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45 Best Abalone Recipes (Sautéed Abalone & More!)

45 Best Abalone Recipes (Sautéed Abalone & More!)

Find the best abalone recipes from around the world, along with cooking tips and tricks on picking the freshest abalone in the market. 

Abalone has long been a popular choice in fancy restaurants, but it’s also becoming a favorite among regular home cooks. The seafood is known for its tender, delicate texture and rich umami flavor with subtle hints of the ocean.

This once-elusive ingredient is like a blank canvas. It can be enjoyed raw, grilled, stir-fried, or added to soups and stews. Its mild flavor also harmonizes with various ingredients, offering endless possibilities.

If you’re looking for recipe inspiration for this seafood delicacy, we’ve gathered some of the best abalone recipes here. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned cook, you’re sure to find something to enjoy.

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Where To Find Abalone

Abalone is a delicious and prized seafood that can be difficult to find in the US. Here are a few places where you can track it down.

  • Asian grocery stores. These stores are great for finding fresh or frozen abalone.
  • Seafood markets. Coastal seafood markets often carry abalone.
  • Specialty food stores. Some stores might have abalone, especially if they offer a wide range of seafood or imported goods.
  • Online retailers. Many online retailers sell abalone, providing a wide selection and competitive prices.
  • Direct from the grower. Living in a coastal area could lead you to discover abalone growers who directly sell to the public.

Cooking Tips For Abalone Recipes

Luxurious and versatile, abalone can be cooked in various ways, and here are some tips for preparing abalone recipes.

  • Choose fresh abalone. Choose fresh abalone by looking for firm, bright, and clean-shelled ones, as it is a delicate seafood.
  • Clean the abalone thoroughly. Clean abalone thoroughly before cooking by scrubbing off dirt and debris with a brush and rinsing it under cold water.
  • Remove the abalone’s innards. Remove the abalone’s inedible innards carefully with a sharp knife before cooking, avoiding any damage to the shell.
  • Score the abalone’s flesh. Score the abalone’s flesh with shallow cuts about 1/4-inch apart using a sharp knife for even cooking.
  • Marinate the abalone. Marinate the abalone for 30 minutes or overnight to add flavor and tenderize the flesh.
  • Cook the abalone gently. Cook abalone gently to avoid making it tough and chewy, as it is delicate seafood.
  • Use a meat tenderizer to pound the abalone’s flesh. This process helps break down the tough fibers in the abalone’s flesh, making it more tender.
  • Cook the abalone until it is just cooked through. Cook abalone until it’s opaque throughout but slightly translucent in the center to keep it tender; overcooking makes it tough and chewy.
  • Add a small amount of oil to the pan when pan-frying abalone. Prevent the abalone from sticking to the pan.

How To Look For The Best Abalone

Consider these factors when selecting the best abalone:

  • Check the shell. The shell should be bright, glossy, and free of cracks or blemishes.
  • Feel the weight. The abalone should be plump, firm, and appropriately weighted.
  • Inspect the meat. The meat should be richly colored and feel firm and springy to the touch.
  • Smell the abalone. Fresh abalone should emit a mild, oceany odor.
  • Ask when the abalone was caught. The higher the freshness of the abalone, the better its quality.
  • Avoid abalone that has been frozen. Fresh abalone tastes better than frozen abalone.
  • Buy abalone from a reputable source. You can obtain fresh, high-quality abalone from a reputable source.
  • Look for abalone that is from a sustainable fishery. This helps prevent overfishing of abalone.
  • Consider the type of abalone. Abalone comes in various types, each with a unique flavor and suitability for different cooking methods.
  • Check the hinge. The hinge must remain intact and not be broken.

Best Abalone Recipes

This easy-to-make sautéed baby abalone recipe, cooked in a light sauce of butter, garlic, dashi, and lemon, offers a melt-in-your-mouth seafood delight for special occasions. The lemon enhances the delicate flavor of the abalone. 

Ingredients include: Abalone, butter, garlic, dashi, and lemon juice.

