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23 Refreshing Mixed Drinks For Your Mexican Night Escapade! ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿฟ

23 Refreshing Mixed Drinks For Your Mexican Night Escapade! 💃🏿

Are you running out of ideas for Mexican Cocktails on your favorite Taco Tuesdays? 

Or thinking of spicing up your usual Friday nights out?

Then you may consider putting some Mexican slash tex-mex slash southwestern touches on your cocktail escapades for a change! 

Mexican cocktails offer a wide variety of flavors to choose from—you name it! 

These will give you that fruity, sour, bittersweet, sweet, and spicy zinga-dinga or even taste like the classic and traditional from way, way back.

Some of these have a lot of history just like their namesake’s rich cultural heritage. 

Try these classic traditional drinks and the trendy cocktails for a whole new drinking experience.

Most of their cocktail drinks are mixed with Tequila, while some have Mexican beer and mezcal, paired up with sea salt or lime. 

You and your friends may choose from the classic Margarita to the spicy Michelada

You may go beyond and can even try the La Bandera or the Ponche!

I really love the simple, direct Mexican Martini—not too sweet and it packs a punch!

Come on, there is no need to wait for Taco Tuesdays or Cinco de Mayo to taste these delicious, thirst-quenching drinks. 

So what are you waiting for? 

Keep scrolling and let’s do a Mexican twist on your usual cocktail drinking even in the comfort of your home!

The margarita is your classic but fun summer drink, and it’s very easy to make at the comfort of your own home! 

According to an article from National Geographic, this famous Mexican drink is said to have many origins, including one where it is said that a Mexican restaurant owner named Carlos Herrera made this drink for Marjorie King in 1938. 

One origin story said that it is based on and evolved from a drink called daisy, a popular drink during the 30s and 40s. 

Hence, he came up with the name margarita, which is the Spanish word for daisy. 

With just simple ingredients such as tequila, lime, and salt (and a little shaking to do), we’re sure you’re up for a happy hour with this classic but wholesome drink! 

You may be familiar with the variety of mix-ins nowadays, but if not, give our Cranberry Margarita a try, for a bright twist on the traditional!

If you’re in search of a drink with a bit of spice, the Mezcalita is the drink for you.

It’s prepared the same way as a margarita, only with the mezcal and jalapeños added and with no sweeteners—just the lime and its sour taste to complete this delicious drink. 

Just make sure to check how many jalapeños you put in your drink, or you might be in a hot situation afterwards! 🌶️🌶️🌶️

This cocktail is a combination of unique ingredients (that  I’m sure can be found in your kitchen, just not for a drink!)  

It is made with Mexican beer (Tecate is always easy to find, and Corona too), some lime, tomato juice, spices, and sauces (it can be Worcestershire or teriyaki, your choice!).

So if you like beer and a little savory taste and a kick of spice in your mixed drinks, you should try the Michelada.

Most people may confuse this drink with the Sangria, but these two are different. 

The Sangrita is a Mexican cocktail made up of citrus juices and spices mixed with tequila, while sangria is a wine-based drink that originated in Spain. 

If your palate is craving something fruity to go with your tequila, then the Sangrita can be your best bet.

The highlight of this drink is the grapefruit soda (Squirt is traditionally used, but any grapefruit soda will do) plus tequila, of course! 

Coupled up with some lime juice and salt, this drink gives you that sweet and sour flavor, depending on your choice of grapefruit soda. 

You may pair it up with a spicy Mexican dish, as the Paloma is believed to tame the hottest of flavors.

If you’re looking for an alternative to the Paloma drink, you should try the Cantaritos. 

This Mexican drink is called such because it was being served and drunk in red clay cups (cantaritos), which is said to be “the best way to drink tequila.”

If you’re a fan of pineapple, the Matador is the cocktail for you. 

By simply mixing pineapple juice with your tequila and lime juice, you’ll have that island vibe even when you’re not on the beach! 

Make sure to top it up with some cute cut pineapple to finish that tropical look on your new drink!

This cocktail looks similar to the Bloody Mary cocktail since both drinks resemble the color of blood. 

If you love Margaritas and Sangrita, this drink is recommended for you.

With this drink, you can experience that citrus taste with a little spice in it (or so it depends on how you mix it!).

This Mexican beverage is also known as “Tepache de Piña” or pineapple beer. 

This traditional craft beer is a little tedious to make but here’s the thing: it’s made from pineapple peels! 

It is combined with cane sugar and spices. 

Some also add cinnamon and star anise for a sweet-spicy aroma.

Pro tip: the longer you ferment your tepache, the higher the alcohol content will be! 

Translated in simple terms, Agua de Fresca means “fresh water”. 

Ah, it just sounds nice, doesn’t it?

You can pick fruits of your choice coupled with cold water, sugar, and of course, vodka (or tequila, whichever you may prefer), and voila! 

You’ll be having an agua de Fresca in no time!

Strain your puree for smoother sipping!

The Mexican Horchata offers up that light and sweet taste as you drink it.

It is made from agua fresca coupled with some ground rice, cinnamon, and almonds soaked in water. 

