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15 No-Fuss Canned Pinto Beans Recipes That You Should Recreate Now!

15 No-Fuss Canned Pinto Beans Recipes That You Should Recreate Now!

Are you trying to decide what to make with canned pinto beans? We’ve gathered 15 of our go-to canned pinto beans recipes that will make your meals fantastic!
Pinto beans are one of those foods that seem to always be in the pantry. 

Unfortunately, most of us aren’t bursting at the seams with canned pinto beans recipes. 

I mean, there are only so many things you can do with them, right? Wrong. 

Pinto beans are delicious, versatile, and nutritious. 

All you need is a little extra spice and some imagination, and all of a sudden, you’ve taken a nearly expired can of pinto beans and turned it into a culinary masterpiece. 

Done are the days of simply slopping some pintos into a loaded burrito, and you can forget about just using them as an afterthought addition to your chili. 

Instead, why not take those canned pintos and make them the star of the show and recreate these amazing Cast Iron Skillet Cowboy Pinto Beans and Quick And Easy Chipotle Pinto Beans?

It’s easy and inexpensive, making it the perfect opportunity to mix things up with ingredients you may already have on hand, especially when you try to make #15.

These recipes will open up your eyes to new and exciting pinto possibilities and leave your friends and family both full and delighted.

Everyone knows rice and beans go together like peanut butter and jelly, so why not play to the strengths of the canned pinto beans hanging out in your cupboard? 

This recipe takes a classic pairing to a new level with fresh ingredients and lots of yummy spices, making it a must for every Mexican night.

Serve them with fajitas, quesadillas, or just about any Mexican dish for the perfect pairing.

If you’re looking for a new game-day dip and you happen to have some canned pinto beans lying around, look no further than these salsa pinto beans. 

They are fast, easy, and delicious, making them a perfect solution to the ‘what to make with canned pinto beans’ dilemma. 

Just chop an onion and some cilantro, mince some garlic, combine your salsa and pintos, heat it all together, and you have a new Superbowl snack for life. 

Side dishes don’t have to be complicated, but they need to support and complement the main event. 

These simmered pinto beans check both of those boxes. 

All you need is one pot, some canned pintos, a bell pepper, an onion, some pantry staples, seven minutes, and voila! 

This will be among your favorite recipes with pinto beans from now on.

A close second to rice and beans is ham and beans. 

The beauty of this recipe is that it delivers all the flavor and texture of a slow cooker ham and beans dish in only 90 minutes. 

Don’t waste time wondering what to do with canned pinto beans when you can emulate a savory crockpot meal in less than half the time. 

Garnish with jalapenos, pair with sweet cornbread, and relish every bite.

Soup doesn’t have to be full of dairy and meat to be delicious. 

This vegan soup is a favorite on the list of recipes with pinto beans. 

The onion, green pepper, and tomatoes give the dish a fresh-from-the-garden nuance, and the chipotle peppers in adobo bring the heat. 

Top your pinto bean soup with avocado or green onion, and serve alongside vegan quesadillas. 

We know canned baked beans are an easy cookout go-to, but this recipe will teach you both how to make homemade baked beans and how to cook canned pinto beans at the same time. 

Ingredients like brown sugar, dijon mustard, paprika, and bell pepper, just to name a few, add something special to this traditional dish.

The signature sauce ties the hearty pintos and savory bacon together in a simple but flavorful way that leaves you wanting more.

Family recipes are passed down for a reason, which is no exception. 

The combination of homemade sofritas (or store-bought if you prefer) and the Puerto Rican style pinto beans creates an explosion of flavor that instantly elevates any chicken and rice dish. 

After one bite you’ll be wishing you were part of the family that invented the recipe.

Recipes with canned pinto beans don’t have to be one-size-fits-all. 

Even if you’re making a classic Mexican pinto bean dish, there is still lots of room for culinary exploration and fun. 

With these charro beans, you can take as many- or as few- liberties as you like. 

Dress them up, dress them down, whatever you’re in the mood for. 

They’re mouthwatering either way.

There’s something about cooking in a cast-iron skillet that makes you feel like a cowboy, so why not go all the way and whip up some cowboy beans?

Among canned pinto beans recipes, cowboy beans are a cult classic. 

They’re like the cool cousin of baked beans- similar ingredients with a different flavor profile that gives off simplistic yet slightly more sophisticated vibes than baked beans. 

You can’t go wrong.

The beauty of homemade burritos is that you can build them any way you want- they can be as basic or extravagant as you desire.

The great thing about these burritos, besides the fact that they’re super quick and simple, is that the pinto beans take center stage as the main ingredient.

Once you add in the brown rice, kale, avocado, and onion, you have one heck of a plant-based burrito. 

Canned anything doesn’t have to be boring, bland, or even blatantly obvious that it came from a can.

When it comes to how to cook canned pinto beans, this recipe hits the nail right on the head.

By doctoring the pintos up with things like bacon, onion, and hot sauce, the people you’re feeding will never know your beans came from a can.

We know you can get already refried beans in a can, but this recipe is a no-brainer if you’re wondering what to make with canned pinto beans.

By making refried beans from (semi) scratch, you’ll get a creamier, less sticky consistency with way more flavor that you’ll want to eat with just about everything.

Whether it’s tacos, quesadillas, or just plain chips, these refried beans will be the perfect companion.

Recipes that include the word “chipotle” always seem to stand out, and canned pinto beans recipes are no exception.

These pintos are thick, hearty, and loaded with vegetables and spices that give the beans chipotle bragging rights.

While the flavor alone would be enough to seal the deal, the fact that they take less than 30 minutes to prepare solidifies its standing at the top of the list.

If you’ve never had or heard of flautas, prepare to have your mind blown.

For those of you who aren’t quite sure what to do with canned pinto beans but want something more than simmered beans or a side dish, these flautas are your new best friend.

Their crispy tortilla shell is filled with warm, delicious beans, cheese, veggies, and seasonings making it hard to stop munching.

The bottom line

Beans don’t have to be basic, even when they come from a can.

These canned pinto beans recipes have the versatility, ease, and flavor to become part of your regular cooking routine.

So the next time you’re staring down a can of pintos in the pantry, dont look away; get creative.

Looking for what to serve with pinto beans? Here are recipes you can pair it with!

15 Ways To Cook Canned Pinto Beans

15 Ways To Cook Canned Pinto Beans

Are you looking for the best canned pinto beans recipes in town? Here are 15 recipes with canned pinto beans that you must try now!


  • Spicy Vegetarian Pinto Bean Chili
  • Mexican Rice And Cantina Beans
  • Salsa Pinto Beans
  • Simmered Pinto Beans
  • Ham Hock And Beans
  • Vegan Pinto Bean Soup
  • Perfect Baked Beans
  • Authentic Puerto Rican Beans: Habichuelas Guisadas
  • Easy Charro Beans
  • Cast Iron Skillet Cowboy Pinto Beans
  • Quick Pinto Bean Burritos
  • Recooked Canned Pinto Beans
  • Refried Beans
  • Quick And Easy Chipotle Pinto Beans
  • Flautas


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