Steamed Abalone With Oyster Sauce is a simple yet luxurious Chinese dish, where tenderized abalone is steamed with oyster sauce, ginger, and scallions. The rich, savory oyster sauce and the fresh note of ginger and scallions enhance the fresh abalone’s delicate flavor. 

Ingredients include: Garlic, oyster sauce, starch, water, and abalone.

Braised Abalone and Broccoli in Oyster Sauce is a luxurious dish where tender abalone is braised in a savory sauce and paired with crisp broccoli. Easy to prepare in under an hour, this dish balances the rich flavor of abalone with the fresh taste of broccoli.

Ingredients include: Abalones, lime, cooking oil, ginger, and scallion stalks.

Pan-fried abalone is a simple yet luxurious dish featuring tender meat enhanced by a sweet and umami-rich soy glaze. The glaze, simmered until syrupy and poured over the abalone, and a crunchy pine nut garnish make this dish special. 

Ingredients include: Soy sauce, water, maple syrup, rice wine, and pine nuts.

This Tempura Abalone recipe involves marinating the seafood in sake, soy sauce, and ginger, then coating it in a light, crispy batter and frying until golden. Served with your favorite dipping sauce, this dish is sure to impress with its abalone and airy tempura crust.

Ingredients include: Abalone, plain flour, cornflour, soda water. and canola oil.

Braised abalone with bok choy is an easy-to-make Chinese dish where abalone is braised in a sauce and served with fresh bok choy. This dish highlights the succulent abalone and the crisp, tender bok choy, creating a delightful contrast.

Ingredients include: Bok choy, shiitake mushrooms, garlic, shao xing wine, and chicken broth.

Cold Abalone Slices is a quick appetizer, combining thinly sliced abalone and red onion on cucumber slices, drizzled with calamansi juice and soy sauce. This refreshing dish is ideal for parties or potlucks.

Ingredients include: Abalone, soy sauce, calamansi, red onion, and cucumber.

Braised Abalone with Mushrooms is a Chinese dish where fresh abalone is slowly braised in a savory sauce and paired with earthy mushrooms. Despite the time needed for braising and the challenge of finding fresh abalone, this easy-to-follow recipe is perfect for impressing guests.

Ingredients include: Shiitake mushrooms, garlic cloves, ginger, oyster sauce, cooking oil, and sugar.

Braised Abalone With Sea Cucumber features dried abalone and sea cucumber, slowly cooked in a savory stock. The dish is laden with umami flavor and features unique textures.

Ingredients include: Cucumber, abalone, ginger, scallion, Japanese scallop, and broccoli florets.

Jeonbokjuk, a creamy Korean porridge made with abalone, rice, and vegetables, is a versatile meal option. It can be customized with additional vegetables or garnishes, and while fresh abalone is preferred, frozen can be used as a substitute.

Ingredients include: Grain rice, abalone, sesame oil, soy sauce, and sesame seeds.

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The Abalone Tagliatelle recipe uses fresh abalone seared to golden brown and cooked in a light white wine, butter, and herbs sauce. Served with steamed vegetables or a salad, this simple yet elegant dish is a great option for any event.

Ingredients include: Barilla tagliatelle, chili flakes, lemon, olive oil, and abalone.

Abalone Steamed With Tangerine Peel combines fresh abalone, tangerine peel, and spring onions, steamed and finished with hot oil and soy sauce. The tangerine peel adds a unique flavor balance and tenderizes the abalone. 

Ingredients include: Abalone, tangerine peel chenpi, ginger, spring onions, and oil.

Chilean Abalone Empanadas are a savory traditional dish baked to a golden brown. This appetizer, which can use canned or cooked abalone, delivers a unique, rich flavor and a satisfying, spicy kick.

Ingredients include: Canned abalones, onion, Tabasco sauce, oregano, flour, and egg.

Sonoma Coast Abalone Poke calls for fresh abalone and Japanese ingredients, simmered in broth and finished with a drizzle of olive-sesame oils and Meyer lemon juice. This easy-to-make recipe is ideal for a light meal or appetizer. 

