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15 Easy Roasted Red Pepper Appetizers

15 Easy Roasted Red Pepper Appetizers

Looking for delicious starters to step up your party game? These 15 easy recipes for roasted red pepper appetizers will get you started!

When it comes to hosting a dinner or party, there are few things more satisfying than making something homemade.

Whether it’s a feast you’ve been dreaming of or an appetizer that will wow your guests, roasting your own ingredients is a fun way to bring lightly sweet, charred flavors into your home.

And this list of roasted red pepper appetizers is going to give you all the inspiration you need.

Imagine a few bites of food that are so delicious that they make everyone feel like they’ve been transported to a dreamland where no one ever has to go home, and everyone is always happy.

And when those little bites come with a bold, bright flavor that makes your eyes open wide and your tongue dance across your lips? Well, you’re in for a real treat!

These 15 roasted red pepper appetizers are just what you need for a party or get-together with friends.

From dips and spreads to canapes and little bites, these recipes are guaranteed to impress.

You’ll find everything from easy ones like steak mushroom and roasted red pepper flatbread to party favorites like roasted red pepper cheese balls.

But if you want to truly taste the full flavors of roasted red peppers, try #13

It’s savory, juicy, and oh so good—all in one bite!

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of eating an Italian Roasted Red Pepper, you know it’s a whole new world.

But if you don’t, then let me tell you that these little guys are so flavorful and juicy, with just the perfect amount of zing.

And they’re so much better than jarred peppers! 

That’s because you roast them yourself—and then you add our secret ingredient: Italian flair.

You can serve them up with some fresh crusty Italian bread and mozzarella balls for a simple yet flavorful appetizer that’s sure to impress.

This is one of those roasted red appetizers you’ll want to serve at your next party.

It’s easy to make, super tasty, and will please everyone who eats it!

The recipe has taken our favorite goat cheese, mixed it with some roasted red sweet peppers and dried tomatoes, then topped it off with balsamic vinegar and garnished it with a dash of chopped herbs.

The result? 

A savory and slightly spicy starter that people will love!

The goat cheese part of this appetizer is creamy and smooth; it pairs perfectly with the tartness of the tomatoes and red peppers.

And the combination of all these flavors makes for a mouthwatering experience that will keep your guests coming back for more.

Roasted Red Pepper Crostini is the best way to get crazy.

They’re like a party in your mouth.

But how do they taste? 

Well, like heaven in a bite-sized sandwich.

The goat cheese melts slightly beneath sweet roasted red peppers, adding an earthy creaminess that goes perfectly with the piney and peppery Italian seasonings and freshly baked baguette slices.

And if that isn’t enough for you, there’s olive oil drizzled over everything—so it’s basically like eating an olive tapenade with every bite.

Now let’s talk about Roasted Red Pepper & Artichoke Tapenade: an awesome spread that is totally easy to make in your own kitchen.

This tapenade is a savory paste bursting with Mediterranean flavor.

It’s perfect for serving with toasted baguette slices, warm pita bread, pita chips, crackers, or veggie sticks.

The main ingredient in this tasty spread is jarred roasted red peppers, which add deep red color and a sweet-savory kick to the mix.

It also adds artichoke hearts with capers and Parmesan cheese for a rich flavor profile that goes far beyond your standard tapenade spread.

And to balance out all that richness, you’ve got lemon juice for brightness and seasonings for heat—but none of it will burn your tongue off.

Do you know what’s better than a regular cheese ball? 

A Roasted Red Pepper Cheese Ball.

Seriously, it’s like the cheesiest party appetizer you’ve ever had.

The sweet and savory roasted red pepper pairs perfectly with the creamy, tangy cream cheese and sharp cheddar.

It’s so luscious that it’ll make you want to go around asking everyone if they want a bite.

And it’s so good that I won’t blame you if you want to keep it all to yourself.

These little Roasted Red Pepper Tortilla Pinwheels are like the lovechild of a tortilla and a pizza.

They’re sweet, smoky, and tangy all at once.

The key to these pinwheels is the whipped cream cheese—it’s easy to spread on the tortillas and hold all the other ingredients in place while you roll them up. 

But the roasted red peppers add a sweet kick to the whole thing, too. 

They’re just like jam! 

They help make this dish sweet and savory without being overly sugary or artificial tasting.

Then there are the basil leaves. 

They add some vibrance to balance out everything else going on here. 

And the fresh herb adds so much dimension to this dish. 

You’ll want more than one roll!

Roasted Red Pepper Whipped Feta is the dip you never knew you needed in your life.

First of all, it tastes amazing!

Seriously, this stuff is out of this world. 

The creaminess of the feta cheese pairs well with the tangy yogurt and zingy flavor of roasted red peppers.

And then there’s that everything-but-the-bagel seasoning, which adds just enough crunchy texture to make this dip stand out from other dips on the market right now.

You can serve this dip with crackers or veggies for an easy appetizer at your next party or gathering. 

Or spread it on bread for a quick sandwich that will make everyone smile.

Steak Mushroom & Roasted Red Pepper Flatbread is the perfect way to kick up your dinner game.

It has everything you love about mushrooms and roasted red peppers: well-seasoned juicy steak mushrooms; a flatbread base that’s crisp but not overbearing; provolone cheese to give it that slightly briny edge; caramelized roasted red peppers for some sweetness; and scallions for freshness.

