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35 Best Red Onion Recipes

35 Best Red Onion Recipes

Discover the best red onion recipes, including handy buying tips, ready-to-eat dishes, and our top favorites from this tasteful collection.

Red onions have deep purplish skin and a mild, sweet flavor. Their vibrant color and milder taste make them popular compared to other onion types.

They are versatile, whether raw in salads, salsas, and sandwiches or cooked for soups, stews, and sauces. They also pair well with herbs, spices, cheeses, and meats.

While red onion isn’t a recipe or dish on its own, it is crucial in countless cooking creations.

This collection of red onion recipes will allow you to try some of them at home.

You’ll find refreshing salads, tangy salsas, hearty casseroles, and tasty stir-fries, with something for everyone and every occasion.

Some of these dishes come from different cuisines, so prepare for a gastronomic tour around the world!

  • Quality. Choose onions that are firm, heavy, and have smooth skin without any bad spots or decay.
  • Size. Decide the size of onions you need, whether small or large, based on what you plan to use them for.
  • Freshness. Pick fresh onions that have a strong, sharp smell. Avoid onions that are soft or smell bad.
  • Uniformity. Look for onions that are similar in shape and size, especially if you want them to cook evenly or slice easily.
  • Storage. Think about how you will store the onions. Keep them in a cool, dry place with good airflow. Note that onions with thicker skins last longer.
  • Source. Buy onions from a trusted farmer, store, or market to ensure good quality and support local businesses.
  • Organic or conventional. Decide if you want organic onions grown without chemicals or conventionally grown onions treated with pesticides.

Top 5 Picks

If you’re short on time and don’t want to scroll through the entire list, no worries! We’ve handpicked our favorite red onion recipes just for you.

  1. #9 Sausage-Stuffed Red Onions present beautifully on a plate, with the filling spilling out from the top. 
  2. Our authentic and kitchen-tested #16 Sloppy Joe uses primo ingredients for this kid-approved classic.
  3. #20 Caramelized Onion Tart is beginner-friendly.
  4. #25 Caponata tastes even better when made in advance.
  5. The highlight of #33 Thai Prawn & Mango Salad is the zesty dressing.

Make it easy on yourself: Buy ready-to-eat red onion packaged items

Here’s a list of ready-to-eat foods that incorporate red onions and can be found in stores:

  • Greek salad. Look for pre-packaged Greek salad mixes in the produce section or salad bar of some grocery stores.
  • Salsa. Find store-bought salsa with red onions in the condiment aisle or the refrigerated section.
  • Sandwiches and wraps. Delis and sandwich shops offer ready-to-eat options with red onions. Check the deli section of your local grocery store or specialty sandwich shops.
  • Ready-made pizza. Look for pre-made pizzas with red onions as a topping in the deli section or frozen food aisle.
  • Quiche. Find pre-packaged quiche with red onions in the frozen food section of grocery stores.
  • Pasta salad. Check the deli section for pre-made pasta salads that include red onions.
  • Pickled red onions. Look for jars of pickled red onions in the condiment aisle or international foods section.
  • Pre-made tzatziki sauce. Find pre-packaged tzatziki sauce, which often includes red onions, in the refrigerated section.
  • Pre-made Indian curries. Look for pre-packaged Indian curries with red onions in the international foods section or refrigerated section.
  • Red onion relish. Check the condiment aisle for jars of red onion relish.

Best Red Onion Recipes

This side dish features oven-roasted red onions filled with cream then topped with crunchy panko and bacon. Its contrasting textures and flavors complement everything from grilled steaks to Thanksgiving turkey.

Ingredients include: Red onions, olive oil, cream cheese, sour cream, and butter.

You bake this Hawaiian-inspired dish until the chicken cooks and the cheese bubbles. Its quick and easy preparation makes it an excellent choice for a hassle-free meal.

Ingredients include: Chicken breasts, BBQ sauce, pineapple, bacon, and red onion.

You can easily make this simple and fresh tomato salad using ingredients you likely already have in your kitchen. Feel free to tweak it based on your preferred flavors or what you have on hand. 

Ingredients include: Tomatoes, red onion, fresh herbs, olive oil, and black pepper.

The Red Onion Marmalade, enriched with dried cranberries, offers a complex balance of tart and sweet flavors. Enjoy this condiment on crackers, sandwiches, or as a cheese topping.

Ingredients include: Red onions, cranberries, cider vinegar, pectin, and orange peel.

This hearty Red Onion Soup boasts an irresistible, gooey topping of camembert and gruyere on sourdough. Caramelized onions and beef stock lend it a flavorful punch.

Ingredients include: Olive oil, red onions, thyme, red wine, and butter.

Enjoy all the flavors of the Mediterranean with this quick quesadilla recipe. Ready in 15 minutes, it’s ideal for a light lunch, snack, or kid-friendly meal with customizable ingredients.

Ingredients include: Tomato, red onion, spinach, feta cheese, and tortillas.