Ingredients include: Spring water, white soy, ginger, fennel, and apple.

Abalone Soup is a Chinese dish that blends abalone, fish maw, and goji berries. This recipe creates a rich, luxurious soup, with the chicken stock adding depth and the goji berries providing a tart, sweet balance.

Ingredients include: Fish maws, cooking oil, garlic cloves, ginger, and chicken.

Pan-seared abalone with squid-ink risotto is a luxurious dish featuring ideally seared abalone and creamy, dark risotto—the unique combination of delicate abalone and sophisticated squid ink, balanced with a white wine splash. 

Ingredients include: Butter, onion, arborio rice, fish stock, and parsley.

The slow-cooking process of the braised abalone and oxtail with fennel recipe results in a succulent dish with flavors that meld together beautifully. The savory oxtail and fresh fennel balance the rich flavor of the abalone. 

Ingredients include: Onions, thyme, garlic cloves, oxtail, and veal stock.

Miso Udon Noodle Soup features mock abalone, a great alternative with a similar texture and flavor to the sea snail abalone. Sautéed until golden brown and mixed with udon noodles, carrots, and soy sauce creates a satisfying dish alternative for cold days.

Ingredients include: Udon noodles, mock abalone, miso paste, carrots, and soy sauce.

This Thai Vermicelli Noodle Salad With Abalone is a refreshing make-ahead dish. With its unique blend of abalone, glass noodles, peanuts, and homemade sauce, this customizable salad is ideal for busy weeknights or hot summer days.

Ingredients include: Glass noodles, canned abalone, water, fish sauce, and rice vinegar.

This Abalone in Panko Crumbs recipe is an easy-to-make dish that offers a crispy, crunchy delight. You coat the cleaned and pounded abalone in flour, egg, and panko crumbs, then fry until golden brown, and you’re done. 

Ingredients include: Abalone, flour, panko crumbs, egg, butter, and olive oil.

Abalone with Spinach is a quick dish that combines fresh abalone, spinach, and a light sauce. After searing the abalone to lock in juices, it’s cooked with spinach and a light sauce, creating a visually appealing and tasty meal.

Ingredients include: Ginger, abolone, cornflour, water, and spinach.

Claypot Chicken Rice with Abalone is a visually striking, one-pot meal that’s easy to prepare. Combining abalone’s rich buttery flavor with chicken, rice, and other ingredients, this dish offers a luxurious, visually appealing experience.

Ingredients include: Chicken thighs, jasmine rice, Chinese sausage, sugar, and broccoli.

These skewers are a delightful appetizer, combining marinated, grilled, and pineapple. The marinade, made from mango juice, rice vinegar, and ginger, adds a sweet and tangy touch, while a final drizzle of the reserved marinade ensures a tender dish.

Ingredients include: Mango juice, Chinese mustard, abalone steak, garlic, and pineapple.

This fancy amuse-bouche features seared abalone and oysters, topped with a scallion mixture and a drizzle of seasoned soy sauce. The dish will amuse seafood lovers and anyone who enjoys delicious food.

Ingredients include: Vegetable oil, scallions, soy sauce, ginger, garlic, and rice wine.

In this enticing recipe, succulent abalone takes center stage as it’s beautifully complemented by a rich black bean sauce and served alongside sticky rice. The whole dish is finished with a touch of crispy shallots.

Ingredients include: Abalone, Thai sticky rice, butter, black bean sauce, and baby back ribs.

This meal stands out for its two luxurious ingredients: Chinese mushrooms and abalone. The mushrooms are braised in a savory sauce, and the abalone is added and cooked until tender and succulent. 

Ingredients include: Chinese mushrooms, pork belly, garlic, soy sauce, and carrots.

This dish uses Australian Premium Baby Abalone, which is a delicacy known for its rich and flavorful meat. The abalone is stir-fried with young ginger, shiitake mushrooms, and sauce, then served over a bed of shredded lettuce.

