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7 bell pepper recipes that will make your dishes extra

7 bell pepper recipes that will make your dishes extra

Don’t limit yourself to eating green bell peppers! These tasty beauties also come in a variety of colors which really make a dish oh-so delightful and a lot more.

Like their exciting colors, bell peppers are also incredibly versatile. You can enjoy them grilled, sautéed, or added in sauces or soups; you can even have them raw!

While everyone knows that stuffed bell peppers seem to be the easiest in the bunch as a delectable meal option, you don’t have to limit yourself by simply stuffing them. Ultimately, bell peppers can be a fun addition to so many other tasty recipes, which we’re about to reveal right about now!

Do you know what makes a great appetizer? The stuffed mini sweet peppers! These mini bell pepper wonders boast a sweeter, almost a full floral taste with softer flesh while offering long, tapered shapes. Best of all, mini peppers are known for their longevity. These little peppers can last around a week in the fridge. But if you have already cut them, you must use them within about two days. Oh, and did I mention that it only takes five minutes to prepare stuff mini peppers? Here’s how you can cook cheesy stuffed mini peppers!

2. Heirloom tomato and zucchini salad

They say the tomato wedges are sinfully juicy in the heirloom tomato and zucchini salad. There’s something about the heirloom tomato and zucchini salad that gives you just about the right kick you need. The secret? The thinly -sliced sweet yellow peppers! And whether it’s the love for tomato wedges or the cravings for the peppers’ sweetness, this juicy salad makes excellent use of other fresh herbs and veggies from the farmers market or even your own garden. Check the recipe.

3. Ultimate rainbow vegetable sandwich

Now, here’s another surefire way to enjoy bell peppers: Roast and put them in a sandwich! The ultimate rainbow vegetable sandwich isn’t only a visual feast, but also thoroughly tasty, thanks to its roasted peppers and tangy pickled radishes. Do you also happen to have an herb goat cheese? Stop dilly-dallying and spread it and you’ll thank me as the heavens will now serenade you. If you want eye-popping spectacles right in front of you, the peppers at your disposal are surely going to contrast your other vegetables. Here’s the recipe.

4. Easy parmesan breakfast potatoes

Got red bell peppers? This delicious breakfast dish has shredded parmesan cheese mixed with red bell pepper and red onion – all of which deliver scrumptious potatoes right to your taste buds. And while the list of ingredients is a bit long, the recipe we’ve uncovered is just about as simple as it is easy. Plus, some tips on storing breakfast potatoes and whether you can reheat them are included! CookingChew also revealed nifty points on how to make crispy breakfast potatoes. Get the recipe.

5. Roasted pepper cornbread

Another dish that takes advantage of the peppers’ sweetness and soft flesh is the roasted pepper cornbread! Other than red bell peppers, this Southwestern recipe calls for roasted poblano, corn, and a little cayenne. If you’re into dark crusts or especially looking for a light, nutty flavor, make sure to preheat the pan first and coat it with butter! The roasted pepper cornbread can also be injected with that much-needed tanginess by using sour cream and buttermilk. With a slight touch of heat, this recipe will surely get your fix on cornbread.

6. One skillet pepper steak

A flavorful, packed meal that can be dished out in less than twenty minutes, the one-skillet pepper steak is famously served over rice or Chinese noodles! Alternatively, it can also be served with crab Rangoon or sweet pork dumplings. Either way, these complementary dishes should only bring out what it’s most noted for – its distinct flavor rendered by the juicy steak, tender-crisp onions, and bell peppers bathed in a lightly sweet Hoisin ginger mustard sauce that is just divine. Here are some helpful tips on making one-skillet pepper steak and the recipe itself.

7. Calico pepper frittata

You can’t beat frittata if you want a dish that fits any meal. But with red and green bell peppers in it, your game on frittatas is only bound to level up! The calico pepper frittata is also as versatile as it gets. If you’ve run out of Romano, you can use the more accessible cheeses such as Parmesan or smoked Gouda. You can also use the stovetop instead of the oven. Get the recipe.

The bottom line

As eye-popping as their colors are, bell peppers can also be prepared in a variety of ways. You can stuff, dice and toss, sizzle, stack and wrap, and even roast them.Finally, these bell pepper recipes we’ve revealed should only get you more creative, if not versatile – all thanks to this superfood that is sure to provide a zestful splash of colors to whichever meal or snack you’re planning on.

Bell pepper recipes that will make your dishes extra

Bell pepper recipes that will make your dishes extra

7 eye-popping bell pepper recipes that will make your dishes extra


  • Cheesy stuffed mini peppers
  • Heirloom tomato and zucchini salad
  • Ultimate rainbow vegetable sandwich
  • Easy parmesan breakfast potatoes
  • Roasted pepper cornbread
  • One skillet pepper steak
  • Calico pepper frittata


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