Then it’s all topped off with a balsamic glaze, so every bite packs layers of tangy and sweet flavors.

Plus, it smells so good while it cooks.

This is the epitome of an appetizer: simple yet elegant, bold yet comforting.

It’s also perfect for any night when you want something more than just any old slab of meat on your plate.

It’s time to try some Italian-inspired food.

Involtini means “a small bite of food” in Italian. 

And this dish is about to be one of the best bites you’ve ever had.

Roasted Red Pepper Involtini is sweet, smoky, roasted red peppers stuffed with prosciutto, mozzarella, and fresh basil.

It’s a roulade, a rolled-up loaf of meat or vegetables (and, in this case, red peppers). 

And it will make you feel like you’re getting away with something when you eat it.

With a name like roasted red pepper involtini, you’d expect this dish to be spicy—and it is! 

But not too spicy. 

It’s just enough to make your whole mouth water at the very thought of it.

Okay, you might be wondering, “What does a roasted red pepper and basil cream cheese log taste like?”

Well, it’s pretty heavy on the flavor side. 

But it’s also light and easy to eat.

It’s got just enough of everything to make you feel like you’re eating something decadent, but not so much that you’ll feel gross after eating it.

First, there are the roasted red peppers—they’re blended with some pesto and then mixed into a creamy spread of cream cheese and grated Parmesan cheese. 

Then it also adds some chopped fresh basil and garlic for an extra kick of flavor.

And finally…voila!

You’ve got yourself a tasty treat that’s perfect for parties, snacks, or even just as an afternoon pick-me-up when you need something savory in your life.

Bacon Wrapped Dates With Red Pepper Sauce are such a delightful bite-sized appetizer, whether you’re hosting a party or just having dinner with your friends.

They’re sweet and savory, they’re easy to eat, and they taste amazing.

And when I say these bacon-wrapped dates taste amazing, I mean it.

They’ve got sweetness (from the dates) with nuts and blue cheese, wrapped in smoky bacon, then drizzled with a spicy, tangy red pepper sauce that’s just so irresistible.

When you’re ready to take your dinner game to the next level, get your hands on a Pizzette With Shrimp & Roasted Red Pepper Pesto.

This appetizer is a little bit spicy, very fragrant, and tastes like the best garlic shrimp you’ve ever had.

The roasted red pepper pesto is also rich with cheesy and nutty flavors and pairs perfectly with the Spanish-styled garlic shrimp.

Remember to add a dash of paprika for that extra kick.

Steak bites. 

They’re what we want: tenderness, juiciness—the best of both worlds.

But have you ever bitten something that was too tough? It’s not fun, right?

And that’s where this recipe for steak bites with roasted red pepper comes in.

The steak bites are made with tender cuts of meat that melt in your mouth as soon as you eat it.

And they’re so juicy; they’ll make your eyes roll back in delight.

What’s more, they get to sit on top of a silky smooth red pepper sauce that’s filled with robust and complex flavors from roasted red peppers, red onions, and aromatic seasonings.

Garlicky roasted red pepper, fontina, and chicken bites are the perfect quick, easy hors d’oeuvres for any occasion.

They’re also great for your next dinner party or just a night watching TV with your favorite person.

These bite-sized pieces of chicken tenders are marinated in a mixture of paprika, cumin, and lemon juice and cooked until they’re golden brown and crispy on the outside, with a tender center.

Then they’re stacked with fontina cheese cubes and tiny pieces of roasted red pepper that are mixed with kalamata olives and red pepper flakes. 

The result is a simple yet beautiful, buttery, nutty, briny, and tangy appetizer that’s light yet filling.

Tomato-Roasted Red Pepper Meatball Sliders are the perfect appetizer or a main course that’s just right for any party.

They’re packed with flavor and spice, and they’ll leave your guests begging, asking for seconds.

The meatballs are made with ground beef, seasonings, arugula leaves, and Parmesan cheese, so it’s juicy and flavorful—you could almost eat them plain.

But then you also get the tomato-roasted red pepper sauce: tangy, sweet, and spicy all at once.

It goes perfectly with the tender meatballs to make an unforgettable combination of taste and texture.

I recommend serving these sliders as an appetizer at your next get-together. 

They’re easy to put together ahead of time, so you can focus on other things while your guests enjoy them.

The bottom line

Now that you know how to make 15 different roasted red pepper appetizers, there’s really no excuse not to make them.

They’re so easy and delicious that everyone will love them.

And they’re great for parties, potlucks, or even just for a snack.

EASY Roasted Red Pepper Appetizers

EASY Roasted Red Pepper Appetizers

Looking for delicious starters to step up your party game? These 15 easy recipes for roasted red pepper appetizers will get you started!


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  • Roasted Red Pepper Whipped Feta
  • Steak Mushroom & Roasted Red Pepper Flatbread
  • Roasted Red Pepper Involtini
  • Roasted Red Pepper & Basil Cream Cheese Log
  • Bacon Wrapped Dates With Red Pepper Sauce
  • Pizzette With Shrimp & Roasted Red Pepper Pesto
  • Steak Bites With Roasted Red Pepper Sauce
  • Garlicky Roasted Red Pepper, Fontina & Chicken Bites
  • Tomato-Roasted Red Pepper Meatball Sliders


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