Loaded with the flavors of red wine and thyme, this versatile jam can be canned or refrigerated. Its sweet, tangy taste adds rich flavor to roasted vegetables or a dip for crackers and crostini.

Ingredients include: Brown sugar, red wine, balsamic vinegar, thyme, and black pepper.

This Portobello Romesco Burgers recipe is a delicious option that everyone can enjoy. It uses marinated portobello mushrooms as the patty, then is topped with provolone cheese and served on a brioche bun. 

Ingredients include: Portobello mushroom, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, red onion, and arugula.

The Sausage-Stuffed Red Onions recipe marries sweet, long-roasted onions with a savory, complex sausage stuffing. This dish becomes a winter classic when topped with a golden, creamy blend of breadcrumbs and Gruyere cheese.

Ingredients include: Red onions, butter, sausage, apple, and fennel seeds.

This quick Red Onion Gravy goes well with everything from roasted meats to mashed potatoes. Its unique blend of caramelized red onions and apple cider balances the acidity and sweet flavor of any dish.

Ingredients include: Red onions, butter, flour, apple cider, and chicken or beef stock.

Prepare this easy one-dish Sausage Potato Casserole with Red onions for lunch or dinner. Its well-balanced combination of ingredients makes it irresistible.  

Ingredients include: Sausage, red onion, potatoes, egg, and milk.

Using pantry staples, quickly prepare these budget-friendly pickled onions. Enjoy their tangy flavor for up to a week, thanks to a foolproof vinegar-based refrigerator pickling method.

Ingredients include: Red onion, garlic, white sugar, and vinegar.

The Mexican Tortilla Casserole bursts with bold flavors, baked into a cake-like stack on a simple cookie sheet. This recipe blends Tex-Mex cuisine and allows for easy assembly and baking when ready to eat.

Ingredients include: Ground beef, red onion, white rice, corn, and black beans.

This Red Onion & Beetroot Quiche blends sweet flavors and earthy beetroot in a homemade crisp with a nutty touch of walnut pastry. Serve this hot or cold to match any occasion.

Ingredients include: Flour, walnuts, butter, egg yolk, and red onions.

Bake this Roasted Chicken Focaccia Sandwich until the bread is warm and crispy. Its standout feature is the red onion jam, slow-caramelized and simmered in a balsamic mix.

Ingredients include: Arugula, focaccia, goat cheese spread, mayonnaise, and lemon juice.

This version of Sloppy Joes highlights the use of fresh ingredients instead of canned alternatives in the savory sauce. It’s cooked by browning ground beef and simmering it with molasses, apple cider vinegar, and spices. 

Ingredients include: Tomatoes, bell pepper, cinnamon, oregano, and apple cider vinegar.

Our Korean Ground Beef Rice Bowl (Bibimbap) includes tangy pickled red onions that add a sweet and spicy flavor, and crunch. It is topped with a fried egg and gochujang sauce.

Ingredients include: Ground beef, brown sugar, ginger, egg, and spinach.

Beetroot Tart With Gorgonzola & Red Onions is an easy dish you can make ahead of time. It’s made with layers of thin pastry and filled with beetroot, Gorgonzola cheese, and onions cooked in vinegar. 

Ingredients include: Filo pastry, egg, walnuts, beetroots, sugar, and red onions.

Our Peach Salsa recipe combines basic ingredients you probably have in the kitchen. The grilled peaches add a smoky flavor to the salsa, while the jalapenos provide a bit of heat. 

Ingredients include: Peaches, lime juice, shallot, jalapeño peppers, and cilantro.

This tart is made with a flaky crust with an onion tart filling. It’s then topped with creamy cheese and baked until golden brown. The red onions bring a lovely color and a hint of sweet taste to the recipe.

Ingredients include: Almond flour, ground flax seeds, water, onions, and bell peppers.

This straightforward recipe celebrates the flavors of fall and winter. The fresh pears and red onions are oven-roasted with herbs until caramelized and then served with scrumptious halloumi cheese.

Ingredients include: Red onion, thyme, sea salt, olive oil, maple syrup, and halloumi cheese.

Laccha Onion is an Indian condiment made with thinly sliced onions soaked in ice water to crisp them up. They are tossed with spices and popularly served along with North Indian meals.

Ingredients include: Kashimiri red chili powder, chaat masala powder, green chilies, cilantro, and lime juice.

This Indian-inspired okra dish is a tasty way to enjoy veggies with less viscous texture. The key is to wash and dry the okra well before slicing it and avoid adding salt until it is fully cooked. 

Ingredients include: Red onion, vegetable oil, black mustard seeds, turmeric powder, and red chili powder. 

This Indian dish includes spicy mashed vegetables served with warm, buttery, pan-toasted rolls. Adding ginger, garlic, and onions add complexity, while lime juice introduces a refreshing, tangy edge. 

Ingredients include: Butter, red onions, cilantro, Yugold gold potatoes, and tomato paste.

This classic Sicilian dish tastes even better the next day. The eggplant is first caramelized then the remaining ingredients are added and cooked until the flavors combine. 

Ingredients include: Eggplant, pine nuts, red onion, celery, and green olives.

