Learn How to Safely Reheat Quiche and Keep It Tasty

Quiche, a savory tart made with custard filling of eggs, cream, cheese, and typically served with meat, vegetables, or seafood, is one of the easiest meal you can whip out because of its relatively easy recipes that can be found.

Its versatility also adds to it appeal, being the perfect match for your brunch with family, picnic with friends, or night in with your special someone (take note though, that French will never be caught in daylight serving this for breakfast).

For this reason, most people cook this in advance with the intention of reheating it, later on. Along with this come some certain guidelines on how to reheat quiche! And if that is your dilemma, you have come to the right place! Read away.

What You Will Need


This is a thermally insulated cooking device or appliance, also used for heating, baking or drying of a substance. Electric ovens are also available in stores now. They are ovens that depend, instead, on electricity to generate heat.

Microwave or Microwave Oven

This is another kitchen cooking and heating appliance that does the job by exposing your grub to microwave radiation in the spectrum of electromagnets.

Baking Sheet

This is also known as metal sheet, baking pan, or metal pan. Like every bakeware out there, baking sheet can be made out of various materials such as aluminum, metal or glass.

​Its primary purpose is for baking bread rolls, cookies, sheet cakes, swiss rolls, pizzas and other pastries in the oven.

How to Reheat Quiche

With all that information, and a couple of materials stated, let us now proceed to the highlight: how to reheat quiche.

Quiche can be made ahead of time and stored in a freezer after, meaning you can just reheat it with the use of a couple of mediums later on, and along with that come some do’s and dont’s and the how-tos.

Improper heating can ruin the overall texture and flavor of your Quiche so below are some guidelines.

Heating through Oven

1. Whether it just came out of the freezer or not, make sure your quiche is at roomtemperature.

2. Proceed to heat your oven to 350 degrees.

3. Transfer your quiche to a metal baking sheet.

4. Bake it for about 15-25 minutes or until it is heated through. Have it reach at least 165 degrees. A thermometer can help determine the initial temperature.

Heating through Microwave

1. Same thing as the other, make sure it is at room temperature before you proceed.

2. Remove any non-microwavable safe materials such as aluminum foil or plastic wrap and place your quiche onto a microwavable safe pan or container.

3. Set your microwave to a medium high power level.

4. Microwave your quiche until it reaches an internal temperature of 165 degrees. Monitor it closely and heat it in two minute-intervals to refrain from being overheated.

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Helpful Tips to Reheat Quiche

1. Reheating with the Use of Microwave

Heating through microwave is generally discouraged as this process can cause your quiche to sog out. But if absolutely necessary, the aforesaid are some guidelines you can follow as you will need to monitor your quiche.

Fair warning though, that the resulting reheated quiche from a microwave will not give you an equally crusty one as the one you’d get from an oven-heated quiche. But if in a rush, this can be a viable way for you.

Make sure you have also removed any materials that are not microwavable-safe such as aluminum foil.

2. Reheating with the Use of Oven

With the use of oven, however, you may need to cover it with aluminium foil. It can turn brownish, if not.

3. Regarding the Use of Materials

Moreover, let’s talk about the materials used in making quiche. Most pans available on stores are 8 to 10 inches or 20 to 25 centimetre wide. There are recipes for 8 inches or 20 centimetre pans that can be found online.

Take note also that when making an 8 inch or a 20 centimetre recipe to go in a 10 inch (25 cm) pan, ingredients in the recipe must be amplified by one half.

Quiche is also usually made in a round dish of little depth with ridged but straight sides. Various people buy unique platters, usually ones created out of glazed pottery. These are usually the ones who are trying to go for a French look.

4. Making the Quiche

Let’s hop on to the cooking process of the ingredients found in the filling mixture. First things first, meat must definitely be cooked before anything else.

As you proceed with the vegetables, make sure that they are steamed or sautéed first. Exceptions are asparagus tips or others that only require quick-cooking.

Lastly, do note that the egg is what mostly gives your crust its body in the filling mixture, albeit the more ingredients you put, the less egg you are going to need.

5. Freezing Your Quiche

Make sure that your quiche is cooked properly and it has already cooled down to room temperature before freezing it. Also, when freezing, you can place it in a tart tin, or just wrap them in a plastic wrap.

Quiche can also be reheated from frozen, just allow extra cooking time and cover the top with aluminium foil. You also have the option to just defrost them in the fridge then reheat when needed.

You can separate your quiche into individual when you freeze it. This will work especially if your quiche is firm and has great shape.

Take note that some quiches have a very sloppy filling, think scrambled eggs, so the slices have alarge tendency to be messy and not be in a strong shape once done freezing.

Lastly, keep in mind that while most quiche recipes can be freezed, some quiches with too much vegetable might end up soggy once defrosted.


Reheating quiche may seem like a complicated process but just remember that your means of reheating depends on your particular need. Use oven if you want a perfectly reheated quiche, and use a microwave, if you’re in a rush.

I hope the above information was helpful! If you have some more comments, clarifications or suggestions, don’t hesitate to leave them down below. Share them with your family and friends, as well!

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