This creamy drink can be paired with a meal, snack, or tequila! You can also try it with the Kahlua, brandy, or rum if you’re looking for a different kick of alcohol. 

Similar to the  Tepache above, this Mexican cocktail is also fermented for some time.

This requires only several minutes of preparation but undergoes a 3-day fermentation processor or longer, depending on how you want its alcohol content to be.  

One of its main ingredients is the “piloncillo” or unrefined sugar, together with cornflour.

This one’s an authentic recipe, so it will take you some time to create this from the ground up.

This is the Mexican counterpart of the Bloody Mary, only with this cocktail, it’s got hot and spicy olé with it!

Come to think of it, it’s the michelada and the margarita in one sumptuous drink. 

So if you’re craving something sweet and spicy with a touch of classic taste, give the Chavela a try.  

Also known as pulque, this drink is one of the oldest and most traditional Mexican drinks, often described as something opaque and milky in color.

Just like the tepache, this beverage is a combination of mezcal, pulque, rum, and agave syrup that is also fermented for quite some time to make the famous drink. 

If you know of the drink Salty Dog, then this Mexican drink may be familiar to you. 

This beverage used Tequila instead of gin, featuring that fruity sour, and salty combination of the lime and salt. Stir a little, then you’re good to go and celebrate!

As scary as the name may seem, this cocktail is a lightweight, refreshing beverage, also known as The La Cucaracha.

It is a classic mixture of bitters, grenadine, and lime juice that originated in 1939 and was first recorded by Charles H. Baker at La Cucaracha Cocktail Club in Mexico City. 

If you’re in a bittersweet mood of celebrating, this drink may best suit your palate.

Tagged as Mexico’s counterpart for the Cuba Libre, the Charro Negro has almost the same ingredients – except that we exchange Cuba Libre’s rum for tequila.  

Also known by the locals as La Batanga, this cocktail drink offers a strong, sweet, bitter, and sour taste all in one. 

You can try this festive Mexican cocktail even when it’s not the holidays! 

This warm beverage is a mixture of fruity and sweet altogether for a warm and fuzzy during the winter. 

This delicious thirst-quencher may also be best served iced during the summer.

This famous Mexican cocktail adds that “I’m here to party but also relax” vibe.

The “sunrise” part comes from the color combination of the different juices used: orange juice, lime juice, and also the grenadine. 

Remember to serve it unmixed to get the full layered “sunrise” experience of this drink! 

Make sure to top it up with fruit for that finishing touch.

This is a popular drink on the Texas-Mexico border. 

Deriving its name from the known mineral water, Topo Chico, this tequila-based cocktail will offer up a refreshing, tasty fizz with its rich blackberry flavor.  

Also referred to as the White Mexican Cocktail, this drink is the right fit if you like something creamy. 

What makes this drink Mexican is the Kahlua, a liquor originating from Mexico that is often mixed with coffee. 

This drink was said to be made by the nuns at the Santa Clara convent in Puebla, Mexico during the seventeenth century. 

It is also called the “Mexican eggnog,” which is derived from the ponche de huevo or egg punch.

So if you like your eggnog with a little kick of alcohol, you’ve got your match!

Want to make your own homemade eggnog

Of course, the Mexican cocktails list won’t be complete without the bandera mexicana or the Flaming Mexican flag.

The drink is sipped from a shot glass showing liquor that resembles the three official colors of the Mexican flag.

This beverage is a mixture of red grenadine, green creme de menthe, and white tequila. 

Don’t worry, you’ll be drinking it with a straw, but watch out, it is sometimes served flaming!

The bottom line

Whether you’re just trying something new, having your Taco Tuesdays, Cinco de Mayo, or just your typical Friday hangouts, you can never go wrong with adding a Mexican flair to your cocktails.  

These cocktails do not only showcase the different flavors and tastes of Mexico, but it also showcases their rich history and culture beyond those drinks. 

No need to hit the bar for new and refreshing Mexican cocktails!

Experience these 23 delicious and thirst-quenching drinks for that escapade night of a lifetime.  

You may also pair them up with your favorite Mexican snack for a complete experience, even when you’re just hanging out at the comfort of your own home. 

You can also put your own personal touch to these recipes by tweaking some ingredients that fit your taste! 

Vamos, and let’s have a good time!

Try this Cranberry Mojito recipe for something pink and cute for your next Mexican-themed night out!

Top 23 BEST Mexican Cocktails! 🍸

Top 23 BEST Mexican Cocktails! 🍸

Pull up this list of authentic Mexican cocktails to choose from when you celebrate your next Taco Tuesday!


  • The Classic Margarita
  • The Mezcalita
  • The Michelada
  • The Sangrita
  • The Paloma
  • The Cantarito Cocktail
  • The Matador
  • The Vampiro
  • The Tepache
  • The Agua Fresca
  • The Horchata
  • The Tejuino
  • The Chavela
  • Nectar De Dioses
  • The Chihuahua
  • The Mexican Firing Squad
  • The Charro Negro
  • The Ponche
  • The Tequila Sunrise
  • The Chico
  • The El Guero
  • The Rompope
  • Flaming Mexican Flag


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