This recipe is a fresh take on the traditional Italian salad. It incorporates the bold and spicy elements of Cajun cuisine, making it excellent for summer and adding a zesty touch to your meals. 

Ingredients include: Bread, Creole seasoning, garlic cloves, tomatoes, English cucumber, and bell peppers.

This Sheet Pan Greek Chicken dish bursts with the vibrant flavors of the Mediterranean, offering savory, tangy, and earthy notes. The juicy and tender chicken is marinated in a herb-packed sauce.

Ingredients include: Cherry tomatoes, artichoke hearts, lemon, chicken breasts, garlic cloves, and balsamic vinegar.

This savory bread recipe allows for various ingredient swaps. It also brings together the unique flavors of Gorgonzola blue cheese, caramelized red onions, and thyme. 

Ingredients include: Red onion, balsamic glaze, all-purpose flour, baking powder, eggs, and milk.

This skillet recipe highlights tender BBQ chicken, roasted vegetables, and a hearty amount of cheddar cheese layered over bite-sized sweet potatoes. It’s simple and takes under an hour to put together. 

Ingredients include: Sweet potatoes, chicken breast, BBQ sauce, broccoli, and cheddar cheese. 

This recipe combines the sweet taste of coconut with the heat of jalapeño and the earthy tones of yellow curry. It also uses chicken thighs that are first browned on the stove until they are very tender and full of flavor. 

Ingredients include: Chicken thighs, coconut milk, dried basil, curry powder, and red onion.

This stir-fry recipe can be prepared in 25 minutes or less. The lean ground beef is stir-fried with red onions in a sweet-savory honey hoisin sauce. Packed with umami, the dish is best served over rice or noodles. 

Ingredients include: Red onion, ground beef, mushrooms, garlic cloves, ginger, and Hoisin sauce.

32. Kimchi

This vibrant and tangy side dish is made with fermented vegetables and flavored with garlic, ginger, and chili. The recipe involves a unique process of brining and fermenting the cabbage with a rich paste.

Ingredients include: Napa cabbage, rice flour, cane sugar, white radish, carrot, and red onion.

This Thai Prawn & Mango Salad combines succulent tiger prawns and ripe, firm mangoes with a mixture of vegetables, topped with a tangy nahm-jim dressing. It’s further enhanced with lime wedges on the side.  

Ingredients include: Tiger prawns, mangoes, iceberg lettuce, red onion, and peanuts.

Miso Roasted Broccoli is a versatile dish that can be enjoyed as a side or a main course with grains like quinoa or rice. The recipe uses umami-rich miso paste, which imparts a savory flavor to the broccoli. 

Ingredients include: White miso paste, sesame oil, maple syrup, tamari, and rice vinegar.

This salad features various colorful vegetables, making it visually appealing and scrumptious. It’s then topped with everything bagel seasoning for a touch of crunch and flavor.

Ingredients include: Pasta, green pepper, sesame oil, lemon juice, carrot, and everything bagel seasoning.

The bottom line

Looking for a crisp and colorful onion that can add a tasteful touch to almost any meal? Look no further than the fabulous red onion!

Red onions have a sweet and sharp flavor that can be used raw in salads and sandwiches or cooked in soups, stews, and casseroles. They can even be pickled!

Did our list of the best red onion recipes help you find the meal inspiration you need to get started? If so, let us know in the comments below, or better yet, share on your socials!

35 Best Red Onion Recipes

35 Best Red Onion Recipes

From refreshing salads to Asian-inspired stir-fries and more, this list of 35 red onion recipes will showcase the crisp, colorful, and mild red onion.


  • Creamy Roasted Red Onions
  • Bacon Pineapple BBQ Chicken
  • Fresh Tomato Salad
  • Red Onion Marmalade
  • Red Onion Soup
  • Mediterranean Quesadilla With Spinach & Feta
  • Onion Jam
  • Portobello Romesco Burgers
  • Sausage-Stuffed Red Onions
  • Red Onion Gravy
  • Sausage Potato Casserole
  • Pickled Red Onions
  • Mexican Tortilla Casserole
  • Red Onion & Beetroot Quiche
  • Roasted Chicken Focaccia Sandwich
  • Sloppy Joe
  • Korean Ground Beef Rice Bowl (Bibimbap)
  • Beetroot Tart With Gorgonzola & Red Onions
  • Peach Salsa
  • Caramelized Onion Tart
  • Roasted Pears & Red Onions With Halloumi Cheese
  • Laccha Onion
  • Indian Okra Sauté With Red Onion
  • Mumbai Pav Bhaji
  • Caponata
  • Cajun Panzanella Salad
  • Sheet Pan Greek Chicken
  • Red Onions & Gorgonzola Quick Bread
  • BBQ Chicken Sweet Potato Skillet
  • Basil Chicken Coconut Curry
  • Chinese Beef Stir Fry
  • Kimchi
  • Thai Prawn & Mango Salad
  • Miso Roasted Broccoli
  • Rainbow Sesame Noodle Salad


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