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11 BEST Coconut Oil Cookie Recipes

11 BEST Coconut Oil Cookie Recipes

Find some of the best coconut oil cookie recipes in this collection, from decant chocolate chip cookies to zesty lemon coconut biscuits. 

Butter will always be one of the building blocks for many delicious cookie recipes.

But sometimes, experimenting with alternatives can yield equally indulgent results.

One particularly delightful swap that I’ve come to love is coconut oil.

The aroma of coconut oil alone is enough to excite anyone for whatever sweet treat is in store—just imagine the tropical scents wafting through your kitchen as you bake.

But if you’re not big on the idea of a too-coconutty dessert, that’s fine too.

You can also opt for the refined variety, which has a more subtle coconut smell and a milder flavor.

Whichever variation you go with, this oil is a great way to add some wholesome goodness to your baking, and it works incredibly well in cookies.

It makes the dough softer and more malleable, so it’s easier to shape while also giving it a subtle flavor and flaky texture.

To get you started, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite coconut oil cookie recipes.

Each of the recipes here is every bit as blissful and delectable as their butter-based counterparts.

But #8 has a particular slot in my heart—it’s a wonderfully simple take that only requires five ingredients and yields the most unbelievably tasty gems.

Let’s kick things off with the one thing everyone loves— chocolate chip cookies!

These cookies are loaded with big chunks of semi-sweet chocolate that the most devoted chocoholics will adore.

They have a soft and chewy texture, with just the faintest hint of coconut that really ties it all together.

So if you want to shake up the traditional chocolate chip cookie experience, you’ll love this one.

Although it’s hard to imagine, it happens—you might run out of butter right when you’re in the thick of baking.

But you don’t have to hang up your apron just yet!

You can still make something delicious without going to the store by swapping in some coconut oil instead.

These soft sugar cookies are packed with vanilla and almond notes for a wonderfully fragrant bite.

Tender, gooey, and oh-so scrumptious, this is one recipe that both adults and kids will love.

Are you the type who can never have enough chocolate?

If so, this one’s for you.

These cookies combine the richness of cocoa powder with big chunks of chocolate chips.

The result: a sinfully indulgent, fudgy treat.

You can barely detect the coconut oil in this recipe, but it gives the cookies an extra-airy texture that you’ll adore.

These cookies are crumbly and every bit as buttery as a classic shortbread—sans the butter, of course.

And you’ll only need six ingredients to recreate this deliciousness.

Although as with all shortbread cookies, you’ll need to exercise some patience while waiting for the dough to chill in the refrigerator.

But trust me; it’s worth every sweet bite once it’s out of the oven.

You can only ever make magic when you mix cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and nutmeg into molasses.

And these crinkle cookies give you just that.

They’re deliciously soft and moist, with an extra luxury of coconut oil that will make your taste buds sing.

Sometimes you just need a classic cookie—one that gives you a timeless taste from the moment it hits your tongue.

These oatmeal cookies are just that.

The sweetness of coconut oil pairs perfectly with the nuttiness of oats for a delightful texture between chewy and crunchy.

These cookies may look just like your regular sugar cookies, but you’ll know the difference as soon as you take a bite.

I’ve heard the words “melt in your mouth” and “too good to be true” when people try them, and I’d have to agree.

You’d never guess it wasn’t butter in this recipe.

Peanut butter on its own can get a bit boring.

But add it to cookies, and you get something truly special.

These cookies are everything you’d want—the peanut butter flavor is strong, and they have a nice crunch due to the addition of coconut oil. 

Pair this with a tall glass of milk, and you’ll be in cookie heaven.

A good cup of chai is like a warm hug on a cold day.

And it’s even more comforting when you can enjoy it in the form of cookies.

These chai cookies have all the spices of a classic cup of chai but in a shape that you can sink your teeth into.

Cardamom, ginger, allspice, and clove all meld together to create a gastro-nirvana experience for you.

Now that’s how you do cozy!

Of course, some days you don’t feel like chocolate.

When those days hit, make these lemon coconut cookies.

These are refreshingly zesty and sweet, just the kind of treat you need to lighten up after a long day.

And with a subtle hint of coconut oil, you’re in for an extra-tasty surprise

Our Easy Lemon Cookie Recipe

Honey and cinnamon are a combo like no other, and these Honey Cookies will prove it.

This recipe will bring you back to your childhood days but with a grown-up twist in the form of coconut oil.

These cookies are soft, chewy, and fragrant with the flavors of honey and spices.

And really, the only thing that could make these cookies even better is a tall glass of cold milk.

The bottom line

For every sweet tooth craving, there is a delicious coconut oil cookie recipe to satisfy it.

And while butter will always have its place in baking, coconut oil has proven to be a wonderful alternative for it.

It doesn’t overpower the sweetness of the cookie and gives it a unique texture that you can’t resist.

So when you find yourself wanting to bake something special, know that coconut oil is always an option.

Take the plunge and bake away!

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11 BEST Coconut Oil Cookie Recipe Assortment

11 BEST Coconut Oil Cookie Recipe Assortment

Find some of the best coconut oil cookie recipes in this collection, from decadent chocolate chip cookies to zesty lemon coconut biscuits.


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