Ingredients include: Abalone, peanut oil, ginger, shao hsing wine, and oyster sauce.

This recipe for Abalone & Spicy Octopus Wontons is a yummy and quick way to enjoy these two luxurious ingredients. The wontons are made with a savory pork filling that’s mixed with either abalone or spicy octopus. 

Ingredients include: Ground pork, sesame oil, ginger, garlic, and oyster sauce.

Abalone & Vegetables is a classic Chinese dish that’s made with abalone, vegetables, and an Asian-inspired sauce. The abalone is cooked until tender and the vegetables are crisp-tender.

Ingredients include: Lettuce, goji berry, and abalones.

The dish highlights tender abalone, a prized shellfish seasoned with traditional Cantonese flavors, then steamed to perfection. Pro tip: If you are unsure how long to steam the abalone, start with 3 minutes and check it periodically.

Ingredients include: Abalone, ginger, garlic, scallion, and red chili.

This recipe is made with two types of abalone: black and white abalone. These two ingredients and other seafood result in a rich, succulent, and deeply satisfying Cantonese dish. The broth is also flavorful, with notes of chicken, Shaoxing wine, and other spices.

Ingredients include: Abalone, mushroom, ham, lettuce, and corn starch.

Red Abalone Tiradito is a delectable seafood dish showcasing red abalone’s delicate flavors. The thinly sliced seafood is marinated in zesty lime juice and garlic, served with salsa, and garnished with fresh chili and cilantro. 

Ingredients include: Abalone, lime juice, black garlic, black beans, and cilantro.

This Wholewheat Spaghetti With Abalones & Seaweed recipe is a tasty and wholesome take on a traditional Italian dish. It’s straightforward and can be made in under 30 minutes. Be sure to cook the abalone until cooked through so it remains tender. 

Ingredients include: Wholewheat spaghetti, abalones, coconut milk, seaweed powder, and garlic.

Bursting with rich umami flavors from dried scallops and tender abalone, this congee recipe is a must-try for any fan of Chinese cuisine. The dried scallops and abalone add a deep, savory flavor to the congee. 

Ingredients include: Dried scallops, mushroom, jasmine rice, chicken broth, and abalone.

This other Chinese recipe uses abalone steamed with tangerine peel and ginger, giving it a light and flavorful taste. Just make sure not to overcook the seafood to avoid a tough texture. 

Ingredients include: Abalone, dried tangerine peel chenpi, ginger, spring onion, and soy sauce.

This dish has a creative combination of abalone and kumquats in a ceviche. This unexpected pairing elevates the traditional ceviche experience, refreshingly contrasting briny and tart flavors. It’s also a great way to showcase the fresh flavors of summer.

Ingredients include: Abalone, kumquats, serrano chiles, cilantro, and red onion.

This recipe uses simple ingredients, but the results are sure to impress. The spinach is cooked until tender and tossed in a flavorful gravy, and the abalone is sliced and added to the gravy just before serving.

Ingredients include: Chinese spinach, abalone, oil, oyster sauce, and sesame oil.

This hearty soup highlights various Chinese herbs that season canned baby abalone, pork ribs, and dried scallops. The noodles are cooked separately and then added to the soup just before serving. 

Ingredients include: Dried egg noodle, abalone, pork ribs, scallops, and red dates.

This refreshing and elegant starter dish includes tender abalone thinly sliced and served with a sweet and tart dressing, then garnished with beetroot for a pop of color and flavor. The dressing in this recipe really brings out the flavor of the seafood. 

Ingredients include: Abalone, rocket leaves, cherry tomatoes, beetroot, and yuzu honey.

The key to this classic Chinese soup is to use premium ingredients and to cook them slowly and carefully. The soup is simmered for several hours, allowing the ingredients’ flavors to meld together.

Ingredients include: Dried abalone, sea cucumber, dried oyster, dried scallop, and bamboo shoots.

This elegant and decadent dish combines abalone’s briny, sweet flavor with the earthy, rich note of black truffle and celeriac, all enveloped in a creamy buerre blanc sauce. It’s ideal for a romantic dinner for two. 

