homemade Nutella is simply delicious on top of some toast or fresh fruit!

This simple dessert is perfect for parties or potlucks. 

It has a creamy Nutella mousse with a crunchy Oreo crust at the bottom. 

Not only is it tasty and simple, but it also looks super pretty once you’ve assembled it.

Nothing goes together quite like strawberries and Nutella. 

And when they’re on top of a crunchy pizza crust, it’s just all the more delicious. 

While it’s far from healthy, this recipe is still a great way to get a little more fruit in your kids’ diets.

Those with gluten sensitivities may find themselves yearning for brownies from time to time, and these gluten-free Nutella bites are a great way to satisfy that craving. 

They’re also super easy to make, so even the most inexperienced bakers can master these brownie bites. 

Overall, this is one of the best Nutella recipes for people avoiding gluten.

Looking for some easy, satisfying Nutella recipes? 

Consider giving this Nutella panini a try! 

All you need to make this sandwich is five ingredients and a panini grill. 

While it says dessert in the name, this sandwich can also make a great lunch, especially if you pair it with a bowl of fresh fruit. 

This recipe might be a bit challenging for beginning bakers, but the result can make all of your effort worth it. 

These sweet and filling Nutella rolls can make a wonderful weekend breakfast. 

They’re also quite rich, so they go best with a glass of milk or some hot tea.

Even people avoiding gluten can still enjoy the goodness of a rich, chocolatey Nutella brownie. 

If you’ve been seeking Nutella recipes for Valentine’s day, this might be just what you’re looking for.  

The best part? You’ll only need three ingredients! 

These cookies combine the tangy flavor of meringue with the rich and hearty taste of Nutella. 

They take a little over two hours from start to finish, so if you’re seeking some quick desserts, you may want to look elsewhere. 

However, if you have the patience for this recipe, it’s truly worth a shot! 

Are you craving s’mores but don’t have access to a campfire? 

These Nutella s’mores bars are the perfect alternative. 

They have a soft Nutella cookie base, a layer of fluffy marshmallow, and a topping of graham cracker crumbs!

Do you need to use up some Nutella and strawberries? 

Consider throwing together these easy Nutella crepes. 

Whether you eat them for breakfast or a late-night snack, they’re super-soft and truly delicious.

If you like your pies with a bit of extra crust, hand pies might be the perfect option for you. 

And when you stuff them with some rich Nutella and crunchy hazelnuts, you really can’t go wrong. 

They’re perfect for family get-togethers or potlucks! 

These quesadillas are one of the tastiest and easiest things to make with Nutella. 

The dusting of cinnamon sugar helps bring all of the flavors of this recipe together. 

For a genuinely chocolatey experience, consider pairing this Nutella quesadilla with a cup of steaming hot cocoa.

Are you a fan of the Nutella pizza we mentioned earlier? 

If you are, you might love this deep dish Nutella dessert pizza. 

It has a thick pastry crust, a creamy Nutella filling, and a topping of crumbled streusel. 

To make this dessert a little more refreshing, we recommend serving with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.

With a moist chocolate cake base and a slathering of creamy Nutella frosting, this cake is truly decadent. 

Overall, this is the best dessert with Nutella for chocolate lovers. 

If you have a Nutella fan celebrating a birthday soon, consider baking them this yummy cake.

This no-bake pie is a perfect holiday dessert for Nutella-loving families. 

The marshmallow fluff gives the pie filling a light and airy texture. 

With its graham cracker crust and Ferrero Rocher topping, this dessert also has a little bit of crunch!

If you’re craving something rich and decadent, this Nutella cheesecake will likely hit the spot. 

It has a creamy cheesecake center, a crunchy graham cracker crust, and a beautiful hazelnut topping! 

However, you’ll have to be a little patient with this one because it takes up to four hours from start to finish. 

The bottom line

No matter how you eat it, there are plenty of ways to use up that jar of Nutella in your pantry. 

Its chocolatey-hazelnut flavor has become popular around the world for a reason. 

Whether you eat it on its own, dip some fruit into it, spread it on some toast, or use it in desserts, there are so many opportunities when it comes to this chocolate spread. 

So next time you’re wondering what to make with Nutella, consider trying one of these delicious Nutella recipes! 

Don’t forget to share your amazing Nutella recipes with us on our Facebook page with the hashtag #WorldNutellaDay!

Want to know a few tips for melting Nutella? (Get your strawberries ready!)

25 BEST Ways To Use Nutella

25 BEST Ways To Use Nutella

Next time you’re wondering what to make with Nutella, consider trying one of these delicious Nutella recipes! 


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  2. Choose the dish you want to recreate. 
  3. Start cooking your newly found recipe! 
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