Ingredients include: Abalone, ginger, shallot, anise, and celeriac.

These delectable skewers mix sweet, juicy fruit flavors with the briny, succulent meat of abalone. The seafood is marinated in a soy-based sauce and then grilled to perfection, creating a sweet-savory combo that’s sure to please. 

Ingredients include: Soy sauce, sherry, mango juice, balsamic vinegar, and mustard.

This recipe features fresh abalones that are steamed with vermicelli noodles, ginger, and soy sauce. It is a relatively easy dish to make, but it tastes like it came from a famous restaurant. 

Ingredients include: Abalones, vermicelli, ginger, organic soy sauce, and olive oil.

This gourmet recipe combines tender abalone, delicately crisped to perfection, with a velvety artichoke foam and a rich barigoule sauce. It’s visually stunning. 

Ingredients include: Carrot, shallots, celery, lemon, and garni.

The key to this simple Cantonese dish is using fresh, high-quality ingredients, such as abalone, mushrooms, and lettuce. The abalone is cooked until tender and then stir-fried with the veggies. Finished with a sprinkle of sesame oil. 

Ingredients include: Dried shiitake mushroom, lettuce, abalone, ginger, and corn oil.

The bottom line

Abalone is no longer just for fancy restaurants—it’s also finding its way into home kitchens. People love its delicate texture, rich umami flavor, endless possibilities, and accessibility.

So if you’re looking to try something new and delicious, why not give abalone a chance in your kitchen? Choose a few from this list of abalone recipes and experiment with different cooking methods to find your favorite way to enjoy this unique seafood.

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45 Best Abalone Recipes

45 Best Abalone Recipes

This list of abalone recipes is a quick and tasty way to enjoy this beloved seafood delicacy in the comfort of your own home.


  • Sautéed Abalone
  • Steamed Abalone With Oyster Sauce
  • Braised Abalone With Broccoli In Oyster Sauce
  • Pan-Fried Abalone Recipe With Soy Glaze
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  • Cold Abalone Slices
  • Braised Abalone With Mushrooms
  • Braised Abalone With Sea Cucumber
  • Jeonbokjuk (Abalone Porridge)
  • Abalone Tagliatelle
  • Abalone Steamed With Orange Peel
  • Chilean Abalone Empanadas De Locos
  • Sonoma Coast Abalone Poke
  • Abalone & Fish Maw Soup
  • Abalone, Pan-Seared And Served With Squid-Ink Risotto
  • Braised Abalone & Oxtail With Fennel
  • Vegan Miso Udon Noodle Soup With Mock Abalone
  • Thai Vermicelli Noodle Salad With Abalone
  • Abalone In Panko Crumbs
  • Abalone Spinach
  • One Pot Claypot Chicken Rice With Abalone
  • Grilled Abalone & Pineapple Skewers With Mango, Mustard, Soy Sauce
  • Abalone & Oyster Amuse
  • Abalone With Black Bean Sauce & Sticky Rice
  • Braised Mushrooms & Abalone
  • Stir-Fried Abalone
  • Abalone & Spicy Octopus Wontons
  • Abalone & Vegetables
  • Cantonese-Style Steamed Abalone
  • Double Abalone Happiness Dish
  • Red Abalone Tiradito
  • Wholewheat Spaghetti With Abalones & Seaweed
  • Dried Scallop Abalone Congee
  • Abalone Steamed With Tangerine Peel
  • Abalone Ceviche With Kumquats
  • Chinese Spinach With Sliced Abalone
  • Egg Noodle In Herbal & Abalone Soup
  • Abalone Carpaccio With Yuzu Honey Dressing
  • Buddha Jump Over The Wall Soup
  • Abalone With Black Truffle, Celeriac & Buerre Blanc
  • Grilled Abalone Steak & Fruit Skewers
  • Steamed Abalones With Vermicelli
  • Crispy Abalone With Artichoke Foam & Barigoule
  • Abalone With Lettuce


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